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Professional Writing
English 4000 | Spring 2019

Marketing Campaign
65% of grade
For this assignment, you will work to create a trend analysis and media kit,
designed for your mundane thing. Project managers and consumer
As a professional, you’ll frequently be
asked to analyze trends—what’s executives (among others) often use trend analyses to study consumer
causing the trend and what its effects behavior and social patterns. The media kit is often handled by the public
might be—in order to offer informed
strategies for mitigating the effects— relations team of the business. So, here, you’ll get a taste of what PR work
or taking advantage—of the trend. is like.

Trends are everywhere. As a professional, you’ll frequently be asked to

analyze trends—what’s causing the trend and what its effects might be—
in order to offer informed strategies for mitigating the effects—or taking
advantage—of the trend. For example, perhaps you’re involved in the
food industry when you become aware of a national trend in increased soy
consumption. How can your industry take advantage of this trend given
available resources, assuming the national increase does, indeed, reflect a
trend and not a passing fad? If the answer assumes a trend, the next step
is to determine whether it exists in your region exclusively or whether the
increased consumption is nationwide. Clearly establishing the scope of
the phenomenon will influence the recommendations you make insofar as
how to address the trend.

Media Kits, or press kits, are simply informational packets about a

company or a product. Often, potential advertising or press mediums
(audience) will ask for information on the company/product. In turn, the
company delivers a media kit. Think of the media kit as a sort of resume
for the company/product. The goal is to grab the audience’s attention and
A collection of items from the Product make a lasting impression to create enough interest in the company/
Red campaign, which was created to product for the audience to make contact with the company for more
fight AIDS.
information. As part of this kit, you will also create a media campaign that
is tailored to your mundane thing’s newly designed brand.
ENGL 4000 | Spring 2019 | 1
Prior to handing in your media kit, you will present the kit in draft form to
your classmates. After successfully completing the directives of their
Key Elements proposal, branding companies present their kits to their client for
Trend Analysis approval. This is the atmosphere that we’ll recreate. You’ll pitch your
Media Kit
Presentations proposal and the media kit. This presentation will also serve as a means of
critique, since your classmates will be responding to what works and what
needs improvement. In other words, the presentations are also meant to
be a form of public peer review.

Part 1: Trend Analysis (20%)
Submission Format: Podcast
While there will be many professional situations in which you’ll find
yourself analyzing trends, for the purposes of this assignment, identify a
trend that is useful to your mundane thing. You’re encouraged to select a
trend from the industry report that is closely aligned with the branding
that your group is proposing (and solving) from Assignment 1. An
example: consumers interest in healthier food options within the bakery-
café industry.

Working in your groups, create a 5-7 minute podcast presenting your

trend analysis. Begin by identifying a trend and conducting research to
establish the trend and explore causes and effects. Once you’ve settled
Students working on a podcast in the on a thesis, prepare an outline of the structure your podcast will assume.
CAI Lab Media Studio in Des Peres
Hall 216. This outline will serve as a prompt when you’re recording your podcast.

Your tasks with the trend analysis are to:

1. Establish the trend’s existence
2. Explain what’s fueling the trend (its causes)
3. Overview the probable effects of the trend so that your audience
can better understand the trend and its likely impact on their lives
4. Offer recommendations for dealing with the trend.

Your podcast should include:

Learning must be focused and

accelerated. Clients hire firms with the • Introduction: Use narration or exposition to introduce your
intellectual capacity to understand the subject. This may be where you present your thesis, or you may
business as a way of ensuring that
the solutions are linked to business decide to delay presentation until after you have established that
goals and strategies. the trend does, indeed, exist. Your thesis will explain why the trend

ENGL 4000 | Spring 2019 | 2

is noteworthy (why it deserves analysis). Keep in mind that the
trend you identify need not be novel but that your analysis should
be, providing new insights into the causes or effects of the trend.
• Body: begin by proving that the trend exists, as well as
demonstrating its scope, scale, or implications. Rely on facts and
statistics from reliable sources to make a clear and compelling case
for the trend’s existence. In this section, you will also identify
possible causes and predict possible effects of the trend. Make
good use of credible primary and secondary sources. In addition to
incorporating research, consider quoting or interviewing
practitioners who are involved with this trend.
• Conclusion: should reiterate the main point of your analysis (your
thesis) and offer suggestions for how a relevant entity should deal
Sample media kit.
with this trend. Your reader should walk away from the analysis
experiencing a combined sense of closure and new insight.

Part 2: Media Kit (30%)

You will prepare two copies of a Media Kit to promote the branding of
your mundane thin. In other words, this portion is the enactment of the
proposed solution from our first unit’s branding proposal and should
clearly interact with your trend analysis in some way. Since you are
revising, you will need to incorporate the trend into your proposal, if you
have not already done so. Example: Since consumers are interested in
healthier food options, our mundane thing will need to mitigate this trend
by doing X (you would provide a solution that is meant to promote/
enhance your chosen brand).

In addition to an intangible “cool factor” (attention-grabbing design,

enhanced logo, special packaging), your media kit should include, but is
Brand identity is tangible and appeals not limited to, the following components:
to the senses. You see it, touch it,
hold it, hear it, watch it move.
1. Intangibles (“cool factor”/creativity/logo redesign)
2. Revised Proposal from Assignment 1
3. Brand Brief
4. (Social) Media Campaign Materials
• If you have proposed a print media campaign, generate an
advertising campaign that incorporates at least two specific
platforms (Sauce, Riverfront Times, SLU bulletin boards,
etc.) to revamp word-of-mouth advertising
ENGL 4000 | Spring 2019 | 3
• If you have proposed a social media campaign, use at least
two social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Pinterest, Periscope, etc.) of your choice to revamp word-
of-mouth advertising
• You could choose one print and one digital media
• Utilize a creative blend of video, audio, photos, and text to
promote the branding of your mundane thing to your target

Sample media kit.

• All platforms need to work together to create a cohesive
• Note: Depending on your platform, the information given
and the format used should change.
5. Mock-up of Website Re-design (you will NOT be creating a
functional website; instead, you will deliver a mock-up of the re-
design). The mock-up should include:
• Branding content (company name, domain name, logo,
brand colors with swatches, typography of site—decide on a
font type for content and a second font for headers and
Branding is a disciplined process • Inspiration from other sites (include website links and screen
used to build awareness and extend shots)
customer loyalty.
• Mock-ups/design of the home page, and at least two other
pages on the site
6. Transmittal letter (audience: client; not part of the kit.)
• This letter is your pitch for the kit. It explains what you’ve
included in the kit, why you’ve included it, and 

how you suggest the components be used.
• See business letter guidelines for formatting. 

Part 3: The Presentation (15%)

During class you will present drafts of your media kits to the class and
have time for a question/answer session. These drafts should be in the
final stages (i.e., near completion). As a group, you will have 10 minutes to
present your media kit, pitching to your audience why this is an effective
kit and demonstrating its contents. In other words, this presentation is
Original Assignment designed by Dr. your opportunity to grab your audience’s attention and create interest in
Heather Bozant Witcher at Saint
Louis University. your kit. Your audience will have 5-10 minutes to ask questions/give

ENGL 4000 | Spring 2019 | 4