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The first 10 Thirukkurals sing the praise of God.

கடவுள் வாழ் த்து

1. அகர முதல எழுத்ததல் லாம் ஆதி

பகவன் முதற் றற உலகு\

Akara mudala Ezhuthellam Aadi

Baghavan Muthattre Ulagu

This verse means that of all the letters “Ah: is the first letter and serves as the root /base
for all other letters. Like that this whole universe has emerged from the Lord Almighty. In
Bhagavat Gita Sri Krishna says that of letter I’m Akara

2. கற் றதனாலாய பயதனன்தகால் வாலறிவன்

நட்ட்ராள் ததாழான் அர் எனின் .

Kattrathanalaya Payanenkol valarivan

Nattralthozhan Ar Enin

The all pervading God is the embodiment of all knowledge and excellence. So the
knowledge ,position , wealth and all other worldly requirements are secondary to is.
Without devotion all one’s knowledge and excellence will be of no use to him.

3. மலர்மிதெய் ஏகினான் மானடி றெர்ந்தார்

நிலமிதெய் நீ டுவாழ் வார் .

Malamisai Ekinan Manati Sernthar

Nilamisai Neetuvazhvar

God is present in every where and in all beings moving and unmoving. He is present in
every being as the Jivatma. Those who think , meditate and live in God will never meet
with any sorrows in life. They will experience a heavenly bliss and happiness within.

4. றவண்டுதல் றவண்டாமம இல் லானடி றெர்ந்தார்க்கு

மாண்டும் இடும் மப இல.

Venduthal Vendamai Illanadi Serntharku

Mandum Idumpai Ila

This verse is like a continuation of the previous one. The Lord have no likes or dislikes.
So those who constantly meditate on him will never come across any difficulties in their
life. When you think of the Lord always and completely surrender to him, he will take
care of all your requirements.

5. இருள் றெர் இருவிமனயும் றெரா இமறவன்

தபாருள் றெர் புகழ் புரிந்தார் மாட்டு.

Irulser Iruvinaiyun sera Iraivan

Porulser Pugazhpurinthar Mattu.

One who completely surrender to the Lotus feet of the Lord realizing his magnitude ,
even if they do something wrong out of their ignorance, they will never be affected by
the result of that deed.

6. தபாறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் தபாய் தீர் ஒழுக்க

தநறிநின்றார் நீ டுழி வாழ் வார்.

Porivayil Inthavithar Poitheer Ozhukka

Nerinindrar Neetuzhi Vazh Var

Those who always follow the path of truth and dharma will always experience the
heavenly bliss in their life since the Lord is the embodiment of all virtues.

7. தனக்குவமம இல் லாதான் தாள் றெர்ந்தார்க் கல் லால்

மனக்கவமல மாற் றல் அரிது

Thanakuvamai Illathan thalsernthark kallal

Manakkavalai Mattral Aritu.

God is incomparable to any thing in this world since every thing emerged from Him. He
is the only solace for all miseries of life. So unless one has devotion to God he will not
be able to face the problems of his life and solve the same successfully.

8. அறவாழி அந்தணன் தாள் றெர்ந்தார்க் கல் லால்

பிறவாழி நீ ந்தல் அரிது

Aravazhi Anthanan Thalsernthark kallal

Piravazhi Neenthal Aritu.

This world is an ocean of miseries and problems . To cross this we need the grace of
the Lord Almighty without which it is not possible. We have to turn inward and search for
the indwelling being the Lord to cross this ocean of worldly difficulties .

9. றகாளில் தபாருளில் குணமிலறவ எண்குணத்தான்

தாமள வணங் காத் தமல
Kolil Porulil Kugamilave Engunathan
Thalai Vanangat talai.

One who never bow down to the Lord’s lotus feet, he is like blind even if he has eyes
and deaf even if he has ears because he is not seeing the Lord or hearing about him.
His head which never bows down to Gods’s lotus feet is of no use. It is profitless like a
sense without the power of sensation,

10.பிறவி தபருங் கடல் நீ ந்துவர் நீ ந்தார்

இமறவன் அடி றெராதார்

Piravi Perungadal Nenthuvar Neenthaar

Iraivan Adi Seraathar.

Only those who think of God constantly, meditate Him , bow down to Him will be able to
cross the ocean of the world (of birth and death). Salvation or Kaivalya is possible only
to them who find God in every thing and everything in God.