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Raymond Avalos

Ms. Green

English 9, Period 6

December 2, 2014

The Invention of the Laptop Computer

The helpfulness of laptops affects more than the United States. Laptops have their

downsides but the food far outweighs the bad. The use of laptops has made it easier to see

important news and helps student achievement but is also a distraction in the classroom.

The portable laptop has many different kinds of components that consists inside of a

laptop. ” The components of a laptop computer are arranged in a highly space-efficient yet

convenient manner, so that the computer is compact, lightweight and easy-to-use”(Carter

1)Portable laptops even have a few things that ordinary computers do not.To begin with the

laptop has a built in keyboard.Laptops usally have one or more UsB ports, a port for headphones,

and also another port to use a mouse to make surfing the web easier and less time consuming. To

add to, the laptop has its own replenishable battery allowing the user to work when electricity is

not available.

The invention of the laptop computer has first made its appearance 1979 by Bill

Moggridge as a “revolutionary technological product”(pg 25 1)Bill Moggridge was created the

laptop however the idea was first formed Alan Kay. Bill made it a reality when he went on to

found his own company and created GRiD Systems to bring the notebook sized device to

life.Bill had first got the idea when he recognized that key components were shrinking with each
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passing year due to improvements. From that he initiated a vision that there was a vast potential

to market it to people who needed to travel for their occupations and would like to carry

knowledge with them in the form of technoloy.

There has been good effects and bad effects since the laptop computer was introduced to

the world.Laptop computers have so bad effects that is associated with the office environment.In

Studies it is found that,”One potential draw back of laptops is that the keyboard and monitor

cannot be adjusted independently, which may lead to constrained postures and musculoskeletal

discomfort. In this studey”(Price 1).To go into detail when working consistently with computer

one will start to feel a uncomfortability in their neck and spinal cord.” Past findings showing

increased neck flexion and discomfort with laptop use were replicated.” (Price 1) But over time a

solution has been found ”However, the addition of peripheral devices to laptops seems to

mitigate the problems previously associated with their use.”(Price 1) As many can see laptops

have downfalls as well as rases.

Lastly, portable laptop computers have impacted society.For example laptop has actually

increased sturdent academic achievement in school.”There is substantial evidence that using

technology as an instructional tool enhances student learning and educational outcomes.”

(Cengis 1) The use of laptops in education increases society’s educational standards

alone.However studies have shown that if students are given their own laptop for educational

purposes it “ spend more time involved in collaborative work, participate in more project-based

instruction, produce writing of higher quality and greater length, gain increased access to

information, improve research analysis skills, and spend more time doing homework on

computers.” (Ceniz 1)
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To conclude, portable laptop computers makes life more fitting and a higher quality for

human society. But is there some way to improve laptops so that society can further be also

benefited? Do laptops have too much of effects on the humans?

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