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Personal Data


Age : 30 Years Old
Address : Jl. Mekarsari Gg. Nirmalasari No.69 RT.19 Gn. Sari Ilir
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 76121
Telephone : +6281346463413 or +625427226676
Email : or

Personal Profile
- An experienced Medic - Safety, in Oil & Gas Industry Offshore and Onshore,
competent with Safety & Environmental, capable of performing Management
of Health & Medical Services. A conscientious person who works well under
pressure. Flexible and organized approach to heavy workloads. Good team
player able to use own initiative.

Summary of Skills, Responsibility & Experience

- Adopting and promoting personal work practices and procedures in

accordance with company's Health, Environment & Safety Management
System (HESMS) standards. Operation Excellent Programs: Fundamental safe
work Practice, Behavior based safety, Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention.
- Manage Medical Manpower (Doctor, Medic, X-Ray, Pharmacist, Lab.
Analyst) to working in Onshore & Offshore
- Responsible to provide Qualified Medical & Medical Support Manpower as
Chevron Indonesia Company standard requirement.
- Coordination with user (Chevron Indonesia Company Health & Medical
Services Department) in arrange work schedule, work order, Invoice,
Induction, etc.
- Manage and be responsible for all applicable EHS procedures ensuring
compliance by all operations personnel onboard.
- Manage and responsible for development of all work place hygiene process on
site (Food Safety & Sanitation FDA standard)
- Perform daily safety and health surveillance on operations, ensuring
procedures are followed and safe practices are implemented.
- Responsible for performing any medical evacuation (Medical Task Leader) in
coordination with emergency Procedures, and all parties involved
- Responsible for performing routine and periodic check an maintenance to all
safety equipment on site to ensure they are readily available
- Develop schedules for site workplace inspections, drills and safety meetings
in coordination with Supervisory team
- Implement Occupational Health Programs (Drugs & Alcohol Test, Noise &
Benzene Monitoring)
Working Experiences

2009 Up to Present, PT. P3H (Outsourcing Chevron Indonesia Company) as

Medical Project Coordinator / Supervisor.

2007 – 2009, PT. Indika Pratama Jaya (Outsourcing Chevron Indonesia

Company) as Offshore Health & Safety Officer Assign in North In Board (NIB
Field) Offshore Oil & Gas Production Platform. Makassar Straits, Indonesia

2004 – 2007, PT. Borneo Medical Services (Outsourcing UNOCAL Indonesia

Company) as Medic Coordinator

2004, Restu Ibu Hospital Balikpapan (Outsourcing Total Indonesie) as

Field Medic, Oil & Gas Construction Project Total Indonesie Tunu Field

Educational Background

- 2000 – 2003, Diploma-3 (Nursing Academy)

Training / Courses

2009 EMT & ORT (Emergency Management Team & Onsite

Response Team). Operator Routine Duties Checklist (ORDC) workshop,
SERIP (Surface Equipment Reliability & Integrity Process) Reliability
University. Global Information Link (GIL-3) Training.

2008 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS Expert) certification (From MOM of
Indonesia), Chevron Indonesia Company Training Programs : Basic Fire
Fighting, Defensive Driving, Repetitive Stress Injury, HUET & BSS
(Helicopter under water escape training & Basic sea survival), BBS
( Behavior Based Safety), BTCLS (Basic Trauma & Cardiac Life Support)

2007 Chevron Indonesia Company Training Programs: New Contract Doctor &
Medic Chevron Indonesia Company, FSWP (Fundamental of Safe Work
Practice), Hazard Communication, Infection Control Training, Basic Sea
Survival, BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) & Continue Medical Education,
Water Sampling Procedure Training

2006 30 Minutes Treading water, 50-M Swimming and Basic Life Support
Training, Voluntary Consulting and Testing (VCT) HIV/AIDS Training
from MoH of Indonesia, EMT & ORT, Hygiene inspection & Drugs &
Alcohol Procedures, New ACLS Guidelines (AHA) and Corporate Guidelines
on Pandemic Avian Influenza Response.
UNOCAL Indonesia Company Training Program: Fundamental of Food
Safety, Industrial Hygiene From MoM of Indonesia, Workshop for Field
Doctor & Medic (Rig Doctor Policy, Monthly Report, Drug & Alcohol Test,
Food Safety And Sanitation Program, BCLS, AED, Internet Policy, Medical
Evacuation and Emergency Response, TRIAGE Procedures, Correlation
Unocal Indonesia Company)

2004 Renal Unit nursing On the Job Training in Ny. Habibie Kidney Hospital

1. Nov 2008, Certificate of Appreciation (Terima kasih Award) for achievement in “Support
Food Safety & Sanitation Program through Food Defense Assessment Report”,
Chevron Indonesia Company.

2. April 2008, Certificate of Appreciation (Terima kasih Award) for achievement in

“Demonstrating hard work and high contribute during Turn around Project in NIB
Field”, Chevron Indonesia Company.

3. June 2008, Gold Pin from Ambulance 118 & Abd Wahab Sjaharanie Hospital,
Samarinda Indonesia.

References Available upon request