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INTERMEDIATE UNIT 10 Word building: prefixes

10.1 The environment

3 Underline the correct alternatives.
1 It’s un/re/misusual for Simon to be here so early.
1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. 2 Don’t throw those old clothes away. They can be
double-glazed insulated on standby organic 3 My teacher always mis/dis/unpronounces my name.
packaging processed recycled secondhand 4 I should stop feeding my cat so much. She’s
1 I only buy food. I want it to be as looking a little un/re/overweight.
natural as possible. 5 I un/dis/misagree. I think those sunglasses look great!
2 I really need to cut down on  food 6 Don’t throw out those jam jars. They’re un/mis/
and eat more fresh stuff. reusable.
3 If I get windows, I won’t hear the 7 The shop assistant un/mis/overunderstood me
traffic so much. when I asked for a shirt. He brought me a skirt!
4 Manufacturers should cut down on the amount of 8 Your new puppy’s well trained. He never under/un/
food . disobeys instructions.
5 Most of my rubbish is
6 I need a new coat. Maybe I’ll get a
these days.
4 Complete the conversation with the words in the
box and a suitable prefix.
7 I never leave my TV overnight. ability adequate girlfriend mature possible
I switch it off at the plug. relevant responsible
8 It would help reduce my heating bills if my home
A: I’m worried about Simon. He’s late for class and never
was .
does any work. It’s really 1  of him.
2 Match 1–7 with the endings a)–g). B: Yes, I’ve noticed a real 2 to do any
work. He should grow up and stop being so
1 Despite improvements, we still need to be 3
concerned about the
A: You know, it might be 4 , but he still
2 Until the law was changed, aerosol
seems upset about his 5 . They only
3 If it gets into rivers and streams, industrial split up last month. Maybe that’s the reason.
4 With the number of cars on the road, it’s not B: Well whatever it is, he needs to start doing some
surprising that exhaust work. His test scores are 6 and he
5 Most of us can be more environmentally- could fail the course.
6 Gas, oil and coal won’t last forever. We should look A: Don’t worry, he’s still got time to turn things
aer our natural around. It’s not 7 .
7 Each of us has a responsibility to

a) resources. 10.2 Reporting verbs

b) fumes are ruining air quality.
c) friendly in the future. 5 Complete each sentence with a reporting verb.
d) destruction of the rainforest. You have the first letter to help you.
e) protect the environment. 1 Let’s not swim here. We were w
f) cans contained chemicals that were harmful for about sharks.
the environment. 2 These street vendors oen o free
g) waste can ruin waterways. samples of their food.
3 Is taking a taxi. It’s raining outside.
4 The barbecued insects looked horrible, so I
r  to eat them.
5 I’ve p to meet Sally at the beach
6 I’ve o to pick up some litter around
the village.
7 I’ve i Afia to join us for the street
festival tomorrow.
8 Our tour guide e  the history behind
the building this morning.

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10.3 Airports 8 Complete the sentences with words from

Exercise 7.
6 Put the letters in brackets in the correct order to
1 Are you sure you’re to give me a
complete the sentences.
li? I can get the bus.
1 I’m not sure I like my 2 I need a new bed. Mine’s so that
(spratops) photo at all. I can’t sleep.
2 I’d really like a (widwon eats), 3 I want to find a job. I hate being .
4 Don’t forget to the door when you
3 You’re only allowed to bring leave. We don’t want any uninvited guests!
(nahd gulaegg) onto the plane.
5 This cupboard’s really . I can’t find
4 Passengers with (itriopry anything I need.
radginbo) get onto the plane first.
6 I’ve made a terrible mistake which I can never
5 It’s time to have our passports .
7 He was so . He missed the last train
6 Could passengers please by just a few seconds.
(copered) to gate number six.
8 It isn’t to bring a pencil to the
7 I prefer an (aleis tase), so I exam. The school provides them.
can stretch my legs.
9 That trip was so exhausting, but I suppose we
8 People are starting to should our bags before we go to
(radob) the plane. bed.
10 Can you Lily and put her in the
Focus on un- baby bath?
11 I need to get back to the gym. I’m so
7 Complete the spidergram with fourteen of the these days.
words in the box. What prefix do you need to add 12 With this terrible weather it’s our
to the other words? flight will be delayed.
able abled comfortable do dress 13 I’m sorry I’m late. There was an  
employed expected expensive fit like delay on the trains.
lock likely lucky necessary pack 14 These trainers look disgusting and the smell is
pleasant possible tidy pretty  too.

1 3

2 4



5 10

6 11

7 12

8 13

9 14

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Crossword 1


Use the clues to

complete the
crossword with
words from Unit 10. 4

8 9




13 14






Across Down
3 already made, e.g. food (3-8) 1 report your arrival, e.g. at an airport (5, 2)
4 things we get from the earth (7, 9) 2 a dark cloud that comes out of a building where
6 not thinking in a sensible way (10) things are made (7, 5)
10 can’t or doesn’t move (8) 5 rude (8)
11 so strange that you must be imagining it (6) 7 dangerous and unwanted material produced in
13 too unlikely to be true (12) factories (10, 5)
15 to keep safe from harm or injury (7) 8 causing damage (7)
16 increasing temperature across the world (6, 7) 9 for example, harmful chemicals in the air or water (9)
17 your employer from the past (2-4) 12 picture inside the document you use for international
18 equipment that takes an image of the inside travel (8,5)
of your body, a suitcase, etc. (4, 7) 14 bags you take with you on a trip (7)
19 not good enough (10) 19 cannot be seen (9)

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