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Through Time All Things Can Change Name: Heather Dutton

Unit Overview
DAY #1 Read Aloud DAY #2 DAY #3 DAY #4
Objective 1)Students will 1)After watching a 1)Students will listen for By completing the
recognize how the presentation, students the purpose of anticipatory activity,
words of Dr. Martin will be able to name the following directions
students will practice
Luther King Jr. tell us causes and effects of throughout the lesson.
Rosa Parks refusing to 2)Students will create a
collaborating and
about his character.
2)Students will explain move from her bus seat. visual representation of cooperating with
the significance of the 2)Students will the physical appearance classmates.
words… love, peace, represent textual of the sun and clouds After the read aloud,
etc. and how they are evidence by drawing. through their craft students will state an
effective 3)Students will visually creations. opinion about Duck using
3)Students will identify represent each quote in 3)Students will
order to demonstrate demonstrate an
examples from the text to
their dream for the
their understanding of understanding of support the opinion.
the meaning. different types of Students will visually
weather and how each represent their favorite
affects us by writing a things on their All About
sentence about what Me sheet and then discuss
they learned. with a partner to see if
they have similarities and
At the conclusion of the
skits students will
recognize simple ways
that they can be a team
Standards IAS: K.RL.2.3; K.2.1 NCSS: People, Places, NCSS: People, Places, NCSS: People, Places, and
and Environment; IAS: and Environment; IAS: Environment; IAS: K.RL.2.3;
K.1.2; K.3.7 K.3.5; K.7.1 K.2.4, K.3.6
Materials I will need a computer I will need a computer I will need pictures of I will need a hula hoop, the
and smart board, the and smart board, one weather, anchor chart, book Duck Stuck In A Truck, the
book Martin’s Big quilt square per student, cut out handprints, All About Me sheet, crayons,
Words, the I Can Dream crayons, quotes yellow and black and pencils.
Like Dr. King printout, oriented out for each construction paper, gold
crayons, and pencils. individual. glitter paint, puffy paint
materials (shaving
cream, white glue),
bowls and spoons,
cotton balls, blue
construction paper, and
paint brushes.
Management I will have them at their I will have the students I will do the anchor I will have the students move
seats for the video, the move to the front carpet chart at the back carpet. to the front carpet for the hula
carpet for the book for the anticipatory set The students will do the hoop cooperation activity. The
reading, and back at and videos. iPad game at their students will then sit on
their seats for their I The students will sit in seats. I will have ten squares at the front carpet
Have A Dream Sheet. their assigned seats for students or two groups while I read to them. They will
the quilt making. of five students at the sit in their assigned seats while
front two tables with filling out the All About Me
Mrs. Burke and the sheet. They will present their
remainder with me at skits at the front carpet.
the back two tables..
Anticipatory I showed three minutes “Okay I’m giving each of Hello everyone! Soo, I Hula Hoop Pass:
Set of Dr. Martin Luther you two small paper have a mystery bag here I will divide the class into four
King’s I Have A Dream circles and markers. I full of exciting things. teams of five. I will loop a hula
Speech need you all to draw a Who wants to volunteer hoop over one player's arm,
happy face on one circle to be the first person to and then have each team join
and a sad face on the pick out something hands to form a circle. Without
other. I will then read from the bag and guess letting go of the other player's
different situations or what it is? hands, the player with the
stories. If you think that hoop must step into and
what is happening in the through the hoop, so it rests
story is fair, you will on his other arm. Then, he can
hold up a smiley face. If slide it onto the next player's
you think that it is unfair arm and she must repeat the
hole up your sad face.” same maneuver. Whichever
team can pass the hoop all the
way around the circle first is
the winner.

Purpose Today I am going to Today I am going to Today I am going to “Today we are going to learn
teach you about Martin teach you about some of teach you about how to use teamwork and
Luther King Jr. because the many people who weather and how it collaboration with each other
he recognized that his fought against affects us! Weather to help make our class a fun
words were significant segregation laws that affects our everyday life place to be. By learning to
and meaningful and I were unfair. Rosa Parks and how we dress so it work together well and
want to show you how was one of these is important to appreciate our similarities and
significant and powerful important people understand it. differences, we will have a
peace and love are. because she peacefully better classroom
protested and inspired environment.”
the Montgomery Bus
Lesson Read the book Martin’s Present Prezi on Rosa I will write the Read the Book Duck In A Truck
Presentation Big Words. Parks and The questions “What should by Jez Alborough. Have a grand
Have a Grand Montgomery Bus I wear? Where can I go? conversation and talk about
Conversation and Boycott. And what can I do?” on how Duck didn’t model good
discuss how successful the top of an anchor teamwork.
peaceful protesting is. chart. I will then make
two categories, one for
hot and one for cold. I
will hold up clip art
photos and ask the
students which side
they should be placed
The Students will then
Through Time All Things Can Change Name: Heather Dutton
play the game “Dress
For The Season” and
dress up an animated
character based on the
weather outside.
Closure or The students will My students will have a We will be using puffy I will have the students group
Conclusion complete their I Have A quote read to them and paint and will be up and create skits that
Dream worksheet with they will make a drawing painting rain clouds, demonstrate good examples of
their current dream for to represent this quote rain boots, umbrellas, how to be a team player and
the world. on a quilt square. I will and rain coats to work with others.
put all of the puzzle represent what we wear
pieces together in rainy weather.
We will use
construction paper to
create a sun and make
sunglasses to show
what we wear in sunny
Formative I will be checking for The formative The formative Our Grand Conversation will be
Assessment original sentences/ assessment will be their assessment is the the formative assessment.
correct letters and that freedom quilt picture. I sentence they are
they personally will be checking that writing and the pair
brainstormed a dream they understood the share that they are
and understood that sentence and that as a doing. Both of these will
their words are whole they understand help me get a good feel
meaningful. that many people were on how much content
involved in the civil they learned during the
rights movement. lesson.

Adaptations Some of my students Remediation- Students Remediation- In order Remediation- In order to help
struggle with reading who are at the same to help my students my students who struggle with
on their own. By table can help each who struggle with reading I will explain what each
reading the book aloud other to brainstorm sounding out words, section of the All About Me
they will be able to their drawing for the spelling words, and sheet says before and during
comprehend the topics quilt and to understand writing sentences I will the guided practice.
and themes better. their quote. spell out the words Enrichment- I have six students
Many of my Enrichment- For cloud, sun, and water who are academically
kindergarten students students who are gifted on the front board and advanced and often finish their
struggle with writing. I will provide a book help them to sound out work much faster than others.
They will need to see with more information any other words. When they are finished with
some words modeled on the civil rights Enrichment- I have six their All About Me sheet, they
(on the large notebook) movement and they can students who are can help aid their peers if they
so that they can write read it when they finish academically advanced would like or they can read. I
their I have a dream their square. and often finish their will provide books that are
sentences. It is good Exceptional Needs- For work much faster than relevant to teamwork that they
that they will get to my students who have others. When they are can read when they finish.
draw their dream. ADHD I will allow them finished with each art These books will help deepen
to hold onto their fidget project hey can help aid their understanding of how to
toy while at the carpet. their peers if they work well with others.
Some of my students would like or they can Exceptional Needs- This lesson
struggle with writing read. I will provide will be great for my students
and quickly become books at each center with attention deficit
aggressive if they feel that are relevant to hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
the work is too hard so weather that they can because it is very hands on.
that is why our main read when they finish. They will especially enjoy the
activity incorporates These books will help excitement of our anticipatory
drawing. For our deepen their set activity. My students with
students who are slower understanding about emotional disabilities (ED)
at processing directions the sun and clouds. were very strategically placed
and doing their work I Exceptional Needs- My into groups with peers that
will be walking around, students with Autism would not bother them and
helping to clear up Spectrum Disorder with a friend who could help
confusion, and (ASD) and Attention them to stay calm.
prompting them to stay Deficit Hyperactive
on task/ finish their Disorder (ADHD) were
work. very strategically placed
into groups with peers
that could help them
academically. My
students with emotional
disabilities (ED) were
very strategically placed
into groups with peers
that would not bother
them and with a friend
who could help them to
stay calm.

Summative N/A N/A N/A The skit will be our summative

Assessment assessment.
(as needed)