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A consistent letterhead that is also used in the cover

letter is a sign of the applicant’s professionalism.
It does not need to be graphically sophisticated but
should contain all pertinent information.

“Wahlwerbung in Italien,” Graduate Student Conference organized by


Deutsche Gesellscha
“Wahlwerbung für Politikwissenscha
in Frankreich,”
A photo is not a must. For nearly all German
International en, Hamburg,
Graduate schoolsMarch
the photo2011.
plays no role in
the selection of their PhD students.
Date of Birth: October 6, 1988
Place of Birth: MusterstadtUniversität Bochum, April 2008.
Citizenship: German

8/2009-7/2011 Research Assistant, Universität Göttingen

EDUCATION » Bibliographical research and acquisition for Prof. Dr. Müller
10/2008-8/2011 Master
» Support of Arts (Political
in the creation Science), Universität
of academic Göttingen
publication (editing and
» Study
formatting)emphases: Political systems in the European Union,
» Conference preparation You should only list relevant
Nationalism in Europe a er 1945 professional experience here.
» Semester abroad at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy Of course, it is up to you to
decide what exactly is relevant.
08-10/2010 incl. a research stay
Intern, German Embassy, Rome at the Italian state archives, Rome, 9/2010-2/2011
» Master’s thesis: “Argumentationsstränge von Wahlwerbung im
» Support in the conception and control of marketing
Support with the implementation
Deutschland, Frankreichofundstrategic
Italien“recommendations by
(“Comparative analysis of
arguments in political advertising: Germany, France and Italy“) –
»Advisor: foreign
Maintenance of othe
Dr. ce embassy’s
Hanna Müller website
It is a clear advantage for the applicant, if the respective
advisor is well-known or respected in the field »
Final Grade: 1,3
2/2002-8/2007 Free-lance writer, Städtischer Anzeiger, Musterstadt
10/2005-8/2008 Bachelor of Arts (Politikwissenscha en), Universität Göttingen
» Study
» Sta writer for the local
emphases: news desk
International Relations, History of Political Ideas in Europe
» Titel der Bachelorarbeit: „Wahlwerbung in Frankreich und Deutschland:
LANGUAGES Eine Analyse gesellscha licher und politischer Rahmenbedingungen”
Betreuer: PD Karl Kraus
» German (native language)
» 09/2006-02/2007: Auslandssemester an der Université François Rabelais (Tours)
» Abschlussnote:
» English (TOEFL 1,2
graduate schools are interested in the time, place and

» Italian (CEFR: B2)

grade point average of the applicant’s high school degree
» French (CEFR: B1)
07/2005 Germ. High School Degree (“Abitur”), Städtisches Gymnasium Musterstadt
» Advanced Courses in English and Politics
Only few of the applicants for a PhD position will have an extensive
HerrGrade: 1,3list Stefan
Konsularrat Schmidt,
of publications. Cultural
However, there are Division,
opportunities for young
scholars to publish their academic work, for example in academic
German Embassy, Rome, journals for graduate students, in cooperation with experienced
PUBLICATIONS scholars or in a conference publication.
At least one of the references should
Address, Phone, Email be from academia. The more renowned
„Wahlwerbung in Italien”
» Prof. Dr. Hanna in: Wie für
Müller, Institut Parteien werben – einen,
Politikwissenscha europäischer
the reference, the better.

Universität Göttingen
Band zur Nachwuchstagung
Address, Phone, Email 2011, eds. Heinz Müller and Franka Schmidt
(Göttingen: Publishing House, 2013), 36-47.
Review of Karl Kraus, Propaganda oder Information? Wahlwerbung in
in: Graduiertenzeitschri für Politikwissenscha 3:3 (Fall 2011), 67-68.
German Academic Exchange Service
» Fellowship to study at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, Fall 2010
» Fellowship to study at the Université François Rabelais, Tours, France, Fall
Universität Göttingen Here you should also list smaller
scholarships that you have received
Date, Signature » Research fellowship awarded by the Department of Social Sciences in the past by your current university
or alma mater.

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