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November 12, 2010

Physics XI - Hydraulics
Time Allowed : 1 hour ________________________ Maximum Marks : 60
Please read the instructions carefully. You will be alloted 5 minutes specically for this purpose.

A. General

1. Blank papers, clipboards, log tables, slide rules, calculators, cellular phones, pagers, and
electronic gadgets in any form are not allowed.
2. Do not break the seals of the question-paper booklet before instructed to do so by the

B. Question paper format and Marking Scheme :

1. This question paper consists of 4 questions carrying 10 marks each , while Q5 carries 20

1 Rajat Kalia | Alpha Classes
November 12, 2010

Q1: Explain why

(a) The blood pressure in humans is greater at the feet than at the brain
(b) Atmospheric pressure at a height of about 6 km decreases to nearly half of its value at
the sea level, though the height of the atmosphere is more than 100 km
(c) Hydrostatic pressure is a scalar quantity even though pressure is force divided by area.
Q2: A U-tube contains water and methylated spirit separated by mercury. The mercury columns in the
two arms are in level with 10.0 cm of water in one arm and 12.5 cm of spirit in the other. What is
the specic gravity of spirit ?
Q3: In the previous problem, if 15.0 cm of water and spirit each are further poured into the respective
arms of the tube, what is the dierence in the levels of mercury in the two arms ? (Specic gravity
of mercury = 13.6)
Q4: Two vessels have the same base area but dierent shapes. The rst vessel takes twice the volume of
water that the second vessel requires to ll upto a particular common height. Is the force exerted
by the water on the base of the vessel the same in the two cases ? If so, why do the vessels lled
with water to that same height give dierent readings on a weighing scale ?
Q5: A Pitot tube (Fig. ) is mounted along the axis of a gas pipeline whose cross-sectional area is equal
to S. Assuming the viscosity to be negligible, nd the volume of gas owing across the section of
the pipe per unit time, if the dierence in the liquid columns is equal to 4h, and the densities of
the liquid and the gas are ρo and ρ respectively.

2 Rajat Kalia | Alpha Classes