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Ahisaun is currently requesting support for

the following projects:

Expanding Services:
 Securing transportation facilities by
obtaining a car that enables Ahisaun to visit
and manage its community projects in the
regional districts.
 Building a Disability Training Centre in
Contact Ahisaun to contribute to
Gleno Ermera district.
the lives of marginalised young
 Establishing an accommodation centre
specifically for women in Dili. women and men with a disability.
Training and Education: People with incredible potential.
 Training staff in leadership, project man- Help Ahisaun provide them with the
agement, and English language skills.
supportive environment that will al-
 Scholarships for members to undertake
tertiary education. low them to realise their full worth.
 Work experience/internship opportunities
domestically and internationally.
Computer Facilities:
Fr Adrian Ola Duli P: +670.751.0072
 New computer equipment, which will allow E:
Ahisaun to improve the quality of its Director:
computer training courses and increase its Mario Cardoso P: +670.728.0023
sustainable income. E:
 Training in computer installation, Palms Australia Volunteers:
maintenance and website design. Lukas Rajnoch P: +670.724.9802
 Training Ahisaun members in effective
Kristina Gunawan P: +670.724.9801
teaching methods and techniques.
Ahisaun’s Humble Beginnings
 Appreciate people’s creativity through a Ahisaun will continue to support young
In 1996 Padre Adriano was involved in the na- people with a disability to undertake training
range of activities like carving, sewing, vo-
tional census, in the parish of Same, where he
cal training. and complete their schooling and university
noted the high number of households that in-
cluded people with a disability. At the time Padre Today
met Eduardo Da Silva who could not walk due to Ahisaun continuously seeks to improve its
childhood polio that had left him with wasted  Ahisaun accommodates approx 20 young organization and services.
lower limbs. In spite of his disability, Edu had a men and women in a new facility in Dili
big potential to have a better life using his skills. and is also a place for other young people Strategic Priorities for Future:
This inspired Padre Adriano to support young with a disability to receive training.
people with a disability in East Timor. Four years
1. Increasing the internal capacity and moti-
after this encounter, with much assistance from  Young people with a disability are pro- vation of Ahisaun’s staff and members
the local community, Ahisaun was born. vided with support to attend normal pub- through developing their leadership and
lic schools in Dili together with other management qualities.
In 2000 Ahisaun commenced providing outreach Timorese children.
and housing to 8-10 young disabled men in a rent- 2. Generating sustainable sources of income
free house sponsored by a local business man.  Ahisaun provides training in to support the organization’s capacity to
Due to lack of space, Ahisaun was initially only computing, handicrafts and music. finance its ongoing costs, remunerate its
able to provide permanent housing for men. Ahi- staff and reduce dependency on donors.
saun has grown much since these early beginnings.  Young people with a disability at Ahisaun
now train other able bodied people in Dili 3. Expanding services to districts and rural
Ahisaun seeks to: in the use of computer programs. communities to provide opportunities for
 Build the self confidence of young people with young people with a disability in areas of
 Members participate in community events
a disability and encourage them to use their greatest need.
such as the Dili Marathon Fun Run, which
talents and abilities.
challenges peoples perceptions about
 Empower young people with a disability to people with a disability.
achieve their optimal potential both personally
and academically – through formal education.
 Raise community awareness about disability in
its residential community and beyond.
 Create a warm environment where people with
a disability feel welcome, respected and valued.

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