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Evidence 11: Mini brochure custom broker

Analyze which are the services that a custom broker can give you in an import-
export process from China of electronic products, as laptops.

Afterwards, make a brochure in English where you explain to your boss the
functions of a “Custom broker” according to the analysis done previously. Take
into account the use of appropriate technical vocabulary.

To make the evidences, check out the following Web sites where you will find
information about the “Custom process”.




This evidence must be sent in JPG, PDF or PPT format through the e-learning
platform, as follows:

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

2. Click the Browse button and look for the previously saved file.
3. Leave a message to your tutor (optional).
4. Click on Send.
The preparation of a business strategy, the clear definition of the objectives of
the company, the obtaining of viable information and the assurance of a
translation guide and / the competent and reliable guide, the elements that must
be taken into account for the realization of foreign trade operations with the
Asian giant.

At the time of making a business known, all the information must be in Chinese
or English (or in the languages if possible), Spanish is useless (in that country).

Business cards are a fundamental means to establish business with

entrepreneurs in that country. The design of these (cards) must comply with
certain parameters and cultural characteristics.

One of them is to locate the least amount of information possible (full name,
company name, clear address, telephone and email). In addition, the clear
name is found in Chinese and on the back of the data with the small address of
the address and other contact information.

I will assume that the importer wants to bring from Shanghai 50 laptops
weighing 2 kilos, for his business in Medellín.
I will start with a market study, although the demand for this type of
technological articles is high, the market offers a great variety of references and
prices. By conducting this process, I will guide the trader to make the best
Before starting the procedures, I will verify all the information about the product,
as well as its tariff position and other requirements for its importation, and if it is
subject to approval.

En este enlace puede encontrar el brouchure.