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Dampak Positif Sosial Media

1. Mendekatkan yang jauh

2. Memudahkan kita untuk mempromosikan suatu aksi sosial

3. Menemukan teman yang telah lama terpisah

4. Sebagai wahana mencari penghasilan

5. Lebih mudah mengakses informasi yang sedang up to date

6. Sebagai tempat promosi Dengan banyaknya orang yang menggunakan jejaring

sosial, membuka kesempatan kita untuk mempromosikan produk/jasa yang kita


7. Ajang memperbanyak teman, Dapat menambah teman baru maupun relasi bisnis

dengan mudah

8. Sebagai media komunikasi, Mempermudah komunikasi kita dengan orang-orang,

baik dalam maupun luar negeri Tempat mencari informasi, Banyak juga instansi

pencari berita yang menggunakan media sosial sebagai media penyeberannya

9. Tempat berbagi, Dengan fitur yanga ada pada media sosial kita dapat dengan mudah

saling bertukar data baik berupa foto, dokumen, maupun pesan suara

10. Sebagai tempat promosi

11. Ajang memperbanyak teman

12. Sebagai tempat penyebaran informasi

13. Sebagai sarana untuk mengembangkan keterampilan dan sosial

Dampak Negatif Sosial Media

1. Terganggunya perkembangan dalam lingkup sosial

2. Terganggunya perkembangan moral

3. Mengganggu kesehatan tubuh

4. Banyak juga yang menggunakan sosial media untuk tindak kejahatan

5. Munculnya tindak kejahatan, Banyak juga orang yang menggunakan media sosial

sebagai alat untuk melakukan kejahatan seperti contohnya penculikan dan penipuan

6. Mengganggu hubungan antar pasangan, Media sosial juga dapat memicu

kecemburuan antar pasangan jika memang pasangan itu berhubungan yang tidak

wajar dengan orang lain

7. Menimbulkan sifat candu, Media sosial juga dapat menimbulkan candu yang dapat

mengakibatkan sifat penggunanya menjadi autis atau lebih menutup diri pada

kehidupan sekitar
Positive Impact of Social Media

1. Close the far

2. Make it easier for us to promote a social action

Find a friend who has been apart for a long time

4. As a vehicle for income

5. Easier to access information that is up to date

6. As a place of promotion With so many people who use social networking,

opening up our opportunity to promote the products / services we offer

7. Place friends, Can add new friends and business relations with ease

8. As a medium of communication, Simplify our communication with

people, both within and outside the country Where to find information,
Many news agencies also seek to use social media as a medium

9. Where to share, With features that exist on social media we can easily
exchange data either in the form of photos, documents, or voice messages

10. As a promotion place

11. Place multiply friends

12. As a place of information dissemination

13. As a means to develop skills and social

Social Media Negative Impacts

1. Disruption of development in the social sphere

2. Disruption of moral development

3. Disrupt the health of the body

4. Many also use social media for crime

5. The emergence of crime, Many people who use social media as

a tool to commit crimes such as kidnappings and fraud

6. Interfere relationships between spouses, Social media can also

trigger jealousy between couples if the couple is not associated
with others unnatural

7. Cause the nature of opium, Social media can also cause opium
that can lead to the nature of its users become autistic or more
close to the life around

Bullying is an event that is often inevitable, especially in school. Bullying is the

use of power or power to harm a person Or a group, a behavior that threatens,
oppresses and makes others feel uncomfortable. A person who can be said to be
a victim when he is treated Negative (intentionally creating injury or discomfort
through physical contact, through Words or by other means) with a period of
time once or many times even often Or become a pattern by someone or more.
Bullying is often seen as forms of coercive behavior or Attempts to harm
physically and psychologically against a person or group More 'weak' by
someone or a group of people who perceive themselves more 'strong'. This act
of coercion or harm occurs in a group for example Group of students one

Examples of bullying behaviors include:

Direct physical contact (asking forcibly what is not hers, hitting, Slapping,
pushing, biting, pulling hair, kicking, locking someone inside The room,
pinching, clawing, also includes squeezing and damaging the items Owned by
others, sexual harassment).
Direct verbal contact (threatening, humiliating, degrading,Interrupt, name-
calling, sarcasm, put-downs,Denouncing, intimidating, cursing, spreading
gossip).Direct non-verbal behavior (cynical look, tongue sticking out,
Displaying derogatory, mocking, or threatening faces; usuallyAccompanied by
physical or verbal bullying.Bullying does not always happen face-to-face but it
can beTakes place behind a friend. In students, they enjoy when calling his
friend With a bad name, asking for money or food by force or frighten.
Indirect non-verbal behavior (silencing someone, manipulating Friendship so as
to crack, deliberately excommunicate or neglect, transmit anonymous letter).
Not all victims will be bullying supporters, but the most
The concerns are the victims who struggle to get out of the cycle of violence
this. They feel depressed and traumatized so perceive themselves as always
The weak, the helpless, when they are also the assets of the nation that must
Other advantages.

Everyone can be a victim or even a bully. Required Comprehensive policies

involving all components of the school ranging from teachers, students,
principals to parents, whose goal is to be able to awaken all the components of
the school about the hidden dangers of bullying behavior.
Such policies may be anti-bullying programs in schools, among others, with
How to activate supervision, understanding of consequences and
communication that can be done effectively, among others, with Kampaye Stop
Bullying in the school environment with banners, slogans, stickers and
workshops themed stop bulying. All this is done with the ultimate goal can not
minimize or even completely eliminate bullying behavior in school.