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Area of Parallelogram Lesson Plan

Name: Julimae Balisacan Date: February 27, 2018

Lesson Title: Areas of Parallelograms

Grade Level: 6th Subject: Math

Learning Outcome(s): Standard(s):

Students will be able to find the area of CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.G.A.1
parallelograms. Find the area of right triangles, other
triangles, special quadrilaterals, and
polygons by composing into rectangles or
decomposing into triangles and other
shapes; apply these techniques in the
context of solving real-world and
mathematical problems.
Differentiation Strategies:
Various Grouping; Hands-on Activities; Additional time to complete work

Teaching Targets (timing, activity types, purpose, kinds of grouping)

Time: (the increments Activity/Strategy - the Purpose - the why Method - the how
of time depend on the what (whole group, small
age of students - times groups, partners,
are just examples) individual, etc.)
8:15-8:25 Parallelogram To assess the Individual, small
Exploration with knowledge of students; groups, and whole
Parallelogram cut out do they know how to group
find the area of a
8:25-8:35 Create a formula and To model to the Whole group
find the dimensions of students on how to:
the Parallelogram cut Use the formula to
out solve the area of the
given parallelogram
8:35-9:00 In class practice- To practice finding the Small groups
worksheet area of parallelograms

9:00-9:10 Finding the missing With the given Whole Group and Small
dimension lesson and dimensions/area, group
practice students will practice
finding the missing

Dr. Stephanie H Kamai, SP18

EDEE 490 & 492
9:10-9:20 Parallelogram Pick Students are to play in pairs
Game pairs to play a game as
an aid to enhancing
their skills in finding
the area of a given
parallelogram and its
9:20-9:45 Study Hall Give students time to Individual, pairs
complete any missing
work from today’s class
and to practice the
new skill of finding the
area of parallelograms
Materials/Handouts: Extensions:
Overhead projector/elmo/computer
pencil Find parallelograms within the community
Parallelogram Pick Game board and sheets
Homework Packets 1 and 2


Students were able to find the area of a parallelogram because the formula to finding the area is
similar to the area formula of a rectangle (base x height OR length x width). It was good practice for
students to work with their peers which I think they benefited from. Although there were a lot of
things going on, the students were able to understand the concept well.

Dr. Stephanie H Kamai, SP18

EDEE 490 & 492