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Static Pile Load Testing

„ Axial Compression Load Test Method (ASTM D1143)

„ Axial Tension Load Test Method (ASTM D3689)
„ Axial Lateral Load Test Method (ASTM D3966)

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„ Perform in accordance either ASTM D1143, D3689, D3966.

„ All 3 test methods are applicable to all kind of piles, i.e. driven,
cast-in-situ, injection piles.
„ Type of reaction systems: kentledge system, reaction frame or
cable anchors
„ The method will provide data on movement (displacement) of pile
under applied load (force).

SLT Test Procedure

„ Step 1: Record applicable project information.

„ Step 2: Determine load application system and sequence.
„ Step 3: Preparation of the load-application system.
„ Step 4: Pile head preparation and placement of transducers.
„ Step 5: Taking measurements.
„ Step 6: Data quality checking.
„ Step 7: Plot graphs and interpretation of test results.
„ Step 8: Determination of ultimate or failure load.

Please refer to Piling Handbook

for test procedure details.

SLT - Axial Compression

„ Maintained load test method (MLT).

„ Constant rate of penetration test method (CRP).
„ Quick load test method (QLT).

SLT – Axial Tension Test

SLT – Lateral Load Test Not discussed

Axial Compression - setup

Axial Compression - Plots

Typical Plot

Other Plots
Failure Load Plot

Automation Test System

Analyzable Test Data

9 Real Time Presentation and Analysis
9 Multiple Plot Formats


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