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Pipeline Coating Selection Considerations

Functionality Construction Conditions/Constraints
! What is the coating required for? ! Operating temperature range and
! Anti-corrosion frequency of temperature fluctuations
! Flow Assurance Thermal Insulation ! Handling methods
! Negative buoyancy ! Field Bending requirements
! Mechanical Protection etc. ! Storage conditions and duration
! Handling & Installation method
Soil Conditions/Terrain ! Contractor experience
Contamination ! Government regulations
! Presence of chemicals which might ! Cathodic Protection Compatibility
attack the coating such as hydrocarbons, ! Pipeline class location
alkalis, acids, chlorides and sulfides
Soil Stress Economics
! Compressive (e.g. clay cycles) ! Expected life (amortization)
! Reciprocating (often due to temperature ! Cost of coating
cycling of pipeline) ! Field repair costs
! Unstable soils ! Joint completion costs
! Pipe weight in service ! Availability
! Type of soil (rocky soil, blasted-out rock) Miscellaneous
! Backfill material (size & geometry) & ! Possible changes in service over
method the pipeline life cycle
! Interaction with dissimilar coatings
Line Pipe Properties ! Process fluid
! Diameter ! Other coating requirements
! Wall thickness (internal, overcoats)
! Pipe Grade
! Joint length
! Joint weight
! Method of fabrication (ERW, DSAW, SMLS)

Note: Refer to CSA Z662-07, Section 9 for detailed

requirements for the control of corrosion of steel
pipeline systems that are buried, submerged, or
exposed to the atmosphere.

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