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Welcome to the openSAP course:

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions

Week 3, Unit 10

Please note that this course is generally based on the “SAP Hybris
Experience Workshop” covering following functional and technical topics:
Hands-On Experience:
SAP Hybris Cloud for Service

Before we start: Logon Details

 Enter the open SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system and get your firsthand experience
on service processes.
 System URL:
o User: serviceagent01
o Pass: Welcome1

Getting familiar with Cloud for Service:

 After logging on to the system, as a “service agent” you will be guided directly to the ticket
list screen

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions Page 2

 Choose from the list selection options above the ticket list to get various list options:

Day in a Life of a Service Agent

 Go to work center “Service” and sub-work center “Tickets”

 Create “New” ticket of category Service Request (either via “New” in the upper right corner
of the screen or via the “new ticket icon” at the left hand tool bar)

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions Page 3

 Be creative with “Description” and “Subject” e.g. “Fridge is broken…”

 Select customer “Intelligent Systems”, select product “TG2532 Fridge” (or select any other
available product), choose service category “Product Support” and select a value from the
“Incident Category” (both steps are not mandatory)

 Press “Save and Open”

 Check ticket details and on the “OVERVIEW” work center

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions Page 4

 Search in the “SOLUTION FINDER” (you might need to scroll down in the “OVERVIEW”
work center) to check the knowledge base for fast help on the problem, type “fridge” in the
search field and check the identified knowledge article. Via clicking on the link of the
knowledge articles, the articles should open in a separate window.

 Uncheck the “Use Microsoft Outlook” checkbox and click on “compose new e-mail”

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions Page 5

 Respond to the enquiry with an email using the systems email functionality (be creative with
the text – feel free to respond back, using your own e-mail address) – click on “send”

 Go to “SERVICE AND REPAIR” work center to assign a service technician team and
part(s) which a field engineer would need for the onsite repair

 Assign “Level 1 Support Queue” as a service technician team (delete any value/name
which might be pre-filled in the “Service technician” field – if you are in “display” mode, click
on “edit” at the bottom of the screen to enable editing)

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions Page 6

 In the ITEM section, choose “Add”. Enter “Delivery Valve” in the “Product” field and choose
quantity “1” (this would be an item a field engineer would need for the repair – check also
the line item details below the “ITEM” section)

 Mark the line item you just created (“Delivery Valve”) and select the “wheel” icon at the
upper right side of the ITEM section

 Choose “Release for Scheduling” from the drop down list. Please note: with this, the status
in the “work progress” field of the line item has changed from Open to In Scheduling
 the line item would now be ready for a dispatcher to assign the line item to a field
engineer of the selected service technician team

 Press “Save” and close the ticket (note down the ticket number in case you want to re-open
the ticket later again or search for it in the ticket overview list)

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Coding Samples
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