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Lesson Plan

Your NAME: Kaila Cahoon

Type of Lesson:
Flipped Classroom

Lesson Plan Title –

Demonstrating Understanding of Adjectives

Discipline and Topic –

This is a flipped classroom lesson on adjectives. Students were required to watch a
video lesson on adjectives the previous night. This lesson will use stations for
students to practice and demonstrate their understanding.

Target Population –
Grade Level: Second Grade
Population Characteristics: 8 intermediate ESL students
Lesson Groupings: Individual/Partner

Curriculum Links –
This lesson will be in the beginning of a unit on adjectives. By this class period, students
will have an understanding of what adjectives are and what the purpose of them is.

List the ISTE Educator Standard(s) with which your lesson plan aligns.

5a. Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that
foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.

ISTE Educator Standards Indicator

Objectives –
1) The students will be able to use 3 adjectives in full and complete sentences during
the roll and write activity.

2) Students will be able to correctly describe 4 pictures using 4 adjectives for each.

List the ISTE Student Standards objectives with which your lesson plan aligns.

1b. Students build networks and customize their learning environments in ways that
support the learning process.
ISTE Student Standards Indicator

Materials and Timing –

Time: 60 minutes

Mad Lib sheet

Scope and Sequence –

1) Introduction:
The teacher will inform students of the objectives for the lesson. Students will review
with a partner (chosen by the teacher) what adjectives are. Students will then share and
discuss as a whole group. The teacher will then ask the students to describe themselves
using three adjectives and share with a partner. The teacher will write examples that are
shared on the board.

2)The teacher will explain that the students will be continuing to work with adjectives.
The students will be reviewing and practicing adjectives in a series of four stations. The
teacher will assign partners to the students and each pair will be at one station. The
teacher will explain what each station will entail.

Stations: Ten minutes each

#1- Roll and Write

Students will use a pair of dice where one has six nouns and the other has six adjectives.
Taking turns, each student will roll the dice and receive a combination of a noun and an
adjective. They will write a sentence and draw a corresponding picture. They should
complete this at least 3 times before time is up. This will be turned in to be collected.

#2- Worksheet
Students will receive a worksheet that will have four pictures on it. They will color these
pictures with crayons. They will then describe each picture using four different
adjectives. There will be a total of sixteen adjectives. This worksheet will be collected.

#3- Videos
Students will use the iPad to watch chosen videos and songs regarding adjectives. The
teacher will choose these videos beforehand.

#4- Mad Lib

With their partner, students will fill out a mad lib story. The mad lib will only be filled out
with adjectives. Once each partner fills in all of the blanks, they will take turns reading
their silly stories.

3) Each pair will rotate through the stations once. Once all students have participated in
each station and turned in the corresponding work, students will take their seats. The
teacher will ask if there are any questions or confusions. These will be addressed. The
teacher will then ask for volunteers to share the silly mad lib stories.

Supplemental Materials –
Access to an iPad or computer

Evaluation of Students –

Objectives 1 point 2 points 3 points

1) The students Correctly uses at Correctly uses 2 Correctly uses 3

will be able to least 1 adjective adjectives and adjectives and
use 3 adjectives and writes writes complete writes 3 complete
in full and sentences with sentences with sentences.
complete many errors. some errors.
during the roll
and write

2) Students will Describes the 4 Describes the 4 Correctly

be able to pictures with a pictures with a describes the 4
correctly total of at most total of 12-16 pictures with a
describe 4 11 correct correct total of 16 correct
pictures using 4 adjectives. adjectives. adjectives.
adjectives for

Evaluation of the Lesson –

The lesson will be evaluated by looking at the graded assessments. If most of the
students were able to master the assignment (assessed by the rubric), I will know
that the objectives and standards were being met and addressed. If not, I would
conduct a reteach lesson or a review that will provide for more scaffolding and
guidance. I will be walking around during the activity to check for understanding. If
students have questions or problems, these will be addressed.

Below are the worksheets that will be used for this lesson.