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Understanding Organisation

Mintzberg Model

Idea Cellular Limited’s structure type is “machine bureaucracy”. This structure relies heavily on a
robust technostructure. Strategic planners and financial controllers are influential, leading to the
creation of multiple layers of management, formal procedures and standardised production
processes. Information management is domain specific. Standards emerge with clarity and roles are
well clarified. Following is the organizational design of Idea:

Strategic Apex- the Strategic Apex consists of the MD, the Board of directors, the various Chief
Executive Officers like the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Network Officer,
etc., i.e. the heads of the respective departments. They are involved in the decision making process
regarding the entire functioning of Idea. Their major role is proactive in nature. Diversification and
entry into new markets is also a major role of them.

Middle line- They are a connecting link between the Strategic apex and the Operating core. They
help in upward and downward communication and supervises the roles of the operating core. They
include the circle heads and the middle level departmental heads.

Operating Core- They carry out the activities necessary to deliver the outputs. They use their explicit
and tacit knowledge to solve the day to day affairs. The operating core includes the service delivery,
operations & Maintenance, Quality personnel.

Support staff- They comprise the R&D staff, legal staff, public relations and various customer care
centres which ease the customers and help in betterment of the services.

Technostructure- They are made up of key individuals and teams working in functions such as
human resources, training, finance and planning. Analysers decide on the best ways to perform jobs
and seek to standardise skills. Planners decide on outputs and define quality requirements.
Organization Structure

IDEA Cellular Limited has a clear Hierarchical Organization Structure. A hierarchical structure clearly
defines each employee’s role within the organization and defines the nature of their relationship
with other employees. This type of organizational structure ensures command and control of the
whole organization. IDEA operates in 22 circles all over India and each circle has a main Circle Office
headed by the Circle Head. Different departmental heads (HR, Sales, Finance, etc) report to the circle
head. The Circle heads report to the CXOs and MD at the Corporate Head Office (in Mumbai).



Circle Heads