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It is constitutive of the preaching of

TEACHING (6 reasons for the cst) -action on behalf of justice and
participation of the transformation
1. it is part of our duty to promote the of the world
common good as citizens -it is constitutive of the gospel or of
-The members of church are also Christ’s mission for the redemption
members of society. of human race and its liberation from
-We have the same right and duty as the oppressive
the other citizens to promote the 6. Our love of God is bound up with our
common good. love of neighbor; love of neighbor
-Christians ought to fulfill their cannot be separated from justice
worldly obligations with fidelity and -our relationship to our neighbor is
competence. bound up with our relationship to
-They should act as agent in the God.
world, in their family, professional, -love implies absolute demand for
social, cultural and political life justice

2. we are an incarnational church SOURCES OF CST

-the joys, hopes, griefs and anxieties 1. Scripture
of the people of this age, especially -the bible which contains
the less fortunate or in any way teachings of the life of Christ and
afflicted are the joys, hopes, griefs God’s word. This is a source that
and anxieties of the followers of gives us a sense of urgency and
Christ obligation. Its textual and
3. we are responding to the questions historical teachings help us
of humanity understand the world today. In
church has always had the duty of using this source we must
scrutinizing the signs of times and of remember to not take the text in
interpreting them in the light of the its literal meaning but to take it in
gospel its context keeping in mind the
-the in the language intelligible to situations happening when it was
each generation, she can respond to written.
the perennial question which men 2. Reason/ Natural law
ask about this present life and the life -man can understand the world
to come by the use of reason
4. It is an imitation of Christ and -human reason speak the truth
fulfillment of Christ’s command -human reason tells us that God
-“when God said I am the way the created the world for a reason
truth and the life, and his number and a purpose and how our
one concern was the salvation of the behaviors may cooperate with
people and for the material welfare God’s plans. This can be
of the people interpreted in 2 ways
1. the order of nature – This make
the law of God and the rule of
nature one.
2. the order of reason – focused
on human capacity to discover in
experience what befits human
well- being.
-This was used in the early
encyclicals to criticize unjust
arrangements of property and
wages the unjust distribution of
property and unfair wages which
cause poverty and starvation to

3. Tradition
-this are the past teachings and
letters of the church. The church
is a historical institution and the
priest and leaders have written or
responded to the problems of
their times. We can use the
teachings of the past to better
respond to the present

4. Experience

5. Magisterium