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2017 - 4CNMN001W:

Introduction to the Built Environment

Poster Presentation Coursework Team Learning Contract



You must PRINT your names in alphabetical order by surname, then sign and date to indicate your
agreement to the terms overleaf.
One copy of the completed form is to be scanned and e-mailed to the Module Leader by 5.00 pm on the
31st October 2017 in Learning Week 6 and a second copy must be included with the final submission of the
associated documents on the 10th April 2018.
Full Name & ID No. Signature Date

Gus Hodge
W1628151 ��
.$..P \ ( ?? l I T"
James Jarvis

") '-J

I< o.f2----
Kevin O'Donovan
3. ;Jo - /i:7- I?

:so Ito I,�
Calla Plested
4. W1598683

,vJ n
Frances Charlotte Sangalang

Jamie Sykes
W1626335 ·-:s·� �0/10 t, <
4CNMN001W: Introduction into the Built Environment

100 Word Individual Statement

Gus Hodge W1628151

My experience of this module is positive. Lectures started slowly but became more relevant,
tutors were patient, clear and professional in both approach and delivery. I found the Law
lectures heavy at times.
CW1 title was broad and difficult to process at first, I managed to write a pleasing essay and
enjoyed researching it overall.
CW2 has been very enjoyable but challenging, participating in a group and producing
I enjoyed the tasks set in both coursework’s and have learned a lot.
The effort and my time management have really helped me in developing throughout the
duration of this module.

James Jarvis W1662871

My overall experience from this course has been enjoyable. When we first sat down in the
lectures things started off slow and confusing but as the year progressed I started to learn
more and more form the lectures.
CW1 in my opinion was a very hard question to answer for our first essay due to It being
such an open subject however I learnt a lot researching.
CW2 was highly enjoyable because it allowed us to work in groups and build up our team
work skills. Throughout this course I have learned how to do my own independent studies.

Kevin O’Donovan W1663813

As a whole I found this module reasonably enjoyable but sometimes quite difficult. I found
the lectures generally to be good although not always relevant to the course. My favourite
lecture was probably pertaining to the evolution of house types and building styles over the
last 300 years or so. I also enjoyed the economics lectures, I found the law lectures quite
Due to personal circumstances I had to defer CW1 so cannot comment on that. I enjoyed
CW2 and working with my team. I feel this module has helped me in both individual study
and working in teams.
Calla Plested W1598683
To date my course experience has proved to be both challenging and enjoyable. I found that
the content studied within Built Environment module was both pertinent and relatable to the
construction industry and similarly applicable to my current professional setting.
Initially, I struggled with grasping the required content and themes for discussion within
CW1; I found the title to be both broad and marginally ambiguous.
The CW2 group task was something I approached with trepidation however, the group was
extremely successful as all members participated and contributed content pertinent to each
individual’s relevant skill set.

Frances Charlotte Sangalang W1658785

I’ve developed further knowledge and skills from undertaking this module. I found that being
taught about plagiarism and how to reference at the beginning of the year was helpful and
informative, especially for coursework 1 essay. I have enjoyed the lectures e.g. law and
sustainability and being part of a group for coursework 2.
Being part of a group to produce posters and present to others was an enjoyable but
challenging experience, it has enabled me to work with other peers which has helped
develop my confidence. I enjoyed learning about the different types of dwellings throughout
the periods.

Jamie Sykes W1626335

I found this course useful, the lectures were straight forward and organised, the law lectures
were a heavy 3 lectures and may have been useful if the recap was smaller as we had to
rush through the new information. I did find this module most relevant to the industry. They
were all clear, knowledgeable and professional.
Coursework one was rather confusing at first due to the question being quite difficult to
understand what they wanted.
The coursework two I thought was good being in a group with others helped to build ideas
and understanding of the real-world situations.
4CNMN001W: Introduction into the Built Environment

500 Word Collective Statement

Gus Hodge W1628151

James Jarvis W1662871
Kevin O’Donovan W1663813
Calla Plested W1598683
Frances Charlotte Sangalang W1658785
Jamie Sykes W1626335

Overall, the team worked effectively and collaboratively; each team member actively
contributed in researching and proposing a potential site for development. Each member
presented their proposed sites and after careful consideration and evaluation, the team
concluded that the site at Pistone, Buckinghamshire best fulfilled the required development
criteria, providing relevant sources of information in the production of the ‘for’ and ‘against’

It was strongly agreed that the research undertaken to present sites to the group helped
each member learn about the processes and information that are required by the Planning
Authorities when submissions are received. Additionally, it also presented members with a
lot of the common arguments put forward from residents regarding potential developments.

Next, it was agreed that it was efficient and advantageous to identify the products that would
be selected for the sustainable posters prior to the Eco-Build convention visit. It was the
collective responsibility of each member to research and select potential products via the
Eco-Build website and present to the rest of the group during following team meetings.

Products to be used for the site were quickly identified as Showersave Waste Water Heat
Recovery and Marsh RainCell Rainwater Harvesting. These products, combined with the
choice of site and location were seen to be the most beneficial. Team members were
presented with all information regarding these products and collectively agreed that they had
developed a distinct understanding into how these products worked and their advantages
within a dwelling. It is also worth mentioning that the Showersave product has now been put
forward to two students parent companies with a view of using them in their own

The group struggled to agree on products not suited to the site. It was agreed that these
products would be selected at Eco-Build, although within a team meeting it was decided that
Airlite Paint and Biotecture Living Walls would be good potential products to consider.
The group agreed to attend Eco-Build, seek presentations from the selected products and
attain information on Airlite, Biotecture and other potential non-site suitable products.
The discussions and product presentations at Eco-build helped the students to gain product
knowledge and their economical & sustainable value to the construction industry. It’s worth
noting that three students put forward Airlite Paint to their parent companies with a view of
using the product on projects.

As agreed, the group collectively designed the poster layout and content which Gus then
produced draft versions using AutoCAD as he has knowledge of this software. Each aspect
of the posters was critically analysed and amended to the team’s consensus.
Upon reflection, the team faced challenges but managed to collectively overcome them and
ultimately agreed on every aspect whilst respecting the views of every individual. If the team
were to change anything, it would be to practice the delivery of the presentation in more
detail as we feel this was the weakest point of our whole coursework submission.
Planning: Meeting No 1
Site: N/A
Date: 22nd January 2018

Frances Charlotte Sangalang FS
Calla Plested CP
Gus Hodge GH
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ
Kevin O’Donovan KOD


For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Potential Site
1.1 Team were instructed to research into potential sites to put forward for CW2. FS, CP, JS,
GH suggests that if not, task members with finding an area of land for the JJ, KOD,
next meeting. GH

1.2 CP/KOB suggest checking module handbook to double check the criteria
- Suggests that Planning Portal needs to be researched to find a piece of land

1.3 GH to discuss with Peter Tubberdy about ‘other sources’ as stated in the GH
module handbook – right move etc? and relay to the team.

1.4 KOD to discuss with Peter Tubberdy regarding the house types mentioned KOD
in the module handbook

2.0 Eco-Build Date and Time to Meet

2.1 GH explains that Eco-Build Exhibition falls over 6 th-8th March and the team need ALL
to decide when we are to all available to attend

2.2 Team Agrees that Tuesday 6th is the most convenient day to attend. Meeting FS, CP, JS,
times to be confirmed at a later dated. All team members to confirm the booking JJ, KOD,
of the day off from work by the next meeting. GH

3.0 Eco-Build Registration

3.1 FS asks if everyone has registered for Eco-Build. Team confirm that all are

4.0 Schedule of Requirements for the Project

4.1 GH suggests that a check list schedule be produced by one of the Quantity CP
Surveyors in the Group that can be marked against to make sure that all requirements
have been fulfilled. CP nominates herself to produce this schedule and hopes to have
a mock-version available for review at the next meeting

5.0 Scheduling of Meetings

5.1 GH nominates that Team Meetings be held on 2 week intervals leading up to the
Eco-Build Exhibition and then Weekly following to ensure that progress is well
tracked by all.

5.2 Team agrees that 2 week intervals could be a good idea. But team have a group ALL
chat that covers most topics so we will keep on top and assess as the weeks ago.
The team are on constant contact with each other.

6.0 Potential Products to use for CW2

6.1 KOD/FS suggests that there might be a possibility to individually research into ALL
products that might be at Eco-Build, it would provide a head start over other teams.
Each member is to check the website to find any information and report back at the
next meeting with what they have discovered. Team are in agreement.

7.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 5th February 2018

Distributed 22nd Jan 2018

Planning & Design Proposal: Meeting No 2
Site: N/A
Date: 05th February 2018

Frances Charlotte Sangalang FS
Calla Plested CP
Gus Hodge GH
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ
Kevin O’Donovan KOD


For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Presenting Potential Site Cases

1.1 Peter Tubberdy Confirmed to GH that ‘other sources’ as stated in the module
handbook means site with associated developable opportunity ‘i.e – Right Move’.

1.2 Peter Tubberdy Confirmed to KOD that the house types mentioned within the
Module handbook are now released onto Blackboard.

1.3 Team were instructed to research into potential sites to put forward for CW2.
Sites needed to be sourced on Planning Portal, with the Reference provided
Along with other supporting material to help present good arguments for and
against development.
Information must include local towns and cities, local transport networks
(Potentially into major cities) surrounding amenities, environmental, infrastructure,
Local Plan for the associated authority amongst other things.
4 Members confirm they have found sites they believed were ideal.

1.4 Team present 4 proposals for assessment and voting
within the group. The group votes and agrees that GH’s site located
Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP is most suitable for CW2 project.
Based on permeameters and opportunities to create broad arguments and good

2.0 Confirmation of all booking annual leave for Eco-Build

2.2 GH reminds that Team Agreed that Tuesday 6th is the most convenient
day to attend & meeting times to be confirmed.
All team members confirm they have made appropriate arrangements.

3.0 Poster Content

3.1 After deciding on a site to use in CW2. JS suggests that the team decide on
what content will be in each poster to provide maximum impact and minimum

3.2 CP explains that it would be a very good idea to draft and produce these ALL
posters to a level that the Team are happy with before the visit to Eco-Build,
to ease the pressure that will come with leaving things until the last minute.
Agreed by all Team Members

3.3 Team members begin to draft out different designs and layouts for posters ALL
which will be included as ‘workings’ within the final submission.

3.4 Content agreed for the Objective Layout Poster.

3.5 GH nominates himself to produce the finalised posters (Once Agreed) on GH

AutoCAD, a software he is fully conversant with. And will have
developed designs available to produce at the next meeting for comment.

4.0 Scheduling of Requirements for the Project

4.1 GH asks CP if she has drafted up a mock check list for the project. CP has made CP
a start but has not got the document to a level that can be presented for comment.
Structure and content is there, to be formulated and populated.

4.2 KOD produces Module Handbook so that Team can decide how to best set out
The Requirements Check List and to maintain it.

5.0 Potential Eco-Build Products to promote use for in CW2
5.1 Team were tasked to look into sustainable products that will be on show at Eco-
Build. Members produce evidence found to support their product choice.

5.2 GH presents product he believes will be a perfect fit for the ‘pro-product’ posters
Shower Save – A Waste Water Heat Recovery System that is a big hit in Europe and
is starting to impact UK Development. He attended a CPD with work and his company
decided to spec the product in their future projects.
Team Agree to use this product within their ‘pro-product’ poster.
Apart from that the team have little in the way of products.

5.3 JS mentions that his company worked on the Eco-Village outside of Bicester, JS
Oxford – and he has access to sustainable product specs and a technical department
who can guide him. JS might have

5.4 KOD has mentioned the potential use of Geo-thermal Boilers within the KOD
non-promotional poster as he believes it to be an expensive and ineffective product.
KOD confirmed that he will research potential products and Eco-Build availability.

5.4 Any outstanding items relating to this matter i.e – haven’t produced products to ALL
promote for use on the site – Must be rectified before the next meeting.

6.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 19th February 2018

Distributed 5th Feb 2018

Development: Meeting No 3
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 19th February 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Jamie Sykes JS
Kevin O’Donovan KOD

Frances Charlotte Sangalang FS
Call Plested CP
James Jarvis JJ

For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Catch up

1.1 GH still awaiting contact from PT regarding taking the AutoCAD drawings for GH
use within the CW2 Posters. GH will ask again today.

2.0 Poster Content

2.1 GH confirms he has started to set out the design for the Poster Promoting the GH
site. Will continue over the next week and hopes to have an initial layout to present
to the team at the next meeting

2.2 Content agreed for the Opposing Site Poster ALL

3.0 Scheduling of Requirements for the Project
3.1 CP confirms via group phone chat that she has constructed a schedule for the team CP
project requirements. Will present to the team for comment at the next meeting

4.0 Potential Eco-Build Products to promote use for in CW2

4.1 Team look into rainwater harvesting products which KOD has researched.
looked into Marsh Industrial Ltd & Premier Technical Aqua.

4.2 Team agree that Marsh Industrial rainwater harvesting system looks like a great KOD/JS
candidate for the 2nd product to use. KOD/JS to contact the company and request
quotes for the House types being incorporated in CW2. Breakdown to be included: i.e
component prices.
GH to send KOD the house types drawings GH

4.3 JS has provided the brochure for the vital energi district heating pipelines
but to provide some more information regarding the minimum unit numbers & prices etc. JS

4.4 KOD has identified a company that supply Geo-Thermal products who will be KOD
At Eco-Build. KOD to investigate further, as a possible option for non-use on site.

4.5 team members who missed the meeting are to continue to research into potential FS, CP, JJ
products for non-use on the promoted site.

5.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 5th March 2018

Distributed 19th Feb 2018

Planning Eco-Build & Poster Development: Meeting No 4
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 5th March 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ
Kevin O’Donovan KOD
Francis Charlotte Sangalang FS
Calla Plested CP


For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Catch up

1.1 GH decided to draw house types on his own as PT didn’t respond to email
regarding AutoCAD drawings for Housetypes

2.0 Poster Content

2.1 GH confirms he has completed the posters Sitewide and has 90% completed the
poster confirming which products are PROMOTING for site use. Yet to select products
to use so haven’t started that poster. Team happy with poster design and contents thus
far – but team have decided to comment on posters once Eco-Build visit is over and
posters have been initially designed ALL

3.0 Scheduling of Requirements for the Project
3.1 CP confirms that she has completed the check list to a high standard. Will email
team a copy for comment. CP

4.0 Potential Eco-Build Products to promote use for in CW2

4.1 Team agree that Marsh Industrial rainwater harvesting system is the candidate for
product promotion. KOD has confirmed that he will be visiting the Marsh stand
at Eco-Build to ask about pricing of products and after-care etc. GH has included in
promotional poster designs. ALL

4.2 Team have decided not to use energi and will instead seek to find 2x products
not to use at Eco-Build on the day as the range of information that is provided can be
more substantial than information provided on websites. ALL

4.3 GH suggested perhaps using ‘obvious’ products that cannot be used within the
house designs provided. i.e GRP flat roofing systems or Concrete Cladding systems as
they will not be appropriate for the house type designs. Team disagreed to an extent
and team penultimately agreed to 4.2. ALL

4.4 No Geo-Thermal products to be selected for use in the poster designs ALL

5.0 Eco-Build visit for Tuesday 6th March

5.1 Team have discussed and decided to meet at Eco-Build at 10.30am outside the
main entrance.
5.2 Team to pair up at Eco-Build and cover more ground to find potential products. ALL

5.3 FS has confirmed that she will print out everyones Eco-Build passes if emailed to her FS

5.4 Team to email FS with their passes today/this evening ALL

5.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 12th March 2018

Distributed 05th Mar 2018

Poster Design Development: Meeting No 5
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 12th March 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Kevin O’Donovan KOD
Francis Charlotte Sangalang FS
Calla Plested CP

Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ

For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Eco-Build Summary

1.1 Team discuss Eco-build and the overall benefits it provided for research and
production of the posters. ALL

2.0 Poster Content

2.1 GH produces posters in A3 format ‘for’ ‘against’ and ‘promoting sustainable

products. Team spends time editing and commenting on posters and sharing views
regarding the content and additions that can be made. Team ‘mark-up’ posters for
amendments etc. ALL
2.2 GH to incorporate amendments within the poster designs for next meeting. GH

3.0 Poster ‘against’ sustainable technologies

3.1 Team begins from scratch on the final development poster for the non-use of
sustainable technologies. Suggesting layout options and content options from the two
chosen products – Biotechture Living Walls & Airlight Paint ALL

3.2 Team tasks themselves to find some good content for us within the Biotechture
Living Walls. At least 1 point for and 1 point against. GH

5.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 19th March 2018

Distributed 12th Mar 2018

Poster Development: Meeting No 6
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 19th March 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Kevin O’Donovan KOD
Francis Charlotte Sangalang FS
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ

Call Plested CP

For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Poster Content Summary

1.1 Team discuss the content on all posters to make sure that every aspect is satisfied. ALL
1.2 Required changes applied as per discussions to perfect the content ALL

3.0 Final ‘Against’ Product to be finalised

2.1 Team discuss the final poster content which GH has developed over the past week
- Airlite
2.2 Team to research and discuss the potential further product not to be used. ALL
2.3. Team to make a group decision whether to stick with Biotecture Living Walls or ALL
another product.

2.5 Teams decide to stick with Biotecture Living Walls as the reasons for not using
the products cover both well – so killing 2 birds with one stone in a sense. ALL
2.4 GH to incorporate amendments and adopted layout/content to the poster design
and keep the team well up to date during the week of progress for any forthcoming
comments GH

3.0 Pre-Presentation Planning
3.1 Team works through presentation strategy, allocating a member to each individual
Introduction JS
Poster ‘for’ development CP
Poster ‘Against’ development JJ
‘for’ sustainable product – Marsh Rain Cell KOD
‘for’ sustainable product – ShowerSave GH
‘against’ sustainable product – Boiteture Living Walls JS
‘against’ sustainable product – Airlite Paint CS
Conclusion KOD

3.2 Team are all tasked to study each of their tasked posters and make sure they are
ready to present 26th ALL

3.3 Team tasks themselves to find some good content for us within the Biotechture
Living Walls. At least 1 point against. To add to the posters ALL

5.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 26th March 2018

Distributed 19th Mar 2018

Pre-Presentation: Meeting No 7
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 26th March 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Kevin O’Donovan KOD
Calla Plested CP
Francis Charlotte Sangalang FS
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ


For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Pre-Presentation Summary & Planning

1.1 Team discuss poster designs. All agree they are happy with the design and content ALL

1.2 Team individually study their own posters and the others to take in the facts, and
discuss research they have made regarding the products ALL

1.3 Team ask each other questions about posters they’re not presenting to make sure
that knowledge is up to scratch. ALL

1.4 Members discuss key talking points for their products in the presentation ALL

2.0 100 Word Individual Statements

2.1 Team discuss and are all tasked with producing the 100 Word individual statements
for submission on Monday 9th April – to be worked on over Easter ALL

2.2 All members MUST be present on Monday 9 th of April or at least provided a copy of
Their statements to another member of the team and notified all members via
Whatsapp group chat that they will not be attending ALL

3.0 AOB
Next meeting Monday 9th April 2018
Distributed 26th Mar 2018

Post-Presentation & Hard Copy Submission: Meeting No 8
Site: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, 17-01871-APP
Date: 9th April 2018

Gus Hodge GH
Kevin O’Donovan KOD
Calla Plested CP
Francis Charlotte Sangalang FS
Jamie Sykes JS
James Jarvis JJ


For Information: Peter Tubberdy (Course Leader)

Minute Action
1.0 Post-Presentation Recap

1.1 Team discuss their overall feelings of the presentation, strengths and weaknesses
as well as what they have learned from that experience. ALL

2.0 100 Word Individual Statements

2.1 Team present 100 word individual statements regarding the overall module which
are to be submitted as part of the coursework package. Team members who haven’t
written and produced a 100 word statement – write and print during the meeting to
meet the requirements ALL

3.0 Collective 500 word team statement

3.1 The Group discuss and type up a 500 word collective statement regarding the
joint experience of working as a group to produce the posters ALL

4.0 Coursework Submission

4.1 – GH provides brown envelope with copies of CA1 cover sheet sellotape to the
front and within the envelope along with all associated documents.
4.2 GH to submit coursework into ‘submission letter box’ after final lecture GH

4.0 AOB
Project Meetings Completed 09.04.18
Distributed 9th Apr 2018