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“I just would like to wish you well.

I am 5 ½ years out from

having cancer so I know firsthand some of what you are
“We hope all is going well, we both know firsthand (from
family members) that chemotherapy is not the easiest thing
to endure. Hang in there, and remember that laughter is the
best medicine there is!”
-Bruce & Connie
“One of my relatives had Hodgkin’s, my heart really goes out
to you and your family. May God keep you in his light.”
“I think it was very unselfish and caring of you to explain
your cancer on the air so that people would know what is
going on but also maybe someone else can catch their
cancer early because of you. All best wishes for a speedy
“Many times, it’s difficult for a guy to open up and express
his fears and weakness… just remember to rely on your
strength and that of your family’s and you’ll find peace.”
“I am 9 years old. My mom let me stay up late tonight and I
saw on the news you were sick. I am sorry to hear that. I
hope you get better soon.”
“I lost my hair 3 years ago and believe me you won’t miss it.”
“Randy – you are so lucky you caught this early… your smile
outshines everything!”
“For you to go public with your diagnosis, makes all of us feel
like we are a part of the KARE 11 family.”
“As a balding man, don’t wear a hat, you get a great tan!”
“I’m sure that good usually comes after the bad and it won’t
be long until you’ll be good as new.”
“I learned about your situation when I was reading the Star
Trib online… to tell you the truth, I began crying. I couldn’t
understand how something like this could happen to
someone so nice… I know you can fight this. My prayers and
thoughts are with you and your family.”
“Hodgkin’s is curable. I am a living example of that! I have
been cured for over 16 years… I know you have a hard fight
ahead, but you will beat it. I did.”
“Don’t be worried about what other people may say about
chemo… remember that a lot of people are praying for you.
You will beat it.”
“Don’t give up. Go after the cancer with a positive attitude
and keep a smile on your face and a joke in your pocket.”
“You let people know you were scared… you let people know
that work was no longer THE priority in your life… thank you
for being so candid and honest.”
“I am sure a television personality like yourself will receive
many letters of encouragement and there is nothing like
knowing that people out there really care and are praying for
“Remember, if you have any nausea, try eating Reese’s
peanut butter cups – I did – and you never get sick.”
“You will be fine and even stronger when your finished
crossing this foot bridge and move on to your next challenge
in this life.”
“I am a survivor… you will be a survivor too! In fact, some
would argue that you already are – you’ve survived a day
with the diagnosis!”
“I was scared, like I’m sure you are too. I think your courage
to talk about this is an inspiration to others and also will be
helpful to you in fighting this battle.”
“Don’t worry if you lose your hair; it will come back. I think
you should wear a gopher hat. It could bring all the teams
good luck next year.”
“I am a 23-year cancer survivor. I know how difficult it is to
hear the “C” word but I also know it can be cured and can
bring you closer to your family and you’ll find out who your
true friends are.”
“A wave of sadness hit me, and I thought ‘how can I
encourage this man?’. I am just one of a million or more. But
I know that every little bit helps.”
“You can get through this and I’m sure one day you will be
sharing your story with someone else who has been
diagnosed with cancer.”
“Randy, remember ‘A journey of 10,000 miles begins with
one step’… you have the prayers of thousands of viewers on
your side!”
“If the chemo treatments cause your hair to fall out, just tell
people you’re going for the Michael Jordan look!”
“Welcome to the club that you never, ever wanted to join… I
saw your interview on tonight’s news, and couldn’t sleep
until I sent you a short note… I would like to reassure you
that this will get a whole lot easier… you’ll still get to do all
the good stuff that we take for granted when we’re well.
None of this will go away just because you have cancer.”
“Having Hodgkin’s disease myself, I wish to say that my
thoughts and prayers are with you. Yes, you can win this
“I just want to let you know that there is a pot of gold at the
end of your rainbow.”
“Your courage to talk about the disease is greatly admired
and will obviously inspire many who have ‘debilitating’
“Laugh every day a million times, even when you aren’t
feeling too good – it’s the best medicine.”
“I hope you realize just how many people are pulling for
“I was watching the news with my dad and he never goes to
the doctor either. He said that by this happening to you that
it will make him start going to the doctor more now for his
“You brought my husband and I to tears last night with your
honesty and bravery in the face of this battle… you have set
an example for many people with your attitude toward this.
You have probably changed some lives already.”
-Zak & Molly
“We are sorry that you are not well and even though we are
strangers, compassion and prayer knows no such
-Karen & Mitch
“My 13-year-old nephew is having surgery on his throat…
and when he saw you, ‘the big TV guy’, talking so positively,
he piped right up and said, ‘I can do this thing’.”
“I just wanted to drop you a line from one broadcaster to
another… you spend half of the time trying to deal with the
illness, and the other half of the time explaining to people
what it is you have. Don’t give up!”
“I am studying epidemiology at the U of M School of Public
Health and would really like to see you add to the statistics
of long-term survivors of Hodgkin’s.”
“I play fast pitch for Roseville and the whole team watches
you. We had a game tonight and we won it just for you.”
“Get well soon so I can see your smiling face each night. I will
pray for your recovery.”
“Your situation made me take pause and realize to pay
attention to the big stuff, like family, and don’t sweat the
small stuff.”
“When times get tough – and they probably will – just
remember this: you may end up losing your hair, but you’ll
never lose your family, your friends, or your fans.”
“You’ve got all the crock-pot-using, casserole-making,
lemon-bar-baking, Norwegian housefraus pulling for you!”
“If anyone in the world can take on this battle, it is Randy
Shaver. Randy, you are the inspiration to many with your
enthusiasm, your courage, and your personality. You are one
of a kind.”
“Being a public figure, it must be really hard when faced with
something you want to go through privately, to have to
‘show a brave face’. But I’m sure you’ve realized from the
response you’ve received, that we are never truly alone, and
that we’re all there for each other when people, even ones
we don’t personally know, need each other… you will make
“Your optimistic attitude inspires us all. Thanks for all that
you do for our lives and get well soon!”
“Just about every family has to face cancer these days, and
your candor about your own situation was a real teachable
“Hang in there, even the people out of Wisconsin wishing
you to get well fast.”
“Life can be full of potholes when you live in the city of
‘Winter and Highway Construction.”
“You are setting a wonderful example for others with your
courage in confronting your own ‘dragon’ and your openness
in sharing your story with others who’ve not learned that
“We watch you every night and hearing about your illness
struck us as if we were hearing news about a close friend.”
-Pam & Joe
“My husband has had minor complaints and hasn’t seen a
doctor in 23 years. After reading about you in the paper I
think I might be able to convince him to finally go.”
“I watched your interview a couple of nights ago with my
girlfriend and it brought tears to my eyes.”
“I really admire you for the way you have handled the recent
circumstances surrounding your health, and for the
perspective you have maintained while facing the reality of
your diagnosis. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I too am
39 and live an active, healthy lifestyle – it makes you think of
the things that really matter in your life. I am going to
schedule that physical sooner than I had expected. Think
positive thoughts for a complete recovery…great to see you
back on the air!”
“No doubt you affected a lot of “tough guys” out there who
otherwise may not have gone to a doctor when experiencing
symptoms like your own. Who know, maybe it could be me
some day. Thank you for your willingness to share.”
“If you lose your hair, I will shave my head. Then I will get us
both cool hats. Fight the good fight, prayers from my house
to yours.”
“Please know that all my prayers while I run every day are
for you. God is with you.”
“I teach high school in Cambridge and recognize the
importance of a positive role model. That is the reason I am
completely sold on you, Randy. You are always upbeat and
positive on the things that are important in life. Sports is a
wonderful thing in this world, but I’ve heard you on more
than one occasion, state it’s not the ONLY thing. That’s why
wishing you the very best is so important to me. I’ve come to
think of you as part of my “family.” I can only believe that
with the positiveness in your life—towards sports, life, and
now this disease—you will beat it.”
“It seems strange to write to someone I really don’t know
but I saw you talking about your newest challenge the other
night and felt compelled to just drop you a line and let you
know that I will pray for you. I think you are a father as I am
too and I feel a special burden for you.”
“Although we have never met you, my wife and I somehow
feel as though we “know” you. I think it’s because your
sincerity and your strength of character are in some way
transmitted across the airwaves along with your image. It is
that same strength of character, along with the comfort of
family, friends and co-workers that will see you through this
-Hal & Arleen
“Somewhere I read the following statement. It’s something
that really stuck with me, and I hope it will help you through
this difficult time in your life. ‘I have cancer, but cancer
doesn’t have me.’”
-Deb & Tim
“I hate sports, but I never miss your “Sports Extra” show. It’s
the best! You’re an excellent journalist, and your quirky
sense of humor always makes my day. The interview you
conducted while wearing a lemon-yellow leisure suit is one
of my favorite TV moments of all time. Get well soon.”
Being an R.N. who has worked in oncology, I can tell you that
those who maintain a positive outlook and attitude ALWAYS
do better. You have HUGE support out here, so stay upbeat,
fight like a trooper and we will see you back on the tube
-Ron & Nikki
“Whenever I run a road race, I use a mantra to keep me
going. This year I had a goal of breaking the course record for
my age division (50-59) at Grandma’s Marathon. When I
heard the news that you have Hodgkin’s Disease, I decided
to use “Running for Randy” as my mantra and it kept me on
a steady 7:00 min/mile pace for the 26.2 miles. I know your
positive attitude will keep you on a steady pace on the road
to recovery, too!”
“I had CA surgery over 6 years ago and it has had such a
positive influence on my attitude toward life – I greet every
day now with gratitude and awe and never take a day for
granted anymore. It has been a great GIFT to me – sort of an
eye-opener. Best to you, Randy.”
-Sister Mary Catherine
“Hi, my name is Ella and I’m 14. People go through ups and
downs through their life, all in hopes to come out a better
person because of it. I haven’t been around long, and I am
not too wise but I do know God does everything for a
purpose, he knows what he’s doing.”
“I won’t write to you every day because I don’t know you
personally. However, I will think about you each day and
wish you the very best, okay?”
“I pray your battle will encourage us as your stories have.
God Bless you Randy.”
My husband and I only watch Kare11 and since you are in
our home on a regular basis, we consider you like family. We
hope and pray that in this trying time you find strength and
encouragement from not only your family but your viewing
-Jeff & Denice
“I just can’t shake this feeling that there is absolutely a
reason why you are going through this right now…I don’t
know how many hours you put into work a day…obviously
TOO many……but we want to keep seeing that gorgeous face
of yours…hair or no hair!!! It doesn’t matter!!!!”
-Mary Kay & Family
“I send a high five your way and thank you for allowing KARE
11 into your home to share your story. Don’t worry about
losing your hair – look at Matt Williams, he can still hit em
all. Michael Jordon sports a “shiner.” Just don’t pull a
Rodman! Besides, bald is beautiful!”
“Saw the gut-wrenching live broadcast last night in which
you announced you have cancer. WE are very sorry to hear
this sad news but hope that you have the will and strength
to fight it off.”
-Duffy’s Family
“When I heard you had cancer it really doesn’t make sense
that all the good people in the world seem to be given the
hardest things in life to deal with. Well what I’m trying to say
is that my family and friends will be praying for you and your
family during this tough battle.”
“Last night I was flipping the channel and caught your
comments about your recent diagnosis of cancer. Thank you
for being so honest about your feelings. I’m sure you helped
many people in doing so.”
“Randy I am very sorry that you have been diagnosed with
this. I hope that you get well soon and don’t get too sick. I
am 14 and love the sports extra and love you on the show. I
hope that you don’t lose your hair because it always looks
Your courage on the air and off is extraordinary! You gave
“jocks” a real message tonight.”
“We all love you with or without your hair. You are
handsome regardless…Keep your wonderful attitude, you
are an incredible example for others who are dealing with
“Only the fighters have a chance of winning. Hang in there!”
“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet
voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again
-Tom & Ruth
“My wife who is about the furthest thing from a sports fan,
cried tonight when they announced you were sick… We wish
you all the luck in the world and look forward to many years
of seeing and hearing you!
“I know you have been hearing from a lot of people wishing
you well, and I wanted to do the same. Even though I am a
complete stranger.”
“Your openness & eloquence on the radio deserves the
utmost commendation. We will soon look upon you as a true
local hero when you beat it.”
“I have been in remission now for one year. Seems weird but
life appears to be a bit richer after cancer.”
“I am a twenty-one-year-old female who was diagnosed with
Hodgkin’s at the age of 19…I have fought my battle and with
this disease and I have now been in remission for 9 mo…I will
be thinking of you in the next six months and I honestly feel
that you, along with myself, will be a survivor.”
“Tip…look for humor everywhere and anywhere, laugh
therapy; helps make-up for the tears that seem to crop-up.”
“I have learned an important lesson that I want to pass on to
you. I learned to lie, cheat, and steal every moment I can to
do the important things with my family; to cheat death and
illness by taking good care of myself as if I might live forever;
and to lie quietly reflecting on my blessing and thanking God
for them each night.”
“Battling cancer is like a boxer getting ready for a big fight.
You have to sike yourself up in the beginning and stay with it
for the duration. If you start to let yourself think you might
lose, you just might life. If you tell yourself, and believe that
you can beat this, you can. I did, and my wife will too.”
“Save all the cards you receive and keep them in a basket.
When you are feeling low, they are nice to read.”
“Just wanted you to know that I am a cancer survivor, my
mother is a two timer 20 and 8-year survivor (she is now 93).
My sister is a 10-year cancer survivor, my brother is a 7-year
cancer survivor and my daughter is a four-month cancer
survivor. There is life after cancer and we survivors are all
praying for you.”
“Your baldness is a badge of courage.”
“Wanted to drop you a line of encouragement. I am a cancer
survivor and I know when I received my diagnosis, I didn’t
want people to say everything would be all right, I wanted to
hear from people who had made it through.”
“The same day that you did your spot on the 10:00 news
about your first Chemo treatment I found out that I have
breast cancer…This was the absolute last thing I expected to
hear seeing that I am only 23…. But then I flipped on the
news and was watching your piece and in a strange way it
completely relaxed me... While I am sure that you are not
“ok” about this as you seemed that night for some reason
seeing the “sports guy” talking about losing his hair made me
feel much better… Thank you very much for making this “ok”
for me. I am still a bit afraid, but life is going to go on and
well I just may look ok bald!”
“You give me strength and encouragement! I must say that
you, by far, show a strength and determination that exceeds
the ‘average’ folk! Please don’t worry about us out here and
do what you have to do! We are all behind you!”
“If all the positive thoughts of your fans had curative effects,
you should be well on the road to recovery.”
“My wife and I comment almost every night about your
courage and great attitude in the face of all that you are
going through. I use you as an example to my children when
talking about how suffering reveals character.”
“I think it’s great that you have remained on the air! What
encouragement you offer for others. My best wishes to you
and your family.”
“I worked full time through six weeks of radiation treatment
and I know how challenging that was… It looks like you have
a good support group around you. You are doing a great job,
keep up the fight.”
“If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are letting others with
cancer know that life is what you make of it… it doesn’t end
with a diagnosis.”
“It would be so easy for you to say, ‘poor me’. Your courage
and grace in the face of your illness is an inspiration to all of
us. Keep up the good work.”
“You remind us all that even TV personalities are human.
Sometimes there comes along a human that shares with us
his/her superhuman strength and courage! Hope you’re back
to your old self soon!”
“It was great to see you back working. For anyone recovering
from a serious injury or illness it is important to have people
out there role-modeling recovery.”
“Hope you feel as good as you look because you look great!”
“Wanted to let you know that our family is thinking of you.
Every night when I watch the news, I stop to wonder, ‘How’s
Randy doing?’”
“I cannot tell you that I know how you feel, but I can say you
make us all feel better by the way you show your strength.”
“We have an almost 4-year-old daughter whom, for the past
two years has thought the world of you… today I was on the
phone with a friend and Anna says, ‘Is it Randy Shaver?’…
when we asked her why she wanted to talk to you she said,
‘Because I wanted to tell him that I love him, but not his
-Janet, Paul, Anna, Madeline, & Emily
“I want to thank you for not covering your head with a wig or
cap. You are helping to show kids that they don’t need to
hide from view when treatment causes hair loss.”
“We just wanted to say, ‘Great to see you back!’. KARE 11
wasn’t the same without you. My husband and I kept
wondering when you would be back, and we knew you
would be!”
-Marnie & Jim
“I wish you the best in your fight against Hodgkin’s disease.
I’m sure you are a champion in conquering this problem. Be
patient, persistent, and committed to this victory.”
“There’s a Japanese phrase – Gambate – which means ‘keep
on’ or ‘persevere’. I wish you Gambate!”
“You are an inspiration and a great example to many
children, and adults alike. You look terrific, and I really hope
that you feel that way too.”
“As you approach the NBA hair stage, you may need a
referral from Michael Jordan for a hairstylist, but unlike
Mike, you’ll eventually regain your beautiful mane of hair.”
-Rita & Darien
“I just wanted to know that I know what you’re going
through. When I was 9 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s
lymphoma. I’m 14 now and I’ve been off chemo for almost 3
“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct. of 1996… I am
busy being a mom and teaching school and happy to be
alive. Thanks for being another testament of courage for me
to get strength from.”
“I know you’re taking care of yourself, but pay special
attention to how tired you are, and remember, this too will
pass. You’re going through the worst of it now. Trust me.”
“You are one lucky man! And you are an encouragement to
many people that ‘cancer’ doesn’t have to mean death
anymore. What it means is an inconvenience for several
months, and then you will grow your beautiful hair back to
normal, if not curly.”
“When others offer to help with the children, running
errands, cooking meals, etc. let them help. Not only does it
really help you out, but it is very important for them to feel
they are involved and can be there for you.”
‘“Pray not for an easy life. Pray to be a strong person.’ It
looks to me that you have already done this.”
“Hang in there, it’s not always easy but boy is it worth it.
You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”