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Ts saat caus raya mage mushroom in i Aisguise? Was Alice in Wonderland a thinly veiled \ Psychedelic mushroom odyssey? Did mushroom tea ick-start ancient Greek philosophy? Much stranger than the fictions it has inspired, the World of the magie mushroom is a place wher shamans and hippies rub shoulders with psychiatrist ‘ets and international bankers. é ‘The ‘magic mushroom’ was only rediscovered fifty years ago, but has accumulated all sorts of folk tales and urban legends along the way. In this timely and definitive study, Andy Letcher strips away the myths to get at the true story of how hallucinogenic mushrooms, once shunned in the West as the most pernicious of poisons, came to be the illicit drug of choice. Chronicling the history of the magic mushroom from its use by the Aatees of Central America and the tribes of Siberia through to the present day, Letcher takes a critical and humorous look at the drug ‘more recent manifestations. Since the 1970s we ha hhundreds of hallucinogenic specie dentitied ingredients, learnt how to cultivate them on an industrial seale, and spread them around the world. More than any civilisation that has come before us, we can claim to be magie mushroom enthusiasts. ‘Informative, lively, and impeeeably r a cultural history of the magic mushroom ‘Shroom presents a unique and engaging study of this most extraordinary of psychedelic drugs. SHROOM A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom ANDY LETCHER Jaber and faber Few pub in ace ty ater le 5 Que Sure Landon wih 388 “ype by Fb ad Foe ide Peden by Macks Cota Lid Aegis reed Andy or soe “Teri Andy Leet be ened ati of wrk AEE San eran wa Seco 7 he Corre, Deng aed Pets A his ook neo he contin hat tal tb of ae or cb beet ool fred ator krack wth pb as fm ef dng ove than hat inh Pub “elton ior onion nding coon big aed ote sea purr ca ce fo is ook lease me Beth iby si grtosrisar7o9 For Matilda