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Benefits of In-situ Concrete Frames

Project Case Studies

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BBC Scotland, Glasgow 4

Beetham Tower, Manchester 5

Bridgewater Place, Leeds 6

Waverly Court, Edinburgh 6

Festival Park, Glasgow 7

Green Quarter, Manchester 7

Highbury Square, London 8

One Coleman Street, London 9

Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle 10

Spectrum, Manchester 11

CONSTRUCT in detail 12

CONSTRUCT member listing 13

CONSTRUCT is an association of member companies dedicated to the The Concrete Centre aims to enable everyone involved in the design Introduction SpeCC Registration
task of improving the efficiency of building in-situ concrete frames and and use of concrete to realise the potential of the material. As a
This case study brochure showcases projects carried out by As part of the drive to ensure quality construction is achieved and
associated structures. centre for excellence and design guidance, The Concrete Centre
CONSTRUCT members. The projects illustrate the varied techniques maintained by all contractor members, it is a requirement for
offers a reservoir of concrete information and assistance with the
which are used in concrete frame construction and highlight some CONSTRUCT’s full members to be registered with SpeCC. This is an
It is managed by a Council comprising an elected Chairman, Secretary provision of a free national helpline; CPD seminars and short courses;
of the many reasons for using concrete as the preferred material for independent registration scheme that incorporates annual audits of
and representatives from each category of membership. guidance and technical literature on design and construction and a
frame construction. These may be summarised as: flexibility of both office and site practice covering health and safety; environment;
comprehensive website.
design options, speed of construction, cost effectiveness as well as technical capability and deliverability; financial gearing; quality and
For more information see page 12 or visit:
the inherent properties which concrete brings to construction, training. For more information visit To find out more about The Concrete Centre visit:
including thermal mass, fire resistance, durability and sound insulation.

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BBC Scotland I Glasgow Beetham Tower I Manchester

Opposite the renowned Armadillo building Aesthetically, BBC Scotland’s new headquarters building is aspirational. Designed by the same architect that brought us No. 1 Deansgate – These two striking features of the partnership between MPB Structures
(the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) With all internal columns constructed with exposed concrete to a one of Manchester’s most prestigious residential buildings – Ian and DOKA – the working platform and the concrete boom - not only
is the new £129 million headquarters of BBC high-quality, fine-smooth finish (with the aid of PERI’s fin-ply), coupled Simpson Architects has once again used the glazed façade theme to contributed to the time and cost savings of the concrete frame
Scotland. With the reflection of the River Clyde with the external glass façade, the building now rivals the Armadillo unveil the 48-storey, mixed-use building housing a 285-bedroom (costing approximately £10 million), but also the safety record of the
on its glass façade, the new building marks the in terms of showing how building materials can be showcased in Hilton hotel, a further 220 luxury apartments and office overall project. According to Carillion, Beetham Tower Manchester
beginning of Glasgow’s desire to become the practice. Of course, the inherent sound insulation properties of concrete accommodation. At a cost of around £150 million, Beetham Tower’s attained a record of over 700,000 worker-hours without a reportable
media capital of Scotland. are also extremely appropriate for a broadcasting centre. reputation as the tallest building in the UK outside of London is lost-time accident occurring.
indicative of the growth in aspirations of the architect and the city
Although the building design was straightforward – a 5-storey concrete Rob McCallum of PJ Carey suggested, “Although I do not work since No. 1 Deansgate.
“Conventional formwork methods wouldn’t really
framed building with a total floor area of 32,500m2 – the one critical exclusively with concrete frame construction, there are contenders
factor that posed a challenge was the short build time. Construction in the industry who could argue that concrete frames can be erected Constructing a skyscraper in Britain is challenging, especially given cut it on this project. MPB Structures needed a
began in August 2004 and the frame was completed in May 2005. much quicker than steel frame structures if the planning is right.” the post 9/11 climate. Stringent health and safety requirements were
In order to meet this tight programme, there was a design requirement Overall, BBC Scotland’s headquarters building is testimony that enforced at all stages of the construction. There was a more system that would ensure rapid progress in all
of maximising the formwork table size to speed up the construction concrete frame buildings can be procured within a short time-scale. fundamental reason for the choice of concrete as the structural
process. A nine metre grid was successfully achieved with the However, it is essential that early team discussions are undertaken material for Beetham Tower, as Sam Wong, structural engineer of
kinds of weather without compromising safety.”
introduction of PERI’s MPB 24 aluminium beams. Accelerators were to draw from the relevant expertise of the frame contractor, formwork WSP Group, explains, “Concrete was chosen specifically for its
added to the concrete mix to ensure that the strength of the concrete specialist and materials supplier. inherent acoustic and fire safety properties.” Skyscrapers have been renowned for their efficient use of land and
slabs was reached quickly. Beetham Tower is no exception. The influence of MPB Structures
Safe working from height was an extremely critical factor in Beetham must not be diminished in this respect. Its in-house expertise on
Tower, Manchester. High winds, however, did not make site safety post-tensioning has resulted in the design of thinner slabs, which
“Although I do not work exclusively with concrete any easier, and even occasionally threatened the progress of consequently led to greater utilisation of the space within a given
construction. Still, this gave rise to the opportunity for yet another height. Still, with over 57,500 tonnes of concrete used to form the
frame construction, there are contenders in the
first. MPB Structures (Frame Contractor) and DOKA (Formwork tower, Beetham Tower Manchester should be celebrated for its
industry who could argue that concrete frames Specialists) were able to introduce an innovation to the project - the sheer size.
use of DOKA SKE100 automatic climbing system used here for the
can be erected much quicker than steel frame first time in the UK. Client: Beetham Organisation
Architect: Ian Simpson Architects
structures if the planning is right.” According to DOKA, “Conventional formwork methods wouldn’t
Structural engineer: WSP Group
really cut it on this project. MPB Structures needed a system that
Rob McCallum, site manager, PJ Carey Main contractor: Carillion
would ensure rapid progress in all kinds of weather without compromising
safety.” The SKE100 system proved to be just that: an automatic Frame contractor: MPB Structures
Another added complexity of the project was the different floor-to- climbing system with trapezoidal windshield and high climbing Formwork specialist: DOKA UK
floor heights within the building. The typical floor-to-floor was 3.85 Client: BBC Scotland capacity of 100kN per unit. What is useful in this system is that two Duration of project: 34 months (frame construction: 72 weeks)
metres, but the ground to mezzanine was 2.65 metres and the Architect: Chipperfield Ltd, London (Conceptual) additional platform levels could be added on to the main platform,
ground to first floor was six metres. This enabled the building to be Keppie Ltd, Glasgow (Detailed) providing safe and stable working space for the frame contractor to
designed as multi-functional in terms of accommodating different Structural engineer: Faber Maunsell prepare reinforcement steel and formwork for the upper levels,
spaces including studios, offices and television dubbing rooms. whilst carrying out concrete pours at the same time. MPB
Main contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Here, concrete frame contractor, PJ Carey, and formwork contractor, Structures also utilised the DOKA SKE100 automatic climbers to
Frame contractor: PJ Carey Ltd
PERI, worked closely to design and fabricate appropriate wall, slab raise a 28.6 tonne concrete placing boom; the 32 metre-long boom
and column formwork systems that could deliver a single-source Formwork specialist: PERI Ltd was mounted on a frame in one of the core cells, from where it
solution, whilst maintaining high levels of flexibility for the formwork Duration of project: Frame construction began in August 2004 swept both cores and the floor slab below.
to respond to different height requirements. and was completed in May 2005

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Bridgewater Place I Leeds Waverly Court I Edinburgh Festival Park I Glasgow Green Quarter I Manchester
The landscape of Leeds has been transformed by Bridgewater Waverly Court, situated next to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station, is Situated alongside the River Clyde, Festival Park is a 14-storey The Green Quarter is the latest development ‘quarter’ to follow
Place – a 32-storey mixed-use building containing 200 luxury the £80 million home to the administrative centre of Edinburgh residential tower offering 72 luxurious apartments by housebuilder, in the footsteps of the hippy Northern Quarter. Situated near
apartments spread over 22-storeys, and office space, shops and City Council. Waverly Court was delivered to programme and on Persimmon Homes. The project is part of a wider river regeneration the Manchester Evening News (MEN) arena and Manchester
restaurants covering a 1.5 acre-site overlooking Granary Wharf. budget by Miller Construction, and represents a complementary programme called Glasgow Harbour Masterplan comprising the Victoria Station, the Green Quarter is seeing an investment of over
Commissioned by the joint venture between St James Securities contrast to the historic centre of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. development of more than 600 residential units; of which RMJM, £130 million from Crosby Homes to turn once squalid slums into
and Landmark Development Projects, the price tag for the architects, were appointed to develop nearly half. chic apartments among green, landscaped gardens – hence its
Bridgewater Place is estimated at £140 million and at 110 metres Managing the transition from the old to the new is always complex. name.
high, it is the tallest office and residential building in Leeds. Beneath the Old Town area of Edinburgh, where Waverly Court
is located, lie intricate networks of underground vaults that conceal Block 4, awarded to Alfred McAlpine, provided 309 luxury
Concrete frame contractor, PC Harrington, was awarded the the city’s historic past. Following demolition of the underground apartments over 21-storeys in Jefferson Place. Designed by local
contract and Bovis Lend Lease, the main contractor, brought in vaults below the site, the architects, Building Design Partnerships, architects, Leach Rhodes Walker, Block 4 contains the highest
staff from Australia who had expertise in tower construction. chose to replicate them by creating new vaulted ceilings in the density of apartments per floor of any residential building in
However, Yorkshire gales of up to 70 km/h threatened to impede interior design of the offices. Rob McCallum from PJ Carey, the Manchester – a total of 32 apartments. Sound insulation and fire
progress. concrete frame contractor, suggested that it was the versatility protection are, therefore, two key performance criteria that
and flexibility of concrete that allowed the project team to have led to the choice of concrete as the structural material for
The delays were mitigated by both product and process innovation. achieve the rustic look of these vaulted ceilings, thereby preserving the frame construction. “Indeed, in the current climate of rising
In terms of product innovation, the use of a new guided climbing a glimpse of the city’s rich past. steel prices, concrete presented an attractive option, especially
system (GCS) MF400, provided by DOKA, meant that formwork given its ability to achieve Part L compliance,” remarked Anatol
and scaffolding remained anchored to the structure, even during Himowicz, from concrete frame contractor Stephenson Ltd.
repositioning of the DOKA SKE50 automatic climbing formwork
system. This enabled the project team to reposition each platform
safely and easily in a single lift, often in windy conditions.
The design of Festival Park itself mirrors the aspirations of
The use of DOKA’s Framax stripping corners speeded up the Glasgow Harbour Masterplan. With a ‘stepped-block’ design, the
process in which the concrete shaft was constructed. This was building appears to provide a stairway to prosperity for the
done by removing the need to dismantle the formwork between region. Constructing this stepped-block design required some
each pour through a spindle mechanism that left a gap of approx level of joined up thinking between the concrete frame contractor
60mm between formwork panels and the poured concrete. This and the formwork contractor. According to Anatol Himowicz from
allowed the entire shaft formwork to be lifted as a single unit. Achieving these aesthetic features required some innovative the frame contractor, Stephenson Ltd, “Achieving the stepped
thinking. Fibreglass moulds fabricated by Production Glassfibre design posed certain challenges in terms of designing temporary
Ltd were integrated within the design of PERI’s formwork system works.” The solution came from the selection of Ischebeck Titan’s
to produce curved beams that gave the vaulted-ceiling effect. Climbtrac system, which offered versatility in use as well as time and
Indeed, high quality finishes also featured as top priority elsewhere cost efficiencies associated with climbing platforms/formwork.
on the project. PERI utilised its proprietary VARIO Column
formwork to produce the required blemish-free finish on the One of the key innovations on this project was the installation of
vertical structure. the balconies. As the balconies were precast, there was a challenge
of preventing cold bridging, whilst ensuring the seamless integration
To add to the difficulty of the project, the design also veered of the balconies to the concrete frame. This is where the use of
away from standard shapes. Some column shapes, for example, Halfen’s HIT system (insulated balcony connections) came into
were parallelograms, and so the formwork had to be prefabricated play. The HIT system is a reinforced and insulated continuity
and brought in just-in-time. According to Rob McCallum, “there product designed to reduce thermal bridging, whilst ensuring the
was virtually no right angle on the project”. Therefore, conventional connection of external concrete balconies and floor slabs.
tables were unsuitable. Instead, PERI SKYDECK aluminium panel
slab formwork was used for its versatility, ease of use and speed The Festival Park project has indeed highlighted the possibility To achieve the time efficiencies and cost effectiveness from
of construction. of achieving efficiency in a concrete structure, from the coordination concrete frames, early involvement of the contractor was
of its climbing formwork to its assembly of precast concrete balconies beneficial. Right from the outset of the bidding procedure,
Another product innovation comes from the mix design. Had concrete not been chosen as the structural material, such and the design of post-tensioned floor slabs to reduce floor-slab Stephenson was involved in the design processes. Through
Collaboration between Hanson’s Premix and Sika resulted in the boldness in the design of the building shape would not have thickness and enhance the building’s overall utilisation rate. value engineering, Stephenson successfully incorporated its
formulation of a multi-functional admixture - Sikament® 160 – been possible. Furthermore, the specification of exposed concrete Aesthetically, the use of concrete has also proved to be invaluable expertise in post-tensioning into the design of the concrete
which ensured that the workability of the concrete was maintained to the high quality finish adds to the artistry that resulted in the as one can now see the reflection of the white-rendered concrete frame to minimise slab thickness and used 60N/mm2 concrete
to a height of 100 metres above the static permanent pump. This rustic look of the interiors of a modern-day office building. Of finish and timber façade of Festival Park cast on to the River for vertical sections to raise the utilisation of the available internal
removed the need for the use of a pump aid. course, concrete displays other quintessential properties such Clyde. space. This translated into immense cost savings.
as inherent fire resistance, sound insulation and thermal mass
Client: St James Securities and Landmark Development Projects benefits that are necessary in a public sector building of this kind. Client: Persimmon Homes Client: Alfred McAlpine/Crosby Homes
Architect: Aedas Architects Architect: RMJM Architects Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker
Structural engineer: Connell Mott MacDonald Client: Edinburgh City Council Structural engineer: D R Murray Structural engineer: Capita Symonds
Main contractor: Bovis Lend Lease Architect: Building Design Partnerships Main contractor: AWG Construction (part of Morrisons Group) Main contractor: Alfred McAlpine
Frame contractor: PC Harrington Structural engineer: Beattie Watkinson Frame contractor: Stephenson Ltd Frame contractor: Stephenson Ltd
Formwork specialist: DOKA UK Main contractor: Miller Construction Formwork specialist: Ischebeck Titan Formwork specialist: DOKA UK/Ischebeck Titan
Duration of project: Construction began in May 2004 and was Frame contractor: PJ Carey Ltd Duration of project: 18 months (frame construction: 10 months) Duration of project: 62 weeks (frame construction: 10 months)
topped out in October 2006 Formwork specialist: PERI Ltd
Duration of project: 35 months (frame construction: 12 months)

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Highbury Square I London One Coleman Street I London

Highbury Square, due for completion in June 2009, will see the Eighteen out of the thirty-two cores will be constructed using traditional One Coleman Street, a 17,000m2 office Using the prefabricated units for cladding has sustainable attributes
retention of the façade of the old spectator stands of the former formwork provided by Byrne Brothers (Formwork) Limited, and the building, is a new landmark in London besides its insulation properties. The material itself is hard-wearing
Arsenal FC stadium. There will be an on-site health club and 720 remaining cores will be constructed using slip-form. The decision to use that stands out from the rest due to its and durable even in the polluted city centre setting and its polished
luxury apartments over a maximum of 6-storeys, including key a mixture of formwork systems is down to measured pragmatism. unusual choice of exterior finish. The surface should ensure the requirements for cleaning are reduced.
worker accommodation. Located within a stone’s throw from Arsenal According to Caroline Hall, the project planner, “There is a lead-in designers of this 9-storey office building In order to make the best use of the technical knowledge held by the
underground station, the client, Highbury Holdings Limited, together time for setting up the slip-form system. To benefit from the efficiencies have opted for a beautifully polished Decomo team, they were employed early on in the process through a
with Islington Council, has attempted to encourage the use of public of slip-form, therefore, requires greater economies of scale. Slip-form concrete façade that sets it apart from technical tender to offer buildable solutions that suited the architect’s
transportation of future residents by limiting the availability of car is, therefore, employed on the 14 taller cores, whereas Byrne the usual glass exteriors. This method of proposals.
parking spaces to a single floor in the basement. A landscaped Brothers (Formwork) Limited can construct the shorter cores much using a polished prefabricated concrete
quadrangle will form the centrepiece of what used to be the football quicker traditionally.” façade has not only achieved a very attractive appearance, but has One Coleman Street has not only used concrete as its material of
pitch. When completed, there will be 32 staircases and lift cores, also met the now stricter standards of Part L of the Building choice for the façade, but has also employed up-to-date concrete
3,200 columns and in excess of 45,000m3 of concrete used. Process innovation features highly on this project. In order to speed Regulations. construction methods internally. It has a concrete core that was
up the construction process further, columns were prefabricated constructed using twin wall techniques. This is where precast units
off-site and the reinforcement used was Rollmat™, a one directional Polished concrete is now being recognised as the new marble. The are used as permanent wall formwork, which, in this case, was filled
“Concrete offers the kind of flexibility and aesthetics rebar mat produced on circular formers supplied in roll format in finish that can be achieved is beautiful, giving clean, crisp lines. To with self-compacting concrete. This method of construction allowed
that can cope with an evolving design, an aspect maximum roll weights up to five tonnes. This greatly reduces the support this, it is now being used in many situations such as the speedy erection and the design has achieved an efficient net to
labour requirements on a confined site. kitchen worktop, where marble once ruled as the ultimate choice. So gross space ratio of 89%.
that is unrivalled by structural steel due to the why not use it for a building? We know it to be hard-wearing and it
Bob Elliott, project manager for Byrne Brothers (Formwork) Limited, has been around long enough that we can be certain of its performance. This building, which is now the new headquarters for Legal &
long lead times involved in procuring steel.” suggested that concrete makes a perfect choice for a residential Being precast has not confined the designers to use repeated General, has certainly claimed its place amongst the landmarks of
building because of its inherent sound insulation properties and its shapes; in fact no single unit has been repeated more than six times London. A beautiful stand-alone building that has unusual lines has
Bob Elliott, project manager, Byrne Brothers (Formwork) Ltd
ability to gain compliance to Part L regulations. Furthermore, given across the whole façade. certainly made an impact on the space it occupies.
the iterative nature of building design, “Concrete offers the kind of
The density of the existing residential area in Highbury posed flexibility and aesthetics that can cope with an evolving design, an The façade units were installed by a specialist sub-contractor, PCE Ltd, Client: DIFA (Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG)
immense challenges for this large-scale conversion project costing aspect that is unrivalled by structural steel due to the long lead who finished four weeks ahead of schedule. The units were cast by Developer: Stanhope
approximately £240 million; £30 million for the frame. Not only times involved in procuring steel.” With such thought put into the Decomo. The accuracy of the off-site prefabrication meant that the
Architect: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, in association with
must the site work to limited hours, but the site gates also had to project planning, Highbury Square will undoubtedly be a success installation process flowed smoothly.
David Walker Architects
close for a couple of hours each day to ensure the safety of pupils once completed.
from the local schools. To overcome potential concrete supply problems There are several sustainable attributes to the concrete used on Structural engineers: Arup
caused by local traffic congestion Byrne Brothers Limited erected a Client: Highbury Holdings Limited One Coleman Street, such as the secondary coarse aggregate of Construction manager: Bovis Lend Lease
batching plant on site. This solution, coupled with the need for Architect: Denning Male Polisano Limited waste granite rock material produced as a by-product of the china clay Concrete frame contractor: John Doyle Contractors Ltd
speedy construction, means that the decision to go for concrete as industry and the secondary cementitious material, fly ash, that was Precast façade units: Decomo
Structural engineer: Buro Happold
the material for the structural frame is an obvious one. incorporated in the concrete mix. These two features reduced the
Main contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Limited Project duration: 2 years from start of demolition of existing building
amount of virgin (primary) material used in the construction process.
Frame contractor: Byrne Brothers Limited (frame construction: 33 weeks)
The use of a range of recycled and secondary materials is now enabled
Formwork specialist: Byrne Brothers (Formwork) Limited by British Standards (BS 8500-2:2006). Project cost: £40 million (frame cost: £3.9m)
Duration of project: 35 months (frame construction: 14 months)

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Royal Victoria Infirmary I Newcastle Spectrum I Manchester

Designed by Anshen Allen Architects, the Royal Victoria Infirmary A decision was made by Expanded Structures The developers of Spectrum, Dandara Ltd, provided the construction Situated just 450 yards from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, Spectrum
(RVI) project was one of the earliest schemes to be reviewed by Limited to precast the concrete columns of a residential, retail and office space in the centre of Manchester is the ideal location for those who wish to live, work and play in the
CABE in July 2002. Emphasis was placed on the patient journey, off-site and connect using a pin-joint, thereby and describe its development as, “A unique city retreat of stylish, heart of one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. However, the construction
with the design taking into account such issues as way-finding and allowing for future alterations when needed. contemporary, studio and one and two-bedroom apartments located of residential, retail and office space in the centre of Manchester
circulation space. The central atrium is 6-storeys high and around 100 The use of precast concrete columns also in a place that combines urban living with the tranquillity of landscaped provided the contractor and designer with specific problems due to
metres long, making it one of the largest internal spaces in Newcastle. removed the need for having starter bars gardens”. transportation and storage, given the nature and restrictions of a
and the formation of kickers, thus saving city centre site.
On average, the floor-to-ceiling height of 4.2 metres allowed for construction time. Stylishness, in this case, is achieved by using the natural finish of
both the creation of larger internal spaces and the necessary deep high quality concrete to the columns for the main blocks, which A combination of high quality in-situ concrete was complemented
services zone. The reason for choosing concrete as the structural Speed of construction is extremely important. The team, therefore, were cast in situ. High quality concrete finishes have been achieved with the use of similarly finished precast concrete balconies using
material was partly due to the minimum slab thickness that is possible: used C50 concrete to achieve the required early strength to permit for many years with the use of hard faced formwork, and, in this case, concrete as a self-finished product. Precast concrete twin wall panels
use of post-tensioning in the design means that it is possible to strike up of formwork. The slab surface tolerance was relaxed to special DOKA formwork was used in conjunction with self-compacting were used for the shear walls, complete with reinforcement, which
achieve a slab thickness of 230mm. Post-tensioning also brings ± 10mm to facilitate faster turnaround times. The project team mitigated concrete to achieve the quality required by the client. Self-compacting had the advantage of off-site manufacture and this equated to quality
about the additional benefit of attaining 10,000m2 of flat soffits, this by mapping out the levels using the Enforce contour mapping concrete, although more expensive than conventional concrete, with minimal disruption to traffic surrounding the city centre site.
which in turn contributes to the ease of installing services. The concrete software to determine screed requirement to ensure finish floor has the advantage of being able to flow into complex shapes
frame contractor, Expanded Structures Limited, indicated where the tolerances complied with the specification. without requiring mechanical compaction whilst creating acceptable The frame contractor was John Doyle Contractors Ltd and its
post-tension cables were embedded within the slabs by marking the fair-faced finishes. sub-contractors involved in the design process were Mathew
runs with white paint in anticipation of future client modifications. When asked about the preferred choice of structural material, Joe Consultants, who designed the post-tensioned floor slabs, Thorp
Thompson, project manager of Expanded Structures Limited, remarked, The use of self-compacting concrete had further advantages in that Precast supplied the precast balconies. J & P Building Products
“Concrete… everytime!” Joe is passionate about the versatility of the rate at which strength development is achieved is significantly were responsible for the brickwork supports and DOKA provided the
“With concrete it has inherent sound concrete and the fact that the coordination of concrete frame faster than conventional concrete. This provided the contractor with specialist formwork. Integrated team work, as seen above, ensured
construction is relatively more straightforward than steel frames. “I the ability to strip formwork earlier and move the construction process best value for the client and the environment, the best current
insulation and fire protection properties ” get frustrated with having to consider intumescent coating for steel on quickly, thus reducing the overall planned programme. technical solutions, right-first-time solutions, higher quality and
Joe Thompson, project manager, Expanded Structures Limited
frames. Do you get it pre-sprayed and delivered on-site, risking damage reduced risk for the main contractor. A well thought out design that
during assembly, or do you spray on-site and deal with the mess? The development is 13-storeys high and, with the use of post- offers these characteristics provides a satisfactory outcome for all
With concrete, it has inherent sound insulation and fire protection tensioned floor slabs, the overall thickness of the floor slab and parties concerned in the process.
On the RVI project, the frame contractor realised a reinforcement properties anyway.” hence building height was minimised when compared with normal
requirement of approximately 16kg/m2, equating to about 10% of reinforced concrete or other structural materials. This design concept Finally, the use of concrete will prove to be of benefit in terms of life
conventional reinforcement requirement. Post-tensioning expert, Client: Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had benefits for the contractor in that less material had to be cycle costs. Concrete has inherent thermal mass properties that will
Strongforce, designed cruciform shear heads where the slabs met Architect: Anshen Allen Architects transported through a busy city centre, reducing risk to both on-site provide lower operating costs and a better environment for the
the columns to address the problem of punching shear. Conventionally, employees and the public passing the site. The sustainability credentials occupants as global temperatures rise.
Structural engineer: WSP Group
this would involve installing large numbers of shear links with T25 were evident in the choice of the construction technique by reducing
Main contractor: Laing O’Rourke Limited
reinforcement in the top and bottom mats. The cruciform shear the overall amount of materials used in the frame, floors and cladding. Client: Dandara Group
head is a welded steel crucifix which considerably reduces the Frame contractor: Expanded Structures Limited
This led to a reduced load needing to be transmitted to the ground Architect: OMI Architects
labour intensiveness and complexity of fixing traditional shear links. Formwork specialist: PERI Limited UK and SGB Formwork Limited for the foundation design. In addition to the sustainability aspects Structural engineer: SKM Anthony Hunts
Duration of project: Frame construction from January 2006 to of a concrete frame, the design also provided inherent fire protection,
Main contractor: Dandara
February 2007 (Adult’s ward), November 2007 (Children’s ward) and the developer did not need to provide fire protection that would
Concrete frame contractor: John Doyle Contractors Ltd
be durable in the event of impact.
Frame cost: £6.75 million
Frame duration: 54 weeks

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Specialist concrete contractors I Full Members

Addington (Formwork) Ltd P J Carey (Contractors) Ltd Expanded Stuctures Ltd

Kiln Lane Carey House Bridge Place
Easthamsptead Road Great Central Way Anchor Boulevard
Bracknell Wembley, Middlesex HA9 0HR Admirals Park
Berkshire RG12 1NA Dartford, Kent DA2 6SN
Tel: 020 8900 0221
Tel: 01344 304466
Fax: 020 8903 9987 Tel: 01322 296844
Fax: 01344 304926
Website: Fax: 01322 296262

Coinford Ltd Michael J Gallagher Contractors Ltd

Anderson Structures Ltd Redeham Hall Jackson’s Corner
Springfield Lodge 137 Redehall Road Puttenham Heath Road
Colchester Road
Burstow Compton
Surrey RH6 9RJ Nr Guildford, Surrey GU3 1DU
Chelmsford, Essex CM2 5PW

Tel: 01245 399999 Tel: 01342 840800 Tel: 01483 810449

Fax: 01245 399900 Fax: 01342 841600 Fax: 01483 811268
Website: Website: Website:

What is CONSTRUCT? CONSTRUCT has established a UK network of full-sized reference

panels which provide a visual benchmark for structural concrete
CONSTRUCT is an association of member companies dedicated
finishes. The panels provide a true representation of site formed
to the task of improving the construction efficiency of in-situ
finishes rather than laboratory simulations. Such a benchmark
concrete frames and associated structures.
allows constructive discussion between architects, clients and
contractors on the required standard of finish for each project.
Background to CONSTRUCT
CONSTRUCT Concrete Structures Group was formed in 1993 to Publications Duffy Construction Getjar Ltd
Buildstone Ltd
focus on matters that affect the design and buildability of Duffy House Masterson House
The National Structural Concrete Specification for Building 93 Ealing Park Gardens
concrete structures. The membership consists mainly of specialist The Old Coal Yard 30-31 Mark Road
Construction has been developed by CONSTRUCT. Edition 3 was Ealing
contractors and is supported by associated market leaders, Kew Bridge North, Lionel Road, Hemel Hempstead
published in 2004 and is currently being updated as a Euro London W5 4ET
especially from the concrete, formwork and reinforcement Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9QR Hertfordshire HP2 7BW
Edition to be published in late 2008. The document is designed
industries. CONSTRUCT thus provides an interface for all sectors Tel: 020 8569 9263
to achieve increased efficiency through a definitive, simple and
of the concrete structures market. It offers the opportunity for Fax: 020 8568 8815 Tel: 020 8995 4382 Tel: 01442 404260
straightforward approach to specification. This has benefited
pan-industry discussion on all topics that have an effect on the Fax: 020 8742 1960 Fax: 01442 404261
both designers and specialist contractors and has allowed more
design and construction of concrete frames and structures. It is Website: Website:
freedom to innovate.
now widely acknowledged as a professional and proactive
association able to identify key issues and to act constructively
A full list of publications is available on the CONSTRUCT website
and positively on behalf of the concrete industry.
( The latest series of guides has focused
on health and safety issues including the safe erection and
How does CONSTRUCT work?
dismantling of falsework and formwork.
The association is managed by a Council consisting of an elected Dunne Building and Civil Engineering Ltd John Cooper Construction Ltd
Byrne Bros (Formwork) Ltd
Chairman, an Executive Secretary and representatives of each Quality Inchmuir Road Cooper House
13-15 White Hart Lane
category of membership. There are several active dedicated Whitehill Industrial Estate 25 Belmont Circle
To ensure quality construction, CONSTRUCT has played an Barnes
task groups, such as health and safety, made up of members London SW13 0PX Bathgate Kenton Lane
instrumental role in establishing SpeCC. This is an independent
and selected specialists to study specific subjects and provide West Lothian EH48 2EW Harrow, Middlesex HA3 8RF
registration scheme that incorporates annual audits of both
industry-wide solutions. It also sponsors seminars and workshops Tel: 020 8878 9161
office and site practice covering health and safety; environment;
to disseminate information gained or to encourage discussion on Fax: 020 8878 3848 Tel: 01506 657777 Tel: 020 8907 8908
technical capability and deliverability; financial gearing; quality Fax: 01506 657770 Fax: 020 8907 8903
relevant issues. It creates a range of publications that cover Website:
and training. It is a requirement for CONSTRUCT’s full members Website: Website:
best practice and provide practical, hands on guidance for site
to be registered with SpeCC.
practitioners and designers. CONSTRUCT sponsors its own award
for innovation and best practice.

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Specialist concrete contractors I Full Members Specialist concrete contractors I Associate Members

John Doyle Construction Ltd C J O'Shea & Co Ltd Whelan and Grant Adenstar (Reinforced Concrete) Ltd Lancsville Northfield Construction Ltd
John Doyle House Granard Business Centre 4 Thames Street New Sussex House 103-105 Greenford Road Northfield House
Little Burrow Bunns Lane Walton on Thames Fishersgate Terrace Sudbury Tilford Road
Welwyn Garden City Mill Hill Surrey KT12 2PU Portslade Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3QP Newstead Village
Hertfordshire AL7 4SP London NW7 2DZ West Sussex BN41 1PH Nottinghamshire NG15 0DS
Tel: 01932 253545 Tel: 020 8422 5558
Tel: 01273 439203
Tel: 01707 329481 Tel: 020 8959 3600 Fax: 01932 253650 Fax: 020 8422 7440 Tel: 01623 886950
Fax: 01273 439205
Fax: 01707 364594 Fax: 020 8959 0184 Website: Website: Fax: 01623 886960
Website: Website: Website:

Mitchellson Formwork & Civil P C Harrington Contractors Ltd Biggins & Gallagher Ltd Leander Construction Ltd J Reddington Ltd
Engineering Ltd 19 Witley Gardens Unit 4 Ashtead House 4 Elstree Way
Bellman Court Business Park 8 Borehamwood
Mitchellson House Southall
Great Knolly’s Street Barnett Wood Lane Hertfordshire WD6 1RN
Stanwell Road Middlesex UB2 4ES
Reading RG1 7HN Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7DG
Horton, Slough SL3 9PF
Tel: 020 8574 5431 Tel: 020 8953 7800
Tel: 01753 684508 Fax: 020 8571 7218 Tel: 0118 950 7713 Tel: 01372 379100 Fax: 020 8953 7774
Fax: 01753 682130 Website: Fax: 0118 950 3460 Fax: 01372 383486 Website: www.

GCL McDermott Bros Contractors Ltd Tamdown Ltd

A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd Stephenson Ltd Ground House McDermott House 1 Tamdown Way
Unit 4 Oakwood House Graham Close Cody Road Business Centre Braintree
Oaks Court Guildford Road St Albans South Crescent Essex CM7 2QL
Warwick Road Bucks Green Herts AL1 2QX London E16 4TL
Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1GS Horsham Tel: 01376 320856
West Sussex RH12 3JJ Tel: 01727 851851 Tel: 020 7511 6677 Fax: 01376 329972
Tel: 020 8731 4000 Fax: 01727 797550 Fax: 020 7511 1114 Website:
Fax: 020 8731 4001 Tel: 01403 824960 Website: Website:
Website: Fax: 01403 824961

O’Donnell Developments Ltd UKR Limited JJ Cafferkey & Co Ltd MPB Structures Ltd Togher Construction Ltd
O’Donnell House Ryder Close 61 Hertford Road 14 Crucible Road Unit 7, Knuway House
Riverside Drive Appleby Glade Industrial Estate Enfield Corby Cranborne Road
Stechford Swadlincote Middlesex EN3 5JD Northamptonshire NN17 5TS Potters Bar
Birmingham B33 9BF Derbyshire DE11 9EU Hertfordshire EN6 3JN
Tel: 020 8804 1965 Tel: 01536 264100
Tel: 0121 783 2200 Tel: 01283 554880 Fax: 020 8443 4672 Fax: 01536 264102 Tel: 01707 240016
Fax: 0121 783 2240 Fax: 01283 554881 Website: Fax: 01707 645841
Website: Website: Website:

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CONSTRUCT The Concrete Centre

Riverside House Riverside House
4 Meadows Business Park 4 Meadows Business Park
Station Approach Station Approach
Blackwater Blackwater
Camberley Camberley
Surrey GU17 9AB Surrey, GU17 9AB

Tel: 01276 38444 Tel: 01276 606800