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Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana

Divine key to wealth

Can you imagine the life without wealth? Sure the greedy craving for money has been criticized by all
the ancient texts, but the same texts state that one should have enough to lead a happy contented
life. The texts go on to state that poverty is the worst curse and wealth is a boon that makes life
happier, comfortable and easier. Earning, lots of wealth in not enough. One should also have the
inclination to spend it in a proper manner. If all one’s wealth goes waste in useless activities then
wealth could prove to be more of a curse than a boon.

Everyone tries his or her best to acquire more and more wealth. But more important than acquiring
wealth is making it flow continuously into one’s life or giving it permanence. Our Rishis prescribed that
wealth should come from good means otherwise it goes waste in activities like gambling,
womanishing and drinking. It is easy to take to the wrong path and try to earn as much as one can in
a short time but such quickly acquired gains are never permanent.

One should be able to earn in a manner that the work that one does also satisfies the soul. One
should feel an inner joy. And if you have a feeling of guilt then know it that you are not getting wealth
from the right means.

True wealth means being able to get it from a proper source, spend it in a right manner for creative
purposes and for beautifying life. If used correctly wealth could make life a paradise and bring to one
true joy of living. The very ancient Sadhana of Dhanada Yakshini is a ritual that makes this very
thing possible in one’s life. The ritual if tried with full faith makes new and righteous sources of wealth
open up on their own and also bestows one with wisdom to spend the wealth in the right manner. This
Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana is most effective and powerful Sadhana in this 21 st Century also.

This Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana must be tried on a Wednesday. Early morning have a bath and
wear red clothes. Sit on a red mat facing south. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. On it place a
picture of Sadgurudev Nikhileswarananda Maharaj and Lord Ganapati. Worship them by offering
vermillion, red flowers and rice grains.

On a mound of rice grains in a plate place a Rati Priya Dhanada Yantra. Behind the Yantra or under
it place the Kamdev Gutika. Then around the Rati Priya Dhanada Yantra place ten Lakshmi
Saayujya Shakti Tantrokta Phals. Take water in the right palm and speak thus – I (speak your
name) am performing this Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana for the fulfillment of my wish to have wealth
in life and may Gurudev and Lord Ganapati bestow success on me.

Let the water flow into the floor. Offer rice grains and vermillion the Yantra and the two Phals. Light a
ghee lamp and incense. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra. After this pray to the ten forms of
Dhanada Lakshmi chanting thus. While chanting each Mantra, offer vermillion and rice grains on a
Tantrokta Phal.

Om Lakshmyei Namah, Om Padmaayei Namah, Om Padmaalayaayei Namah, Om Shriyei

Namah, Om Hari Priyaayei Namah, Om Taaraayei Namah, Om Kamalaayei Namah, Om
Chanchalaayei Namah, Om Abjaayei Namah, Om Lolaayei Namah.

Thereafter chant five rounds of this Mantra with a Rakta Varnniya Rosary.

Mantra: Dham Shreem Hreem Rati Priye Swaahaa.

Do this daily for twenty one days. After the Sadhana drop the Tantrokta Phals, Yantra and rosary in a
river or pond. This is a Sadhana that could bring about a wonderful transformation in your life and
make you rich and prosperous beyond your imagination provided that it is done with full faith and
devotion. This Sadhana is really amazing and effective in today’s age also.