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TUV India Private Ltd.

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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer We provide open source software complying
with True Double Beam Optics international quality norms, compatible to
run on MS Windows platform & have the
Instrument can be operated through Computer (PC upgradable facility
Based) or Standalone
The software with facility of guided operating
Automated Eight (8) Lamp turret compatible to system and has the facilities to repeat the
Coded Hallow Cathode Lamps with independent result of the same sample & data treatment.
power supply and automatic selection, positioning
and alignment for each lamp. Six/Eight Lamps can Automatic calculation of percentage and
be lit independently at a time ppm in base material.
Microprocessor and Microcontroller based user OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES FOR
friendly, Menu driven with printer interface, Graphic
LCD display for presentation of standard and sample
graph and PC attachment through USB interface. Autosampler attachment
Hydride and Cold Vapor generator
Microsoft Windows® based software for Data
processing, Storage, Retrieval, Interpretation etc. Graphite Furnace
Modes of operation include Atomic Absorption,
Flame Emission, Concentration, Standard Addition & APPLICATIONS
Molecular Absorption-UV Scanning Spectrophotometer For analysis of various
Background correction with D2 lamp source (continuous) metallic constituents in
Auto Loading & Saving of all parameters, Auto Soil
bandwidth selection Fertilizer
Micro Nutrients
Self diagnostics and error indication on the display for
easy identification of error and easy servicing during Plants
analysis Pesticides
Computer Control automatic flame control system with
automatic flame changeover with all safety features
and automatic flame ignition through software Biological Matter
Optimization of flame conditions for each element Plating
with detachable burner Coal
Burner movement through computer, all three Petrochemicals
directional, height, rotation and lateral Glass
Precise vertical, lateral and rotational alignment of Cement
burner for Absorbance optimization automatically Steel
with keyboard/manual control Others
Easy User Interface.
Automatic Setting of Parameters by selecting
the element.
Energy profile mode to scan the energy of
HC Lamp, D2 Lamp and Flame.
Automatic wavelength scan for HC Lamp to set the
Element peak.
Calibration using upto 10 standards and Standard concentration
entry in ppm
Absorbance mode has the facility to set sample
Absorbance for selected number of points and
to calculate Slope, Mean, Standard Deviation and RSD.
Calibration mode as facility of Linear, Quadratic or Direct
curve equation to predict the Sample concentrations.
Sample Feed rate programmable through computer software
Simultaneous multi-element analysis of metals and non-metals
Morethan 100 samples data is possible to take at one time
and Saving Facility for the scanned data.
Provision for user parameters like analyst’s name, result AUTO FLAME CONTROL
filename calibration, signal processing mode, result unit, Sample
Identification name, Integration time and element parameter
Provision for weight / Volume / dilution factory entry to get
direct concentration result in % or ppm
Print facility for all the scanned data in graph and Table
Better and user friendly report facility for research application
Automatic burner optimization.
Flame control through software
Providing Cook Book with all analytical parameters like Lamp
current slit width, alternative wavelengths with working range
and sensitivity range, flame type & method for preparing
standard solution

Performance >0.75 ABS or

Better with precision of <0.5% RSD
per 5ppm Copper(Cu) Sample (5 g/ml)

Range 185 to 900 nm with Automatic Wavelength selection and
optimization and peak positioning through computer, wavelength
scan with zooming
Accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Readability 0.1 nm
Repeatability 0.2 nm
Bandwidth 0 to 2.5 nm continuously variable with increment of 0.1 nm
automatically selectable through computer control

PHOTOMETRIC High Speed dual frequency simultaneous photometric system

Range 0.000 to 2.000 Abs
Accuracy ± 0.001 Abs at 1.0 Abs
Integration Time 0.04 to 99 sec

LIGHT SOURCE 8 Lamps Automatic Turret with independent power supply

compatible to coded Hollow Cathode Lamps.

BACK GROUND CORRECTION Deuterium Lamp (D2) with 1ms rapid response for accurate
correction with Beam Combiner & Beam Balancer

MONOCHROMATOR Czerney Turner 333 mm with 1800 lines/mm holographic grating

of high density quartz coated optics Reciprocal Linear dispersion
1.5 to 2 nm/mm, used Bilateral slit design

DETECTOR Wide range Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT)

HC Lamp 0 to 30 mA modulated, Frequency 512 Hz
D2 Lamp 15 to 300 mA modulated, Frequency 1000 Hz
PMT -200 to – 1000 V

FLOW CONTROL Automated with computer controlled Oxidant selection, automatic

gas sequencing, oxidant & Fuel monitoring and control system
Integral auto gas control system with LCD display, Keyboard and
all fault indicators.
Automatic Flow rate control and Automatic flame change over
from Air /C2H2 to C2H2/N2O, Automatic Ignition and Shut off through
sensors and online flame monitoring. Programmable flame control
i.e. Optimization of flame condition for each element
Safety Features Full safety interlocks including pressure sensors (pressure
monitoring) on both lines, Flame failure detection, Burner
presence (Correct burner selection for each element) &
recognition, Nebuliser presence & Constant head drain out flow
through drain sensor, Automatic Flame Shut down when Power
fails, Emergency flame shut off switch. Door Lock for protection
Glass. Flash back arrestor on the cylinder

BURNER Titanium Venture adjustable sample intake with Air-cooled premix

100mm slot for Acetylene (fuel) & Air (Oxidant) and 50 mm slot for
Acetylene (fuel) and Nitrous Oxide (Oxidant)

The Mixing/Spray chamber is made up of inert material Polypropylene
i.e PTFE (Teflon) fitted with adjustable impact bead aerosal

FUEL Acetylene (C2H2)

OXIDANT Air/Nitrous oxide (N2O)

NEBULIZER Teflon Chamber, Pneumatic, Made of fully inert material with 90%
platinum and 10% iridium alloy capillary
Sample feed rate 3 to 8 ml/min (adjustable)

Microprocessor Mode 1. Absorbance, 2. Emission, 3. Quantitative Curve fit (quadratic,
least squares) 4. Molecular Absorption
PC Mode MS Windows based PC operating software
1. Absorbance, 2. Concentration (standard addition and
calibration), 3. Curve fit (quadratic and least squares),
4. Energy Profile, 5. Emission 6. Molecular Absorption

READOUT 240 X 64 dots Graphic type LCD Module, Readout and calibration
with sufficient memory for more than 50 elements

POWER REQUIREMENT 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz, 1, Max. 200 VA

Size (WxDxH) in mm 822 + 90 x 550 x 395
Weight in kg Approx. 70

With instrument 100 mm burner (Air-C2H2), Background correction with D2 Lamp,
Air Compressor with buffer Tank and Oil free Air Moisture Filter,
Acetylene double stage regulator (stainless steel) with flash back
arrestor, Coded HC Lamps for desired elements, 50 mm burner
for N2O - C2H2, Acetylene gas cylinder, Nitrous Oxide cylinder,
Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary, Nitrous Oxide double stage
regulator (stainless steel), Laser Printer, Computer with i3
processor and 17” LED monitor, Software, Stainless steel
Exhaust fume hood with blower and duct, 5KVA CVT & 2KVA line
interactive UPS, Instruction manual and Cook Book

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Instrument can be upgraded to hydride & cold vapor generator,
FOR UPGRADATION Auto Sampler and Graphite Furnace

Specifications subject to change due to continual development

 Copyright ELICO 2013. All rights reserved

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