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Mrs. Campbell

English 10 Period 4

5 February 2016

CIA 3 Research Paper

Should Schools Really Force Students to Come to School Early?

This issue matters because there are students that are struggling due to the lack of sleep and

hours they have in a school day. There are certain terms such as Plagiarism and Honor Code that

we as students should come to more of an understanding of these words. The history of this topic

is that people in high school have had better grades than ever before due to the change from

going to 7:00 to 8:00. ​While supporters of school schedule starting earlier state that it affects

students grades, the contenders of school schedule, argue that it will mess up teachers


One of the Pro Viewpoint for School Schedule is How can this help students? The people

who are most affected from this are High school students in general. “​In 2014, the University of

Minnesota's Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement concluded a three-year

project that looked at school start times and student grades, finding that among 9,000 students

from eight high schools in three states, academic performance and standardized testing improved

in more than one subject. Tardiness also decreased, and at one ​school​, the number of teen car

crashes dropped by 70 percent”(Chen). This shows evidence why High school students should

wake up later to attend school. It allows us to be more energetic and we are able to listen better

to what the teachers are teaching us.The next textual evidence for school schedule is that “When
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schools start as late as 8:55 a.m., over 65 percent of students will able to sleep eight or more

hours per night. For schools that begin at 7:30 a.m., the study shows, only 34 percent do so”

(Chen). This is a significant amount that shows that changing the schedule can help both students

and teachers. The pro Viewpoint should actually be How can it help both students and teachers.

The Second pro Viewpoint for School Schedule is Can this help students get to school on

time? The evidence that is shown for this pro viewpoint is that “Longer ​school​ days are a good

thing (sorry kids). But so is making sure older kids are in the right condition to learn”(​Portland

Press Herald). The people who are affected by this are mainly the High School students. In other

words, ​the newspaper article Portland Press Herald say that older kids such as people in high

school should start later than younger kids because as they grow up they start to go to sleep later

and need more sleep to be successful in school. The last piece of evidence for the Pro Viewpoint

is that if people ​"Stay awake longer than 18 consecutive hours, and your reaction speed,

short-term and long-term memory, ability to focus, decision-making capacity, math processing,

cognitive speed, and spatial orientation all start to suffer”(Portland Press Herald). This can affect

students because it shows students that if we are focused and are in the right mindset we can get

to school on time and get ready to learn.

One of the Con Viewpoints for School Scheduling is Does More Time Equal More

Learning? The people that are most affected by this is mostly High School students but also the

teachers. “With its grant money, Edwards last year began operating from 7:20 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Monday through Thursday. (Dismissal time this year was moved to 4:15 p.m.) On Friday, classes

are dismissed at 11:45 a.m. so that teachers can take part in professional development or prepare

for the week ahead”(​Viadero). ​In other words, the writer is saying that what would happen if
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they got home so late that when they got home it was dinner time and there day would already be

over. The next piece of evidence that shows who is affected by the school scheduling starting

earlier is that “The new schedule unquestionably makes for a long day. Leo, who lives in East

Boston, is among many students who rise at 5:30 a.m. to catch the school bus and return home at

5:30 at night” (Viadero)​. ​This piece of evidence tells us that with the new schedule, it can mess

up everything and can make learning a lot more harder,

The Second Con Viewpoint for School Scheduling is that Will This Give Kids a Break?

A piece of evidence that shows that switching schedules is a bad idea is that “Extended day

schools tell students, "Stay two hours longer, and you can have recess, and learn to play the

clarinet." But the truth is that kids who score well get the clarinet; kids with low scores get more

test prep. The standardized test score gap kicks off a huge curriculum gap that starves poor

children”(​Ohanian​). This seems like they are abusing the kids and they only favor the smarter

and more intelligent kids. The next piece of evidence is that “We might do well to look at

Finland, where children score at the top on international tests. Believing in play as essential to

learning, the Finns don't introduce reading skills until age seven. In Finland's six-hour day,

children get a 15-minute recess every 45 minutes. "The Finns," says longtime educator Marion

Brady, "appear to know more about human nature than do we”(​Ohanian)​. ​This shows that if we

have longer days there will be more breaks in between which decreases their learning time and

willing to strive in school.

While Supporters of school schedule starting earlier state that it affects students grades,

the Contenders of School Schedule, argue that it will mess up teachers lessons. Both Viewpoints

of Con and Pro show great evidence why there should be change in school scheduling starting
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later and why school scheduling shouldn’t start later. Both of the viewpoints basically cover that

if we change school scheduling, How much will it affect the students. The Pro Viewpoint seems

to be more stronger because people tend to have a better learning environment when having

more sleep and do well in their classes. Readers can be more understanding of this seeing that it

can help them a lot more when their schedule changes because of their grades going up and not

being as tired as they were.