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It is a noun meaning "proposal or recommendation".

For example:

I strongly need some good advice about studying abroad.

On your advice, I decided to go to Spain for a vacation.
If you take my advice, you will not regret it.

Note: Advice has irregular plural and is both singular and plural.
(Take an advice / Take many advice)


It is a verb meaning "to give advice or to recommend".

For example:

I advise you to buy this bracelet.

My counselor advised me to talk to professor Hardy.
One of my friends advised me to see this movie.

Quick Exercise
Choose advice or advise.

1. I am never going to listen to his again.

2. Carla doesn't need to be , she is a very smart girl.
3. Come over tonight and I will give you some .
4. Mr. Pewterschmidt always Peter not to do anything foolish.
5. Mr. Griffin's was very useful.

A) Complete the exercise with convenient prepositions.

1. Nice __ meet you.

2. Don’t be late __ school.

3. Are you the new student __ Portugal?

4. Are you a teacher __ this school?

5-6. Jessica is __ vacation. She is __ Italy now.

7. What is this called __ English?

8. Look __ the flowers.

9. Adam's birthday is __ July.

10. Don’t run __ the classroom.

B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

1. Compare your answers __ your partner.

2. This key holder is very special __ me.

3. Apples and peaches are __ the same box.

4. Write __ me soon.

5. Have you got a piece __ paper?

6. What’s the calculator for? It is __ my exam.

7. I’m tall __ black hair and brown eyes.

8. We have a house __ a big garden.

9. I come __ a big family.

10. Match the pictures __ the names.

11. Is your house __ the country?

12. Guess what I have __ my hand?

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. I ---- to learn a lot of new words.

am going
will be

2. They ---- volleyball when I saw them.

are playing
were playing

3. I woke up ---- five o'clock ---- the morning.

in / in
at / on
at / in
at / at

4. The weather is pleasant here ---- the spring.


5. They met ---- Miami ---- 2004.

at / at
to / in
at / in
in / in

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Practice 6. My friends will be there ---- two or three hours.


7. The plane will stay on the runway ---- five minutes.


8. She graduated from the university ---- 1969.

9. Are you going to study ---- the afternoon or ---- night?

on / on
in / in
in / at
at / in

10. The police ---- the thief yet.

haven't caught
didn't catch
hasn't caught
don't catch

11. ---- university is ---- institution of higher education.

a / an
- / an
an / a
the / the

12. I'm busy. Please visit me ---- time.

the other

13. What ---- you ---- in English so far?

have / learned
were / learned
did / learn
was / learning

14. I haven't seen him ---- today.


15. I can't hear very well. Please turn the radio ----.
Fill in the blanks with the prepositions in the box.

at on in of x2

with for at about x2

1. Betty asked Barney for help, but it turned out he was even
worse math than her.

2. Luckily, my husband is not very

keen playing football.

3. Most men are not very fond going to

wedding parties.

4. This brand of cream is

better preventing wrinkles on your face.

5. Like many other children, my daughter is

mad chocolate.

6. Students are sometimes taught things that they are not

interested at all.
7. When Tom was a schoolboy, he was
crazy cars and he kept drawing them in
his drawing book.

8. Why should I be scared ghosts? They

don't exist.

9. Norman was dying a cigarette but he

was determined to give it up.

10. Walter is not mean; he is just very

careful money.

flight reservation book arrange

depart expensive arrival flight number

1. Customer: Good morning! Is there a _________ to Manchester in the

Travel Agent: I am afraid not, Madam.

Customer: Well, what about Edinburgh?

Travel Agent: Yes Madam, there is one today.

2. Customer: What time does the plane ____________?

Travel Agent: At 4 p.m.

3. Customer: What about ______________ time?

Travel Agent: At 7 p.m. It takes about three hours in total.

Customer: How much does it cost?

Travel Agent: $400, Madam.

4. Customer: Great! It is less _________________ than I thought.

5. Could you __________________ me on it please?
Travel Agent: Of course! May I have your name, please?

Customer: Samantha Richards.

6. Travel Agent: Your _________________ is done.

7. Please note that your _______________ is BA677. Have a nice day,
Ms. Richards.


1. analyze analytical analytically

2. identity identifiable identifiably

3. editor editorial editorially

4. economy economize economically

5. individual individuate individual

6. acquire acquisitive -

7. resource - resourcefully

8. tradition - traditional

9 participation participation -

10. conceive conceptual conceptually

11. hypothesis hypothetical

12. symbol symbolize

13. investigate investigative -

14. sustenance sustainable sustainably

15. emerge emergent

16. specifics specific

17. remove removable

18. ethics -
19. implication implied

20. evolution evolutionary

21. flexibility flex

22. deviate deviant

23. margin marginalize

24. pursuit