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University Discipline Office

[ Madaxa Xafiiska Anshaxa iyo Ilaalinta Milgaha Ardayga ]


The University is an academic community. Its fundamental purpose is the pursuit of knowledge.
Like all other communities, the University can function properly only if its members adhere to
clearly established goals and values. Essential to the fundamental purpose of the University is the
commitment to the principles of truth and academic honesty. Academic Integrity is designed to
ensure that the principle of academic honesty is maintained.


The University expects all its students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all
times and to comply with all policies, regulations, and the Student Code which sets out
expectations in respect to student conduct. This Code of Student Discipline applies to all students
of the University.


Good discipline, within a community of University , is based on building good relationships and
advocacy for all. Provide a fair, educational, consistent student conduct process for resolving
alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Teaching students about appropriate behavior
and community responsibility that respects the dignity and humanity of others. Interfere when
student behaviors violate the Code of Student Conduct in an educative manner and provide
opportunities for students to learn from their actions.


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Problem-solving , Decision-Making , and Adhering the Rules and Regulation of the University.
Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others. Accountability for actions,
performance, and conduct . Collaborate with faculties, staffs, students, and the campus
community with regard to student conducts matters. Educate the campus community about
student rights and responsibilities related to the University Code of Student Conduct.


1) Maintenance of the highest standards of academic integrity

2) The University's aim is to encourage improvement in individual conduct or behavior

3) To establish the basis for the Students' Code of Conduct, describe the Code's principles and
set out the foundation for the Code's procedures, including penalties.

4) To Implement The Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of the University.

5) Support of the University's Goals and avoidance of conflicts of interest

6) Adherence to the highest ethical Standards

7) Respect for and compliance with the law

8) Conducting business practices with honesty and integrity

9) Concern for health and safety; respecting the environment of University

10) Reporting suspected violations of the code; enforcement of the code

1.6 AIMS

I. To develop and maintain positive campus discipline, cultivating an orderly University

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II. To cultivate good students’ personal character and quality of a good behavior.

III. To instill good conduct among students.

IV. To enhance self management and develop student leadership among students.

V. To promote school discipline.


This policy applies to all Students in respect of all actions and activities (including inaction and
inactivity) relating to or impacting on the University or its Students or Employees.


Students of the University must meet the following obligations when undertaking academic or
other University activities:

1.8.1 Obligation of personal responsibility

1.8.2 Obligation to act with honesty and integrity

1.8.3 Obligation of respect and fairness

1.8.4 Obligation to ensure safety and to respect property

1.8.5 Obligation to maintain the University's reputation


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The responsibilities of Heads of Discipline will include:

1) Providing academic leadership in the discipline, including advising junior colleagues in the
context of promotion and promoting colleagues’ research opportunities.

2) Having responsibility for the oversight of standards pertaining to the discipline, and (with
Head of Departments ) the preservation of disciplinary integrity.

3) Briefing the Head Departments on any matters relating to the welfare of the discipline in

4) Contributing to policy formation and strategic planning.

5) Determining, with disciplinary colleagues, content and curriculum of major courses,

6) Chairing meetings of the discipline.

7) Representing, a representative of, the discipline on cross-University committees,

8) Recommending to the Senior Lecturer the admission of non-standard students to the


9) Participating in quality reviews.

10) Dealing with professional/accreditation issues affecting the discipline.


1) Respect all members of the University Community.

2) Understand and comply with University rules and climate expectations, including the Code
of Student Conduct

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3) Behave in a manner that focuses on academic success.

4) Be responsible and accountable for University rules, and regulations

5) Respect our country and its sovereignty.


In Conclusion , The University Discipline Office is strongly needed by University of Hargeisa

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