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STC 359 Writing Assignment #3 – Pitch letter and Media List

As an account executive for a public relations firm, you have been assigned (chosen) one client from the
two provided for the semester. Remember, you're not to contact these clients in any way as this is an
educational process. In the capstone/459/Prism class, you will work with real clients. This class will teach
you the skills necessary to do that.

You will prepare the following documents for your selected client to be provided to your supervisor

1. An assignment coversheet – same as Writing Assignment #1 – On our Canvas site.

2. An e-mail Pitch letter on a unique, valuable and newsworthy topic, highly targeted to a single
news media outlet. This may not be the same project that is being promoted en masse with the
news release you previously produced. It will be addressed to a real reporter and targeted to a
real newspaper audience.
3. Media list for the news release including three targeted news outlets traditional news outlets
and three social media outlets. You will prepare this media list using Cisionpoint, which will be
discussed in class. A sample is provided on Canvas. Login details are on Canvas.

Grading Criteria
Total 90 points

Coversheet – 10 pts
Pitch letter – 50 points
Media list – 10 points
Format/Grammar/spelling/AP style - 20 points

See the full rubric Canvas


Name: Matt Higgins

1. Audience – A statement of the purpose and audience of the text. What am I trying

to say and for whom? Include at least one research demographic about this audience

that supports your choice.

The purpose of my pitch letter is to raise money for and promote the

accessibility to clean water for women and children around the world. The news item is for

mom’s ages 28-38 and their children. This is my target demographic because women and

children can go to The Lion King together. With the cause being for women and children

needing aide in Africa, mothers will feel more inclined to help.

“In the US, 64% of donations are made by women.” McGlensy, M. (2017). 64% of Donations

are made by Women. Retrieved from


2. What two SEO keywords will generate organic reach (higher webpage search

return based on algorithms in a Google search)? Use them in your headline and

written content to optimize content. Read the article on Canvas.

a. Matt Damon

b. Clean Water
3. What Editing/proofreading steps have I taken so far? What revision/editing

strategies I have already tried.

 Reading my paper backwards.

 Putting my paper down for a couple hours and coming back to it with fresh eyes.

4. What strengths do you see in your written assignment?

 The idea is creative and it’s a good cause to be associated with.

5. What weaknesses do you see?

 The order of how I deliver my information may not flow very well.

 Event isn’t as focused on the product as I would like it to be.

 There is a lot going on and I need to condense it.

6. What feedback do you want from your reader? Instructor?

 How can I change the order and structure of the pitch to make it more smooth and

flow better?

 How would you consolidate all of my ideas in to a simpler package?

March 7, 2018
Mr. Jac Kern
Arts and Entertainment Editor
City Point
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Jac:

LifeFuels is teaming up with Matt Damon and his initiative. We

will be celebrating the partnership on August 15 with a special showing of
The Lion King at The Cincinnati Theatre.
Our campaign, Fuel For Them, will help children and mothers in Africa
receive access to clean water. For every purchase of a LifeFuels Water
Bottle, LifeFuels will donate $5 to and their WaterCredit
Matt Damon will be in town next month to finalize details regarding the
event and to see the venue. He will be available for interview on April 7th
or the 8th to discuss You will be given box seating at the event
with Damon and LifeFuels CEO Jonathon Perrelli. You will have the
opportunity to interview both of them the night of the benefit for use in
your review the following day if you choose.
Your audience would be the perfect bridge between the arts and making
a difference in the world. We feel they would be receptive to such a
prominent figure in the film industry like Damon. LifeFuels wishes to
provide everyone with clean and healthy water, a goal that can be shared
among all people.

I hope to hear back from you soon so we can set up a time for your
interview. Feel free to call or email me with any questions.
Matthew S. Higgins