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4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

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Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

Responses to Injured Worker Surevey Question 10: Would you like to say anything else about
your workers' compensation experience?

The comments have been edited for spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Names of people,
insurance companies, and employers have been removed. Phrases that were not legible have
been removed.

11/1/13 – 3/19/14

Whoever was involved in coming up with these new treatment guidelines put a big hurt in the
injured workers that need chiropractor treatment. I am talking about the chronic person that has
reached MMI that can only receive 10 treatments per calendar year. You have made my chronic
pain very hard to manage. This is not even close to managing my pain. There is not some other
treatment that works for me. Now I have to take stronger pain meds than I used to take. I know
this is not going to change anything I feel totally thrown away by the system.
Southern Tier

Insurance company does not want to do their part.

North Country

There needs to be more clarification for out of state medical help or care. I had my surgery out
of state and now there's a problem with full payment.
Western New York

The doctor dropped the ball and then delayed my receipt of PT. Since the Ins. Co. did not
receive information from the Dr. Office I was not able to receive PT. Now it’s been 6 months
and Dr. does not want to keep me 100% disabled even thought I am not better. I am glad I am
able to present myself to try to obtain my benefits.
Central New York

I would rather use my private insurance and get the treatment I needed rather than wait forever
to get treatment authorized and when I did find a doctor willing to accept WC. The old system
worked much better and this new system does not work at it. All I see is everyone wanting to
pay me to go back to work, not help me get treated for the injuries I received.
New York City

I have had nothing but problems with dealing with ins. comp. They do whatever they want and
they are not worried about it at all. They do anything to make everything as frustrating as they
Central New York

Delay of medical test approval contributed to a permanent injury.

Central New York

My largest complaint is prescriptions. I have had multiple experiences with scripts being
stopped mid-script. Even with phone calls you can often go up to a week without some
prescribed medicine induce severe withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly. This can be 1/117
as well as debilitating.
4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Central New York

It's been very fair.

Central New York

Long process, would much rather work than to deal with my pain from getting hurt at work.
Problems have been resolved slowly and have been a huge burden on my family and life.
Central New York

You need to be shut down.

Capital Region

A total disgrace. 5 years and I still can’t get the 5 herniated discs included as an injury site. My
lawyers do not let me speak to the judge at hearings, and lawyers for my past employment lie to
the judge about everything. The judge bases his decisions on their lies and I cannot tell him
how many times my doctors have tried requesting mri's to get my back included but they
denied every time. I wish somebody would please listen to me as not even my attorneys will
listen or write down anything I tell them.
Long Island

It’s not the Workers Comp. Board that’s bad; it’s the insurance companies that are horrible. The
people that are really injured are the ones that suffer. Everything is a game with the insurance
companies! What’s approved, what’s not approved, have to see this doctor that doctor, etc...
And when you see the workers comp. doctor they have no idea what’s going on, 15 minutes
and done. They barely examine you. It’s all a joke, the workers comp. doctors are the real
thieves of all. I have serious injuries and I hurt every day, not only am I suffering but my family
is suffering as well. I haven't picked up my 3 year old son in months. When my wife and I take
our oldest son to baseball practice/games I sit and watch my youngest play with other kid’s
parents and it breaks my heart. On top of that I have gotten no money for months, possibly can't
work no more, I'm losing my family medical benefits etc...the only ones that move forward are
the lawyers, judges, insurance companies etc...and while they are all eating and supporting their
families I sit here and struggle to keep my family together. What the truly injured people need
to do is get a news team to go undercover and investigate the issuance companies and workers
comp. doctors. And by workers comp. doctors I mean the ones that the insurance company
send you to.
New York City

Frustrated with ins. carrier - unreasonable delays processing pre-authorization for orthopedic
care necessary, and then won't authorize full series of injections for maximum functionality.
Central New York

I work in a maximum security high risk environment and work related injuries are routine. I am
thankful for the workers compensation benefits.
Central New York

I've been out of work for 2 years my house is going up for foreclosure my medical bills for my
wife and I are outrageous, my car is breaking down, I'm behind on child support. Everything I
worked for I'm losing. PS not because of workers comp it’s because my lawyer firm drag their
feet and they don't keep me informed.
Central New York

The law judge was not a facilitator. The judge did everything they could to prevent me from
receiving benefits. The company wanted to pay but they would not let them. Horrible is how I
would describe the judge!
Hudson Valley 2/117
The judge
4/18/2018 in my case has yet to make any decision after well
Comments over
From the a year
Injured although
Worker Survey I have
produced all the necessary proof that he asked for. He needs to retire.
Capital Region

More employers should be penalized harshly for not serving an injured worker their statement
of rights as an injured worker.
New York City

My experience has been horrific from my employer lying about my injury at the start to then
being denied treatment for my back injury which occurred at the time of accident then having
to prove all my injuries were a direct result of my fall... then having $66 each week taken away
from my benefit payment for no reason . Especially when the MRI I had 2 weeks after my
benefit was reduced showed that my back injury had severely worsened I no longer have
feeling in both feet and lower legs and now have severe impingement on the nerves at L4 L5
AND S1 ....BASICALLY my disks are not only herniated but at this point 2 have completely
ruptured I HAVE TO WALK WITH A CANE and it is only getting worse but according to the
insurance company my injuries are not that bad on top of that we had to go to court because
payments were constantly late as of today I have not received a check in 3 weeks which is in
direct violation of the court’s order and I have requested a hearing to raise my benefit back to
the original amount since even the IME DOCTOR AGREED I HAVE A 100% DISABILITY
New York City

My experience is new and stressful.

New York City

Ins. Carriers are allowed to manipulate the system in delaying treatment to injured people.
Western New York

It is slow.
Western New York

I have found that the carrier has removed parts of injury just by not stating all parts of the body
in court and that I feel was very dishonest that could happen without my knowing it happened.
I have to fight to get it included and often after court orders, they still do not pay.
Central New York

I feel that the process of workers compensation has to be revamped .There are real people out
there with some serious problems that get caught up in the paperwork shuffle, because of the
few that try to beat the system. I have had 9 surgeries, 3 of them Cervical Spine surgeries and 2
of them had to be done under an emergency with the Doctor because they were being denied.
Even after having MRI'S showing the severity of the situation. I was lucky my Doctor was
willing to do that otherwise I would probably be sitting in a wheel chair at 52 years old! I agree
there has to be a screening process but we are playing with people’s lives here. My reasons for
writing today is because I was denied Physical therapy because the IME Doctor said there was
nothing anyone could do for me anymore , no PT , no surgery nothing on 1/13/14 after that
they approved an MRI and I had a hearing on 1/27/14 stating all medical care approve as
necessary . So I had an MRI on 2/14/14 got the results my Doctors want PT but I was denied.
Why would the insurance carrier approve an MRI but then not let you get any treatment
after???????? The IME Doctor saw me for 30 seconds in that room and wrote up an 8 page
report about how I’m fine!!!!!! AMAZING how he could do that. How many other people has
he seen over the years and denied and made their lives miserable! Something needs to be done
it's not just him either but this is who I saw 3 times in a month. Thank You for listening.
Long Island

I had no clue that I was to start looking for work until Ins. Company sent letter claiming I
wasn't looking.
Central New York 3/117
It's set
up to protect the interests of the employers,
4/18/2018 and their
Comments Frominsurance companies.
the Injured Worker Survey
Capital Region

So far, I am not pleased with the system. I find it very frustrating. I am currently receiving
Social Security Disability and it should be considered when hearing my case. I have some
severe injuries and find that the WC insurance attorney is extremely uninterested in my health
issues and just wants to stop my benefits. If this was not a WC case and I could sue, I would
not have this problem. The system for employees who actually have a justified case is not fair.
Everyone acts as if you are trying to beat the system. I was earning $75,000 a year when I was
injured and I am not even getting my full benefits each month. It has been cut so much that I
am lucky to have family who help me with my finances. That is just unfair.
Hudson Valley

Throughout the process whenever I was sent to a Dr. that agreed with the degree of disability
my Dr. gave me and the care I needed I would then be send to a different comp Dr. who would
disagree with the other comp Dr. and my physician. I would be denied medical treatment such
as PT.
Central New York

To my experience up to this point it has been pretty poor with how the pay scale is determined.
I was barely able to walk at one point before surgery and somehow was declared 30% disabled.
Makes no sense to me how someone can't put sneakers on without putting himself on the couch
for three days in pain and is deemed 30%. My Dr.s had me at 80% and they sided with
someone who did an IME for 5 minutes. Rather than 2 years of documented problems
associated with the injury.
Central New York

This has not been a bad experience. So far everything has been smooth.
Central New York

I am appaled at a system that is clearly on the side of the insurance company. I have been in the
comp system along time and I always thought I would get better. But if you have a serious
injury, you can't wait for some idiot case worker to decide if you need an MRI , or a hearing!!!
Your injury will get worse sometimes if you can't get these tests in a timely manner. I think you
are more inclined to disable people than return them to any type of employment.... I for one
would like to see how many seriously injured people make it through NY workers comp. You
are ruling lives.... It's criminal

It seems to me my employer has figured out how to abuse the system to make an injured
employee suffer to the extreme. I have not only lost time at work, I have not received any type
of compensation. Can be much more stress on trying to heal and get back to work.
Central New York

As a single mother at the time of injury it was very difficult to get through the slow process.
The prolonged surgery approval for my neck has made my recovery extremely difficult as I
have not recovered. I feel strongly if I had the doctors working together better and all therapy
and approved by comp. ins. I may have made better progress.
Central New York

I think quicker response time on getting approvals for procedures to get injuries taken care of
would be better all the way around, for the ins. comp. doctors but most of all for the injured
Central New York

I am lost. I don't understand this whole process.

Central New York 4/117
The phone
4/18/2018 calls I have had to make to the board Comments
have always been
From the metWorker
Injured by aSurvey
pleasant person
who was always willing to help.
Central New York

Need to speed up process if you are going to get comp or not. I could have had my knee fixed
late Sept. 2013 and been back to work late Oct. 2013. Let me pay for my medical out of my
pocket my ins. can reimburse my comp ins. I WANT TO WORK! This will cost me $35.00 a
month for life when I retire. My retirement is based on hours worked per year. WC employees
are very nice.
Central New York

I never had any problems at all with my knees until I got hurt at work on June 28, 2012. I
worked two jobs 40+ hrs a week most of the time on my feet. I need to have surgery to get back
to work and it's been continually denied.
Central New York

There is too much time between variance and time of treatment. I found acupuncture and a gym
membership and I can somewhat control my pain without pain medication. I am only able to
get 12 weeks at a time. Then its 12 week fighting to get 12 more. Then I am back on pills
withdrawals are bad. I have this alternating and can't have it.
Central New York

If I had received the care I needed in the very beginning I know I would have recovered to a
much better level, I believe enough to be working again in the same position. I was lying in
pain waiting for approval and hitting dead ends. I have never been injured before this and been
unable to go back to work prior to 11/17/07. Take a look at the person’s work ethic before you
object to care. Insurance company would have saved a lot of money.
Central New York

This system is run by the insurance companies. The injured worker has no forum to make his
voice heard. It protects the ins. companies and employers not the worker. This is bias against
the workers.
Finger Lakes

This has and is the most stressful experience that anyone could go through. The insurance
company chooses to hold your checks, send when they want. Puts people in situation of losing
their house, putting more stress on client.
Finger Lakes

When you have integrity and get injured and not go out of work trying to work thru the pain.
Then to have a WCLJ give you 50% disability when your Dr. has you at 100% total disability
and not even seeing any compensation for 3 months. When I was out it was very disheartening.
I did not choose to get injured and tried to work but got to the point where I couldn't even do
my job. The insurance company claims adjuster really messed up everything and she don't even
turn in her paperwork on time to the WCB and I feel that the judge in my case didn't even go
by the Dr's narrative and wouldn't even listen to my side before giving his decision.
Finger Lakes

I have had wonderful care from my doctors and very fair treatment from the judges.
Finger Lakes

I had a long delay between my return to work and my court date.

Finger Lakes

Although unfortunate incident I was able to finally have necessary surgical procedure. The
amount of time and pain endured was longer than anticipated awaiting approval for care. I
found it necessary to retain an attorney in order to have my medical needs met in a more timely 5/117
4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Finger Lakes

They should pay person that's hurt 100% of their wages until they go back to work.
Finger Lakes

My injury occurred in 1999 and has since resulted in major surgery of my lumbar spine along
with severe complications since the operation. For the past 15 years, I have been met with
many obstacles, mainly from the responsible insurance company, preventing me from receiving
the quality medical care/ treatment I need and deserve. The insurance company that is
responsible for my claim has resorted to bullying tactics in the form of threats to cease
payments, medical treatment, medications, therapies and procedures related to the injury. As
the years go on, it is getting increasingly difficult for me to obtain medications and treatment
that I, the injured worker, have a legal right to receive. I have also encountered difficulties
obtaining a well-qualified, knowledgeable attorney because "there is no money in it for them"
and many feel that my case (being so old) just isn't worth their time. I worked hard for many
years in the workforce leading up to my debilitating and life changing injury. I am truly
disgusted and appalled at the lack of professionalism and respect I am treated with as an injured
worker. People with work related injuries should not be made to feel like criminals. Workers
compensation is something that I have paid a lot of money into over the years and it is my right
to be afforded with quality treatment and adequate compensation for my permanent disability. I
am not looking to "get rich quick" off of my injury- I simply want the medical treatment and
care that I need and deserve. The refusal of the insurance company's payment/ responsibility in
my workers compensation case is something that has negatively affected my health in many
ways; their failure to make payments and authorize necessary treatments has exacerbated my
existing condition and has added unnecessary stress. I do not think that an injured worker
should have to fight in court for authorizations, physical therapy, medications, etc.- it is our
right as tax paying citizens!
New York City

Very disorganized department....kept getting bounced back and forth between 2 departments. "I
will look into this and call you back tomorrow" usually turned into no return phone call, and I
had to call back 4-5 days later.
Capital Region

The compensation board is running extremely smooth. More places could benefit from
following your examples.
Finger Lakes

A nightmare. I have lost my home as well as my car and had surgery and cannot have a second
one to fix what hasn't healed properly because I am to high risk and now live with a disability
for the rest of my life and continue to have my money reduced and I'm sure will continue to
lose my assets that at one time I could afford.
Finger Lakes

My insurance company has not helped but hindered my recovery, they refuse prescriptions and
treatment, have to fight with them all the time! They did not help with healing process.
Finger Lakes

I have an older workers compensation case, these new guide lines that came out December
2010 took chiropractor treatments away. The 10 treatments in a calendar year are not nearly
enough. I have problems with chronic pain the treatments are what I need. I can state this
because My doctors have tried everything else physical therapy facet injections, epidermal
injections. My injury was to my lower back I had back surgery, have had nothing but problems
since. Because of these new treatment guidelines I have had to go on stronger medications.
Southern Tier 6/117
I think
it is unfair that the people who are really Comments
4/18/2018 injured have to fight
From the Injured every
Worker inch
Surveyof the way
while others who do not want to work breeze through the system. In my claim as a volunteer
firemen I have been treated poorly and because of my injury I have trouble working but I get
up and go every morning.
Finger Lakes

Thank you for everything.

Finger Lakes

I have had a good experience receiving medical treatment for my injury.

Finger Lakes

Still have never received indemnity payments over 25 yrs. received tx only 15% of whole time
as result became assisted nursing home patient 3+ times over last 20 years.
Finger Lakes

The only thing I want is for you to be considerate, because we work like mules and the
payments we receive are not enough for what you are used to making weekly.
New York City

Thank you very much for the service you provide to the community. If it were not for you we
would not be treated like people at work.
New York City

I’ve been waiting for an answer to an appeal for a controverted claim since October, 2013. I
haven't rec'd a new date to go back as of yet.
Hudson Valley

Extremely disappointed that I have been placed in a position of being unable to work as a nurse
ever again due to my injuries. Vesid has stated in a written letter that I'm in the 3% or workers
that cannot be put back to work. Doing so would make things worse for me. Why was there no
consideration given to a lifetime loss of income! I'll never be able to make the amount of
money that I made as a nurse. Because of my education employers won't hire me for fear of me
not staying or that I'm over qualified. So how can I support myself now? I'm a very prideful
person and this has been devastating and embarrassing to me.
Finger Lakes

I would like to say that I wish the person who handles my case at the insurance company was
more personable when you try to talk to them about what is going on with your problem you
are having whether it be paperwork or health.
Finger Lakes

My employers comp company has done everything it can to make this a difficult situation.
They are very slow with all phases from surgery to pay to therapy. I also feel that if my
company had guidelines that dealers needed to go by for an inspection area, this may not have
happened. Comp Board has been a huge help.
Finger Lakes

The needed treatment was not provided due to the company's insurance.
New York City

Many times you take too long to approve a medical procedure. Additionally, you made to very
hard for me to pay for my medications.
New York City

It is important to have interpreters for Spanish who can explain things to you well, etc. They
must attend to you at the time indicated and not wait too long, etc., and provide better service.
New York City 7/117
I knowthere are many claims and after 9 monthsComments
4/18/2018 mine has notthebeen
From resolved
Injured yet, which is the
Worker Survey
reason why my financial situation is very difficult.
New York City

Everything has been very good and my lawyer has instructed me on everything.
New York City

Yes, the payments that I have been paid are too low according to what I have earned and are not
enough to sustain my family.
New York City

You cannot trust and ins co regarding payments for treatments, exams, doctors, or medications.
The condition worsens due to the time spent waiting.
New York City

The government or the agencies that regulate compensation should be more considerate in
expediting compensations. Why do they need so much time to give you what belongs to you?
Meanwhile, more time is wasted for the injured individual, and you have to beg and stop
working until the authorities wish to solve your matter. I hope that you can change the
compensation policies and other things.
New York City

Everything is excellent.
New York City

Give conferences on work safety and provide boots, glasses, etc. for the workers. The
conferences should be given by well-prepared personnel and properly organized regarding
chemical products and ways to act in case of an OSHA emergency.
New York City

I am in complete disagreement when you send me to the ins. doctor (IME), those doctors are
not professional. In 5-10 minutes of the medical assessment they contradict all the medical
treatments of the doctor who has been providing care for you for many years. All they do is:
Raise your hand, move your head from one side to the other, move your leg, and that is all they
New York City

I believe there is significant info on the government workers comp site on the internet. But due
to multiple surgeries and months of rehab, I was not able to sit and access the internet. Also the
process of losing my job of 30 years and waiting for an early medical retirement as well as 23
months waiting for SSD. It was very confusing, depressing and just plain overwhelming in
every way. Thank God for my wonderful attorneys who made themselves or their firm
available 24/7 to me. They have been like second family to me through all these years of pain
and frustration.
Finger Lakes

My impression is the judges and people at the board have the best interest of the claimants in
mind and make visible effort to insure claimants are fairly treated. After being abused by
carrier and disrespectfully spoken to I decided to seek an attorney.
Capital Region

So far so good.
Capital Region

The judge at my first hearing was wonderful. Everyone has been very helpful.
Capital Region 8/117
Brokenprocess. Employers need to be accountable
4/18/2018 and pay
Comments Frompenalty toWorker
the Injured protect employers.
Capital Region

I fell on an unmarked wet floor and my injury was due to a lack of common sense. I now feel
like I am being put through hell to receive care for an injury that is not my fault. The system
needs to be rectified. There is also an ongoing issue with the floors at my place of employment.
The wet floors are like ice. The whole thing is troubling.
Capital Region

I got injured on the job July 29th 2012, my checks have not been consistent at all. Iam now
waiting on a check that I was supposed to receive on Feb. 10th and today is Feb. 26th. I have
exhausted all of my family members , for cash and for them to cover my bills until I receive my
w/c check. Like I said since day one when my w/c case was opened back in 2012 this has been
an ongoing issue. I do not know WHY my checks cannot be consistent. So here I sit waiting for
my check for Feb. 10th and I was supposed to receive another one on Feb. 24th and have not
received anything. So my experience with my w/c case has gotten me to live below the poverty
level and also has my family struggling with their finances also. You got to love it huh? I am
sure that this will not get read and if it does nothing will be done about the w/c check
processing. I hope you all have a wonderful day and hope YOUR not waiting on a check or two
from w/c.
North Country

I had severe problem with right hand fingers 2nd and 3rd and thumb which needed surgery. No
circulation had to wait 1 year for approval and now have total disability in right hand.
Circulation is better but extremely numb and most likely will not come back due to waiting.
Capital Region

I find it to be an extremely tedious process to receive any type of answers, regarding monetary
awards, MD appts. etc.. Multiple hearings which take months to obtain all to find out whatever
is needed to be hashed out will have to wait for yet another hearing. I realize there are people
that abuse the system, but for others such as me who has always gone back to work, the system
is quite unfair.
Capital Region

Takes too long to get authorization for procedures/surgery. If surgery was done sooner, I would
not have permanent damage!
Capital Region

Because I have an ongoing case I don't feel I can give specific details. After my case is over I'll
get in touch and share my experience which may hopefully and positively help all parties.
Capital Region

I am satisfied with the attention to compensation. You are honest, work well with us, and do the
best you possibly can. Your attention is excellent.
New York City

Well, up to now everything has gone well. I have had no problems.

New York City

It takes 4 months or more and the judge only takes 5 min. to decide your life, not good at all.
Capital Region

Absolute most difficult and confusing situation I have ever experienced. Blame going to both
employer and their ins co.
Western New York 9/117
I believe
4/18/2018 there are many things that could be changed to make
Comments work
From the Injuredcomp
Surveycost effective
for both the Board and the injured workers.
Western New York

I notice how my former employer attempted to fool the board but was foiled by a very smart
and quick judge. Also I appreciate how the judge allowed all my evidence to be presented.
Western New York

My experience with WC has been good with my pay, but would be nice if they could cover
more holistic options for healing.
Western New York

I can't find work due to my injury. Home Health aids services find me a risk to others (afraid I'll
drop someone if my arm goes numb). As a stylist they are scared I might cut someone if my
arm goes numb. If I don't put injury down I get fired so I'm screwed.
Western New York

The doctor I first went to did not take in the full scope of my injury. Thus I went months
without treatment. Now I am still hurting significantly and the injury I sustained usually does
not last this long.
Western New York

I'm very upset with the ins co I went without checks or income from Dec 13, 2013 until just
before the hearing. I would like to see the ins co go that long without any money to live on!!!
Western New York

I am dissatisfied overall.
Mohawk Valley

Your agency has been fair in all.

Central New York

I firmly believe that NY state WCB, is corrupt and lawyers and doctors engage in fraud daily
without any concern for being held accountable for their fraudulent actions.
New York City

I have found it very difficult to work with my employers. WC Ins. Company very
unprofessional. Conditions at my work place have not changed at all to make it a safer
Capital Region

I was able to receive treatment quickly and was able to return to work immediately.
Capital Region

The delays associated with the insurance carriers approved medical treatments has greatly
exacerbated the length of time I have been unable to return to my job.
Capital Region

Ins. company rule in Menands all on backs of injured workers. They lie they violate HIPPA
privacy. I canceled an appt. one week ahead tried to reschedule ins. company told Dr. to let it
stand as a no show. All reform means is no fair comp. All with the blessings of so called
Capital Region

The process is frustrating. It feels as if your set-up to fail because the safety rule is ignored by
employer and I fear others will get hurt too. Let's hope not...
Capital Region 10/117
It's ridiculous
4/18/2018 to have a hearing over a forty two Comments
dollar prescription
From the Injured Worker Survey
New York City

I was injured at work and after 1 year I lost my job. I was forced to apply for SSDI and found
to be 100%Disabled after having back surgery was later examined by an IME and using the
same information as the federal doctor and judge, he found me to be 75% disabled. I then
received a Functional capacity exam by the IME and my own surgeon with basically the same
results except I was found to be sedentary by the IME and less than sedentary by my surgeon.
Now this appears to me as a catch 22 introduced by the insurance company and workers comp
in an attempt to violate an injured workers right .(ie100% or 75% disabled) or (sedentary or
less than sedentary).It appears to me that the law judge should be given all information so that
he is able to make an informed decision.
Mohawk Valley

My accident was in 2002. Worker's Comp Dr. said I was fit to work. I worked in pain up until
2010 worsening my back problems. I couldn't move without pain. I began the worker's comp
process again. As of today W.C has gradually lowered my WC payments and currently am not
even receiving complete medical benefits. Even my pain medications are being denied. I am
unhappy with the compensation received.
New York City

The independent medical examiners are horrible. They lie about your conditions, to reduce or
cut off benefits. They stop important treatments and leave the patient suffering.
New York City

It is all very complicated and upsetting and stressful. All the hearings are always a waste of
time always postponed they never have info files together. Always passing the buck.
New York City

WC personnel treated me with the utmost of respect it was my employer we had the problem
New York City

From the ambulance to lower back injections and treatments, the benefit has been A-OK.
Thank you
New York City

So far so good.
New York City

You are very helpful every time I call.

New York City

I personally feel that the board and or the insurers do what they can to delay as much as
possible. Obviously no one wants to pay and I get that there are those that abuse the system. It
is not fare to those that have to wait long even though medical reports and evidence is shown. It
has been almost two years, and I am still fighting. They have recognized that It was all work
related. Quality of life does not have a price and those that are at fault should be held
responsible. My experience had been long, frustrating, depressing. Employers lie and will do
and say anything to cover them up. They lie when they are filling out the yearly paper work in
order to not pay as much. In my case, I leave it in the hands of God. I like to thank you for the
new treatment guidelines. With these new guidelines taking away chiropractor treatments I
have had to go on stronger medications. I just wonder what you’re so high and almighty
experts will come up with next. You can bet on that I and others in the same boat as me are not
going to benefit. I wish that you would think of us people that have been injured as human
beings not just a number. These insurance companies should not have so much say and control
on my care. My case is not new; I was injured over 25 years ago.
New York City 11/117
I do have
4/18/2018 to say that I get better answers from customer
From the than
do mySurvey
own attorney.
Every time I call they have been knowledgeable and if they didn't know the answer they would
find out and get back to me while waiting.
Long Island

I don't think that it is fair for a person to have to wait 12 weeks for a dispute in lower payment
amount. People have to live on that money and bills don't wait!! I felt like everything was a
game. Doctor and Attorney say all papers filed, comp board would say don't have until they
actually look. I am thankful for your advocacy number.
Western New York

I am 3 months past time I should have received treatment and medication, would appreciate if
treatment could have been given in duration waiting for WC to make decisions. Doctor's office
has problems getting matter resolved.
Western New York

After my 1st surgery the Dr. found a fractured tibia. My Dr. said he needed an MRI prior to
surgery. I have now had 10 surgeries. Now when my 3 doctors say something is needed, I just
have the Dr.s write the seriousness of the situation.
Western New York

Too long of a walk to get to court in Ellicott Square building. Injured clients shouldn't have to
walk that far.
Western New York

It's been a nightmare.

Western New York

My WC carrier is petty and cruel. They fight everything and act as I am faking, even after three
spinal fusions and twelve years. The board, my lawyers and doctors have been amazing. On a
second note, for a government body that deals with injured and disabled people, there should be
ample parking (disabled), and comfortable seating.
Western New York

I know my application was late but no one helped me from the union or approached me while I
was hospitalized having 5 surgeries in 2 years. I had little time to think about anything.
North Country

I don't feel a WCB hearing should be necessary when both parties are in total agreement on an
North Country

This entire process has been quite an ordeal. It seems like I go to court it is rescheduled then I
have to wait additional time for anything to be done. It was not my fault I got hurt at work. I
tried for years to get things changed so this would not happen. Now I have lost a fantastic job, a
great deal of money and have the frustration of dealing with WC. I do think the biggest
problem has been the incompetence of the insurance company.
Central New York

It's been a long struggle and I am very thankful to have been receiving it through the years. I
have encountered some people who tried to advise as to how to fake the systems, these people
ought to be stopped, but how, sometimes I wished I could be a spokesperson for comp and go
to work places and tell the values and importance of honesty to this system. I am so thankful
for all your help!
Central New York

IME doctors need to be reviewed.

Central New York 12/117
They have
4/18/2018 not been helpful to a person who almost died at
Comments work
From has all
the Injured the Survey
Worker evidence and they
still question my injuries.
Central New York

Dealing with the carrier has been a nightmare. IME providers are prejudiced toward carrier and
either ignores information beneficial to injured party or outright lie.
Central New York

The WCB once they saw me handled my case very well. My employers ins co blocked
everything including my treatment. Very happy with the WCB and their help for making the ins
co get me treatment.
New York City

My boss and supervisor did not follow policy and procedures as per joint commission to fill out
injury report and send me to the Doctor. The denied me my right!! And no one looked into
New York City

Lost wages not received yet.

New York City

I would like the judge and attorney to speak/explain our cases in everyday language. Not in the
Legal terms and stop agreeing with the company's attorney.
New York City

It took too long for the ins to pay the lump sum.
New York City

Why do they do my case before I come in?

New York City

Satisfied with present process.

New York City

The new guidelines for medical care do not seem to help the permanently partially disabled
who are in constant pain. Since there is only temporary relief the insurance carrier denies any
recommended treatment my doctor complete forms for. Than it goes to WCB for a hearing. Ins
Carrier randomly stops paying wages/disability. Every year prescriptions are denied and have
to make a phone call to get them refilled. There is no treatment for chronic care for the injured
Western New York

It has been a year now since I have been hurt and during that time I have receive no
compensation at all. I tried to do my job, but the pain was so bad that I had to quit, not that I
wanted to but I could not do it anymore. If it wasn't for that big construction dumpster being
uncovered this would not have happed and I still would be working.
Western New York

It took 4 months to get approval for a back operation, and it has been a year since filing for
reimb. of medical travel expenses still not received. I was also shorted on my reduced earnings
benefits from last year and still have not received them. It takes too long to get a hearing, and if
the judge is in a hurry to get to the next case and some issues were not on the table to originally
be discussed, then I have had to wait for a new hearing to get myself heard.
Western New York

Not very good at times.

Western New York 13/117
If adequate
4/18/2018 information and comp benefits were Comments
thenthepersonal decisions
Injured Worker Survey made would
have been better handled.
Western New York

I feel the local WCB is not working in my best interest, but the interest of the insurance
company. I had to have a knee replacement due to my employer’s negligence. I was awarded
my surgery by the Judge, but didn't receive the post-surgery medical treatment required so that
I could have as full of a recovery as possible, because the insurance company put in an appeal
on the surgery. Throughout my whole injury the IME doctor stated I was at a moderate rate of
improvement even though all medical test show I needed the replacement. The IME also found
me at a moderate rate even though I didn't receive proper physical therapy and pain medication
post-surgery. Now my benefits have been suspended because I fail to look for employment. I
have had several on the job injuries due to my employers' negligence, to where I have several
permanent partial disabilities. I have addressed this with my attorney as to why I haven't looked
for work. I can't work & have been found permanently disabled by the Social Security
Administration. I feel the judge, the insurance company attorneys & the some of the workers'
attorneys are in bed together, so the injured worker loses in the end
New York City

The fact that I have to drive over 75 miles to get to a hearing because you closed the Hornell
hearing site is horrible. I don't have the money to drive to hearings that far away, I'm getting
very little compensation; usually it comes late from the carrier. Now I have to use almost an
entire check to drive to Rochester for the hearing. Unbelievable.
Southern Tier

My employer actively discouraged me from filing a claim. They also paraphrased the
description of my accident from my Incident report (filled out by myself), minimizing the
extent of my injuries and causing questions as to the responsible party for my fall. Employer’s
poor maintenance of previously reported hazards on their property results in dangerous
conditions for employees and general public. The judge at my hearing ruled in my favor and
my employer's ins. is still denying claims over one week after the hearing, leaving me very
worried about how my expenses will get paid.
Western New York

Been out of work since 10/16/13, have not had surgery yet, had to wait to come here. Just want
to not have to take pain meds, have my surgery and return to work. I would like to hold my one
year old grandbaby and sleep through the night.
Western New York

It's BS how injured workers are sent to different IME's until they get the answers the comp
board wants to hear. I was sent to the same IME twice who agreed with my doctor on degree of
disability and a second who said less. How many dr's will I have to go to until the board is
satisfied with the extent of my injuries.
Western New York

At one point I was without income for one year. I came for a hearing because I was not to my
doctor in the allotted comp time limits. I was withheld income for one year. I didn't have a
lawyer but got one with in the week and went to the doctor within that week, and was still
withheld income. I would have gone to my doctor appointments but apparently it was an error
in scheduling my appts.
Western New York

I am very disappointed with the ins co that denies every treatment that works for me, only to
push more toxic pills and delays treatments. I know ins co play the time game in hopes that
victim dies or gives up before having to pay up.
Western New York 14/117
If there
4/18/2018is no appeal than I am happy with my experience. Allthe
Comments From I know I haveSurvey
Injured Worker been in pain for
too long without getting treatment. Just my opinion. I also feel like my pain doesn't matter to
Western New York

After a year and a half and being denied for lost salary and injuries, if it were any slower I
would be in big trouble.
Western New York

Has been 2 years since injury never received lost wages and have had to pay for my own
medications most of the time. I am unable to find local doctor to take comp so have to drive
one hour.
Western New York

I was satisfied with the people that helped me in the Watertown office.
Western New York

Everyone is always professional and helpful in every aspect of worker's comp - except for my
ex-employer who should be more respectful of my need after 26 years of service.
Western New York

It takes a week to 10 days to get new meds approved. Too long.

Western New York

It takes too long to get back to work.

Western New York

Overall Okay experience. Thank you

Western New York

Thank you so much WCB.

Western New York

The insurance company is not accountable for any Law Judge decision. They continue to not
pay my providers, my medications or anything that has to do with my case. At least every 3
months they miss a payment. They do not return calls. It is unfortunate that this insurance
continues to operate in that manner. When a complaint is called in to the workers compensation
office, I was told that they can only pass a decision but they are unable to enforce it. I think that
the worker compensation board should institute violations with monetary fees for such
behavior by an insurance carrier. Patients are suffering waiting for therapy because the
insurance company fails to pay. The patients are then turned away because grant it no one
wants to work for free... My experience dealing with the workers compensation is frustration.
The laws change to help the injured worker instead it seems to me its helped no one. Just more
red tape and paper work.
Hudson Valley

The benefits are not enough to sustain ones self on and to have those suspended for nearly a
year because I missed a hearing over the phone testimony, due to my cell phone being stolen
prior to my trial date. This occurred in 2013. To this date,I have not received monetary benefits
from worker's compensation--$325.72 every two weeks!! Nor have I been given a new hearing
date to explain my absence in the only hearing I have ever missed, since 2005! It is February
2014!! Shame on Worker's Compensation Judge adjudicating my case as well as the Board for
allowing it to happen. I no longer have transportation. Lost that two months after my benefits
were suspended, my health has gotten far worse, and I'm still looking for work as my worker's
compensation case stipulates, with less resources and increased poor health, due no longer
having those necessities makes one's condition far worse...... NOT better.
Out-of-State 15/117
4/18/2018 try to dispute everything on a case instead of working
Comments From thewith anWorker
Injured injured person who is
truly trying to stay at work. They cause needless delays in treatment and payments!
Western New York

Unable to receive reimbursement for out of pocket medical treatment. Loss my family home
because of this ! Attorney ignores questions. Hearings ended with indecision. And then, when
the same hearing requests are rescheduled, they are put off by insurance company so the
original requests never get addressed . I'm sickened by the lack of support an injured worker
receives. Especially one whom went to work and continued to work even after employer fired
said worker when trying to return to original job of 12 years!

It was totally impossible to reach anybody on the phone when it came to trying to call workers
compensation board. If it wasn't for my lawyers I would have been totally on my own in trying
to receive what I was owed. I actually went six weeks without pay and nobody cared!!!
Long Island

The entire NYS WC system is a failure. I'm disabled from a degenerative disease in addition to
WC. But WC requires I look for work. I am unable to work at all due to the other injuries that
arose after my comp case was filed. Everyone was paid except the person who is injured
because I have to drop my comp case over the work requirement. Lawyers paid, paralegals
paid, judge paid, carrier paid, IME doctor paid, my doctor paid. Me? I'm lying here, home from
my $80K job being treated like I don't want to work. We're leaving this horrible state to the
liberals. NC here I come.
Hudson Valley

It took over 6 months to get a notice for hearing and I didn't receive any lost wages yet.
New York City

Takes to long to close cases.

New York City

If hearings didn't take so long to get I probably wouldn't be in such bad shape with my injuries.
New York City

Going through this process is one of the biggest hassle and headache I have ever had.
New York City

I got hurt in 2011 which took 5 months for me to receive a paycheck. They then proceeded to
send me to various IM which their doctors told outrageous lies. At the end they knock my
money down to 175 per week which welfare gives more money. I hand no choice to go back to
work 11/12 lasted until 4/13 waited another 4 months for my pay. Saw surgeon on 8/30/13 was
notified of surgery was needed and here we are today 12/6/13 no surgery unbelievable pain.
Now they want to suspend my money. All I did was put my life in front of someone else’s and I
am still suffering 2 years later.
New York City

WCB has tried to resolve my issues, but been a tedious process and very unappealing.
Insurance company was very hard to deal with, very disappointed in the whole process.
Central New York

The WC doctor got most of the info on my report wrong including but not limited to my
gender, medical history and complaint!
New York City

For going through this along it has been very frustrating. No explanation as to why or how
payment amount are figured or why they were lower.
Central New York 16/117
I wish
my pay was better averaged and compensated
4/18/2018 for, From
Comments it's very hardWorker
the Injured to survive
Survey these days
everything is going up, up, up and up.
Central New York

Since I have been hurt my employer has purchased better equipment. If medical decisions were
made sooner, maybe I could have gone back to my job.
Central New York

The Ins. Carriers are very crooked.

Central New York

My medical bills and treatments are always contested by ins. carrier.

Central New York

This has been the worst experience I have ever had dealt with and have not received any help
what so ever from WC and my employer.
Western New York

It seems that the Ins Carriers has the advantage. The system is too much in favor of the
employer. The employer should hold more of a monetary responsibility. The IME system is a
joke, they bring in high end doctors and they say what the Ins carrier wants them to say so they
get more exams. The exam is not totally independent.
Western New York

I would have appreciated better access to all the steps in the processes of my claim and a full
detailed instruction list of what steps I need to take and who I needed to contact for and during
the claim.
Western New York

The Workers' Compensation Board was helpful. Employer also provided needed information in
the beginning to set up the case. However, the insurance company was terrible. They sent me to
doctor that lies and they tried to mess up my transportation to the doctors’ appointments and
they almost never pick up the phone.
New York City

Need to be more informative about new regulations and rules regarding time lines, degree of
disability and resolving case disputes in a timely manner.
Western New York

Need easier access for disabled people.

Western New York

I don't know if you think everybody is lying about their injury but some people are not lying
about what happen. Everyone should be treated with 100% respect and should get whatever
treatment available for them. You shouldn't have to wait for the ins carriers approval of the
treatment. It took about 16 months for approve of physical therapy.
Western New York

It's not WC it's the Ins. Carrier not caring and trying to fight the judges decision. If I didn’t
comply I lose everything.
Western New York

Keep up the good work and fair practice.

Western New York

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you.

Western New York 17/117
I would
like to see the WCB go back to the location
4/18/2018 in Lockport,
Comments NY Worker Survey
From the Injured
Western New York

I had knee surgery over 3years ago and my pain has never subsided, in fact it’s getting worse
and my good knee now is taking the brunt of my laborious work duties. Orthrovisc injections
,physical therapy and meds have kept me working, but once the insurance company decided
that my condition hasn't improved, they denied further injections and pt. Now I am in extreme
pain and take more time off from work than ever before. Why doesn't the board understand that
some people will never get better, but treatment at least keep the injured working in a lesser
degree of pain rather than make them suffer to the point that they can't go on anymore. I'm a
single home owner and need to work, but at times I feel I won’t make it the 2 plus years till
retirement. The board doesn't feel the claimants pain, only the one who is injured does. They
need to listen to the medical providers giving the necessary care more than the ins. carrier or
their set-up independent (sure) medical examiner, which is a sham. Thanks for making me
Long Island

When I came the first time to settle my claim I never even saw a Judge, I waited for two hours
and the next thing I knew my Lawyer's Aid came out and told me it was taken care of. But not
to my satisfaction being told my lost finger was only worth $250.00. Later on only to learn that
I had to go through the whole process to get at least my continued medical coverage. Which If I
did not continue this I would not have gotten.
Long Island

I wish the day I got hurt never happened. This is the worst system. I was 48 when it happened.
Now I am 51 and still fighting to get surgery on Back and Knee.
Long Island

Carriers reject the Judges decisions too many times.

Long Island

Need to settle claims faster.

Hudson Valley

After initial treatment, it is almost impossible to get additional necessary treatments without a
tremendous amount of paperwork by the provider and they don't want to do it anymore. It takes
too long (months) to get approval for additional treatment. Lots of pain and no relief. Your
system is in a lot of pain.
Hudson Valley

Doctor's wanted to do surgery. I chose not to, due to procedures they had done didn't work for
me. After refusing to do so, I was forced from the practice and they refused to refill scripts.
(Said testing showed no meds) Causing me to go into withdraw. I went back to my primary
care physician, where he found all meds. I have had to keep working due to comp benefits
wouldn't cover bills at home.
North Country

Terrible experience, been out of work since July because WC is so slow.

North Country

It's a long process.

North Country

It was quite the process and I am glad it’s coming to an end.

North Country 18/117
It is still
4/18/2018 an ongoing process (15 months) while my attorney(s)
Comments From theare great
Injured theySurvey
Worker are bound by the
workmans comp laws....this injury has bankrupted me and NO ONE seems to give a damn! I
have been waiting for approval for surgery for many months. In the meantime the board listens
to the opposing attorney and gives no regard to the employee that has lost their job, wages etc.
because of an injury that should have never happened!! Hopefully my filling out this survey
will not delay the process any more than it has already been delayed.
Hudson Valley

Very long and drawn out. I have been treated all the way from great to terrible. I would like to
say it was all bad but some of your Judges have offered some suggestions which helped me in
the past. Right now I am still fighting for a problem (comp case) in 1997. With a health
problem, I probably won't see the end of this.
Western New York

My employer made it clear that filing a claim would result in not having any available work for
me, sure enough they kept their word even though there was plenty of work I could have done.
It's pretty sad we have to fear our jobs when injured!
Western New York

The Initial Adjuster as well as the Board seem to take an honest interest for my wellbeing and
my concerns. The board was open and honest. The staff was friendly. Thank you
Western New York

I need therapy for my left hand and they still haven't approved it yet. It took five months for
them to give me therapy for my right shoulder. I don't think that's right.
Western New York

WC is a difficult process especially if you are not familiar with health care or have a head
injury. I think it would be helpful to have an advocate assigned to your case to help answer
questions or walk you through the forms and requirements of the injured worker.
Western New York

Two years is ridiculous. The process should move much faster. Waiting a year for surgery
probably caused my loss of motion percentage to be high.
Western New York

I am satisfied with my whole experience with WCB.

Western New York

Over all am satisfied.

Western New York

The system is broken. You have to jump through hoops to get a hearing. The forms are much
more complicated than they used to be and doctors don't want to fill them out. Seems like that
may be the point, to get doctors out of the system. Every change that has been instituted has
been to the detriment of the injured worker, especially these new medical guidelines that limit
New York City

I hope to never have to go through this again.

New York City

When a case is closed, the Board should notify the claimant and make sure that the claimant is
New York City 19/117
did things to cause problems for drugs, wage
4/18/2018 income
Comments From statements andSurvey
the Injured Worker canceled doctor’s
suggestions in the case.
Western New York

Carrier and their doctors are not doing their jobs. The system is losing money.
New York City

Horrible Horrible decision to close Geneva hearing point - now I have to drive over 90 miles to
go to a hearing!!!
Western New York

My employer operated illegally; hence, he didn't have WC insurance. My case had to go to the
UEF. My injury was on 3/8/13, today is 11/19/13. I have not received ANY MONIES at this
point. It would occur to me that the state could afford me some funds until those who are
responsible are reprimanded. Once the responsible party is found, they can pay the state back.
Western New York

The process takes too long.

New York City

New York City

The WCB could provide guidelines, on how the system works, to get help or your award.
Employer and insurance company are there to misguide you all the way.
New York City

Doctor's that do medical examination for patients are not being honest about some of the things
they claim to do when they complete the medical evaluation. They are not willing to allow
patient to explain how they are feeling, they'll cut you off before you finish trying to explain
where hurt or other changes you are experiencing. Some people may be playing games,
however, some people are really hurting and are honest.
New York City

Case took 17 years, exorbitant amount of time to schedule hearings, insufficient time in actual
hearing to resolve major issues, numerous judges and a few made exceptions which did support
previous orders and decisions, did not acknowledge and willfully ignored half of the injuries on
my case.
North Country

WC doctor's rush you in examine room DO NOT thoroughly examine me you and make big
mistakes regarding loss of use. Furthermore they make your case linger until you are in debt so
much that you settle.
New York City

Three months waiting for a hearing is too much. Ins. Co. likes to delay hearings. The Ins. Co.
likes to change the rules when things don't go their way.
New York City

Please improve the process and time frame for physical therapy authorization and payment of
lost wages. Thank you for the assistance that was provided.
New York City

No one really cares about anyone.

New York City 20/117
The process
4/18/2018 is not clear and requires do many visits bothFrom
Comments to doctor's
the Injuredand WCSurvey
Worker office. There
seems to be a disconnect between doctor's making decisions. It takes too long to get to the
judge for case to be heard.
New York City

I have no complaints everything went fine. I never went out of work I did light duty.
North Country

I have had nothing but problems in every aspect of my workers comp case.
Central New York

It appears that workers comp benefits the employer and the insurance carrier over the welfare
of the injured employee.
Central New York

My complaint is with the insurance adjustor. This has been the worst treatment any one can be
Central New York

It would help if they could get the dates of injury correct!

Central New York

Fell on ice in freezing rain. Also apparently, my paperwork got misplaced and my court date
took over TWO MONTHS to receive and that I believe was unreasonable.
Central New York

If it wasn't for my attorney, I would not have any idea at all what to do. Without him, I did not
know what benefits I was entitled to.
Central New York

WCB was great it was the employer who wasn't.

Western New York

Thanks to the people who abuse. It makes it suck for the rest of us who do the right thing.
Western New York

I have not had a good experience at all.

Western New York

This claim was totally mishandled by everyone involved.

Western New York

I'm still waiting to settle. It's been almost 3 years.

Western New York

I am pleased with actions taken up to this point.

Western New York

Too complicated to get care you need. So I have to pay for it myself.
Western New York

It takes way too long for a hearing. I'm not getting my meds or pay and it's taking two months
to get a hearing.
Western New York

When I would call, it would take weeks to get through to my contact. Although I'm not sure if
they worked for workers comp or one of the several companies I had to go through.
Finger Lakes 21/117
I think
my place of employment could have helped
4/18/2018 me out
Comments more.
From the Injured Worker Survey
Western New York

It took way too long for everything.

Western New York

Need better communication between all parties.

Western New York

Every procedure or surgery as well as all medication was approved promptly to minimize my
discomfort. All of my checks have come on time.
Western New York

I do not agree with the constant nonsense pertaining to IME"s and opposed attorneys against
me, it appears that the laws may not be fair or balanced in general. Independent examiners
should be completely INDEPENDANT.
Western New York

This case should have been resolved months ago. It is now 9 months later.
Western New York

You are at the mercy of the ins. co. and it is not fair to the claimant who is in pain and has to
wait for approval for a medication you've been taking. You took away pain and suffering
benefits, the least you could do is make sure we get medicine on time when it's needed we
shouldn't have to wait more than one week.
Western New York

I am still in the beginning of my journey with WC. I have seen the doctor and have had
physical therapy. I have not received any WC money I am still working although with reduced
Western New York

Not to be critical but I feel that my WC has dragged their feet on many of medical care needs.
Takes very long time to get treatments approved. They are rude when you call to ask questions,
my lawyer/paralegal has stated the same. My Rx's are still pending on meds that clearly state
"Do not stop this medication quickly". Carrier is not very efficient.
Western New York

The system failed me!!

Western New York

Totally disgusted with insurance company(s) as far as lost wages payments (none yet) and slow
medical care. The WCB has been great!
Finger Lakes

It was not the comp board but the insurance company went 1 year before they did anything. I
went a year before I could lift my arm over my head because the ins. company was putting it
off, putting it off, etc...
Finger Lakes

It's a great system, program of insurance, for any American worker that becomes injured.
Protect the rights of the employee and employer on equal basis. I am very content about my
Finger Lakes

4/18/2018 York City Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

It has been bad, the ins. co. is the worst ever, and the Comp Board was OK.
Western New York

It's not the greatest. The staff is great.

Western New York

First attorney gave me bad advice.

Western New York

I am very unsatisfied with this process, the new laws that went into effect were extremely
damaging to my overall health and I am going downhill. I feel like there isn't any help from
anyone and this has gone on for so long without resolve that it is ridiculous. My mental health
is also suffering and memory is suffering and yet no end or help.
Western New York

They don't work for you, I been here 3 1/2 years on something that could have been done
Central New York

I've been going through this since Dec. of 2006 and here now in 2014 there is still no ending,
and it is a bit much and for what?
Central New York

My experience with the insurance company has been going on for almost 25 years. I got hurt
on the job at 8:10 a.m., February 21, 1989. Have had 6 surgeries and really case still is not
settled. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
Central New York

My 1st case has not been handled in a timely manner it took over 1 1/2 years before it was in
motion for surgery causing other injuries.
North Country

I have had a very good experience with WC.

North Country

I felt I would have gained more out of longer P.T. sessions, I felt I was cut off from therapy too
soon due to the WCB guidelines.
North Country

I have received good care and response time due to my injury or injuries and have been very
pleased with my case.
North Country

There should be a policy and procedure handbook. I did not fully understand my rights or how
to navigate the WC process.
North Country

When I hurt my back in 2003, the work place was not a very good place to work. I had 3 fellow
workers looking out the window when I fell to the ground. No one came out to help me. No
one was a team player. This has changed my life. I cannot do the things that I did before.
North Country

It's a rough experience but attorney and comp board were great.
Finger Lakes 23/117
My medical
4/18/2018 treatments have been great but my lost wageFrom
Comments information was never
the Injured Worker Survey relayed to me
the board. I didn't know my rights until I received legal assistance.
Finger Lakes

The last IME doctor I saw was very arrogant and not professional. I was seen for 10 minutes.
Finger Lakes

I have worked for my employer for over 22 years. I would retire from there if I could. My
comp ins. co. has made me feel like a piece of crap. I have had to be put on meds for
depression. I feel that the comp board is for the ins. co. and not fair! This has been my worst
experience ever!
Finger Lakes

Overall positive.
Finger Lakes

Every day I go to work my employer and risk my life protecting it and feel that system not only
failed me but because how it was handled, has made my medical situation worse.
New York City

This is the most incompetent, poorly managed, poorly organized government organization I
have ever worked with, professionally or personally, and should be shut down. Apart from the
obvious corruption, the Board Panel can't keep track of the logistics of files, and is patently
incapable of applying Workers Compensation Law, which is probably because they are
government appointees with insufficient medical or legal training. It is utterly disgraceful, and
also not ADA compliant. This is the most horrible experience for a disabled person possible.
Western New York

Worst experience I have ever had.

Western New York

I am still waiting on a decision by a judge and no one has taken action and it is affecting me
and my family. I haven't received any payments in 10 months. I'm still waiting and like I've
said before it is affecting me and my family in a very negative way but what can I do but wait
that's what I'm always told. This is something that needs to be addressed and fixed. Waiting on
decisions by judges is hurting a lot of people. Family are getting evicted out there homes
because they don't have the funds to pay rent when their funds are held up because a decision
by a judge...
New York City

Continued dispute means the case will take longer to get MRI to then determine my ability to
return to work.
Finger Lakes

When I first got hurt I did not know what type of Dr. to go to. All the Drs. I went to did not
take workers comp and wanted money up front. I didn't know who to ask.
Finger Lakes

Had a little bit of difficulty restarting my case after it closed due to difficult circumstances.
Finger Lakes

Hudson Valley

I felt embarrassed and hurt every time I came here. I feel like everyone looks me like I'm a liar
and a thief although I have a medical file a mile high saying that I am and was hurt at work. All
I ever wanted to do is work and now I can't.
Finger Lakes 24/117
I wish
I died rather than be put through this.
4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Finger Lakes

Overall the comp board has been helpful. My insurance carrier has been nothing short of
Finger Lakes

Any issue I've had has had to do with the insurance company.
Finger Lakes

It's been a long process.

Finger Lakes

I keep getting a bill from the Hospital for x-rays that were done for my injury.
Finger Lakes

I don't feel the MTG's support the injured party, more for the insurance co. and lawyers benefit.
Finger Lakes

Workers’ Comp board has been amazing but the carrier does nothing but harass for no reason.
Finger Lakes

The doctors that evaluated me for workers comp were unjust and unfair.
Finger Lakes

The WCB has been very helpful - It is the third party administrator that is causing the problem.
Finger Lakes

The comp carrier leaves a lot to be desired. They were next to impossible to work with.
Finger Lakes

I keep hearing about vocational training; however can find no help/info on doing it.
Finger Lakes

Thanks for all your help and assistance.

Capital Region

It has been 2 months since I was hurt and haven't received a dime yet. Then was told I was
denied 17 days when I did everything I was told to do. I faxed up my documents and now
waiting to hear back from case worker. How do you wait 2 months without paying your bills?
This is ridiculous!! I am currently back to work thank God and will get a paycheck before
workman's comp. I thought workman's comp was supposed to substitute your pay when you are
home hurt? My human resources gave all the information 2 days after the accident. Just
frustrated because I can't pay my bills and if I had kids I wouldn't have been able to put food on
the table ...extremely disappointed and frustrated. Been working 30yrs w/o incident and the
first time I use workman's comp I get jerked around and can't even get a call back after several
Hudson Valley

Workers comp doctors can be closer to where you live.

Capital Region

It's not good.

Capital Region

Workman's compensation is helpful. Jobs insurance is a hassle.

Capital Region 25/117
The way
4/18/2018 the comp Doctors over rule my DoctorsComments
reading all the
the Injured reports
Worker Surveyis ridiculous.
Capital Region

Too slow, 3 years 9 months fighting a case. Appeals board is even worse.
Capital Region

It was ok but a very long slow process.

Capital Region

The system runs like DMV used to 40 years ago. The judges seem honest and fair but are
handcuffed by having to adhere to case law instead of common sense. They do a great job
against impossible circumstances. There should be an advocate from the WCB, separate from
both attorneys, who would actually have the injured person’s interests at stake. As opposed to
the system we have now. No one is caring about my interests or well-being, no one.
Capital Region

Unfortunately the entire process in my case was a total disaster to put it mildly. I was out of
work with no income for over 3 month before I ever received any benefits, the personnel at the
insurance company was horrible to try and work with or even get ahold of, they never returned
a phone call and I have never spoke to an actual person at the insurance company regarding my
claim. Once I finally did receive benefits they were not in the full amount. I am still currently
owed over 1000.00 in lost wages. I submitted medical bills I was required to pay out of pocket
because the Dr. stated workers compensation did not cover the prescribed treatment I was to
receive- I have never been reimbursed. I was told due to being 75% disabled towards the end of
my disability that I had to look for a second job to make up for the 25% of income lost at my
regular employer, once I did- I have never heard again from anyone at workers compensation
until last week, they wanted to let me know that I now have to go for a hearing. I just have to
say that if this program is my tax dollars hard at work- I deserve a refund.
Southern Tier

My injury was 8/19/13 I only received 100 per week starting in October as a result I have not
been able to pay any of my bills. I am being evicted from my home Dec. 24th 2013. My car is
in repossession status not a good experience. It has increased my level of stress I was admitted
to the hospital due to increased blood pressure and chest pains. I have nowhere to go and no
money to get there if I did. Please work so this does not happened to anyone else.
Long Island

Doctors excellent, WCB excellent, Ins. Company and employer - worst experience
Long Island

Terrible. No communication or cooperation from attorneys. I received no wages up to present

time, 8 weeks etc. I had pain and suffering more than one year after injury physically more ill
now than before.
Long Island

I believe I should have received more than $40 a week for loss of 20 hours I used to work. This
didn't compensate 1/2 my pay at all.
Long Island

Was very upset that my comp was taken away, right before Christmas because of a report from
a doctor that saw me twice and never really examined me. I was told by the Dr. that WC sent
me to that I was still 67% disabled.
Southern Tier

Don't know what I'm going to do now, for the rest of my life.
Southern Tier 26/117
I was not
4/18/2018 able to continue with physical therapy Comments
because From
the proper authorizations
the Injured Worker Survey were not
completed to insure payment to the therapy group.
Southern Tier

My loss of hearing fell below your number but I need a hearing aid so I can hear my son sing at
school. Then I had to take the cash, my attorney said it was all you are getting.
Southern Tier

There was very poor communication between workers compensation and myself. When I called
to ask questions about myself, they were not very co-operative and open with giving me
Southern Tier

NY workers' comp system seems to be fair and just so far. Insurance carriers and big company
employers seem to have an attitude that they can do whatever and whenever they want. This is
regardless of New York Comp or employee needs.
Southern Tier

Was not good, fought insurance to get all treatment. Insurance company agents were rude;
workers' comp people were pleasant.
Southern Tier

Very disappointed you do not recognize the V.A. hospital and also the abruptness to discontinue
my physical and cognitive therapy.
Southern Tier

Everyone involved has been helpful and understanding.

Southern Tier

The Workers' Comp Board swiftly resolved the miscommunications in my claim.

Southern Tier

I have found it to be a very frustrating experience. I feel if I had been able to have the surgery I
needed much sooner the damage wouldn't be as bad.
Southern Tier

It took time to receive my lost wages other than that I have nothing to add.
Long Island

My experience with work compensation was that they give me hard time for physical therapy,
especially when it’s cold. I didn’t ask for anything except PT and treatment.
Long Island

It is extremely difficult dealing with case worker and insurance company. My calls and emails
not returned in a timely manner. I am constantly fighting for lost wages and checks. It has been
a very stressful situation.
Long Island

It took over six months for them to authorize a MRI. That means I went six months
misdiagnosed and suffering needlessly and being treated by therapist and chiropractors which
could have done more damage in the process. Now they tell me that I'm only allowed 10 visits
to therapist and chiropractors per year which means after those visits are used up I just have to
suffer with the pain or pay out of pocket. Another big problem is that many doctors and
surgeons do not accept workers comp anymore and I keep getting switched to new doctors.
This really makes me doubt the quality of care I am receiving. The doctors say it’s not worth it
for them to take comp cases because of all the red tape in the care they give and the billing 27/117
4/18/2018 is so bad that it takes forever to get paid,Comments
if they ever do,Injured
From the and itWorker
up way too much
of their billers time to the point that they are losing money.
Western New York

My husband has been deceased for 4 years and my case has been in the courts for over 3 years.
If the carrier is disputing or dragging this out why isn't the judge stepping in at some point. A
settlement was at one point approved and then rescinded.
Western New York

The settlement hearing was a horrible experience. The lawyer for my insurance was rude and
disrespectful. I'm a sixty year old woman who hurt her neck and lower back. I have bad days
more than good days. I was informed that I have to join the work force for my benefits. I don't
understand how my hearing was about my education and work experience not my injuries.
New York City

WC is very mysterious and not good at communication. I had no idea what to expect or what
my rights were. A client manual would be great. I also had difficulty finding WC advocacy
center in Schenectady.
Western New York

The procedure takes too long.

Western New York

It was horrible.
Western New York

Not happy with IME

Western New York

My experience was fine. My husband's experience has been rather difficult - no communication
effort on Comp's part; a different adjustor every month; when hearings are scheduled, comp
had not sent in proper paperwork to the doctors so tests can be performed. We feel that comp
has been dragging their feet on his case so to speak.
Western New York

It took ten weeks for first payment which was at reduced rate and another 3 weeks for hearing
and an additional 3 weeks for retro payment. Prescription refills were denied, prescriptions
were denied, and tests were denied. It was a very stressful ordeal on top of pain for injury.
There should be assistance for someone with impaired writing ability to fill out forms. WC
judge was pleasant and fair.
Western New York

I would say it has been an exhausting 9 + years and appears to be a stagnant process. Without
cost of living adjustments and carrier's slowness in responses have not only been frustrating but
also mentally draining. They have a tendency to change case managers without any notification
to claimants at least in my experience.
Western New York

I thought everything took too long. They fought me every step. The Workers Comp case
worker never returned any calls until I got a lawyer.
Western New York

My checks are NEVER issued on time I wait 25 days in between receiving a check that's
supposed to be automatically issued to me every two weeks and this is disgusting.
Southern Tier

Every time I called they answered my questions promptly, never has a problem.
New York City 28/117
4/18/2018takes too long. Lawyers play games; insurance
From theunderstand
Injured Workerthe pain and
suffering the injured goes through.
New York City

Every physician needs authorization or letter to see if case still open. I am in pain and can't see
Drs. They make me wait for authorization to see if case still open!! STILL WAITING
New York City


New York City

Process is taking 5 yrs. too long, from 2008 to present.

New York City

I would like to comment. I don't want to shame my lawyer.

New York City

My Workers Compensation experience was a very experienced worker helping me along the
way, so I could understand the process of workers comp.
New York City

I had to wait the maximum timeframe for all five surgeries and the carrier did not respond at all
so the comp board made the decision to have surgeries. I was out of work for five years and
could not work. I received $25,000 dollars in five year's $5,000 a year, which ruined my life,
credit and still have severe pain and discomfort everyday with no treatment. I am not a fan of
the whole system or where the surgeries took place. I also made $30,000 dollars at my job
which five years injured didn't pay one year's salary.
Western New York

I may have to return to work before I am well enough.

Western New York

Western New York

I was very disappointed when the Canton office was closed. The winter traveling is dangerous
to say the least. Anyone that has to deal with the comp board has obviously been injured in the
past and know we are being put into a dangerous situation just trying to get to Watertown in the
winter weather. Canton was so much easier for anyone in Ogdensburg, Massena, Malone and
surrounding villages, who had to have a trial with the comp board. Please rethink your decision
to close the Canton office. Thank you.
Western New York

Unfortunately I had to do most info searching on my own and still have not received all of my
Western New York

I have not found one neurologist that will take comp insurance.
Western New York

It's not over yet.

Long Island

IME doctors are useless.

Long Island 29/117
Make it
4/18/2018easier to get prescriptions when you need medication.
Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Long Island

Long Island

No common sense. You don't send someone with an internal injury that may or may not need
surgical repair to PT. It's very painful & a waste of money. Give an MRI and go with what that
says. Also, don't stall surgery, especially after we have jumped through all your hoops. Took 5
months and me cornering them on their lies to get someone to admit they even received the
paperwork & another to to get surgery.
Long Island

I would like to give a stellar thank you to Dawn M. She went above and beyond to help me.
She is a Great Person.
Long Island

I am in bad shape and workers’ comp lawyer & your Board are decreasing payments to me. I
wish I wouldn't have to be in this situation. You really have nothing when you don't have your
Long Island

I have no complaints it was a very good experience, everything was quick and easy.
Long Island

I have not been able to receive test that are need (MRI, Nerve Test, Therapy) since I saw the
compensation Dr., my injury has gotten worse. However, the exact extent of injury cannot be
determined, since subsequent testing has been denied.
Long Island

Can't get the necessary treatment I need.

Long Island

I understand that you have a lot of pretenders but for those who don't pretend you surely give a
crazy hard time to. If there were a place to file a claim against workers comp. for stress I would
have done it already. Your IME doctors are straight liars. How do you go from totally disabled
to there is nothing wrong with a person. Why would you try amending your decision from one
extreme to another? I have 3 children that need to be cared for and I did not get hurt on
purpose. My employer could have protected me from having this disability but they left me in
harm’s way and now every day I struggle with my disability and the stress of not knowing if i
will have an income cause some cheesy lying doctor who mind you gets mad if you record and
lies on their reports. Who really gives these people the right to dictate if I'm injured even
though the test results prove there is something wrong? There is medical proof and yet they are
allowed to rob me of my rights? You guys have me even more depressed rethinking my self-
worth. As a mother if I cannot provide for my children then what good am I. I get suicidal
thoughts because of this. (Seriously, not just to say this). Workers comp. got fined more than
once for not paying me on time or at all for that matter and not providing me with medical care
or prescriptions. I could go on but honestly the tears from my eyes are making my vision blurry
and well I'm just done at this point.
New York City

The people are great the process poor but improving! Checks come late.
Western New York

I pray to God I never injure myself on the job again! Workers Compensation Board was helpful
but the insurance company put me through hell!
Western New York 30/117
I am still
4/18/2018 after three years trying to find a doctorComments
to treat my
Fromcondition. It hasSurvey
the Injured Worker gotten worse and I
have to see a doctor out of state.
Western New York

I'm very appreciative for financial help during a very difficult time for me.
Western New York

My first attorney was a disgrace to his profession and he single handedly mishandled my case
and appeals. Claimants (victims) should be allowed to speak up when they disagree with their
attorney’s incorrect actions and statements; and certainly be informed on everything! I have
permanent injuries pain and limitations now because of inappropriate actions by my employer
and first attorney.
Western New York

The carriers have too much authority over riding health care providers. The carriers don't
communicate any reasons for what they want you to do or for what is happening to you.
Western New York

I have up to this point denied my lost wages from being legitimately hurt on the job using
faulty equipment. My insurance adjuster assured me that I would receive my checks by turning
in the proper paperwork along with my medical records which I did. I still have not received
any compensation up to this point which is now 12/6/13. I was hurt and out of work since July
17th of 2013.
Western New York

My judge at hearings was attentive, fair and supportive. I was burned by having the insurance
co. appeal the judge’s ruling and Dr.'s request for extended occupational therapy. This process
delayed my complete recovery and return to work.
Western New York

It is direct and to the point as far as expectations and avenues are to be followed.
Western New York

It took a lot of time to have tests approved.

Western New York

So far everything has gone well. My employer and NYS workers comp.
Western New York

It is very hard to hear the judge on the video, especially so if you are hard of hearing.
Western New York

Everyone was very pleasant and helpful.

Western New York

Judges have been fair. The carrier has been allowed to continually withhold medical treatment
and medicine for more than 1 year over things that could be handled in an office without going
to court. Lawyers’ fees could have paid for the medicine.
Western New York

Workers comp made it hard for me to get medications I needed and now are making me go thru
hoops to get a procedure done to benefit me.
Western New York

Initially I did not think I needed an attorney but having to come back many times with more
documentation proved to me why there are so many lawyers doing this kind of work. This is
year 7 of my continuing saga.
Finger Lakes 31/117
The independent
4/18/2018 medical examiner that I saw in Comments
Syracuse, New
From York,Worker
the Injured was totally
Survey corrupt. His
professional opinion of my condition went totally against 3 other doctors who have me
diagnosed as permanently disabled. As a result, my w/c case is held up for months resulting in
very low wages, a total loss of almost all of my assets while I had to hire an atty. to deal with a
very complex case. My medical care has suffered greatly as a result of such low wages that I
am unable to afford all the care I need to deal with a life changing injury. Proper chiropractic
care, psychotherapy etc. was not covered. A real nightmare experience! Our New York State
workers comp. system is broken. I am so mad I want to write my congressman. Serious!!
Central New York

It is easier to just pay for services out of pocket than fight with workers comp.
Finger Lakes

Judge seemed very fair in dealing with him. It was the insurance carrier for my claim that
seemed uncaring and unreasonable. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have to
have legal representation when I was injured at school.
Western New York

I am kind of puzzled with amount of compensation I am receiving. In my mind there are some
questions that arise on this settlement that will upset my employer to a point to be fired in a
short time. This info about rights of workers in such predicament would be helpful to subside
fears of being fired. I hope others in the future will receive info on this subject matter.
Western New York

Employer intentionally fought case even though they knew they were at fault. They hired a Dr.
for IME that lied in his report. They had investigators enter our property illegally, gain access
to bank accounts, film inside the windows of our home all in the hopes of intimidating us to
"go away". They held up our case and treatment for 2 1/2 years. Ultimately the truth prevailed
and we won but at a delay in treatment resulted in permanent damage that may have been
Western New York

So far I have been out of work for over two months, and my case has not been resolved. I have
received no compensation for lost wages and I feel that a decision should have been made in a
timelier manner.
North Country

Did not miss any work time as I could not afford loss of wages.
Western New York

This has been the worst experience of my life. It has brought a rift in my marriage; with my
kids, in-laws and family. If I had to do all over again I wouldn't. This experience of dr.'s being
disapproved for treatments I need. This board has been worst part of the last 7 years of my life.
Western New York

WC should pay more.

Western New York

My issue was it took too long for comp to authorize my dr. visits. At times, the longer I had to
wait, the longer I was out of work.
Western New York

The insurance companies do not pay back pay. Last time took a year, working on payment
missing 8-1-13, still not received. Insurance company private investigator bothers me and my
mom and dad. Have tried to stop it, cannot. Need to change the laws with private investigators.
Western New York 32/117
My experience
4/18/2018 was horrible. Without the representation
Commentsof anthe
From attorney, I didSurvey
Injured Worker not have a fair
chance. The employer and the insurance lawyer were allowed to mislead the court. The
employer and the attorney submitted altered and false documentation to the board. Perjury was
committed and swept under the rug. I have a strong spiritual faith. I believe both will be
exposed for the perjury that was committed and punished accordingly.
Western New York

I was not informed accurately about my claim, payment, and disability. A worker insinuated I
lied to my employer and doctor and take off from work so I can get paid for time off.
Long Island

My letters to the Board about real issue in the case and scheduling of hearing were 100%
ignored even though the Board's computer files showed that they were received. As a result, it
took a call to the Board's General Counsel's before the law judge would read my letter about
the real issue. Then, at the next hearing, the issue was resolved.
New York City

My attorney was best source for help and information

Western New York

I was upset that my therapy was denied to me. It was helping, got cut off by insurance company
and delayed my return to work. My representative helped me get a hearing and get my therapy
back. I finished and went back to work.
Western New York

It sucks, the company claim they over paid me and then didn’t pay me and I lost my apartment
as well as all my belongs
New York City

Due to delay of surgical treatment approval I suffered further permanent disability. I finally
received approval for surgery only after I hired an attorney.
Long Island

Not doing the right things. The judge seems to be one sided on matters
North Country

Workers’ Comp is ok but the insurance carrier is doing everything they can not to pay for my
medical bills.
Capital Region

Don't go through the experience of a WC case if you don't have to. It's absolutely no picnic.
The deck is stacked against the claimant. The insurance carriers have become loose cannons by
being allowed to do as they please, just to discourage the claimant. Refusal of medical
treatment is what the insurance carriers love to do. Time delays for medical treatment are
incredible. Claimants are held to strict standards, while insurance carriers do whatever they
Central New York

My experience, the WC was to my advantage in every way. At first I did not have an attorney
but, on the advice of a friend I obtained one. He fought for me even though I received a low
weekly check. My experience was upsetting at times, especially when I didn't understand all
the legality of terms, etc. The best advice is to get an attorney that specializes in WC cases.
Central New York

After my accident I never had a hearing as to status, procedures, options etc. This is my first
hearing since my accident on Oct. 1989.
Central New York 33/117
They had
4/18/2018 a clean and neat facility. All clerks were very nice
Comments Fromand professional.
the Injured Worker Survey
Central New York

The insurance company treated me as if I did something wrong. After the Insurance Company
treated me like I was a nothing, it made me depressed.
Central New York

WCB were on top of things but the insurance carrier was horrible!
Central New York

The WCB does a great job, but the insurance companies are unreal to deal with.
Central New York

It is and was very good service from everyone.

Central New York

I am back to work and my bills are paid so why am I at a hearing when I should be working?
Central New York

Don't expect to get medication or compensated for injuries sustained by an accident.

Central New York

My care is being taken care of and I need to continue the care.

Central New York

As a medical professional, I'm appalled at how I've been treated by the Insurance Company.
The adjuster on the case has been nasty and rude since day one. I've been treated like a criminal
since the injury; I have never experienced a comp injury in all my years of working. Seems we
are guilty until proven innocent. I understand there are cases that are abused; however, there
should be a point where the harassment and chronic means to delay treatment and surgical
procedures stop. The patient suffers the most and Insurance companies waste a ton of money in
the drawn out process! Adjusters I'm sure sleep well at night, while the affected injured
workers worry about how they’re going to pay their bills!
New York City

It is horrible that I have had to wait years to receive mileage and the approval for surgery.
There are no time constraints for mileage reimbursement. How are we to afford fuel charges to
get to doctors’ appointments, etc.?
New York City

Carrier jerks me around. I am dissatisfied that they want to cap my benefits per new laws. I had
back surgery 2 times and I don't know what my future holds for me.
New York City

I'm tired of being treated like an inferior individual. I'm made to feel like a criminal through
this whole process.
New York City

Just need more places to park or help with the cost of parking; overall everyone was very
helpful and courteous.
New York City

I think they should find out the full extent of your disability before they pay you. I was paid
100% and 8 months later they tell me I was only 50% disabled and owe them money back.
New York City 34/117
This process
4/18/2018 was horrible until I obtained an Attorney, I could
Comments not
From the getWorker
Injured anything done.
New York City

Overall everything has been going well with my WC case.

New York City

My comp case has been consistent.

New York City

The board was great, the insurance carrier was terrible.

New York City

My judge is very nice but the insurance lawyers are always trying to delay my recovery. I have
to have an MRI for my shoulder since September 13 and it still wasn't Ok’d by employer
insurance company. If things were speedier people can return to work quicker. I have pain and
the insurance doctor's think I am faking it; they don't listen to me or my doctors.
Long Island

I was most delighted on how the WCB worked on my behalf. Thank you.
Long Island

It has been a horrible experience.

Long Island

The benches in office should have cushions on them; they hurt my back and bottom.
Long Island

I would like to take this opportunity to voice how Workers Compensation ruined my life. My
injuries were never repaired. Whenever I tried to speak up for myself the judge treated me as if
we were in criminal court. I was never allowed to add severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both
hands directly related to my employment. I was and never will be compensated for that
although that injury was before my fall. My claim was for a rotator cuff tear (right shoulder)
which rendered me useless. I am a senior citizen and I live alone. I had to strain using my left
arm for everything and this caused a tear in that arm. It was thrown out. Surgery on my right
shoulder (a massive, detached injury) was not successful. The Board would not allow me to get
any treatment on my left arm so I lost use of that side of my body also. The doctor for the
insurance company testified I had an 80+% loss. The court wouldn't consider the left side. The
insurance company made payments late, brought me back to court at least 10 times and sent me
to a series of doctors. I settled (leaving the medical option open) because I will probably need a
shoulder replacement. In addition, the Judge totally intimidated me, warning that I should take
what was being offered because the next ruling might not be as favorable. I'm supposed to get
about $700 deposited to my checking account. The insurance company is behind over
$7,000.00. I'm waiting for approval for medication from the insurance company. The
medication is expensive but I can’t take anything that will compromise my stomach and
intestinal illness. Almost a year and they have not allowed me to get medication. I take
whatever drug or pain killer I can that's inexpensive or another person's prescription. I can’t' lay
out money for prescriptions, don't have part D, and I had to constantly fight them for
reimbursement. The judge even suggested that I split my expenses with them. I've developed a
hiatal hernia, gluten sensitivity, arthritis and joint pain because I'm immobile, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes because of a 30 pound weight gain, MRSA
invaded my body 3 times because my resistance is low, I have hypothyroidism, GERD, high
cholesterol. I lost vision because of some of the medications. I developed chronic depression
with suicidal tendencies and have been hospitalized twice for internal bleeding. I was a vibrant
member of society, with a graduate degree, worked at a boy’s private school, and earned a
living. I had to sell my home and possessions and had to move. I'm still fighting for my
ridiculous monthly payments which have become a staple for my existence. Most of all, I was
treated with so much animosity and disrespect that I became physically sick. The judge would
make comments like "oh you look pretty good to me".(Maybe because I was one of the few 35/117
4/18/2018 that respected the court enough to takeComments
a bath before
From theI Injured
appeared before
Worker Survey her, and at
every hearing she reduced my award and sided with the insurance company
New York City

It has been a long hard process.

Western New York

Yes. My experience is very traumatic. I have been out of work for more than 7 months and still
have not received any compensation. I have been waiting for a hearing date for months! Not a
good experience at all.
New York City

Doctor’s care was quick. At first part of claim most of my calls to workers’ compensation were
not returned in a timely manner.
Western New York

I feel that I would have had a better return to work experience if medical was approved right
away. Those of us with Private insurance couldn't utilize this as long as the employers
insurance (WC) disputed the claim. Until they actually denied and in writing BCBS wouldn't
cover injury. An injury is an injury, who pays can be decided later, but employers know if
BCBS gets involved their lawyers will also help in your winning the case. I had many medical
issues delayed so long they became worse until I could no longer work. If you look at my cases
I tried to stay working and returned to work after surgeries early only to be denied follow up
procedures. Now it is almost impossible to get employers to pay as they know most Doctors
don't want to do anymore paperwork then they have to, for the little pay they get reimbursed.
Western New York

I have had difficulty in getting prescriptions covered in past but this has been resolved. The Dr.
and his office staff have been helpful.
Western New York

Never again.
Western New York

Everybody here is very friendly and very knowledgeable.

Western New York

Insurance Company makes everything difficult!

Western New York

It would have been easier to go to Batavia for the hearing which is closer to home instead of
having to drive downtown to Rochester and pay for parking.
Western New York

Better safety practice needs to be implemented at the hospital. My injury would not have
happened had safety been practiced.
Western New York

With all the paperwork, medical tests and doctor reports, I should not have to fight for
everything from the carrier.
Western New York

I am about to experience my second episode of homelessness on the road to getting my life

back on track. The stress has been unbearable.
Western New York 36/117
The only
4/18/2018 thing I would like to say is there needsComments
to be better
Fromcommunication what the patient
the Injured Worker Survey
rights and benefits allowed. I still do not know what services can be provided to me
Western New York

Each year more restrictions have made it impossible to get good care and service. The
guidelines don't work. This is a broken system that offers me a judge that is not neutral, my ex
attorneys who appear to be ''in bed'' with the carrier and seem to be beholding to the carrier. I
could go on and on about my experiences, however I have absolutely no faith in this insurance
company owned system. I feel this questionnaire is a farce, you already know my issues.
Hudson Valley

"Delay, Lie and Deny" & "Delay, Lie, and Deny" of medical care lead to serious consequential
injuries and the experience has damaged my family's quality of life forever! My expectations of
change due to your survey is Zero - watching someone you love be Fired, then Crippled and
still WCB allows insurance claims adjusters to engage in "Bad Faith insurance" practices that
are rampant with the help of the lawyers (lairs) and sadistic claims adjusters that even deny
care that already been approved. The WCB process allows insurance companies to destroy
people lives to save a few dollars, it is disgusting. The oversight or regulatory agencies must be
responsive to the needs of the claimant and hold the insurance companies responsible for their
FRAUD! There is NO accountability in WCB because there is No Fear of being held

I've been given the run around.

Long Island

My experience with workers comp has been nothing less than hell. I have been evicted 3 times,
lost personal medical insurance, sold many personal items just to name a few of the problems. I
would like the opportunity to speak to anyone about this. I spoke to my senator and governors
offices and my last few problems are documented by the advocate for injured workers hotline.
Mohawk Valley

IME doctors should be local and look at all documents before making a decision.
Western New York

Strongly dissatisfied due to comp agent not working with me, and was against me because of
pending issues from work. They make you feel guilty before proven innocent of a work related
issue. The issue at work was non-medical and comp has disputed treatment.
Western New York

Without my attorney I would have lost everything. My employer did not help me at all.
Western New York

They need to have better communication with the injured. I had no idea my family doctor was
unable to put me out of work, because she was a LPN so I'm owing money back now after
comp hearing. I was told I should have changed doctors to cover my butt. I have also sent in
mileage twice now and still no payment and called them and left message with no call back.
Just not fair.
Western New York

There needs to be a faster system for section 32 cases.

Western New York

I signed the Section 32 paper 1 month ago and comp still won't settle my case. They have me
running around. I am back to work and still they won't settle. Keep having to go to hearings is
going to cost me my job plus money.
Central New York 37/117
I have
no complaints with the comp board - my complaints
4/18/2018 liethewith
Comments From Insurance
Injured Company.
Worker Survey
Central New York

Independent medical examiner is corrupt.

Central New York

This process is so riddled with delay tactics instituted by the insurance companies. It is
absolutely ridiculous to have to wait 9 months for an Appeal Hearing for a surgical procedure
that a Worker's Comp Judge had approved. As it was, the insurer waited until day 30 to file
their appeal. The reply my doctor's office received was "we have the right to do it and we are
doing it."
Hudson Valley

The Lockport NY Office now closed. It was easier to get to and no cost out of my pocket.
Central New York

Way too much paperwork for Doctors! Seems like it is a never ending paper trail, which in turn
does not benefit claimant at all! Due to all the paperwork most doctors give up on claim which
leaves claimant losing coverage.
Central New York

I don't understand why it took over 2 years to settle my case. How much money was spent
paying judges and lawyers and everything else? That money could have been spent more
Central New York

I am truly grateful and appreciative of all of the assistance I have been provided with by the
workers compensation Board, Attorney, insurance carrier and judge during this difficult time.
Thank you for a positive experience.
Central New York

Attorney drops me after he collected all money. I am on my own. No one will take my case
because no one is interested. I have not been told about any social worker or examiner guidance
until today - after I asked judge why my requests for hearing have gone unanswered I have no
rights, insurance company controls my fate. This is a horrible system.
Central New York

Did not have any issues until my case was taken over by another entity.
Central New York

Closing the Lockport Office was terrible.

Central New York

The only problem was with the insurance carrier for my place of employment - constant delay
and changes in payment caused undue hardship for my family.
Central New York

I dealt with very pleasant staff. Not sure about options as far as working if unable to perform
expected tasks at present job, I will consult my attorney.
Central New York

I can't understand decisions that our made by workers it should be up to judge.

Southern Tier

Employer took a long time to give me MRI and treatment for injury. They gave me two days’
notice that they could no longer accommodate me with my restriction after 9 years of working
with them, very rude, not helpful, was working in the medical field as CAN. They treated me 38/117
badly. A
lot of court dates with nothing done, costing
4/18/2018 meFrom
Comments a lottheofInjured
money.Worker Survey
Hudson Valley

It is still very hard to go through the process when injured. I do not agree with a lot of the 2010
medical guidelines. It makes it too difficult for the injured worker to receive services that they
need. I was not allowed to have a work capacity evaluation before my permanent injury hearing
which was unfair in my opinion. I do not agree that an injured worker above a certain
percentage should have to actively search for work.
Hudson Valley

I find it very hard to reach WC when I have a problem. I am connected to everything other than
who I'm trying to reach. I find this is very frustrating. I often give up; checks are delivered on
time so that is a plus for me.
Hudson Valley

The process with comp was great! Dealing with the insurance company has been an ordeal all
in itself.
Hudson Valley

The only problem I've had has been getting meds I need. I've had to wait a lot. Although it has
taken some time, it has always come through. And I'm thankful for that.
Hudson Valley

Insurance company should be ashamed of themselves. Attorney Staff and Judges are
wonderful. Insurance companies are very bad. Will not allow Rx or MD visits.
Hudson Valley

I have been injured for more than ten years and all hasn't been fair. I've tried retraining and all
it's done has make injuries worse.
Hudson Valley

Living and supporting three children on comp is almost impossible. As a single parent
struggling on $100.00 a week doesn't even pay the rent. It's ridiculous.
Hudson Valley

Everything took way too long. Waiting on MRI's and other diagnostics, only seeing my doctor
every six weeks. I think if I was diagnosed earlier I could have been back to work a while ago.
WC was very good about sending me to PT, Chiro and acupuncture.
Hudson Valley

I think the WCB conducts its proceedings in an adequate and positive means.
Hudson Valley

The judges explained everything very well.

Hudson Valley

After 13 years and 2 doctors saying I am 100% disabled and cannot work, the insurance
company wants me back to work.
Hudson Valley

The current process is like pulling teeth, slow and painful. I should have received money a long
time ago for my job incurred injury.
Hudson Valley

I have been without pain meds and treatment since Feb. 2013. Because the Insurance Company
claimed I had a new injury caused by the pain in my back. This was when I had just started
pain meds in July 2012 and I passed out and went to the floor. I was taken to the hospital via 39/117
4/18/2018 and examined, no injury was found and I wasFrom
Comments sentthe
Worker was
Surveyno evidence of
a new injury as claimed by insurance company. This is cruel and inhuman.
Hudson Valley

As of right now, moments before my hearing WC has helped me a great deal. Thank you.
Hudson Valley

My job did not practice safety on the job and they were harsh on getting the job done at my
expense, my back! I had no help lifting heavy equipment and no ramp.
Hudson Valley

I have been in the WC system for 12 years. It took 3 years to get a surgery it should have been
approved for the first year of the case. For this delay, I have permanent nerve damage in my
spine from the nerve being crushed. Even though surgery was eventually granted, I am now
looking at another surgery no more than six months away and am in desperate need for pain
management and am being stonewalled by both insurance companies, even though I have been
through all the prerequisites to get pain management (spinal injections) if there was a way to
make sure that the patient was taken care of, not the insurance company, there would probably
be less cases in the long run. There is nothing that a patient can do that is disabled, finding
work is virtually impossible as most companies do not want the liability. Putting myself
through college is expensive and it is money I will never get back, yet it still has to support my
family as WC pays very little.
Hudson Valley

I had problems finding Doctor.

Hudson Valley

WC was very helpful.

Hudson Valley

The people I have met are great. Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate all you have
done for me.
Hudson Valley

The doctor that checked me out according to WC only checked my scar, never checked my
strength and ability before cutting funds.
Hudson Valley

My WC experience has been very long and hard.

Hudson Valley

My life and family's life has been greatly affected by my injury and nobody cared until I
couldn't walk due to my neck injury.
Hudson Valley

It was difficult to get the process started.

Hudson Valley

Insurance Company is the worst and waste money by dragging the process on.
Hudson Valley

Re-training should be a big consideration in care such as mine.

Hudson Valley

I hope I will not have to go thru this process again.

Hudson Valley 40/117
Hard to
get paid and reimbursed for mileage. Hard
4/18/2018 to start
Comments clam,
From was given
the Injured Worker a hard time.
Hudson Valley

Need more fair playing field for claimant.

Hudson Valley

I have no problem with WC people; however I would prefer a closer location out of the city.
Western New York

I could not find a Doctor in Florida that would give me an appointment due to poor response by
everyone. I was forced to return to N.Y. to get any medical treatment for a growth inside the
bone. This started in 2010 and is still dragging out over repayment for expenses incurred by
travel to and from NY. Carrier refused to authorize medical treatment in Florida. They are the
most unprofessional bunch I have ever been forced to deal with. They even defy the court
decision without impunity.

The process takes too much time to pay in disputed cases.

Western New York

Not happy with the outcome for today.

Western New York

The insurance company has made this experience terribly hard. I've almost lost my house, my
car, I have to go to several food pantry's every week while the insurance company does
everything to delay, deny and lower my benefits.
Central New York

It has taken way too long to resolve the issues.

Central New York

Thank you for your time and concern for my health and financial support.
Central New York

It has been very good so far.

New York City

Just upset about their decision to my injury.

New York City

Hard to get good medical care thru WC, physical therapy cut off to early.
New York City

Approvals for therapy were slow.

New York City

While I respect the fact that all parties involved require factual information which takes time I
don't feel all injured workers are fraudulent and shouldn't be treated as criminals by the
Insurance Company.
Western New York

I would like to say that I do feel that WC discontinued my medication that my Dr. prescribed.
They say that the meds are dangerous (Celebrex). However there are some meds that can't be
discontinued for people. It is very hard to function on a day to day basis alone and they help.
Also they are insisting that I take a generic of Celebrex. I certainly tried that before I went on
the med and it didn't help. Some meds must be taken daily to be effective, 15 days per month
isn't enough to keep the blood level up and it won't help.
Western New York 41/117
I had one
4/18/2018 surgery done it did not help. When I needed another
Comments I was
From the Injureddenied. I am in pain every
Worker Survey
day. I am unable to do things that I have done with my children and grandchildren in the past.
Western New York

The insurance company played games so long approving MRI for surgery for a broken spine a
minor 2" incision and a plate was upgraded to 9" incision and a ton of hardware 6 days in the
hospital, rehab, wheelchairs, canes, 2 other additional surgeries, loss of my job and complete
life style as well. If they had just approved MRI and stop playing games I wouldn't be in
horrible pain everyday depressed stuck on comp and SS. I would be working and happy. Please
crack down on the insurance carriers so no one else ever ends up with the agony I'm in every
Western New York

This is a long drawn out process, payment levels are low more rules need to favor claimant and
not the insurance company.
Western New York

Honestly, I have had a horrible time since all of this began.

Western New York

When the insurance carrier wants a hearing they get it right away. When the injured party
requests or needs a hearing it takes months. It is very clear to me that the insurance companies
are really running and dictating what happens in the Comp process...
Capital Region

I feel Workers' Compensation should let you know ahead of time like 2 to 3 months to let you
know if you’re going to receive an increase or decrease in your money. Income changes in that
way will allow you to have time to make arrangements on help, paperwork, payments, loans
from family, friends etc... until everything is worked out. Because people get behind on rent,
some lose their homes, etc... without knowing or giving them time to get help.
Southern Tier

Sometimes this process seems like a joke. A) Insurance companies are allowed to do what they
want. B) Job search is BS no one wants to hire someone on workers comp due to liability. C)
The use of out of town (state) doctors for IME's should not be allowed.
Southern Tier

After I received an accidental needle stick at work. After having been seen at the emergency
room and then by my private doctor, I was placed on a med regimen as a preventative measure.
When I went to the pharmacy to get my refill I was told that my claim had been denied. I called
Worker's Comp and they told me that I would either need to pay out of pocket for the
medications and seek reimbursement or order from a second party pharmacy. I asked the
woman on the phone two questions, how long would it take to get reimbursed and how would I
get the medications from this pharmacy? She stated that she had no clue. Why would anyone
try to fake a claim to get put on these medications when they are nothing but toxic for you is
beyond me? Furthermore, why Worker's Comp would fail to see this is even more baffling?
The woman on the phone kept telling me, "Well...I don't know." to just about any question I
had. And here I am just trying to get medications that are supposed to limit my chance of
catching something that could potentially kill me. Thanks Worker's Comp. Stay Classy.
Capital Region

It would be nice if there was a Southern Tier Office. Weather conditions could make getting
here difficult in winter months.
Southern Tier

There should be a better way to inform people that are being honest about their injury as to
what the benefits are and regardless of how things happened that the injured worker is entitled
to be covered. People who are being honest should not be taken advantage of. The judge set the 42/117
4/18/2018 company straight and I appreciate it. Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
North Country

My family doctor was correct in saying compensation insurance companies are like a bunch of
North Country

I wish things moved quicker.

North Country

My insurance company is one of the worse companies. There employees are rude, nasty people.
The company is very uncaring; all they want is to keep their money.
North Country

I am thankful that medical will stay open. Everyone I had contact with from WC, attorney to
Dr's were professional, immediately responded, and helpful.
North Country

I have waited over 1 1/2 years for results, still none. We are always waiting on WC approval -
Meds, procedures. I think I have waited long enough for something to be done permanently.
Working again may be an option but with "many" limitations.
North Country

WCB case worker assigned to my case was a bit slow to respond to issues and did not seem to
have a full grasp of the laws.
North Country

A nightmare.
North Country

If the machinery was properly maintained or updated I would not have had to do the same
machine operation fix repeatedly.
North Country

Insurance carrier has ignored my calls, doctor's calls and comp board calls, that's not right.
North Country

I have not received my lost wages or anywhere near them. Who has them? I am the injured
worker with no rights to real layman terms to New York’s jibber jabber.
Central New York

I'm falling extremely behind with my rent, heat and electricity, bills, I don't receive enough
quickly enough to keep up. With what I do receive almost half of it goes to child support and I
can't seem to get help to change this. I have to say though that everyone from WC to all the
doctors I've worked with have been great from the Rochester area. My injury has been a
nightmare and I fear of never getting back to who I was, my life all together is falling behind
and apart.
Western New York

Insurance carrier very uncooperative, delayed, disapproved doctor's request, resulting in

increased disability and pain.
Central New York

After learning about experiences of others and my own, I realize that in a dying nation a cut in
comp coverage is expected and realized.
Central New York 43/117
I wish
it were clearer what the injured have to doComments
4/18/2018 and provided
From thewith,
Injuredin the event
Worker Survey that the
employer disputes the claim.
Central New York

Paperwork needs to be correct. My employer was not helpful.

Central New York

Process is too slow. If you find a good doctor as soon as your mention WC you get bums rush,
out you go. If you want to pay for him the lawyer tells you not to. I ended up with collection
agency problems. Credit score was lowered because of it. Who fixes that?
Central New York

For a year and a half now this case is dragging on. The process could be so simple but he
higher ups and lawyers make it hard.
Central New York

Long process. I have a degenerative problem with is not covered by my insurance now.
Capital Region

It’s almost been ten years still waiting for my settlement!!! I would like this to be resolved.
Capital Region

Not really fair to people whom have worked on the job for their benefits, to receive
Capital Region

It was hard to find information. Also it has been over a year with no compensation. I am in
danger of losing my home. I settled for less than what I think I should have out of desperation.
The State of NY should be ashamed.
Capital Region

I am very frustrated about the people who have an illegitimate claim can reap the benefits,
while a person who has truly had a major and severe injury can barely support a family. I'd like
to be able to see what programs are available ie: school, training, jobs.
Capital Region

My employer treats every comp case as a fraud case.

Capital Region

Why does everything take so long?

Southern Tier

Insurance company has lied during the entire process and has been denying meds and PT for
the past 6 months. My injury date was 12/1/11 and its 1/8/14 over 2 years to get a hearing.
Capital Region

I waited 13 months for my claim to be resolved in court, and then waited 10 months for surgery
to be approved and scheduled through medical system. The nerve damage I now have might
not have been a chronic condition if the legal process went more smoothly.
Capital Region

Need more information for continuation of Medical care and prescriptions.

Capital Region

Everyone at the WCB was very helpful and friendly.

Capital Region 44/117
Due toDoctor's office error in date of injury my Comments
4/18/2018 case dragged onInjured
From the wayWorker
too long.
Capital Region

I had no problems with WCB, they were always very curious, but I do wish they had training to
do a different job.
Capital Region

I have worked since I was 13 and never asked for help now I'm 57 and am having a very hard
time getting help. I have lost my house because I go months without being issued a check, even
though a Judge told them to pay me.
Capital Region

This is the 3rd time with no problems.

Capital Region

I was pleased by how quickly my case was handled.

Capital Region

Usually about every six months or so the carrier stops paying bills, then wastes everybody's
time by taking us all to court and the judge always rules that they have to pay. I don't
understand why they keep doing that?!
Capital Region

Check the companies more than once a year for safety regulation, also a lot of companies only
clean up and make sure their on point before OSHA comes and visits about safety.
Capital Region

It is hard to reach case worker. In the beginning she didn't return calls. Not fair that when I miss
work for Doctor's apt or workers comp appointments I lose pay from work. Missed a lot of
work and lost additional pay not covered by comp. No one offers help you have to pull teeth for
Capital Region

Jobs with repetitive motion should have more preventative options.

Capital Region

Carrier constantly delays necessary treatment. It takes too long to get resolved in court.
Medications and treatment that keep me able to work part-time are always denied or delayed.
Hearings take too long to be scheduled. I almost lost my home.
Capital Region

It is difficult finding primary MD who takes WC. I wanted to return to work but my employer
would not accommodate my work restrictions. It is difficult receiving care for injury, Insurance
refusing to pay for care for permanent injury.
Capital Region

It took four months to schedule date for lost wage reimbursement.

Capital Region

Have not has much direct dealings with WCB but have not had any problems thus far in the
Capital Region

The social worker claim examiner have been of most helpful

Capital Region 45/117
Being in
4/18/2018 pain and having to wait for help is difficult. I have
Comments Fromworked and
the Injured continued
Worker Survey to take care
of myself regardless of pain. That has been my goal. I feel the insurance company has made
things more difficult than they should have been.
Capital Region

I hurt every day, medicate every day. Sometimes I want to die.

Capital Region

I had a very good experience.

Capital Region

The waiting room is very uncomfortable for anyone who is disabled, some padded chairs
would be more useful to people who can't sit for long on wooden benches.
Capital Region

Whose side are they on?

Western New York

I think waiting for over a month to receive notice of what is going on with your case is
Southern Tier

I need to schedule a hearing. I cannot pay my bills and am not receiving compensation. It has
been 2 months and I have not received one dollar. I am in danger not being able to pay my
mortgage and my credit is ruined. Please help!
Long Island

I was in a car accident while heading to a newly assigned case to me. Normally No-Fault would
cover this however because I was working it has to be workers comp. I was told that I could not
see my Primary, whom I trust, because she does not accept Worker's Comp. I have in the past
dealt with No-Fault and that was not this bad as WC has been. I have good insurance through
my work that would not have given me the problems WC is giving. I honestly feel it would be
better to cut out WC and let my personal insurance handle the claim and let WC reimburse
them! I would be able to see the doctor I want and be able to get treatment I need quicker. I feel
I would have been back to work by now if I had been able to do that. I am still waiting on
approval for treatment and my accident was in September 2013.
Western New York

1st. My company threatened to fire me for working unsafe, when Management left broken
equipment in my work area, & didn't report to the proper department for repair. 2nd. I was
denied a life changing surgery (knee replacement). The Judge presiding over my case granted
the surgery. 3rd. The insurance company submitted an appeal on the Judge's decision after I had
surgery, so I was kicked out of the rehabilitation center, was denied pain medication, & was
denied physical therapy immediately after surgery. So now my knee will never heal properly.
4th. The fact that the insurance company is trying to force me to find a job, when I'm still
employed by my employer where I got injured. 5th. The Board needs to hold the employers
liable when the Employer is negligent, & the employee gets hurt. 6th. Every IME examine has
stated I had a moderate rate of disability even though I needed a knee replacement. (Maybe the
Board should appoint the Independent Medical Examiner as oppose to the insurance company.
7th. I as the injured worker should not have to fight as hard as I did to receive proper treatment.
New York City

Every time I talked with someone from the WCB on the phone I was either transferred multiple
times (usually disconnected during the transfer) or my question would be answered with a
completely different answer from each person. This slowed down the process of resolving my
claim and caused me to lose faith that I could trust anyone at the WC Office to know what they
are talking about.
New York City 46/117
Very Satisfied.
4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
New York City

It is taken so long, 2 years and still waiting for award. And no job state should help their
worker more. We do have families and how they chop up your money is sad and hard to live
on. You work so hard so long to get nothing back.
New York City

It is unfortunate that injured employees who had or need to return to work while injured are
being given such a hard time for their doctors to get paid for their services. As a result, injured
employees who returned to work as I did have to go without treatment. I thought that workers'
comp will support at least with treatment those individuals that chose to work even if injured,
rather than collect benefits. I went back to work injured and I'm still suffering, but working.
New York City

When you are injured payment should be made right away. Not when workers comp want to
pay two to three months is not acceptable.
New York City

The workers compensation board is very slow and has made everything extremely difficult.
They haven’t approved anything!
New York City

I think the judges and the board experience are ok. I don't care for my lawyers and when I tried
changing but they said I would have to pay a portion to them. My problem with them is that I
always have to bring my updated medical to work. If I forget then in front of the judge it can
delay my decision or stop payment. I always got to do the work they should be doing. It's my
life on the line.
New York City

Way to long for settlement 09-13

New York City

I went to a very rude IME doctor. Didn’t listen to what happened only interested in not getting
you medical coverage needed, re: surgery and physical therapy.
New York City

I don't understand much but I am trying to do my best

Long Island

I think the insurers should have less control over treatment and medications. The carrier I am
dealing with is always interfering with this even though I have a decision that allows all
medical treatment. The attorney involved doesn't help, they just say it’s the way the system
Long Island

Sadly, it was not positive. It would have been exponentially easier if I simply went through my
private insurance company.
New York City

It should be a law not to fire someone quickly after getting hurt on the job, due to someone
else's fault. Everyone I've known that was injured at work gets fired. I think that something
should be done in regards to that matter.
New York City

Good job - some improvements needed.

New York City 47/117
I havehad a very hard time receiving treatment from
4/18/2018 a doctor.
Comments The
From the medical
Injured bills are disputed
Worker Survey
and now my doctor will not see me because of lack of payment. I am in pain and need to
receive treatment for my injury I sustained at work.
Central New York

New York City

I have had no issues with the NY State Workers' Comp Board or my attorney. I have had issues
with getting medications and I'm not just talking about new prescriptions I'm talking about
refills as well. I hate having to deal with it anymore and I'm sick of the attitude I've gotten from
some of the insurance reps even though I've had permission from my attorney to discuss certain
matters with the carrier directly.
Central New York

WC is designed to not protect the injured workers rights to pay. Not getting timely
authorization for MRI's and surgery. Add more stress to the injured workers. Denial of
Differential Payments. Members have problems cashing the WC checks.
New York City

The employers starve you back to work by playing with your finances, knowing that financially
you cannot afford to stay out without any pay.
New York City

The system is just messed up.

New York City

It's very confusing and needs to stop recurring fraud by employers.

New York City

I am still waiting for reimbursement that the judge ruled in my favor back in July. It is
November and I still have not received it.
New York metropolitan

WCB has spent more money fighting my awarded claim, rather than just letting me receive
New York metropolitan

This Queens office is very helpful

New York metropolitan

The process is the process, Takes time, my 1st hearing is today. I really can't comment on more.
New York metropolitan

I was hurt by someone else careless actions, by someone hitting my work vehicle.
New York metropolitan

After an 8 year ongoing case, I finally have some resolution, thank god. However my decision
was supposed to be about the mental aspects of my physical /mental problem. I saw an ime
psychiatrist twice. He recommended continuing treatment and medication change, also saw an
orthopedist twice. He said mental was subjective yet would leave that part to the psychiatrist of
record. I began seeing my own psychiatrist plus physical medicine doctor. In my reserved
decision the judge used the opinion of the surgeon. Remember this was for a mental evaluation.
Now do you go to a psychiatrist for a bad knee? Something is wrong with this picture.
Western New York 48/117
The main
4/18/2018 problem with the system is Health careComments
FromThe doctors
the Injured do Survey
Worker not want to see
compensation patients because they allege that they do not receive payments. I personally
called every single name for ENT in Brooklyn and no one wanted to see me. At the end I had to
travel to 34th street in Manhattan to see a doctor.
New York metropolitan

This is my third hearing on a no insurance case with accident involved on May 11, 2012. I'm
having some difficulty with receiving benefits. I just want to know how long it usually takes for
results. This is quite a learning experience for me and can be confusing to me at times.
Receiving the information I needed earlier would have been helpful.
Western New York

Workers' Compensation is the worst experience for people with legitimate injuries. The stress is
awful and the doctors (IME) are a disgrace. To me it was a joke; they make you feel everything
is your fault, when it was negligence on the state.
Western New York

I went to work every day. I did not expect to get hurt at work. I was there for my duties, but
when I got hurt it was like I did id purposely. I was the sole provider for my family. I was sent
to the worst place for care. I was a loyal worker and expected to be treated like that when I got
hurt. Also, if comp would inspect the places they cover most likely my injury could have been
Western New York

Having a hard time in getting weekly payments, also they don't want to pay for medicine. How
do they think people can live without care? There should be more penalties for them not doing
what is ordered by the judge.
Capital Region

The NYS WCB has been extremely helpful and fair. My compensation carrier did little to assist
me, except for paying my medical and indemnity. All other info came from my attorney and the
Capital Region

The judges were very fair and all correspondence with WC was quick and easy. Any problems I
had, had to deal with the employer's insurance co. in regards to medical or lost pay.
Central New York

IME's in my opinion certainly show a conflict of interest in their assessments for claimants.
Each case should be independently decided not from a book of percentages.
Central New York

I don't think I would be as bad off if it didn't take over a year for all my surgery's to be
approved by insurance company. I've had six surgeries and it's been almost seven years.
Central New York

The Appeals process is too slow.

Central New York

The judge has been very understanding in my case. I just wish the opposing insurance company
would understand my pain and suffering instead of repeatedly having come back in front of the
Central New York

I guess it not the board per say it's more carrier issues we are struggling with.
Central New York 49/117
I thought
4/18/2018 comp was to help injured workers. I seem to have
Comments Fromtothe
fight toWorker
Injured get the right thing done,
get comp payments due me.
Central New York

Your new treatment guidelines were not created in favor of the injured workers. The insurance
companies must have had a big part in these new guidelines. The person like me that was
injured quite a few years ago is paying dearly as far as medical care is concerned. I would like
to be treated as a human being not as a WCB number; I am a real person not a NUMBER!
Western New York

I think the workers comp process was made more difficult for everyone involved with new
laws. It now appears that the board and judges are out to help the insurance companies and not
the injured worker.
Western New York

This experience has made me feel like less of a person. It has been drawn out and degrading. I
feel major changes need to be made to the system.
Western New York

Very long process

Western New York

Tough Road
Western New York

I had to move to Florida because of the effect of the cold on my injuries. The carrier has made
it impossible for me to receive treatment, since they will not approve care. They will not reply
to doctors!

It's a joke, very slow, degrading. It doesn't care about the welfare of others included with the
injured person. The entire WC system needs to be revamped and held accountable.
Western New York

What a nightmare
Western New York

Dealing with the insurance company was pretty stressful. The doctors available for WC need to
be updated. I felt I was made to jump through hoops to get proper medical attention.
New York metropolitan

The judge was prompt with Okaying what was needed. The insurance company was not. They
were fined by the judge on numerous occasions.
New York metropolitan

The IME Doctors are the worst doctors. All they care about is making their employer happy
with their red tape conclusions and stop your treatment plan.
New York metropolitan

I feel that my WC Insurance Carrier purposely refuses treatments, test, and physical therapy
which has led to the deterioration of my condition and prolonged my healing process. I feel that
the WCB should make the 45 day decision process for insurance companies shorter for certain
requests like tests and physical therapy. Those delays are costly to patients who are really
working to get better and want to return to work.
New York metropolitan 50/117
The whole
4/18/2018 experience has been horrible. It has been seven
Comments months
From andWorker
the Injured I stillSurvey
have nothing
done. I've lost my health Ins. with my job and stand to lose my job in a few more months. I am
not a happy camper.
New York metropolitan

The benefits are not even enough for my family and myself.
New York metropolitan

The Doctors don't seem to help because it's a comp case. I wait for MRI's, shots and treatment
for weeks sometimes and still in pain with no answers. That's why I'm in court today, to try to
get some help.
Central New York

Please do not treat me like I'm not hurt. I have all the records and several doctors to prove I'm
hurting. But I feel I'm not heard!
Central New York

I dedicated my life to my job. I feel that what is owed to me should not be a fight.
Central New York

The guidelines seem to push me towards drugs and surgery and more expensive care. I was
doing fine with the chiropractor.
Long Island

This experience seems to be big business for the lawyers and less about the needs of us injured
parties. How did this happen?
Long Island

The Compensation Board is good because it helps us to claim our health rights, and the real
truth is I am not here for money. The most important thing for me is my health.
New York metropolitan

It's been a month and a week and i have not received a penny is been hell
Central New York

It takes too long to receive a hearing date. The workers compensation system in NY does not
Work or Compensate!
New York metropolitan

Rules of medical care should include approval of "maintenance" therapies, let me explain. I
have 3 herniated discs in my back. While physical therapy helped me to improve about 30%,
the therapy was stopped because I didn't continue to improve beyond that level. However, my
condition naturally deteriorated once the therapy was stopped and the insurance company
denied additional sessions because the WCB rules did not allow me to continue the therapy for
the sole purpose of maintaining that improvement, which has now been lost. So what was the
point of doing therapy? This seemed like a way for WCB to find out how injured I was, but
after that, they didn't care about how I felt physically. Chiropractic and Massage therapy were
also helpful, but both were denied even though I felt better. My pain has increased over the
years. So now they've got me doped up on every narcotic they can think of, so I can't drive
myself or run the risk of being arrested. The drug companies get the money, when I'd rather
give it to the physical therapist and massage therapists that were actually making me feel
better! They sent me back to school to retrain me and they expect me to focus my brain while
I'm on these narcotics, makes no sense!!! Without a rule to allow for maintenance sessions, the
only other option for the doctors is to push pain pills. They don't want to be bothered with more
paperwork to request more treatment, which after 30 days of wait time, is automatically
rejected by the insurance company anyway. My awesome chiropractor stopped accepting WC
patients. It wasn't worth the hassle with the new rules back in 2010. Many of the doctors I've
called over the past 6 years won't take WC cases. I know that periodic chiropractic, massage, 51/117
and physical
4/18/2018 therapies would alleviate some of my pain -From
Comments please change
the Injured the Survey
Worker rules to allow for
maintenance therapy. Thank you.
Western New York

I have not had anyone contact me in a month's time. Website is confusing and only readable to
lawyers. First time I called the WCB, the lady I spoke with had zero answers for me.
Capital Region

No help at all from workers comp even when I claimed fraud and criminal activities by the
employer. Judge did not even want to listen to the audio files I had or even ask any questions
about what I was claiming. Good JOB protecting the rights of the employee!
New York metropolitan

The board would rather make drug addicts out of injured workers than giving them chiropractic
Western New York

It took a long time to see a judge.

New York metropolitan

Better communication between insurance company, workers' comp and employee needed.
Western New York

There were cameras to prove I fell, yet I was still accused of fraud and they refused to pay for
my medical care. When I was released back to work, the manager refused to call or see me.
They also refused to show us (my attorney and I) the video of my fall.
Western New York

I would like to see more understanding of the emotional toll involved. It's not always about the
numbers. Without my attorney I would have been completely lost in the system and am positive
I would have lost everything if all I had to deal with was the insurance company by myself.
Western New York

I think 13 trips of 90 miles round trip for a hearing is a little much and the insurance company
waits until the day before we are to be here to file the paper work. It is a waste of all of our
Western New York

This has been a long drawn out process. I am still waiting on authorization for needed
medications for over a year even though letters of necessity have been turned in. I have been
out of work for 4 years; seen 2 IME's a total of 5 times. Process just takes too long.
Western New York

I waited 33 days to receive a check. 2. Never received any written notice of my rights. 3. Had
an MRI scheduled that insurance company approved then cancelled. 4. Phone calls to adjuster
are never returned. 5. Insurance company had someone watching my house on 33rd day, nasty
man who scared my neighbors. 6. First check was for only 20% of my salary... not even enough
for food.
Long Island

It is a shame that the insurance company can get away with ignoring numerous requests from
doctors, attorneys, and the injured worker. I have had numerous doctors and facilities turn me
away because my caseworker will not respond to numerous phone calls and emails.

I would like to say that there really is no help for injured workers. The Board lets the insurance
company dictate what they are willing to do and not to do!!!! The injured worker becomes a
number and a statistic to the insurance company. We pay and pay and when someone is really 52/117
4/18/2018it becomes a big hassle for the injured worker. WeFrom
Comments can’t
the even
Injured get theSurvey
Worker medicine we need
to recover because again the insurance company and their so called IME doctors play a game
with people’s lives and families. It is really a big joke. It is a system set up ultimately for the
insurance company and the employer. The injured worker gets grief and aggravation while
trying to recover from a work-related injury. There really should be more support for the
injured worker instead of all the political hassle and aggravation. Maybe then the worker would
be able to recover and get back into the workforce.
Long Island

I was brought to the edge of homelessness and continue to experience significant financial
difficulties because of the length of the process. Incredibly slow and opaque process that takes
New York metropolitan

When I first got hurt, it was no problem. My doctor told me it was fixed, but because of the
location of the injury and the fact that I was young and still active, the bones would—through
normal everyday walking—eventually erode the repair and it would likely “let go” again, and
probably with no notice. Which it did... two years, three months, and 17 days later!! The
problem occurred when this happened. I was just walking and my knee froze up. My first
problem: my previous doctor had moved out of state. My second problem: the orthopedic
surgeon's office wanted me to state before the doctor saw me, if it was workers’ comp or
regular insurance. Of course, I couldn't do that, although I was pretty sure, but they refused
because they "wouldn't be sure how to bill it and it’s a fight to get our money. We have to pay
back the agency that originally paid, and then it's a struggle to get the money from the other
agency, especially workers’ comp and they don't pay that well." Needless to say, I didn't go
back there. My third problem: There was no “accident” so workers’ comp denied it even
though the doctor had already stated that it was going to happen someday. I was forced to go to
my workers’ comp attorney to find a doctor to take my case. That doctor was a three-hour drive
away, initially (he now has an office only 30 minutes away). He fought for me for three years
before Workers’ Comp finally sent me to their doctor. Workers’ Comp doctors said, yes it was
due to the original injury, and repair was scheduled. However, it had taken so long to get to this
point that when the surgeon went in to do the repair, the knee was beyond repair and had to be
replaced. My original injury was in January 2004. My knee replacement was done in
September 2010. I now have open medical—as long as I visit my doctor or surgeon at least
once a year to keep the case open. While the knee surgery was a success, I unfortunately have a
residual hip problem now from walking wrong for so long after the re-injury!!! By the way, my
geographic location is Northern New York...which is not even listed in #11 on this site!!!
Northern New York

The mercury poisoning accident has caused memory loss that was never addressed in any of the
hearings I went to. My memory loss causes problems at home and sometimes in the work force.
I would like for the Board to question my poor wife and children who suffer from my
forgetfulness that is directly related to being mercury poisoned. I pray for the best for myself
and family. I pray also for all those who were ever hurt permanently in the work force.
Capital Region

My employer had a wage continuation program and there was no interruption to my wage
Western New York

I left work on August 27, 2013 and had surgery for a torn rotator cuff the next day. I have been
on full or partial disability since then. My first check for lost wages arrived in mid-November .
. . . The process by which I would receive authorization for additional physical therapy my
doctor ordered was not explained to me, and there was a significant—three week—delay
between the first and second month of physical therapy. Even when the authorization was 53/117
for the second month of treatment, the authorization
4/18/2018 Comments Fromnotice was
the Injured not Survey
Worker mailed to me for
seven days. And it was never mailed to the physical therapist.
Long Island

Since the new rules and regulations for treatment guidelines came out in 12/01/2010, you have
made my life like hell. I`m not a newer injury—my injuries are over 20 years. Your so-called
experts have taken chiropractor treatment away from me. I live with chronic pain. Your 10
visits a year aren`t enough for me. I only wish that your so-called experts could live one day in
my shoes. I would even have it be on one of my better days. These rules and regulations are
written so that one profession can`t even understand them . . . . All you did was make the
insurance companies happy. They must have had a lot to do with these reforms. Money talks.
Western New York

Provide medical care regardless of outcome of the case.

New York metropolitan

It was an awful experience. After being exposed to asbestos I was told to get an x-ray by the
employer and file for workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp "controverted" the filing and a
hearing was held where I was able to get an attorney via the union. At the hearing I was never
able to have a word about what took place, and the attorney for the university threw everything
they could to keep their options open should I develop health issues from the exposure. The
doctor’s office then demanded payment of the x-ray from me, which I refused to do. A few
years later, I then received "robo calls" from a billing service demanding I pay the x-ray bill,
sometimes 2-3 times a day for months on end. I never paid the bill and it is still outstanding
today, preventing me from using the services of that organization now and into the future
because of the unpaid bill. The employer never had to explain why I was told to go into that
room that they knew had asbestos in it and no one was ever held accountable. The union . . .
was worthless as they always are and there isn't anyone out there looking out for the employee.
The employer is "all powerful" and has all the playing cards. Workers’ comp should be stronger
and have teeth to force employers to address health concerns before employees are exposed to
workplace hazards, and unions . . . should be forced to provide weekly training on workplace
hazards and contractual language via email so we all know our rights. The union is as much in
the employer’s back pocket as workers’ comp is now. Now when I go to see a doctor and fill
out their forms, you can now see a line that the employee has to pay for all workers’ comp
issues and hope they are going to be reimbursed for their injuries later on. This will no doubt
have people forgo their rights and see a physician since they are being made liable for the
employer’s negligence.
Western New York

No decent cardiologist in a good hospital would accept my workers’ comp or treat me! I was
forced to go through my private insurance company to get the help I needed . . . .
New York metropolitan

It is a lousy bureaucracy who takes side with the employer and the doctors and lawyers make
all the money while we suffer with the pain and the bills.
Western New York

It has changed my life—in the wrong way.

Central New York

I really don't have a problem with the Board. It is the adjustors that I have a problem with.
Central New York

It takes too long for medical clearance, for procedures.

Central New York 54/117
I strongly
4/18/2018 agree that if it wasn't for the diligent efforts from
Comments my
From the lawyer that ISurvey
Injured Worker would not be
getting the help I need. Even with his help and efforts my care has been questioned and delayed
at every point up to and including surgery. Workers’ comp has so many rules that change. It's
hard for any layman to understand and when the Board isn't a qualified surgeon/physician, who
are they to question my overall heath and daily living? My quality of life suffers but I continue
to work because I am still able to function in my non-working position. Thank you.
Central New York

Every step has been a struggle. I feel as though I cannot get medical treatment fairly because of
the workers' comp carrier. Medical treatment has been denied and some bills are not paid by the
carrier and billed to me. I’m very unhappy with process of injury and payments for injury.
Central New York

Very difficult to get medication approved, out of pocket costs are killing me.
Central New York

A short time after my injury and a two week medical absence, my employer retaliated against
me by punitively transferring me in an orchestrated method to demote me and then plague my
flawless performance records of 25 years with lies and deception. They then demoted me again
to continue causing me to endure a pervasive passive aggressive work environment for the last
six years. Employer discouraged me from seeking workers’ comp and tampered with my time
sheet in efforts to fabricate a false record to later use it to deny me workers’ compensation
New York metropolitan

It is almost three years from the date of any injury. Within one and a half years I had three
different case managers. The first two were most pleasant to deal with. Things were done in a
timely fashion. But the third case manager has been hard to deal with—disregards requests,
nothing gets done in a timely fashion . . . . One example was I had to wait for the case manager
to OK a physical therapy session, which the IME said was normally after an epidural shot in
the back. I had to wait the 30 days for either an approval or non-approval, and the case manager
did nothing. So after the 30 days my lawyer sent an approval to the Board and was approved
right away. Why wait so long when something that's in the Guidelines of the Workers’
Compensation Law to be approved. Thank you for your time in this matter.
New York metropolitan

The entire process from start to finish is a complete nightmare. I have been dealing with this
joke of a system and their IME "doctors." It is frustrating, stressful, emotionally distressing and
debilitating just dealing with the hoops and red tape. I only wanted to receive treatment for an
injury I sustained on a job. The injury was reoccurring. Legitimate doctors have confirmed this.
The workers’ compensation "doctors" have decided my injury is no longer from falling two
stories, but rather a genetic condition after running no tests other than a brief glance over—so
disgusting and ridiculous. This state and country is a mess and the people that really need the
help don't get it. It is enough to make a person go crazy.
Long Island

It was impossible to get through the automation of the Board’s phone system. I am sending this
from my representative's office that I had to seek for help because even though I was told I
could handle this without help by the person at the Board, dealing with the insurance company
and Comp Board has been very frustrating. I don't know what was worse, the time I was on
hold on the phone or the rudeness that the workers gave me as if I were bothering them.
Hopefully now with help I can get what I need.
New York metropolitan

I believe it should be enforced that employers should fill out their workers’ compensation
paperwork in a timely fashion so that the employee does not need to have to have an attorney
become involved in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits.
Capital Region 55/117
The value
4/18/2018 for loss of use is terrible. Would you trade 25%From
Comments of your shoulder
the Injured for around
Worker Survey
$35,000? No one would. A judge and jury should decide.
Capital Region

If I was informed about my rights I would not continue to work and aggravate my back
problem. Paperwork was handled very slowly in terms of getting the OK to have surgery or an
MRI . . . .
Central New York

My experience with the Workers' Compensation Board has been positive. My experience with
the insurance company has been horrible.
Central New York

It’s been almost five years since my injury. Workers’ compensation takes too long. Now I'm
disabled and can't get full time work.
Capital Region

It is absurd that workers’ comp insurance companies argue and don't agree on issues regarding
the patient. It puts the patient in the middle, neglects needs and care on time for the patient who
needs the care.
Central New York

Thank you for all the help.

Central New York

I feel strongly that the injured person should resolve workers’ compensation issues without an
attorney. As attorney fees are quiet high when case is settled. Injured workers need the full
amount of settlement. Everyone has been very pleasant at the Workers’ Compensation Board.
Capital Region

Why does it take almost four months to get a court date?

Capital Region

Due to delays in receiving treatment my doctors had to take me out of work 100%. My
employer has since filled my position. Now when I am ready to return to work, I will not have
a job to return to.
Central New York

I feel like the Workers’ Compensation Board provides more protection for the employer than
the employee. There is no cost of living increase. There are many changes that are difficult to
keep track of. If your case goes on for any length of time, no attorney is interested in helping
you. If you haven't lost a limb, there is no real compensation for loss of use. You can lose the
use of your legs for example, due to pain or numbness, but get no compensation for that loss.
But if you lose a leg, there is a monetary value attached.
Capital Region

I had to wait a year for my back surgery.

Central New York

Very bad—there is too much running around and no help. I have used up all my sick time at my
job and I still haven't received a check . . . .
New York metropolitan

Some of the doctors were incompetent. I did not get enough therapy.
New York metropolitan 56/117
My experience
4/18/2018 with the Board was very pleasantComments
and expeditious. TheWorker
From the Injured delaySurvey
in my benefits was
due to my employer's insurance company. I have been out eight months and am still not
receiving any benefits weekly. I only received two lump sum checks, which barely cover my
expenses. I hope that today it will all be resolved.
New York metropolitan

Overall the Workers' Compensation Board served their responsibilities. However, the insurance
company kept stating they were missing papers.
New York metropolitan

It took my employer more than a year to submit my documentation.

New York metropolitan

I do not like how the doctors operate because when you are hurting they tell the Board you are
New York metropolitan

Rules and guideline penalties should be reinforced upon hospitals and medical facilities to
maintain safety precautions. This will provide a safe working environment for all employees.
New York metropolitan

I love my judge. She is a very good judge and my advocate.

New York metropolitan

Workers’ compensation doctor was horrible and rude.

New York metropolitan

Customer Services in White Plains Hearing Office is always helpful.

New York metropolitan

Old outdated information that only hurts when trying to find a covered physician. A horribly
inefficient system and a complete waste of time when trying to address a covered issue.
Central New York

If I did not have a no-fault case as well, I don't believe I would have gotten the therapy that I
did receive. As for as payment is concerned there need to be better systems in place to handle
things better.
New York metropolitan

For four months I have not received anything from workers’ comp. No medical to get
medication or see my doctor. Workers’ comp does not care how people live. All my bills are
behind . . . I am not happy with workers’ comp. They really need to do better.
New York metropolitan

If they didn’t keep denying certain important medical tests like MRIs, EMGs, etc., the process
would be faster. Reducing people’s benefits is very frustrating.
New York metropolitan

All parties concerned are doing a proper job except for the insurance company. I have not been
fully reimbursed for lost wages for the last four years. This is a disgrace! Why is the insurance
company allowed to behave this way? This causes a huge financial strain on the injured party.
New York metropolitan

When it comes to testing to see if there is improvement, or if injury gets worse, e.g., an MRI or
CT, it is not right to wait over a month for approval because treatments might have to stop or
not start due to possibility of further injuries—also multiple injuries.
New York metropolitan 57/117
I would
4/18/2018like to get or receive my wages and treatment. I lost
Comments Fromtwo cars Worker
the Injured because of what you
people do. You don't care about people.
New York metropolitan

Due to an excessive backlog of cases to be heard, the whole process takes years until a
judgment is to be entered by the honorable judge presiding over the case.
New York metropolitan

Insurance companies have too much control in medical evaluations. The independent medical
examiners make up things and the court has no compromise with bad information.
New York metropolitan

Most employees don't know anything about workers’ compensation. People need to be
informed. People need more information, I mean awareness.
New York metropolitan

I am experiencing a very bad compensation. I was injured in 2004 and the case is still on going.
I was forced to retire because I was not capable to work. I have exhausted all my time on the
job. The response of the insurance carrier throughout the time I was injured is still ill
responsive. From 2004-2013 it is no positive response where the doctor is concerned. I have no
clue of the future of this case. I am not capable to work and try to make ends meet.
New York metropolitan

My experience is somewhat difficult. There is someone they call an adjuster whose job is to
deny or approve for the injured worker. Sometimes you don't know what they are thinking. One
can be in a serious position and it takes them a while before they can approve. In the mean
while one is really in need of such.
New York metropolitan

It takes too long for approval for procedures and surgeries. When you’re in a lot of pain,
waiting months is not acceptable. Medication approval is a problem also . . . . I have a
suggestion. Please get more comfortable seating in the waiting area. These wooden benches are
very uncomfortable and hard!
New York metropolitan

We need faster service. This process is taking too long. We need better, and more access to
workers’ compensation doctors. It's hard to be hurt and out of pay. We need to find a faster way
to pay the injured worker. You need to investigate IME doctors. They tend to lie for the
insurance company.
New York metropolitan

I got hurt Jan 2011. My doctor wanted an MRI. It took almost a year for that. I got the knee
fixed in Dec. and it has taken almost three years since the accident to get here for my hearing. I
have been on the job for almost 30 years and this is the second time this has happened to me.
New York metropolitan

I’m very disappointed with my claims examiner. My IME doctor told me and wrote in his
report that I cannot return to work but workers’ comp reduced my lost wage benefits to 33%.
No how can I be not working and collect a reasonable salary to live on with two kids plus
myself. If your doctor tells me I am unable to work why reduce my salary? It doesn't make
sense. It sounds like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth.
New York metropolitan

This experience has been a nightmare. The office manager told me I should apply for workers’
compensation. It's been five months. I lost my vehicle, phone, and cable and have difficulty
qualifying for food stamps. Therefore there have been nights where I go to sleep hungry.
New York metropolitan 58/117
This system
4/18/2018 makes people cave into depression, Comments
keeps them
thepain and
Injured limits
Worker treatment, delays
payments, anything possible to save a buck. Comp makes me sick.
Central New York

I did not realize that the process takes so long before the final decision can be determined.
New York metropolitan

They cut my workmen's comp to $100.00 a week. I cannot live on $100.00 a week. No one can
in today’s world.
New York metropolitan

I need my surgeries.
New York metropolitan

It is a nightmare.
New York metropolitan

I am satisfied so far.
New York metropolitan

The Workers’ Compensation Board needs to have insurance companies expedite insurance
benefits and travel expenses quicker.
New York metropolitan

I would like the Board to process my claim and compensate me for the time I was owed. Thank
New York metropolitan

My adjuster was a nightmare. He was of no help in my case.

New York metropolitan

Everything is conducted in a well-organized and timely manner.

New York metropolitan

It took way too long to be resolved.

New York metropolitan

The attorney, over a period of two and a half years, spent 10 minutes with me and five minutes
on the phone.
Western New York

I have been suffering for five months and I’m still waiting for approval for surgery on my
New York metropolitan

I have not received any payments from workers’ comp, causing me to be late with all my bills
and also my medical bills were not paid.
New York metropolitan

I had a hard time contacting my case worker.

New York metropolitan

The workers at the Board were always helpful and informative. Overall the experience was
New York metropolitan

Facility entrance (upstairs) not easily accessible, need automatic doors.

New York metropolitan 59/117
It's taken
4/18/2018over two years. I still have not gotten any money.
Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
New York metropolitan

You have to wait too long to get any benefits.

New York metropolitan

It took longer than what I expected.

New York metropolitan

I think this process is set up to discredit the injured party and not to assist in the healing process
of the claimant. Better customer service is always a plus.
New York metropolitan

Everything so far so good.

New York metropolitan

Because so much time is involved, we often want to return to work even though still in pain.
New York metropolitan

I pray that they could move a little faster with their cases.
New York metropolitan

Need to care more about people’s pain.

New York metropolitan

The process is very slow. Insurance companies have too much to say about your health.
New York metropolitan

Everyone is very helpful.

New York metropolitan

I am still fighting for my money and treatment. I haven't been able to get medical reports until
now so I can't base my opinion yet.
New York metropolitan

I wish I was much better—too slow.

New York metropolitan

My attorney didn't do a good job. I haven't spoken to him for over two years.
New York metropolitan

They don't care about anyone. That is all.

New York metropolitan

It took over a month to get authorization for the recommended MRI. Had my injuries been
more severe, that time could have been critical.
New York metropolitan

Stop delaying the help I need to feel better with my injury.

New York metropolitan

I'm satisfied, overall good services for injured people.

New York metropolitan

They need to work on cases a little faster than they are doing right now.
New York metropolitan

Thanks for workers’ compensation.

New York metropolitan 60/117
I've been
4/18/2018out of work since 7/23/13 and have notComments
a dime. TheWorker
the Injured IMESurvey
doctors don't
examine properly and don't take your pain seriously.
New York metropolitan

After having shoulder surgery I had to drive to physical therapy. I was not given an option to
use bus services. I live in Oswego County and it is not easy to take buses because I'm not on a
bus route.
Western New York

Appeal process is too long. Even though medical treatments are approved at the Board level,
medical providers will not schedule treatment unless a payer is identified. In my case, I waited
over two years for surgery due to a slow process of identifying the payer/carrier.
Capital Region

I did not really deal with the Board. This hearing is the first time I have had to deal with the
Board. My employer continued my full pay per contract. There was a delay getting surgery
approved. Do not know who caused delay.
Capital Region

Too many challenges regarding medical services.

Capital Region

It's a drawn out process to people . . . the people that are really hurt going through surgeries get
cut off because they can't look for a job.
Capital Region

Workers’ compensation carriers are terrible to deal with.

Capital Region

The Board has been terrific. The workers’ compensation insurance company has made life very
Capital Region

The Board was more help than anyone. I had questions answered promptly.
Capital Region

I would rather be working. I love my job and miss my residents.

Capital Region

I wish I was told not to go through the insurance company for anything.
Capital Region

It's been awful. We lost out house and car! We live in a terrible situation. It has been seven
years and I am still fighting.
Capital Region

It’s sad when no one believes you because they don't see the problem on film.
Capital Region

It was a long journey.

Capital Region

It's no picnic.
Central New York

It's been one of the worst experiences I've ever been through. Eleven years of pain and
suffering and no money coming in. I thank the Lord this is almost over with. Thank you
everyone involved. 61/117
No location
4/18/2018 given Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

I rated the first few questions based on how my workers’ compensation insurance agency
handled my case, not on how the Board did. My only complaint about the Board is the time it
takes to get an appearance date. I'm here today for a claim that was first requested in June of
this year about a procedure that my doctor requested back in February. I've been suffering with
pain for nine months and hope this gets settled today.
No location given

The appeal process is ludicrous. No person should be expected to wait 12+ months, without
benefits to satisfy unfounded accusations made by greedy insurance companies. Furthermore,
why do insurance adjusters with absolutely no medical training make treatment decisions for
patients they have never met?
No location given

I think they are fair, at least to me they have been.

No location given

The carrier does not help the injured employee, and then makes it difficult every chance they
No location given

I get faster service if I call my case worker for comp than my attorney.
No location given

Very difficult time getting case established. Need better communication with attorney.
No location given

It has been very trying on my patience. When an MRI verifies injury, only quick compliant
measures should follow.|
No location given

All steps have been swift and precise. Thank you for your help.
No location given

My workers’ comp experience was good, but it was the carrier that gave me problems receiving
my medication and medical care.
No location given

My injury happened a few years ago. Something happened on my job that caused me to need a
total knee replacement. In the course of surgery it got infected and I almost died. I took off
months of work to recuperate and to learn how to walk. Now I am told that the operation was
not successful and it needs to be redone. (In the interim, I fell down the stairs at work and my
other knee requires a total knee replacement.) I am on medication daily for the pain . . . . I have
a workmen's compensation lawyer who does nothing. They offered me a pitiful amount of
money, and I said "no" because I still require more surgery. I am afraid to have my knee fixed
because I will lose my job. I wish someone would help me. I am in pain daily and am scared to
have the surgery for fear of losing my job.
Long Island

It is sometimes hard to get the attorney to answer questions between court dates. I feel new law
changes before my accident leave me unfairly compensated in the future.
Western New York

The Board did an awesome job. The representatives for the insurance company and my
representation are inept to serve the needs of the injured. If not for my own decision making I
would have agreed to a dismissal of my case based on a fraudulent fraud charge.
Western New York 62/117
I havesix disc herniations and two bulging discsComments
4/18/2018 and I work
Fromfull time.Worker
the Injured I don't abuse pain meds.
My chiropractor, along with exercise, help keep me mobile enough to work. I feel having to
take time off work for hearings is ridiculous. I think the Board should go after people who take
off work for extended periods and don't want to work!
Western New York

So far I have no complaints.

Western New York

I am satisfied medical was provided. I only hope it will continue.

Western New York

I had no problems during my claim, probably because I had an attorney. I say this because I
have heard about problems people have had with collecting their benefits.
Western New York

Carrier continues to deny needed treatment and medications—hindering my overall recovery to

resume work.
Western New York

It has been a long and dragged out experience. I wish it was shorter but some cases are longer
than others.
Western New York

Thank you for your staff. They have been very helpful.
Western New York

I'm very disappointed that when a person is seeking treatment because they want to get better
and stronger to work it's denied; or, like myself, I was approved for two days and PT within a
one year period. I asked and begged for more and was denied! I want to work! I want to be
better! Our system is very sad. :(
Western New York

Very dissatisfied with the way my prescriptions and medical records were handled.
Western New York

Why does it take so long to get treatment? There’s no reason for people to go through all this
pain until someone makes up their mind. It's not fair.
Western New York

I'm glad it's almost over. They don't like to comply with the judge’s order and wait until the day
of the hearing to make a decision.
Western New York

It is good to have an attorney for workers' compensation, because when an issue comes up, and
I do not know what to do or how to handle the issue, the attorney is there to give me an answer
on what to do and how to handle the issue.
Western New York

I strongly disagree because my case has been going on for nearly 12 years, and they continue to
deny me care. I'm very frustrated with this whole process.
Western New York

I have no problem with the Board. My issues are with the third-party insurance companies. The
Board has treated me fairly and with the utmost respect.
Western New York 63/117
It is unreasonable
4/18/2018 to expect an employee to take Comments
time off From
own expense to
attend a redundant hearing.
Western New York

Insurance carrier agents should be a little nicer. I should receive my check on time as I too have
bills to pay.
Western New York

This was my first experience with workers' compensation. I found it to be very overwhelming
trying to get accurate resources of information. The process moved along quickly and when I
called with concerns or questions, workers' comp was very helpful.
Western New York

Only provided with one option by someone I finally just met. But everyone was quite nice.
Western New York

It has been an endless and ruthless battle for my medical to be covered. Each time approval is
needed it is denied and I go months without appropriate care. . . . Without a lawyer I wouldn't
have ever returned to work or received appropriate medical. The online availability of
information has been very helpful in regards to the Board.
Western New York

Insurance company is not concerned with my health or wellbeing. They intentionally delayed
the process.
Western New York

Besides waiting for a long period of time, I really can't say anything at this time.
Western New York

Workers compensation should have later hours to accommodate those that are trying to work.
Right now the hearing process takes a long time and it is a half-day event to come down to the
Workers’ Compensation Board. There should be stronger penalties for insurance carriers that
deny treatment frivolously. It should not take five years for a reserve decision from the judge.
Western New York

I feel that my experience is a terrible one. I'm currently without an income and have been in
and out of work due to my injury since May 2013 without one payment pending evaluation and
no other income at hand . . . .
Western New York

The laws on workers’ compensation are more likely to help the insurance companies pay out
less. My injury changed my life and there is not enough done to make me whole. My life will
never be the same again and that is not taken into account with my case. The fact that I suffer
day in and day out is not either. The attorney on my case does nothing and there is nothing I
can do about it. If I do, he still receives pay if I collect for doing nothing.
Western New York

I had an injury on 10-30-07 didn't receive any compensation till 12-28-07. I have bills to pay. I
work to pay them. I shouldn't have to wait two months for a payment. Guidelines of 2010
should not apply to injury in 2007. Thank you.
Western New York

I just want to make my own opinion by saying I think workers’ compensation can be too
difficult at times. A lot of things as far as paperwork are very difficult in understanding. As far
as medical treatment it seems like you get put in a bracket with everyone else, neither
individualized care nor understanding. You see doctors for three minutes and they feel they
know everything about you.
Western New York 64/117
I would
like to see the adjusters be more considerate
4/18/2018 towards
Comments injured
From the Injured workers.
Worker Survey
Western New York

Everyone that is or claims to be hurt on the job is a liar. I know they are out there but everyone
does not fall in that category. Some people want to work or get back to work after a work-
related injury. There needs to be a better system set in place to wean out the liars and fakers and
get to the truthful and honest injured parties.
Western New York

Making people live with no money is ridiculous. Process was too long.
Western New York

If you have an injury from a former case and you are injured but on another part or opposite
side of an injury, why do they say it is all the same? You have a left and right side of your body.
If the right side was hurt years ago and then your left side is hurt (back injury) is that all the
same? The wording should be redone or policy should be different. Injuries are not all the
Western New York

The new policies and ratings are impossible to get doctors to complete. Also, it is very difficult
to get chiropractic care . . . .
Western New York

Long wait for hearing . . . . Doctor’s office did not allow my doctor, who I'd seen for years, do
my SLU and that upset me.
Western New York

Caused stress and delayed maximum medical improvement.

Western New York

I'm currently waiting for an appeal about receiving physical therapy. One week after I was
granted physical therapy by the judge, the insurance carrier appealed the decision. It's been 11
months now and I am still waiting for a decision from the appeals review board. I have not had
physical therapy in 1 1/2 years and I need it. I think that's much too long to wait. My lawyer
has not been able to move the case along so I wrote directly to the appeals review board. I have
heard nothing from them. This is typical of my experiences with my case.
New York metropolitan

This system needs a major overhaul. Requests for repeated “lack of medical evidence” are very
stressful and unfair to the injured worker. Attorneys and insurance companies don't seem to
care about the tedious process the injured worker must endure. Cases go on far too long.
Western New York

Workers’ Compensation Board has been great; the insurance company has been a problem.
Capital Region

The new system is very hard to understand for me, lawyers and doctors. It was hard for me to
find a doctor that would even see a new comp case. Having never been through this before, I
would say that there are better ways to find treatment and clarify the actual issues. Make things
easier on people not harder.
Capital Region

It's more the insurance carrier than the Board that causes difficulties. The IME doctors do not
do proper exams and don't care if they hurt you either. It is hard enough being injured and in
constant pain. The Board should be able to regulate the IME doctors. And the ratings of % and
permanency are too strict. I can't ever work again and will get progressively worse as the years 65/117
go by, but
4/18/2018 I am not considered 100% because I am not crippled
Comments From the and bed
Injured ridden,
Worker but according
to SSD I'm 100% disabled . . . .
Capital Region

You shouldn't always have to come to Buffalo. Try making it easier for clients. We have to take
metro, bus or rely on someone else. Spread the system out.
Western New York

My employer’s carrier . . . and the administrator . . . have proven to be very difficult. I am still
waiting on authorization for my shoulder surgery. The administrator put up roadblocks for
medication prescribed by my doctor.
Capital Region

Unbelievable amount of time to get a hearing.

Capital Region

Thank you for being here.

Capital Region

The employer’s carrier has wasted all our time by not trying to settle with me. The Workers’
Compensation Board has done nothing but try to help.
Capital Region

Long stressful process.

New York metropolitan

Workers’ comp was the worst thing I ever experienced in my life.

New York metropolitan

Present rules have made receiving necessary medical care more difficult. The insurance carrier
on my claim seems to have one motto—take it to a hearing—thus creating an overload to the
Board’s system.
Capital Region

It's working for me.

Capital Region

My case has been very long and drawn out. I don't like it that I'm being “forced” to try to find a
job when my doctor and social security have me disabled.
Capital Region

I told Workers’ comp that therapy helped my injury and it was disallowed.
Capital Region

I've always found the Workers’ Compensation Board to usually answer my questions very well
in an excellent manner. They were always polite.
Capital Region

Focus on improving workers’ medical treatment not the insurance companies’ bottom line.
Capital Region

It's been two years and it’s still going on. I've lost my job and I am afraid of losing everything I
have worked for, house, car etc.
Capital Region

The reduction of my treatments has led to my loss of my job.

Capital Region 66/117
I believe
4/18/2018 that a better work place will be best. WeComments
all work to the
From survive.
Injured Worker Survey
Capital Region

Not enough recovery time after a major surgery. Everyone wants to put you back to work right
Capital Region

Need more comfortable seating.

Capital Region

Overall I would characterize my experience as one of frustration. Frustration because I have not
received the medical care needed for my injury and what care I have received was delayed in
getting to me—whether because of administrative or legal obstacles. Inconsistent and untimely
medical care results in further injury, hence more costs to employers, and carriers. I would ask
please for a system whose goal is the provision of appropriate and timely medical care to
injured workers with the goal of reintegrating them into the taxpaying and voting community.
This would save money in the long run. Thank you.
New York metropolitan

The entire workers’ compensation benefit for injured state law enforcement should be re-
evaluated. My injury required me to exhaust my entire savings. The IME appointment and
report were inaccurate and did not reflect my injuries and caused a dramatic cut in my benefits,
which at times totaled approximately $200 weekly. This was the worst experience of my life!
New York metropolitan

I do not know what the actual legal procedure is, but there should be an adjustment of the
monetary compensation. In my case, I became completely disabled and with constant pain for
trying to do my job better and be one of the people who does it best. I think there should be a
monetary adjustment so as to have a better quality of life.
New York metropolitan

I had a difficult time upon submission of my claims and continue to date to have great
difficulty with any timely authorization. If at all, with everything from prescriptions to visits or
procedures needed to find any progress in my health, in particular from my adjuster, who
delays or rejects anything and everything having to do with this case.
New York metropolitan

At the beginning I was refused comp for eight months and almost lost my home and lost
automobile. Had to go bankrupt and lost my top rated credit at the time. If not for my children
and friends, I would have lost everything. Since then I have been okay with the doctor’s help,
workers’ compensation, a small pension and Social Security. I appreciate continuance and pain
therapy in PA which at this time I don't have.
New York metropolitan

. . . I had multiple injuries to my neck, right shoulder and back. I don't think I've been treated
fairly because they stopped paying me after a couple of months without notifying me the reason
why. I've been going to doctors on a regularly scheduled basis, trying to get better, but without
any money I cannot pay bills. I am in debt and my family of five is in dire straits.
New York metropolitan

I was almost evicted for non-payment of rent. I did not even have money to get my medical
treatments fully, because travel expense reimbursement is non-existing. It took my job 30 day
even before notifying the Board of an on-the-job injury. It is already four and a half months and
no pay check yet. On June 20, 2013 I went out of work . . . .
New York metropolitan 67/117
I feel that
4/18/2018 the process is made more difficult for Comments
people that have
From beenWorker
the Injured truly Survey
hurt due to all the
fraudulent claims. It's not fair.
New York metropolitan

I wish that the hearings were more convenient to claimants who have no transportation.
New York metropolitan

The workers’ compensation doctor did not give me a complete and through exam. He used no
instruments to measure the loss of use to my left knee. I spent two minutes with him at most
and he measured permanency or loss by simply touching my knee for a few seconds while
looking at it.
New York metropolitan

It takes too long. My house went into foreclosure while I waited for my appeal. I lost my house
before the good news came back.
New York metropolitan

This case was handled over 10 years ago. I have had no contact with workers’ compensation
since then. In May I returned to my doctor to see if he could relieve the pain in my right ankle
and foot. He gave me a shot but it didn't relieve it, so he wanted to do it again using a
fluoroscopic control, but since it was a workers’ compensation case in the beginning I needed
workers’ compensation to authorize it. They refused.
Central New York

The insurance company has used the payment to hurt me by not ever paying in a timely
manner. Changing payment times and holding checks as long as they can. I never know when I
will receive a check and can't count on money to pay bills. It’s been a nightmare that has
caused me great depression. The insurance company should be held to a better payment
standard, not a 25 day then 14 day which ends up being five weeks they can hold the checks.
Please help us workers receive our checks so we can live too.
Central New York

Very bewildered at the way my two cases have been handled primarily with respect to the
participation of and/or lack thereof the attorney representing me, especially the past three to
four years. I have concluded that because of this there have been numerous issues that have
gone untouched that were and are very urgent to me. This also makes it difficult to assess the
entire matter of how satisfied, or not, with the Board's handling of my cases and subsequent on
going issues. When I have not been able to get a reasonable, concerned and proactive response
from my attorney, I call the Board and I get told to contact my attorney who has not been
responding at all.
Central New York

Overall it was an easy process.

Central New York

The whole time I have been out of work it has been a hassle with receiving benefits and the
amount fluctuating to even not receiving them at all.
Central New York

I think it should be more strict with the doctors who give private examination for the insurance
company because they play with reports.
New York metropolitan

The worst thing I've ever been through. I've gotten almost no care, no benefits and none of my
medical bills have been paid.
Central New York 68/117
Paper work
4/18/2018 could be clearer. Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Central New York

Thank you to the persons and judges for the time and effort in assisting in my workers’
compensation case.
Central New York

I feel that the insurance company, my attorney and the Board get all the information and I am
left out until the last minute. I have to make many inquiries on my own to get the information
and need to make decisions. All of which are last minute decisions due to getting information
late. For example, I didn’t review my doctor’s report until a few day before hearing.
Capital Region

Delay with the insurance company representatives, and contacting providers is a job. They
refuse to accommodate any need to scheduling on location of IMEs and that drags the process
out for months.
Long Island

This whole affair has been a disaster. My case is pending since 2010.
Long Island

It's hard enough to get hurt and be alone and no one helps. They cut my money in half and I
lose everything. I had the worst experience with workers’ compensation.
Long Island

The only complaint that I have is that it takes a long process to have tests done, which I
understand. Everything is always taken care of but it seems to be a long process.
Capital Region

I still have problems with my back and neck that have not been resolved.
Capital Region

I don't think the variance process is fair when it takes 6-8 weeks to get decision after last
treatment. It delays healing process with big gaps in treatment, no consistency.
Long Island

I would like workers’ compensation to be more worker friendly.

Long Island

I was not treated right—need to compensate people when they are out of work and need to pay
their bills.
Long Island

The system needs a complete overhaul.

Long Island

My insurance carrier has been extremely slow and hard to work with.
Long Island

My work load was already heavy and I had to pick up on another employee’s workload, very
heavy, for 15 months while she was on a leave of absence. My work load became increasingly
heavy and difficult. My symptoms became increasingly worse during this time.
Capital Region

I don't believe a doctor should give a medical opinion without ever physically seeing the
Capital Region 69/117
A hearing
4/18/2018 wasn't held until well over a year fromComments
injury date!
From the Injured Worker Survey
Capital Region

Queensbury service was excellent, very polite and informative.

Capital Region

I think things (paperwork, procedures/diagnostic) should be approved in a more timely manner.

Also, for people who are working sometimes things are not convenient.
Capital Region

Horrible!!!!! To this day I am still waiting for a settlement . . . wrote letters inquiring about my
case and why no one has contacted me attorney or otherwise as to close this case since my
benefits were suspended unjustly and no monies were awarded. It seems my case was placed in
the trash and no one cares about my financial hardship or physical pain I still endure. I was
under the impression the Board was there for the welfare of the injured employee but in my
case it was one sided—the insurance carrier—shame on you!!!!!
New York metropolitan

I feel my experience has been horrible. I am still hurt after being initially hurt in February of
2013. It’s been almost a year. I can't seem to find a doctor who can treat me for the tendonitis in
both my elbows. Physical therapy has not helped. I am told something different from each
physical therapist and doctor I have seen. It has been one ordeal after the next. I desperately
need to find an orthopedist that specializes in elbow treatment. I moved three months ago. I
have never been notified by anyone since my move as to any procedure. I don't know who my
attorney is. No one has contacted me. If I don't call, no one will help. I have been calling and I
get no help. I really wish I could get better and leave all of this behind me. I am tired of the
run-around I have been given since day one. Maybe this letter will help me.
Long Island

I think that some cases take too long to come to a compromise and a settlement. I know that
some cases have to be investigated thoroughly; however, when the board is sending people to
look for work and there is not work to be had, and then what should one do, especially when
some people are up in age.
New York metropolitan

My experience with getting approval for surgery takes too long.

New York metropolitan

The process is long, takes too long to receive your initial check.
New York metropolitan

I would prefer to see a live judge.

New York metropolitan

No worker should have this very bad experience. We deserve better laws. Drastic
improvements or changes are needed.
New York metropolitan

I have no issue with the Board. My only issue is with the insurance company. They play this
kind of board game but I guess that’s where the Comp Board comes in.
New York metropolitan

The doctors that are under workers’ compensation really didn't help my injuries. I've been out
of work for three years and its financially difficult for me to survive with the benefits that I’m
getting from workers’ compensation.
New York metropolitan 70/117
They should
4/18/2018 award me more money and it is taking a long
Comments time
From the to do so.
Injured Now
Worker they are giving
me the option to return to work or not.
New York metropolitan

My not being compensated for an injury I got on the job is ridiculous. I would hope not to go
through this again.
New York metropolitan

The insurance company has me jump through hoops to get a regular check. The insurance agent
takes time off which at least six different times. I have received a check 4-7 days late. I am
extremely unhappy with the insurance company’s lack of routine and its inconsistency in
Capital Region

I have not received payments in a timely manner. Months go by without any payment. Nothing
has been done to rectify the matter and there is no recourse. Nothing has been done.
New York metropolitan

Just a thank you. Even though it is not my first case, I am pleased with the process and
New York metropolitan

I am very disappointed in the process to receive medication help, and filing to receive workers’
compensation benefits.
New York metropolitan

The staff was very helpful and courteous.

New York metropolitan

It's way too slow of a process. It took over six months from the time I needed medical attention
until I received it. I believe I could have recovered better and faster if process was quicker.
Capital Region

Not good. It was very hard to reach anyone at my insurance company. It took a long time to get
any approval.
New York metropolitan

It took too long and I'm still without answers.

New York metropolitan

Sometimes a person has to do some work when he is on comp because the money is not enough
to support a family as before injury. They can’t work as before but the whole case should not be
thrown out. An additional penalty should be enforced, not the compensation settlement for
injury and surgery and left with no recourse for continued pain.
New York metropolitan

The people always treated me well at Queensbury. The Board in Albany also gave me all the
information I needed when I first called.
Capital Region

My experience with workers’ compensation has been good with the exception of the time it
took for me to receive benefits and a hearing, I had to wait about one year. My insurance carrier
was great in providing all answers to my questions.
New York metropolitan

Trying to get information from case manager—did not return calls.

New York metropolitan 71/117
I hope
I never have to do this again.
4/18/2018 Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Capital Region

I've been waiting two years (August) for my money.

New York metropolitan

It is a nightmare. My case was appealed and it took so long that I almost went bankrupt waiting
for adjudication.
Western New York

Dependable and prompt.

New York metropolitan

Thank you for your time and help.

Capital Region

This whole process is horrible. Instead of treating you like a person who was injured and
entitled to these benefits, they treat you like a number and nickel and dime you for every little
thing. Doctors don't really want to deal with you because of the money problems with workers’
compensation. All appointments you wait for hours and then they treat you like they are doing
you a favor when they finally see you. I had a surgery where the doctor didn't even speak to my
family or myself about what was actually done. I had to make my own follow-up appointment.
The IME is a joke and they lie on their reports about your injuries and nothing is done about it.
They keep stopping therapy and payments and you need to go to court constantly to get it
reinstated. I can go on and on, but I know that the city is well aware of all these issues and has
done nothing to improve the way we are treated nor will they.
New York metropolitan

The process needs improvement from time of injury to receiving medical service. Insurance
carrier showed no compassion for employee injured. Wished employer had furnished
information about what to do if ever injured on job. We were placed in a temporary work site
that had many no safe factors. We were left unprotected. Compensation process is extremely
slow. Felt I was left hanging.
New York metropolitan

The Board was knowledgeable, quick and answered all my questions. The person I worked
with was extremely helpful and friendly. It was wonderful to see someone receive you with so
much information for my questions. It was a definite plus that she spoke Spanish. Thank you
for having such a nice person assisting with much support.
New York metropolitan

I think the insurance company isn’t fair. They lie not to pay people what they truly deserve. I
never asked to get hurt and have been an employed tax payer since 16 years of age. I expected
better support when I became in need.
New York metropolitan

I wish this case was totally over after eight years.

New York metropolitan

My total experience has not been good overall. There are a lot of improvements that can be
New York metropolitan

I lost everything after getting hurt at work. And they don't care. So I am now homeless. How
do you think I feel?
New York metropolitan 72/117
There are
4/18/2018 people who work very hard and live from pay check
Comments From theto check.
Injured It’sSurvey
Worker very sad how
workers’ compensation treats workers. The Board takes a long time to address anything and
you can't get a worker to talk to.
New York metropolitan

Taken care of pretty well. I thank my job for accommodating light duty.
New York metropolitan

The person I worked with was great in her help and respect to others.
New York metropolitan

I am satisfied with their service.

New York metropolitan

I believe if a manager on the job listened to their worker, there would be less harm done to the
New York metropolitan

Doctors are not taken seriously. I had to suffer long term 1 1/2 with serious injuries in my ankle
and knee. Injury was 5/12 surgery 11/13 not necessary. Suffer too long what should have been
medically resolved. IME exams do nothing at all but sit you in a room 5 minutes and say you
are a liar and we are done. IME delayed my whole process. Should have been up and ready to
return to work long, long ago.
New York metropolitan

Good to have workers’ comp around.

New York metropolitan

I was treated fairly.

New York metropolitan

There should be more care towards the patients.

New York metropolitan

The judges, my attorney and the people at the compensation office have been very helpful and
willing to help with any questions or problems I had. The insurance carrier has been difficult
even when they were ordered to pay something. We would end up going back to court for the
same issues. Bills they have not paid have been put on my credit report. They have not paid for
any of my medication in over a year and they only paid a portion of my mileage due.
Capital Region

I have been trying to settle my case for many years. Workers’ comp needs to settle cases in a
more timely manner.
Capital Region

Getting doctor visit and surgery approval took too long. Everything else was timely.
Central New York

. . . Injury was 8/29/13, was given wrong information from employer. Insurance/workers’ comp
wanted to wait on surgery. I have disputed bills and still outstanding. I was forced to retain a
Central New York

Workers’ compensation employees have been very rude. They act as though you are bothering
them. Change amounts of bi-weekly payments without notice. People rely on the amount they
are supposed to receive. Bills don't get paid if they alter amount causing credit issues. Too 73/117
much paperwork.
4/18/2018 Should save postage have on line forms.
Comments I shouldn't
From be penalized
the Injured Worker Survey on
time/amount of payments!!!
Central New York

I have been dealing with this claim for eight years and it has never been resolved. Hopefully it
will be finished soon.
Central New York

The Board does the best to get things that the patient needs.
Central New York

My lawyer is a great workers’ comp lawyer and would recommend him to anyone. He works
through what’s in my best interest also so far I think workers’ comp has provided me
sufficiently with my injury so far.
Central New York

Carrier was very hard to deal with. Without the Board and my attorney, I would have been lost.
Central New York

I would like to say thank you to my judge who handled my case for everything he did.
Central New York

I shouldn't have had to wait two and a half years to get my knee fixed and to get the weekly
money owed me.
Central New York

I do not like to be just a number. We all like someone to sit down and discuss options and what
to do. My doctor was more helpful than comp and work.
Central New York

Laws need serious reviewing. Insurance companies allowed too many loopholes and hurt
legitimately injured workers even more.
Central New York

I am thoroughly dismayed with the workers’ compensation system. It unfairly treats those with
injuries that occur early in life and progressively get worse, causing inability to work and then a
situation 123 prevents an injured worker from receiving loss wages benefits.
Central New York

It has been a long drawn out situation which has caused mental anguish and hardship. It has
been very stressful because I have never been out of work like this. I never had to struggle to
keep my bills paid before and this was awful feeling.
Central New York

Insurance company has complete control over the economic welfare of injured workers and can
stop payment for no reason and no penalty. Insurance should be held responsible for unethical
Central New York

I have been waiting for medical care since Aug. 4 to Oct. 30, 2013.
Central New York

Since my accident in 2004, safety has become a huge concern where I am employed. But there
are always improvements to be made.
Central New York 74/117
4/18/2018 I wish they would let me talk to the judge about
Comments Fromwhat’s going
the Injured onSurvey
Worker with my case. I
have two cases and every time I come to court they only talk about one case, and the last time I
came to court they talked about my other case . . . . My right arm is swelling and it hurts bad.
My back is really sore. Anyway everybody is very nice to me.
Central New York

The workers comp doctor has no clue as to the fact if a patient has pain or not. Due to the fact
that I have received medical help is the only reason that I have been able to return to work. So
give the people the care that they need and maybe they also can return to work. I'm getting tired
of getting exhausted having to fight for what I am entitled to.
Central New York

My geographical area is northern NY which is not listed in the survey. I have had extreme back
pain, urinating on myself due to nerve damage. Lying in bed waiting for three weeks for
surgery approval from my insurance company. My doctor was going to perform the surgery
with or without approval as he stated I could not wait any longer. I have made close to full
recovery and back to work. I should have never had to wait that long. I am also very
disappointed that the local hearing offices area closing. It is sad that someone that has used all
of their accruals of sick and vacation time to recuperate may have to take a whole day off
without pay to attend a hearing. Also some people have injuries that won't allow them to
transport themselves and have to rely on others for transportation of great distances.
Northern New York

My employer's administrator did not want to help me. I did not lose time from work because I
would work injured rather than take time off. When I couldn't stand the pain anymore, I
contacted a doctor's office to get an evaluation. When I finally received the treatment that was
helping my condition, I was told that Workers’ Comp. did not cover that type of treatment. I
then was discharged due to the fact that Workers’ Comp. would only pay for six treatments. I
did not have a primary care doctor at the time; my doctor passed away. I still suffer from leg
and lower back pain; I feel my health is not improving. In fact, I believe my condition is getting
worse. I currently am responsible for 998 students at two different schools. I have seven
different preparations each day and am responsible for moving supplies (which is how I injured
myself initially). I will be 50 soon and do not know how much longer I will be able to do the
job that is expected of me. I want to continue to work but I am beginning to doubt that I can
keep going that long. The workers’ compensation system does not work! I want to be in good
health and have really tried to improve my condition, but have had roadblocks along the way
that are preventing me from being in my best condition.
Western New York

New workers law makes it more difficult for truly injured worker who need support in time of
need. The "scammers", who the system is trying to get rid of, know how to continue to scam. If
I tell a doctor, it makes my injury true because he/she I said it’s true, but if I say it, without
telling doctor it is not true.
Western New York

I feel as though no one is on my side.

Western New York

I insisted that my doctor not remove me from work in 2007 (June) when I was injured. I
remained at my employer as a faithful employee, later being injured in my lungs as well. The
employer had inadequate ventilation for welding, and denied any responsibility despite the
truth of my circumstances. I am still pursuing justice, but so far to no avail.
Central New York

I have spent 10 years with a painful injury fighting the insurance companies for medical
treatment prescribed by various doctors. I have also had to fight for pay owed me. It should not
be this difficult for an injured worker to receive medical care and proper pay.
Central New York 75/117
It has been
4/18/2018 the worst I have been through. I can'tComments
get my meds unless
From the Injured IWorker
pay for them because
comp would not approve them. I haven't received any money since I have been out of work
from comp May 2013. I am not pleased at all about the way they treat people or me.
Central New York

I took it on good faith that my work would take proper care of me and guide me through the
process. I think it was quite some time before I obtained an attorney and that was only because
I felt I was being wronged by my employer.
Central New York

The Board was good to me and my lawyer was good to me. But the insurance agent and all the
law for insurance carrier and co law gave me a bad time, by not gave me like meds and pain
shot and stop my pay for 9 months and it been hard to pay bill and take care of my kids. To this
day Dr. will not let me go back to work but today should be a good day.
Central New York

Very different when I knew about the workers center of NY. I didn't know about my rights.
Central New York

Insurance companies should comply with the rules before comp has to enforce it. It is wrong
for them to make decisions not based on facts.
Central New York

Medical care is indeed a challenge. Finding a provider that accepts workers comp has proven to
be a challenge and somewhat nearly impossible at best. The doctors will only accept a patient
with a referral from Primary. No primary, no care.
Central New York

It takes too many visits to get the care I need. Wooden benches are a major pain in my back—
causes additional distress and pain. They belong in church.
Long Island

Stopping my treatments led to re-injury, causing loss of work and increased pain and suffering.
Long Island

I wish the insurance company got its job together. It took two weeks to get an OK for an MRI.
Later they cancelled physical therapy for three weeks, and then OK'd it again. I finally got a
call on Friday 10/25/13 that I got the OK for an EMG two weeks after being off compensation.
There’s no reason for that much of a delay.
Long Island

The judge was very rude and always angry.

Long Island

I feel if the medical procedures were done in an orderly fashion there would be less problems.
Long Island

It took a very long time to get a hearing.

Long Island

I am not receiving any money from workers’ comp or unemployment. It is taking too long to
settle the case. I have to wait months to receive medical care for my injury.
Long Island

It’s taken almost two years to get this far and we’re only trying right now to get permanent
compensation. I feel very strongly that when there's a video and witnesses it should not take
this long.
Long Island 76/117
I am thankful
4/18/2018 for the Board; otherwise, I would be sick with
Comments Fromnothing.
the Injured Worker Survey
Long Island

Please pay my hospital bills that you have denied.

Long Island

I disagree on the decrease my wages even though I have to have two more surgeries on my
shoulder and knee.
Long Island

I think they are doing a good job.

Long Island

. . . My employer tried to make it hard for me to get a witness or any help when I slipped on
ice. My employer never explained the workers’ compensation process and began counting days
off for workers’ compensation but failed to explain why. Some doctors refused to see me and/or
treated me in a degrading way. The insurance company has changed their representatives so
many times we lost count and tried to kick my lawyer off my case due to a conflict of interest
they initiated.
Central New York

Not sure if this is what you looking for but not pleased with the response time of my lawyer.
They ignore or don't get back to me for months.
Central New York

Too many times I am returning to hearings to resolve matters that were previously determined
in my favor only to return in dispute again (in the system over 20 years).
Central New York

Very timely. I am happy that the judge reviewed all documents and heard my viewpoint. On
another note: receiving only 60-75% of my pay for an injury (assault) at my job is not
satisfactory since I was not at fault.
Central New York

Better fact finding—hey need correct information before making a decision.

Central New York

Overall not a bad experience, insurance company not so much.

Central New York

It has been a good experience for me.

Central New York

Everyone has been courteous and understanding. I had to come in a few days after breaking my
beck and the judge was so wonderful that she had a special chair brought in for me to sit on.
How very nice of her to notice my pain and take action.
Central New York

Overall it was handled well.

Central New York

Some of the comp insurance that companies use are not helpful or give you a hard time for
being/getting hurt. It took five months until something was finally done or received a check . . .
Central New York

I need an attorney to close the case. No monetary funds.

Central New York 77/117
4/18/2018to find care providers very hard. Laws need to beFrom
Comments examined toWorker
the Injured provide better care. Need
to have insurance companies work better with people.
Central New York

The carrier should do as told up until the next hearing and then do as told by Judge again.
Central New York

For the most part things are good. Thanks.

Central New York

I have had no problems with the Workers’ Comp Board. I had problems with the insurance
carrier but when brought to the attention of the Board they were quickly resolved. Thank you.
Central New York

It's been tedious and annoying. The insurance company was rude.
Central New York

It can be confusing at times when you are injured about dates to keep and trying to receive your
Central New York

I would say that the only thing I think is wrong is an employee having to pay his/her own
insurance while out on comp.
Central New York

I find it is a constant battle with the insurance company to get them to pay. They approve
treatment then don't cover it. I end up going without treatment while it’s being settled. I feel
like this is a tactic to just wear people down so they don't have to pay. P.S. The Board has been
Central New York

I've had many problems due to language.

New York metropolitan

Every person I have dealt with has been kind and courteous.
Western New York

I have three separate claims open as far back as 2002 and nothing has been finalized as per this
Western New York

The Comp Board does a great job but insurance carriers fight everything and drag the process
Western New York

Judge has been very fair.

Western New York

My injury was one of these things that happen! As far as the staff here, they were great but the
insurance company dragged their feet in paying me, and showed little concern. As a result I'm
here today to try to figure out why. It took a long time to set this hearing up. I was seen for my
case back in April and I was supposed to receive a check by June, and its Oct. and I'm just now
coming to court for their failure to pay me on time.
Western New York

I am not really satisfied with my workers’ compensation experience I have lost so much and I
haven't received anything from workers’ comp. It has been more than six months and
everything is not going in my favor. 78/117
4/18/2018 New York Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

My concern is my caseworker whom I found to be prickly, obstinate and a jerk.

Western New York

My medical care took forever and many times was put on hold while waiting for approval.
Without ever having seen me, the Workers’ Comp Board denied medial services that my doctor
recommended instead of surgery. I stopped going to get medical help because of all your red
Western New York

I have had issues with timely reimbursements as well as issues with checks arriving at times,
and I also disagree with the way that my disability percentages are done considering that I have
been full disability since August 1 of the year I was injured and the disability doctor said that
he believes that I have been disabled since date of injury.
Capital Region

My employer and insurance company were terrible to me.

Central New York

It isn't fair that insurance carriers can suspend pay and it takes forever to get reinstated. The
system favors insurance carriers.
Central New York

It should not be this hard to get compensated for an injury. How do you except people who
work for a living to live without getting paid!
Central New York

My employer had good safety procedures they were just not enforced. I do feel I would not
have gotten injured if they were. Overall everyone was pretty good to me at workers’ comp.
Central New York

It has been the most frustrating experience of my life. Comp carriers deny prescriptions and
Central New York

I feel that the state should take better care of the people.
Central New York

My back and neck injury has not changed since 1998, and they still want medical reports and
court hearings and refuse to pay for some of my treatments.
Central New York

I haven't had a bad experience.

Central New York

Comp doctors are not being honest.

Central New York

I requested help because my employer had no insurance when I had my injury and to date I
have paid the price for his no insurance, with no money for nine months and counting.
Central New York

Over the 19 injuries I have had, getting fully healed was never a concern of the insurance
carrier or the Board. I returned to work many times still in pain and slightly disabled. Most
compensation doctors gave superficial exams and had the carrier’s interest in mind, not mine.
Loss of chiropractic benefit with implementation of guidelines has limited day to day activities
and my ability to do extra workouts to retain benefit. Washing dishes has now become a major 79/117
effort. With
4/18/2018 loss of chiropractic/therapy have increased
Commentssmoking, decreased
From the Injured physical activity
Worker Survey
and increased weight (70 pounds), none of which are good for my back or general health. I
never received an increase in disability benefits, which should have been implemented under
reform. I’m totally dissatisfied with changes in the system since guidelines went into effect and
have no option to get sufficient care for my injuries as all spinal complaints are covered only by
workers’ compensation. As many people still do not have computer access, this survey should
have been mailed to the general workers’ comp population.
New York metropolitan

I have no problems with workers’ comp.

Central New York

. . . To wait months for a hearing on something that could be handled with a five minute phone
call is unreasonable. Maybe a review of denials and having a speedier process would save the
state a lot of money in paying out claims.
Central New York

There should be more severe consequences for the insurance carriers when they act in "bad
faith". The insurance company ignores requests for testing for workers’ comp injuries. My
carrier has made this experience long, frustrating and miserable.
Central New York

Not happy. It’s hard for someone that is really hurt to get the help they need. There are too
many hoops to jump through—really stressful.
Central New York

So far OK.
Central New York

This court has been the most positive thing in my whole injury experience.
Central New York

I would like to receive my benefits in a timely matter.

Central New York

Without an attorney, I would never have been able to manage this system and I have two post
graduate degrees! I always tried to manage whatever problem came along without the attorney
but almost every time I needed to call him to get things done. I can't imagine how people do
this. I tell everyone to get an attorney.
Central New York

I have had a real hard time with the insurance carrier.

Central New York

Previously I dealt with a hearing examiner who was very rude and behaved as though any
settlement was coming out of her pocket. Today I am here due to two insurance companies at
odds over who should be responsible in the future. My case settled in May 2013 and I've been
given no explanation as to why I must use my vacation time and gas and leave work to be here!
When I called, I was told the standard response, "If you got a notice you really should be here."
Central New York

This always seems to be a long drawn out process that results in a lot of miscommunication
from medical and insurance personnel and misrepresentation from attorneys. In the meantime,
the injured worker who is trying to play by the rules ends up suffering in the long run.
Central New York 80/117
4/18/2018 for me would have been better if they Comments
were weekly instead
From the Injured of bi-weekly,
Worker Survey and
payments were held up before a hearing causing many problems for my family.
Central New York

It’s a little overwhelming.

Central New York

I had no problems resolving my injury with the company I worked for but after I had need
years later for medical attention it got complicated as the company moved it to the state. I
needed to retain an attorney to receive care.
Central New York

More pressure on employer to file in a timely matter. Over three weeks shouldn't be allowed.
Central New York

I am pleased with the service I received.

Central New York

The only complaint that I have is that my claim representative was not very responsive. I had to
constantly call several other people to make sure that my concerns were addressed properly. I
would also like to add that the people who answer phones should speak better English.
Long Island

I thank God for workers’ compensation because my employer failed to file my injury. I was
harassed by my manager and store manager about my injuries. Thank you everyone here and
on the Board. God Bless.
Long Island

I was injured and feel that I should be covered for as long as it takes. Examinations should be
covered. This ridiculous games the insurance company plays are unacceptable. I was injured at
work. I didn't cause this. It’s frustrating.
Long Island

I was overall pleased until I waited one month for an injection. I lay around and did nothing.
After one month the doctor called again and it was approved.
Long Island

Yes it was horrible. I lost my home . . . . I had to wait for five months to be approved for
surgery. Meanwhile they cut my money. I had to wait until April for surgery, and then they
gave me the money again only to be cut again. I couldn't get pain meds after surgery. I couldn't
get pain meds when I needed a refill. I have two cases and they sent me to Hauppauge for one
and Hempstead for the other.
Long Island

The process was drawn out for what is now over two years by the deliberate stalling of the
insurance company.
Long Island

It has been a very long process to settle my case. It’s been going on since 2007. I suffer every
day yet cannot seem to settle my claim. My injury is for life in reality there is not enough
money in the world that could ever make me the women I use to be. Sad but true. Thank you
and have a nice day.
Long Island

It was very hard getting in touch with my workers’ compensation agent. I did not receive
compensation checks on time. It was hard to keep up with my bills and feed my family,
especially when not notified of the cut of benefits.
Long Island 81/117
They are
4/18/2018 not helpful. I did not get any treatment Comments
or any physical therapy.
From the Injured Worker Survey
Long Island

I believe that some of the delays were due to poor handling by my doctor’s office staff, and not
entirely the fault of the insurance company.
Long Island

My experience is yet to be completed, since accident happened in 2011.

Long Island

It's a very long process.

Long Island

Some doctors refused to see me under workers’ compensation. Physical therapy also initially
refused to see me at all fearing, that they would not get paid if workers’ compensation was
Long Island

I have noticed an improvement in the way my care and benefits were handled. My previous
case in 2008 was a disaster on the part of my employer’s workers’ compensation insurance
Long Island

. . . I think the Judges should be able to make firm decisions toward these cases instead of
letting the insurance carriers hold hostage the clients seeking rightful compensation. My life,
my children's lives, my family life has been torn and left to hang in limbo at the mercy of the
Long Island

The orthopedic doctor’s office was not filling out workers’ compensation papers correctly—
wrong codes. Physical therapy was denied when needed. Workers’ compensation judge felt bad
but said their hands were tied by incorrect paper work from doctor’s office.
Long Island

Hearing dates are far apart.

Long Island

My answers would or might be better if my case was going differently. The lawyer against me
and his company has made recovery very difficult.
Long Island

Authorizations and approvals should be handled in a timely manner. Often requests are
authorized. Treatment proceeds under said authorization but the provider is not paid in a timely
Long Island

Injured works should not have to wait more than 30 days for comp benefits. As an injured
worker, I have electric, water bills to pay, food to buy.
Long Island

Board personnel were very professional and courteous to me at all times.

Long Island

The system has been broken. Five of your IME doctors say person needs "chiro physical
therapy pain management". Our doctors say person needs A, B, C. MG2 Forms are only for the
insurance companies to say no and not to pay for needed A, B, or C. Go back to the way it was.
It's broken!
Long Island 82/117
I have
to go to a lot of processing to get medicalComments
4/18/2018 care approved.
From the Injured Worker Survey
Long Island

It is difficult to work with insurance adjusters for authorization for medical care physical
therapy, etc.
Long Island

I guess the Workers’ Comp Board is fair. What isn't fair is when a judge makes a ruling it gets
taken away by the insurance company with their “didn't meet burden of proof” for approval on
the MG2 Form. My discs in my neck and back have gone from bulging to herniated, with . . .
care the pain would be less.
Long Island

Judges are not doctors and should not offer medical opinions regarding doctor’s care.
Long Island

I was not given any options on my injury. I did not have payment for a long time and as for
now is only one check given to me or mailed to me.
Long Island

The way you let me down with percentages is a joke. I 100% cannot return to work, but only
receive 33% of 2/3 of wages.
Long Island

My attorneys were excellent. The Board representatives in Albany were helpful and courteous.
Long Island

My original injury was 7/2002. It took workers’ comp and the insurance company one year to
allow me to have first knee surgery. By that time my other knee had problems. In Feb. 2013, I
had the right knee replaced. Three months after that my doctor said I needed a surgical
manipulation of that knee. Workers’ comp said no. Thank God he did it anyway but that delay
has caused me loss of motion.
Long Island

My workers’ compensation experience has been a lengthy dragged out nightmare. I would
recommend to anyone with private insurance, if they get hurt on the job, to not go through
workers’ comp (of course that is what workers comp wants). It is horror show on BS.
Long Island

It has allowed me to return to work and not lose my home. I am grateful.

Long Island

Thank you for doing your job.

Long Island

I received excellent medical treatment. Everyone I encountered was very professional,

courteous and kind. I am very grateful.
Long Island

My lawyer was good. The Comp Board itself is very unprofessional and does not know what
they are doing. The Board representative made my life miserable in getting the proper help and
care, and because of the lack of help everything was delayed, everything.
Long Island

The last four years has been a nightmare, and dealing with the pain of untreated injury has
ruined my life and affects my future employment.
Long Island 83/117
Yes, the
4/18/2018 doctor used by workers’ comp should not be allowed
Comments toInjured
From the render any Survey
Worker findings. All he
does is measure, take measurements. Doesn't ask question or have tests scheduled for pain and
Long Island

It is very difficult to get my hearings to get my money and my treatment.

Long Island

My Judge has been extremely fair.

New York metropolitan

So far a good experience.

New York metropolitan

Keep up the good job.

New York metropolitan

I thank God for workers’ compensation. I was injured on March 6th on the Job. I'm still
receiving medical care and I'm going to continue receiving benefits until I get better.
New York metropolitan

Prevent injury, be safe.

New York metropolitan

I believe that workers’ compensation worked in my favor, because I received its help on time
when I needed any authorization for my medical treatment. Thanks a lot to the judge.
New York metropolitan

I applied for workers comp in 2012. I have yet to receive payment.

New York metropolitan

The process is made to help but it harms more. People wind up leaving their places to live
because of the amount of time it takes to receive benefits. Also not being able to do or work at
that time is one of the worst things that someone should have to go through.
New York metropolitan

The Judge was very fair to me. I am thankful God Bless Him.
New York metropolitan

Worst experience in my life—this is coming from a veteran.

New York metropolitan

Well, doctors are a joke for workers’ comp. I have detailed full proof of injury (MRI and X-
ray), but of course the doctor for workers’ comp disagrees. I am totally disabled and have had
several operations, but according to workers’ comp doctor, I’m only 25% disabled.
New York metropolitan

I have to say it was always handled properly when I did have an appointment with workers’
comp and I thank you.
New York metropolitan

It took me a while before I was compensated. Now it seem like the Board is moving a little
faster on my case.
New York metropolitan

Everyone that works in the waiting area is very friendly and helpful. They are very attentive.
New York metropolitan 84/117
My problem
4/18/2018 was in the process of getting authorization
Commentsfor my
From thesurgery (mostly).
Injured Worker Survey My file
apparently was mixed up with someone else's and therefore it was initially denied. After my
attorney made a few calls it was then approved.
New York metropolitan

It's difficult to find good doctors for workers’ comp related injuries. Not many good
practitioners accept workers’ comp cases. Right now we are limited in finding a good doctor.
New York metropolitan

Doctor from workers’ comp is a crook. He misinformed the Board in his response about my
injuries. I will sue him in court. I will ask for big damages. He wrote a false report. I have proof
from the radiology doctor, film, and other doctors that treated me. Why did the workers’ comp
doctor fill out a false report? What is the motive? Is workers’ comp complicit in this?
New York metropolitan

When you are injured on the job they shouldn't be allowed to take your health coverage away.
New York metropolitan

The time it takes to have MRIs, CTs etc. approved is ridiculous. These tests should be approved
immediately so that proper steps could be taken to alleviate the situation promptly. Also, the
time it takes to have test time reinstated would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. It makes
people return to work before they are ready and causes re-injury to the part of the body which
was not allowed to heal because they have no time left. And it cuts down on vacation time,
because this time must be used for the injury. Doctors are not paid promptly and subsequently
do not want to take compensation cases.
New York metropolitan

The insurance companies are always playing games—how not to give treatment for the injured
workers. I think the judge should be more favored to the injured workers than the game players.
I have not been receiving treatment for more than one year but I have come to this office three
times in between. The judge orders treatment but the insurance company playing games again
and again.
New York metropolitan

The only good service I received was during my three hearings. A decision was made and two
months later I'm back due to not receiving what I was told I would receive. I'm upset and
disappointed. This has financially set me back.
New York metropolitan

It's a very stressful experience and long process that has dragged out for four years.
New York metropolitan

I didn't like the lateness of my first payment.

New York metropolitan

It would have been nice to have received a decision whether I was approved/denied on an MRI
sooner than 10 months after I was injured. I dealt with pain and restricted physical activity
because I could not get an MRI.
New York metropolitan

. . . I found working with my claim manager frustrating. He continually made one statement
and then would contradict it or deny it during our next conversation. He withheld payments for
three months and since June 1st I have received three checks. However, all of my medical
treatment has been taken care of. What I don't understand is why necessary treatments—
continued therapies—are not automatically provided if it will guarantee the injured party to
return to work more fully able to pursue their job and not be re-injured.
New York metropolitan 85/117
Well this
4/18/2018 being my first experience with workersComments
From the it definitely
Injured wasn't a good one.
Worker Survey
I have been out of work since 8/14/13 and I still haven't received anything for my lost wages.
New York metropolitan

I think it’s so unfair to have to live with life-long injuries and workers’ compensation limits
treatment. The changed policies have caused me pain and suffering. I think treatment and or
care for injured workers should be revisited. People should not be waiting long periods of time
for authorization, for surgery or treatment. This practice is completely unacceptable.
New York metropolitan

Bad experience with my work place, and Human Resources. Wicked people.
New York metropolitan

I believe the Workers’ compensation Board should take our doctor’s opinions with more
respect. And agree with our doctor’s treatments.
New York metropolitan

I am expecting my workers comp to deal justly with my case by me telling the truth and
nothing but the truth.
New York metropolitan

Two months after the accident they took away my health services, and I am an older person and
I need my health insurance and compensation. It only covers the accident. This has affected me
very much, and up until now I have no insurance. They also provided me with therapy one year
after having surgery. I think I should have received it earlier so my recovery was faster.
New York metropolitan

I haven't received my payments. My boss still owes me for two weeks of work, and he told me
he wasn't going to pay me. When I got injured he paid no attention to me.
New York metropolitan

More information in Spanish about workers' rights.

New York metropolitan

Yes, I am 66 years old and a three-time cancer survivor. I need my work very much, but I
disagree that they don't provide us with a better work option, because if it were so, I wouldn't
have had my accident, and I wouldn't have injured my spine. I am still suffering from both my
knees and spine, and if I continue working it is because I need it because I am all by myself . . .
New York metropolitan

Insurance carriers abuse the system! They deny and delay both treatments and payments. It
took repeated hearings to obtain medical treatments and equipment. The insurance company
doctor-shops to get opinions that support their side. I was sent to an IME at 6:00 PM in a
chiropractor’s office to see a doctor that drove up from downstate. His report went against 10
years of medical treatment and documentation, including several insurance company doctors.
This report was cited by the judge as the reason for denying me what was requested at the
hearing. I could go on and on. I have been hurt twice and live with this every day.
Central New York

I think that at the time a worker has an unwanted problem and is injured, he should be given
more priority regarding his personal survival.
New York metropolitan

I feel my attorney should not brush me off after 10 years. I'm still having medical issues and I
don't feel like they are fighting for me like how they were in 2002.
Capital Region 86/117
My claim
4/18/2018 worker . . . is a nightmare to deal withComments
and should
Injured She denies
Worker Surveytreatments,
does not reimburse for mileage in a timely manner, and is a witch on the phone. This lady . . .
has lied, stalled treatments or approval, etc. all too often. She is never held accountable, and
should be. She even gives my attorney's office a hard time. Someone needs to deal with her
incompetence and also speak to her supervisor.
Capital Region

I feel when you are injured and pursuing treatment, and are willing to return to work and want
to work the system breaks down. It is used and abused by many to have extra income and get
disability. People not wanting to pursue that course do not get the assistance they need or
Capital Region

A lot of paper work that I did not understand, hired attorney almost two years to get resolved.
No responsibility on owners when their job site is unsafe.
Capital Region

I believe that more emphasis should be placed on the treating doctor’s reports instead of an
IME which only takes about ten minutes with more questions than any physical exam.
Capital Region

Everything is great so far. I'm very happy with it all.

Capital Region

The hearings that I had were expedited by the judge. The people from my employer were never
prepared and I had to continue to come at another date. The compensation hearings with the
judge were always good.
Capital Region

If they would approve things people need in a timely matter instead of fighting over it my
husband would be alive. My husband’s needs were made to seem like a luxury, not that he
needed them. He died waiting for things he needed.
Capital Region

I wish laws were different so my job was held for me.

Capital Region

I am saddened by the fact that this injury has put my life on hold for almost three years.
Capital Region

Everything went very smoothly. I was able to reach my case worker to answer any questions.
Capital Region

I am satisfied for the most part with WC, I understand you’re busy, but I have waited over two
years for my injections . . . . I was also ordered to get my medications and they pay, but every
month it’s something else I have to call my lawyer’s office for. I believe the insurance
companies should be fined for playing games with people’s lives.
Capital Region

Three years of and two surgeries, and I feel I am not being compensated for all that I have been
through. The new way of determining loss of use takes way too long for a final decision.
Capital Region

They helped my case out a lot. It was a pleasure.

New York metropolitan 87/117
. . . The
IME doctors, they took 30-50 seconds while
4/18/2018 examining
Comments to give
From the Injured theirSurvey
Worker opinion. How
come IME doctors decide medical condition in just 45 seconds?
New York metropolitan

As an injured worker, who worked since the age of 17, I feel that after 2007 the system is
hurting us more than before. Sure, a lot of people abused the system but some of us have very
severe injuries and need to be taken care of better.
New York metropolitan

I would not like to go through this again.

New York metropolitan

I wanted to be able to get treatment so I can work to my retirement.

New York metropolitan

It is extremely difficult to get in touch with the person assigned by the Board for my care. I had
many questions that I had to look up on my own as no one was available from the Board.
New York metropolitan

I've been harassed very badly from the insurance investigators to the point that they have been
in my house to threaten me and my family. They use mob like tactics. I had to change lawyers
to get real results. Also, I've had my house phone and cell phone hacked into.
New York metropolitan

So far everything has been going OK.

New York metropolitan

It’s too bad when you work with a company over 10 years, get hurt on the job, and too bad they
fight you, to get what you need.
New York metropolitan

It's a long process. I want to thank the Board for their understanding and help. I miss my job
and I will miss the people that I worked with. I hope they understand and change their standard
operating procedure as far as protecting their employees.
New York metropolitan

The workers’ compensation is working very well with me, and I said thank you for that.
New York metropolitan

I was very satisfied.

New York metropolitan

I am pleased so far, since it is my second time dealing with the Workers’ Compensation Board.
New York metropolitan

It has been a horrible experience. I got hit by a car at work three and a half years ago. I had hair
loss, braces on my teeth. I had two surgeries on my shoulders and right leg. I had doctors lie
and say there is nothing wrong. What the hell, are your doctors kidding? I have since returned
to work because I can't feed my family off of $191 a week. It's a disgrace. I was supposed to
receive $600 a week.
New York metropolitan

Everyone was very helpful. Thank you very much.

New York metropolitan

I just wish there was more information about the process, so you know what to do so you can
weigh your options better.
New York metropolitan 88/117
It’s hard
4/18/2018 to remember everything that happened years ago.
Comments It’sthehard
From forWorker
Injured the elderly
Survey to navigate
the system—to complicated.
No location given

I am constantly having problems getting my prescriptions covered. I usually end up paying for
them then fighting to get reimbursed. Also have to go to court every time I need treatment for a
proven work-related injury. It causes extreme stress and I get tired of always being in pain and
having to fight my employer/comp insurer.
No location given

The court was extremely scary—the employees made you feel better and tried to put you at
No location given

Some doctors don't take workers’ comp. I disagree with not being able to speak during court
with the judge. I disagree with making a phone appointment to speak to lawyer. Inaccessible
when needed. Lack of communication. Lack of respect for those truly injured.
No location given

Too much of a battle to get medical help.

No location given

Dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance company was probably the worst
experience of my life.
New York metropolitan

From the beginning, I have felt like I have been considered a system cheater, instead of a
legitimate claimant. During my few phone calls to the Board, I felt like I had to pull teeth to get
information; it was not provided easily. The forms I have been sent have all been written in
"legalese," nothing I could understand fully without explanation, no plain-language policy
here! I hope I never have to deal with this agency again.
Capital Region

I was not very knowledgeable about workers' comp benefits when I became injured or ill. My
injury/illness destroyed my career. I have had many treatment procedures held up. I feel it
should not be this way. I have felt like I had to prove fiercely that my injuries were in fact work
related. My occupation is one of the country’s most hazardous occupations. I took pride in my
job and loved it. I would wish no one would ever have to go through this humiliating
experience. I feel IMEs (from my experience), mostly side with insurance companies and will
send workers like me to many until they find one that will finally side with them. I thought they
are supposed to be "independent". Some are, but a worker will rarely see one of them more
than once. I was fortunate enough to finish my education just after the changes to the guidelines
in 2008. I feel fortunate about that. I have not ever been restored to where I can support my
family without help from the state (state and federal). I feel things are getting worse and worse
for those injured workers coming in now.
Central New York

In my opinion I think that the IME should take more time with a patient’s file and truly look
over the injuries and not be there to discredit the doctors that are treating the patient and have
been for years.
Central New York

Please don't take so long to process appeals.

New York metropolitan

Very satisfied, grateful for the Workers’ Compensation Board!

New York metropolitan 89/117
4/18/2018 – 11/1/13M Comments From the Injured Worker Survey

1) It is absolutely ridiculous to expect a person with a severe back injury to sit on boards and
wait for God knows how long for a hearing—especially when it is obvious that the person has a
total disability. 2) We feel as though we are being harassed and insulted by being called in for a
hearing considering the circumstances.
Western New York

1) I was told "first come first served" at hearings. This was wrong. 2) It took over a week to get
the initial medical treatment from my own doctor. 3) Doctor's appointments for compensation
doctors not local enough. 4) HRIs not scheduled at convenient locations necessarily.
New York metropolitan

A long drawn out process. I am upset about the Oneonta office closing. Norwich is an hour
drive from my house.
Central New York

A long ordeal.
Long Island

All the delays, paperwork, etc. are very hard to deal with. I know many people screw the
system, but when someone honestly is injured on the job it is very difficult to deal with.
Central New York

At one point the carrier had no one handling my case. It took months for any responses from
the carrier. I had to return to the Board on multiple occasions due to the carrier not covering
prescriptions and medical. Pay issues consisted of not being on time. It took months for back
benefits to be reimbursed.
Central New York

I’m at the mercy of the insurance company. I was seriously hurt and the insurance company is
not paying me what I should be. The independent medical examiner for the insurance company
was dismissive and not thorough, careless in assessment.
Long Island

At this time I would like to say that my personal doctor will not take any workers’
compensation cases. In the past it was easy to see him. But due to the new changes in the
medical field it is getting harder to see a doctor that will take a workers’ compensation case.
Western New York

Be able to email or call someone to ask about details about the case. Automated service can
only help so much.
New York metropolitan

Be more aware of people. . . . Stop making it hard for us to get and keep benefits. Forcing sick
and injured people back to work before they fully recover makes it worse. We get re-injured
and it costs more. Let hard working people get better and not have to worry about food and
where to live.
Long Island

Because of workers’ compensation and my doctor, I was held out of work too long before they
decided on surgery. I was terminated from my job due to being out of work six months (and
longer). I believe if workers’ compensation worked a bit faster we could have gotten the
surgery done sooner so I wouldn't have been out of work for so long.
Central New York 90/117
The insurance
4/18/2018 company does not want to help me in any From
Comments way the
and doesWorker
Injured not want
Surveyto pay
anything for my pain and suffering.
Central New York

Between continued delays and repeated disputes for care by the insurance company, I feel care
has suffered greatly. Had the insurance carrier chosen to work proactively along with the
Board, I feel that I would be in a better place in terms of care. However, choosing to dispute
everything lengthens the process and results in the need for additional care.
Central New York

Checks are never on time.

Western New York

Communication with case worker was impossible. No information provided throughout process
of claim. Approval for medical authorization was delayed in some cases by two months.
New York metropolitan

Need cost of living increases. I’m still making what I did 13 years ago.
Central New York

Due to the fact that they did not give me compensation, they turned off the gas and they are
going to turn off the electricity. I have not been able to pay my rent. I still do not feel well.
Thank you.
Central New York

Each time you come it's a different judge. Most of the time they’re new and they don't know
the job. The law department sends a different lawyer, every one trying their best not to pay you.
Always giving a new date with new people. It’s a shame that we need overseers to watch the
New York metropolitan

Even though I've been in pain, I thank you for helping a little bit for lost wages and medical
tests. Maybe you shouldn't treat all of us as if we were fakes.
Central New York

Everything takes so long. I lost a lot at this time. And they move very slowly. I'm behind on all
of my bills. I have to hold it together, but sometimes you feel like you’re about to lose your
mind. The workers’ compensation lawyers seem to move slowly. I had to do a lot of leg work
on my own to get the help I needed sometimes.
Long Island

Every time I've been here—everything is fine.

Central New York

Everyone I've spoken to were most helpful and very personable . . . above and far beyond what
I expected. My questions were met with prompt answers. I didn't feel like it was an
inconvenience for them to answer questions I'm sure they have heard more than once! Thank
you so much.
Western New York

Everything seemed to be handled as professionally as possible, but I didn't receive information

on what to do regarding being unable to work. I was unable to work for approximately three
months due to my shoulder. The job I was hurt on allowed me to verbally finish working and
not do anything strenuous. I missed out on part-time capital/income because the jobs in the area
weren't going to be able to use my services. I didn't receive information on what to do in that
situation. I also never received any benefit check to this day.
Long Island 91/117
Faster processing
4/18/2018 of claims and getting treatmentComments
for other services
From instead
the Injured Worker of waiting months
for treatment.
Central New York

Financially destroyed me. Nothing but a battle with the carrier. Not much help from attorney
with the exception of being in court. Lose-lose situation all the way around.
Central New York

Getting medications paid for was hard.

Central New York

I had a terrible experience with my claim.

Long Island

Hope I don't have to go through workers’ compensation again.

Capital Region

Horrible, very stressful to me. It’s like they help the companies more than the worker because it
is their insurance. It’s not fair at all how they drag the cases on purpose.
New York metropolitan

I am extremely disgusted with the independent medical examiner. My appointment was

scheduled for 2:00 pm. I wasn't seen until 4:30 pm. The doctor didn't know my name,
examined me from his chair and only came over to me the last five seconds of the exam to
lightly tough my shoulder and asked "does that hurt?" For him to determine my disability in
under five minutes, with no examination is appalling. I have reported the doctor.
Western New York

I am glad there is a compensation board for workers’ rights.

Western New York

I am not happy because they are going to cut my pay.

Central New York

I am on my third claim representative from the carrier. No disrespect, but the woman currently
handling my case seems like she is a bit dim and does not fully understand the paperwork.
Furthermore, she is now on indefinite leave of absence with no specified return. I understand
medical and family issues may arise and I hope she is well.
Central New York

I am sorry I was injured. This has been the most stressful time in my life. I feel I am punished
for being injured. The insurance company has the most unethical, untruthful, unreliable people
working there. If that is what workers’ compensation requires, it really should be shut down.
Central New York

I am thankful to workers’ compensation. The judges need to realize we are not all lawyers and
sometimes we cannot understand the legal wording in our cases.
New York metropolitan

I believe the independent medical examiner gave the wrong information to the Board and did
not really read my file completely. Didn't mention I was on pain medication when I went to see
him—just a vague report.
Central New York

I believe the insurance companies are given too much latitude. I have to obey all the rules, they
do not.
Central New York 92/117
I believe
4/18/2018 the process is complicated, and I didn't Comments
realize (IFrom
the IInjured
had been
Survey better) that
because I was not looking to obtain disability, that I didn't need services of an attorney at all. I
just wanted the medical care for as long as I was capable of performing duties of my job.
Capital Region

I believe workers’ compensation is not for the worker.

Central New York

I didn't get paid for my last two months because of the doctor. He said my knee injury is not
work related. But I never had to use a cane till now. My knee hasn't been right since I fell.
Central New York

I feel my employer’s attorneys and insurance agents should have not been allowed so much
time trying to prove my injury was "pre-existing". It took nine months to reach a decision.
Long Island

I feel the insurance company doesn't want to help me. They just want to take my pay and not
give me help with my back. I feel like I'm being punished for hurting myself. I didn't ask to be
hurt. I just want to get better as much as I can.
Central New York

I feel the insurance company has too much power over my injuries. My doctors should have the
authorization to send me for the necessary treatments that I need. I shouldn't have to wait three
to six months for a response.
Western New York

I felt the judge in part 2 was advocating for the carrier.

New York metropolitan

I had an accident with my legs and back and they never gave their approval to have surgery.
People who lie get approved. I told the truth on the report, and they did not pay me or approve
me after working for 15 years with the same company.
Central New York

I had no difficulty with paperwork or doctor’s visits—very smooth operation.

Long Island

I had to figure it out on my own.

Central New York

I had to wait for six months for my shoulder surgery. If I had received surgery sooner for my
injuries, I would have been able to return to work sooner. And you need to really improve on
how long you must wait before you start getting payments for being out of work.
Central New York

I heard that this office may be closed. Please do not close it. Other offices are too far away for
people in this area.
Central New York

I missed work. The lady judge didn't call me so I had to leave after waiting for two hours.
New York metropolitan

I obtained an attorney at the suggestion of the treating physician that took almost five weeks to
find. On my own I found on the website that most workers’ compensation cases do not need
attorneys since free help is available and the law is "cut & dry".
Central New York 93/117
I received
4/18/2018 all documentation pertaining to any injury from
Comments thetheBoard
From Injuredand theSurvey
Worker insurance
company in a timely manner. I was not provided any monies from the insurance company
during the six weeks I missed due to my injury and did not receive payment until after I had
returned to work. I am satisfied with the Board and how my case was handled. I am unsatisfied
with the insurance company and how my claim was handled pertaining to the actual
compensation for lost wages while I was injured and unable to work. I feel I did my part in
providing my medical documentation to the appropriate parties in a timely manner but the
insurance company did not compensate my lost wages timely. Thank you.
Central New York

I should never have had to go through this process or injury. I was forced to do a job that I had
verbally refused to do because it was an unsafe job. I was told after the fourth time refusing
because of unsafe conditions that if "I didn't do the job, I wouldn't have a job." My injury was
caused by the employer’s negligence.
Central New York

I still have not been approved for therapy and bracing.

Long Island

I think it takes long when you need your pain medicines. . . . It takes a lot of steps before you
get your medications.
Long Island

I think the Board has done a good job. I know that the system is a mess because the insurance
company plays games. I am disgusted that our system is allowed to be so filled with red tape.
New laws are able to be set forth at any given times and doctors’ offices are overwhelmed with
procedures that they have to be babysat like the insurance companies.
Central New York

I wanted to return to work. I could not find/receive diagnostic care to determine the nature of
the injury. The delays in quality care, I believe, resulted in permanent damage. I am therefore
unable to work the types of jobs I enjoy and my earning potential is capped. Just giving
someone pain medication for months is not treatment. Had I received actual treatment, perhaps
I would still be with the company I was working for.
Central New York

I was hurt in August 2000 . . . and was told . . . "Just keep working everyone gets back
problems". I was then told I had to wait 30 days to see my personal doctor since then my back
is extremely bad.
Western New York

I was hurt with two different injuries from my job. And the two different cases have not been
resolved since my injury. At least finish one case. And take on the other case at a later date.
And neither is finished. It has been a year. Stop of payment and waiting to be approved for
treatment/x-rays or MRI. . . . I had to return to work with injury that wasn't healed because of
my finances.
Long Island

I was injured in October of 2012 and my case isn't settled yet. They turned the surgery bills in
to my private insurance and whatever they didn't pay they sent me the bill for. Now they’re
requesting payment now or they are turning it over to a collection agency. . . . My case worker
said they are having trouble with the injury code and that she can't do anything until she hears
from billing. Why don't they get together and straighten this out with the doctor’s office that
did the surgery? The doctor’s office has submitted the code but workers’ compensation won't
accept it and they keep going round and round. In the meantime my credit rating is going to be
ruined because nobody is doing anything. Could you please have some supervisor look into this 94/117
4/18/2018the case worker isn't doing much. It's been over aFrom
Comments year
theand it seems
Injured like this should
Worker Survey
have been settled by now.
Central New York

I went too long without receiving proper medical care. My primary medical doctor would not
treat me under my insurance. The reason she gave me was that I had to wait for workers’
compensation to approve my claim. It was a very bad time for me, but thank God after one year
it’s behind me now.
Long Island

I wish I could get an attorney just because I don't get a lot of money. I haven't found a lawyer
that will take my case. They all refused.
Central New York

I work full time and workers’ compensation would rather have me take drugs than receive
therapy for my injury. Eventually without therapy I will be out of work and they will have to
pay full time benefits.
Central New York

I would just like to express that this has been an incredibly difficult time for me. I was injured
due to poor decisions made by my supervisors putting me in danger. I believe this happened
due to my past decision to report employees who were abusing a patient. I have not been
receiving compensation benefits and as a result I have lost my home. My son is staying at his
father's home which is traumatic for us both as he has always resided with me. I have been
forced to sleep in my car some nights. This won't be an option much longer. I won't be able to
afford my vehicle much longer.
Central New York

I would like to say that in the beginning of my injuries that incurred by my job people were
kind and assisted me. As my injuries became progressively worse, I found that no one was even
trying to assist me. As a matter of fact, instead of the $800.00 a week I was receiving, as
opposed to the $1900.00 a week that I was making, the Board decided to reduce my income to
$259.00 a week. I am the sole supporter in my home and suffering beyond belief.
Long Island

I would not do this again. It has been too long a process to get any satisfaction from this
Long Island

I'm a 50 year old male who has been active his whole life. Since my injury has taken place I
can't help but feel bad for any terminal person in today's medical industry.
Central New York

I'm very happy with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Central New York

In respect to my experience with the Workers’ Compensation Board, I strongly suggest that
such agency continue to provide good service.
New York metropolitan

In the beginning when I filed my claim I was getting nowhere with the insurance company and
the Workers’ Compensation Board. My case worker never picked up a call or returned my
phone messages. It wasn't until I had to pay for a lawyer that I started to see progress and
receive what I was rightfully entitled to. In the beginning it was very stressful because of my
injuries and finances, but thanks to my lawyer I received what I deserved due to my injury!
New York metropolitan 95/117
In the past
4/18/2018 few years my doctor hasn't even beenComments
paid andFrom
I can't get authorization
the Injured Worker Survey for medical
tests. My case keeps getting passed around, and I don't even know who to call anymore. I give
up and I guess I'm just going to have to learn to live with the constant pain associated with my
injuries. The following question doesn't even have my region. Extreme northern New York's
Lawrence county.
Central New York

Information wasn't readily available. Had to search for information, but overall, once found,
very helpful.
Western New York

Injured person has difficulty waiting when it comes to medicine and treatments. It could take
up to eight month or one year.
Long Island

Insurance carriers are quick to reduce the rate that you are paid based on an independent
doctor’s findings. But it should not be like that. As long as I can't work the rate should stay the
same. It wasn't my choice to get hurt at work. I was making $1000 a week. Now I make $500.
It’s not correct, when the job caused this injury. My job doesn't have light duty. I'm now 50%
New York metropolitan

It has been a good experience.

New York metropolitan

It has been a long process, injured 1/4/10 —today 10/15/13.

Long Island

It has not been easy recovering from an injury and being forced to document every visit and
problem your doctor may think you have. If you do receive treatment it is stopped just when
you are beginning to feel the benefits of therapy. It is not a friendly environment. You feel that
you are on trial and you are not doing enough to get better.
Long Island

It has taken far too long for a resolution to be made for the time I was not given benefits. My
ability to compete in the current labor market was diminished by not receiving medical
treatment and funds to network for new business in a very down real estate market.
Central New York

It just seems that the carriers don't want to pay.

Central New York

It takes too long to finish.

Long Island

It took five to six months for approval for surgery. If you want to establish another part of body
you have to wait three months for the doctor to examine you.
Long Island

It took entirely too long to a get a response from the Board.

New York metropolitan

It took many years.

Central New York

It's a long drawn out process in between hearings. It is very tough for the injured person when
you have no money coming in and can't get treatment.
New York metropolitan 96/117
It's been
4/18/2018very helpful on some things. My workers’ compensation
Comments lawyers
From the Injured Workerhave been good,
very good.
New York metropolitan

It’s pure nonsense that most of the workers’ compensation rules are always in favor of the
insurance carrier. They waste a lot of the claimant’s time, money and energy.
Central New York

Judge was condescending at times and abrupt. Did not explain all issues in layman's terms.
Central New York

Keep up the good work!

New York metropolitan

My case carrier was excellent in helping with any questions I had. I would like to thank him.
Central New York

My workers’ compensation experience was done in a timely manner. I've had a great
experience with my attorney and the Board.
Central New York

My experience is when you tell the truth you will not have a problem.
New York metropolitan

My experience with the insurance company . . . has been a nightmare from delivery, to not
responding, to not approving, to lack of communication. This has resulted in my personal
expenses backed up and my credit in a nose dive. However, the Workers’ Compensation Board
did provide me with insight and direction through this nightmare.
Long Island

My family doctor quit taking workers’ compensation cases so I couldn't get in to a neurologist
very fast . . . . Also neuropsych testing costs $2,200. I've been waiting since Oct. 4, 2002 and
they won't take workers’ compensation.
Central New York

My first experience was great. My second experience no good at all. I have been out of work
since 2/17/13 and have not received a pay check yet or have had the right treatment.
Long Island

My injury was in 2002. I worked as long as I could. My hearing case has been going on since
January 2012. It will be two years this January. This case should have been closed at least one
year ago. I already have my medical records and saw two state doctors. I would like for them to
close it ASAP.
Long Island

My judge handling my case I believe was always looking out for the best interest of the injured
person and always tried to be fair thus far. The insurance company did nothing but try to screw
me over. I went long periods with no pay. They changed my wages. I borrowed money from
my 401K to not lose my home. I borrowed money from my Grandma because my credit is so
shot. I almost filed bankruptcy and now the rest of my life I have to deal with a debilitating
injury that gives me a mostly sedentary lifestyle at the age of 28.
Central New York

My lost wages due to my injury were slow to come, causing me to have a mental breakdown,
and to attempt to take my life.
Long Island 97/117
My primary
4/18/2018 goal was and continues to be to continue to work.
Comments From the Injured Worker Survey
Central New York

My workers’ compensation experience was a living hell. It made me feel very depressed. I felt
I had committed a crime. What crime it was, I don't know. I worked very hard during the time
that I worked. The insurance company had the police follow me. I didn’t kill someone. All I did
was work like a dog on that job. I injured myself twice on that job.
Central New York

Need quicker approval on doctor or rehabilitation/physical therapy approvals.

New York metropolitan

I’m not at all happy with the insurance company. The Board has been helpful but I don't agree
with the insurance company’s policies. Have a lot of disagreements with them. I wouldn't
recommend this insurance company to anyone.
Central New York

Not happy with the delay after I sent in all required documents.
Capital Region

Not satisfied. Almost four months without receiving benefits/compensation. How are we
supposed to pay our bills?
New York metropolitan

Notify the employee or claimant of the name of the lawyer who will represent us the day of the
hearing. Thank you to the Workers’ Compensation Board group for their work.
Central New York

Over all good experience.

Central New York

Overall, not bad; however, I was unaware of my rights and used my own resources for medical
and lost time and out of pocket expenses. I would have liked more timely approval of medical
Central New York

People I spoke with at the Board were very nice, very informative. I was just having problem
with miscommunication between insurance and court hearing judge. The first time it was not
resolved. I had to be called back because I didn't have the correct information the first time.
Also referring to question on 1st page I was in a lot of pain when it first happened so nothing
would have been quick enough I guess.
Long Island

Progress on disputes in court is slow.

Central New York

Since 2004, my life has changed dramatically. I'm thankful to God I am alive but I don't wish
this on anyone else. Some of the "Big Wigs" need to be more compassionate in their jobs. At
times we've had many hurdles to overcome and I think the laws need to get changed and
updated. Not everyone has the same injuries and needs and not everyone is out to milk the
Central New York

Since I am back to work in order to pay my bills and to take care of my family, I have not
received a hearing the way I think I should. I am still in pain . . . I cannot live off of little
New York metropolitan 98/117
There is
4/18/2018so much red tape on medical bills. MostComments
doctors From
Injuredtreat you.
Worker Survey
Central New York

My case is still ongoing. Employer has not followed judge’s order to provide treatment for
consequential injury.
Long Island

I’m still trying to settle my case.

Western New York

Suggest that the bosses educate their employees on what compensation insurance is, since the
employees make mistakes in their claims most of the time for lack of knowledge.
Central New York

Insurance people should stop doing the C-8.1. Let us have surgery so we can go back to work.
Central New York

The (your) independent doctor should not be the one to determine whether a person gets the
necessary medical. The doctor treating the patient should be able to weigh in on the treatment
and his opinion should hold some merit.
Central New York

The appeals department —14 to 16 month wait without pay/benefits isn't fair to workers.
Central New York

The Board has excellent staff and very helpful.

Central New York

The company's insurance carrier was uncooperative and was hard to deal with. They have held
my payments for almost one year to this date of settlement.
Long Island

The doctor I saw lied about my injuries in his report. He had the wrong information in front of
him—refused to look at my medical files and disregarded everything I said.
Long Island

The employees need more information.

Central New York

The employer denied the medical treatment accepting A&I. The insurance company was
disagreeing to pay expenses, any disability. They do not want to accept responsibility. Now I
am living on Medicare, medical and food stamps. I am trying maybe to go for a diabetic
checkup. Hard to get needed medical supplies, followup since my income is poverty level. I am
a registered nurse.
Long Island

The hard benches in the waiting room are horrible for anyone with back problems. Sometimes
the wait is too long and painful.
Western New York

The insurance companies make it very difficult for those of us actually injured and in pain
daily. It sometimes seems I am being punished. Doctor’s appointments and independent
medical examinations are like a full time job.
Western New York

The insurance company has given me an unpaid treatment on medical services and paying for
medications. They refuse to give me treatment when doctors recommend to do so.
Central New York 99/117
The judge
4/18/2018 has been fair at each of my hearings. The woman
Comments Fromat
thethe front
Injured deskSurvey
Worker is so friendly. She
makes you feel at ease before your hearing. It is so stressful to go to a hearing and she is so
nice to talk to.
Central New York

The judge never speaks to you, only they lawyer, I feel we should be able to speak to the judge
to let them know how we feel about ourselves and the process. Everything seems in a rush. At
times you do not understand what is being said. Thank you.
New York metropolitan

The only problem I had was workers' compensation stopped paying two times. My attorney
called and I was paid.
Central New York

The paperwork could have been a little more clear. I have a master’s degree and sometimes was
still confused by some of the information I was receiving in the mail. However, when I called
for clarification the people were always helpful. I just feel if people were able to fully
understand the paperwork then less confusion and phone calls would occur.
Western New York

The problem is that I lost my full time job because of a fall on a part time job! I was unable to
return to my full time job because of my shoulder issues.
Long Island

The representative on the phone was more informative and helpful.

Long Island

The wait time for hearings is terrible. My hearing was scheduled for 10:00 am, and I was still
waiting at 11:05!
Central New York

The woman at the front desk was very helpful.

Long Island

The Workers’ Compensation Board treated me very well. The only issue I have had was with
the claim adjuster. I have had a hard time getting responses from him, whether it is
authorization for medicine or approval for medical exams. Again, everyone I have had contact
with at the Board has been pleasant and helpful.
Central New York

The Workers’ Compensation Board did everything in their power to make sure I was treated
fairly and my claims were handled to the best of their abilities, and my attorney as well. I give
thanks to my most high God as well as everyone that made sure I was treated again fairly and
thank you so much for everything.
Central New York

The Workers' Compensation Board itself has not failed me. It’s the adjuster for the company I
used to work for, as well as the company I worked for. I do as I am told, but they wait for prior
authorization on pain medications or treatments. I've even been trying to return to work since
June but the adjuster finds something wrong and the paperwork regarding that is sent in, yet
stops paying me. So to me it makes little sense. They want me to work, but can't assist getting
me there.
Western New York

The worst part is the unavailability of your claim adjuster.

New York metropolitan 100/117
There are
4/18/2018 not enough local doctors who accept workers’ compensation.
Comments From They
the Injured Worker claim the
paperwork and slow payments are a large part of their dislike to accept the system. I incurred
costs I could not afford to pay for tests asked by the Board and I still do not know if the results
were used to determine my degree of disability. Your information on eligible doctors is
outdated and incorrect. Overall, I’m unhappy with the system.
Central New York

There should be optimal work for people injured on the job along with training. There should
be temps available to do some of the heavy lifting.
Western New York

They are worst in service I have ever experienced. I don't wish this on anyone. You have to
wait for each one to arrive your doctor visit. They never are available. I had to wait seven
months for my ankle to be added to my current case. All of them need to be replaced. They are
Long Island

They need to know how to talk and treat other people. We did not put ourselves in this terrible
Central New York

They penalize people who try to continue to work, while still receiving medical treatments. On
most injuries, the body never gets back to even 80% of what it was before. If you re-injure
yourself, workers’ compensation fights you for benefits/pay, not authorizing treatments causing
a lot of stress. The employee can't see a doctor because they refuse to pay them so employees
are coming into work hurting and not getting better. They end up getting worse. Many doctors
won't take workers’ compensation cases so it is hard to find a doctor to treat you. I've brought
in doctors’ statements to be off work when I could not walk and they refused to pay for the
time off and then refused to pay the doctors. Very poor communication for helping the
employee. Everything with workers’ compensation is a struggle. They always have a reason
why not, when I just want to get better enough to work, so I'm penalized for wanting to work.
Poor system for New York State employees. Thank you.
Northern New York

They should give preference or immediate medical treatments to the injured workers when they
need it, not months later.
Central New York

They should tell you more about what is going on with your case.
Western New York

This is my first experience with the Worker's Compensation Board. I'm here for a pre-hearing.
I'm sure my questions will be answered.
Central New York

Very disappointed in how slow the process is. Out of work with no lost wage check for over
three months before hearing date.
Central New York

Very polite judge! Kind receptionist. Quiet atmosphere. Thank you for everything!
Central New York

Very stressful.
Central New York

My experience was bad and took too long.

New York metropolitan 101/117
Way too
4/18/2018 long of a wait time. When I made phoneComments
calls people onInjured
From the otherWorker
end were
Survey short and not
helpful enough.
Western New York

The Board has so far been correct in the finding of my injury. Though insurance did not
cooperate with me and my doctor, the Board saw the correct action and has acknowledged the
evidence on my behalf is correct.
Central New York

My employer tried to fight from giving me my benefit. I was hurt performing my job. It was
well documented and proven by medical personnel, both their doctors and mine. Unnecessary
delays on the part of workers’ compensation.
New York metropolitan

I wish there wasn't so much trouble to get physical therapy.

Long Island

Workers’ Compensation Board representative should be more helpful and try to comply with
us. We're in pain, and we definitely didn't choose to be in this position. The representative
being rude and nasty does not make it easier.
Long Island

Workers’ Comp is/has been fair and just. Insurance companies deny/fight and make receiving
benefits difficult.
Central New York

Workers' Compensation has made it extremely difficult and time consuming to maintain
medical treatment. Mine is not a case involving lump-sum settlements, lawsuits, or surgery.
Attention must be given to those who simply require regular medical treatment in order to
maintain adequate quality of life.
Central New York

Workers compensation should be a process to help speed along a claim. It should not be a
means to delay or slow down the process.
New York metropolitan

Worst people on earth—they made me feel like I did something wrong.

Long Island

Worst experience of my life!!

New York metropolitan

Yes, it is a very terrible system. It is a one-way system for the insurance companies to run wild,
and the judges always agree with them and the fake doctor’s reports. Unqualified doctors that
are performing these fake independent medical exams should lose their medical licenses for
falsifying their reports.
Western New York

Yes, while the case was being established I would like to have received some kind of
compensation because I am the sole provider for my family.
New York metropolitan

Yes, I was mistreated by my lawyer. He said I could not sue, and that I only had the right to
compensation since the boss that I have was feeding me. And of all my lawyers, what this one
did for me was a mockery, because he was good for nothing, and they never gave me the
opportunity to defend myself. They turned the truth into lies. They never showed any 102/117
4/18/2018 nor did they take measures to repairComments
what they had
From destroyed.
the Injured WorkerThey
Survey only told me
to look for another external lawyer.
Central New York

Yes, when the owner of the business does an accident report and the employee is really hurt,
workers’ compensation should not make them feel like they are a liar. There is some honesty in
the world.
Western New York

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You are corrupt and you know it.
Western New York

From the beginning it has been a struggle finding information and the process treats the person
that is hurt like a criminal. Test took months to be approved—medications take time and are
often refused. Once I was quite sick and was told I couldn't change the date of the hearing or I
would lose everything but the insurance company never showed up for some hearings. This
injury has caused so many problems in my life—not to mention the constant pain.
Central New York

1. The insurance doctors are not competent for examination. 2. The insurance stops MI
treatment frequently. 3. My monthly pay goes up and down as they please.
New York metropolitan

A lot of times I have problems with the insurance paying for my medicines.
New York metropolitan

All I would have liked was returned phone calls and a friendly voice with help. I don't like
feeling like a criminal because I was hurt at work. It sucks to have to go through this.
New York metropolitan

Bad. I’ve gone through tons of lawyers and they are still trying to bar me under section 18 that
I can’t go after my injuries. The first doctor flipped my history and said it happened at home. It
has been five and a half years. I have not received any compensation on both my injuries and
cases. Just don't understand why I can’t get a lawyer or the Syracuse branch to come up with a
settlement for me and what it will cost when I get operated on and everything else. So my
experience is bad when it comes to going to get my third MRI and insurance cancels me three
times under their network. There is a lot wrong when I have not received anything for my
injuries old and new. So how is it that other people are getting compensated for their injuries
but I have tears in my lumbar? Someone please explain that.
Central New York

The Board is very helpful. Carrier is a horror. Always being hassled and they’re unprepared—
not cooperative.
New York metropolitan

Case is still undecided, too early to tell about experience.

New York metropolitan

Workers’ compensation means helping people not to add to the stress. Compensation is being
compensated for your injury but I see it as getting screwed over. The system sucks!!!
Central New York

The company fought and denied the claim. Need better worker protection from plant rules that
violate laws.
Western New York 103/117
I did not
4/18/2018 answer #6 on the survey because the insurance
Comments companies were
From the Injured slowing
Worker Survey down the
process at every stage. They treat you like you got hurt on purpose.
Western New York

Dissatisfied with the process. My last workers’ compensation check was returned for
insufficient funds.
New York metropolitan

Everyone at the office in Elmira has been wonderful, very helpful, caring and considerate of
my needs. The office is very clean and I enjoy my time in this office. However I hate trying to
get a hold of anyone on the phone via the 800 #.
Western New York

Everyone here is polite and very helpful.

Western New York

Everyone is very nice!

Western New York

Everyone that has been involved with my case has been helpful and very nice and has all
information that was needed.
New York metropolitan

Everything went smoothly every time I was here.

Central New York

Except now with a decision coming can't see my doctor.

Western New York

I have experienced long delays in getting my hearings, and the Board’s telephone system is
intentionally set up to discourage one from getting answers. These were the only negatives in
the process.
Central New York

I found it to be a frustrating cycle. You have to really look out for yourself, like that the
hearings are held close to home.
Central New York

Great helpful people. The employer and their lawyers were the problem. Thanks to the
Workers' Compensation people, I received my benefits. Thank you all.
Central New York

Insurance company denied payment for physical therapy at first treatment. Takes up a lot of
time, confusion re: understanding on each step by step by step process in the beginning.
Otherwise, the Board is very informative in what to do next and accepted my request for an
adjournment to seek legal representation.
Western New York

Hearings should be off record... employer should have to give exact factual
information in the beginning so that insurance attorney doesn't use unlawful tactics. No
employer should be able to testify from place of business, they should have to come in as well.
Attorneys should not be able to drag out settlement offers. They need to put in writing what
they are offering—a rough draft so to speak. Employee should get to speak to law judge
privately. Abusive system ... wouldn't wish it on anybody. Your system is not for employees; it
is for employers and insurance companies. You are letting patients be abused; someone is going
to get hurt. All calls need to be documented no matter what.
Western New York 104/117
I am aStaten Island resident. I am concerned why
4/18/2018 the judge
Comments Fromis
theonly onWorker
Injured a TVSurvey
screen. This made
the hearing slow and everybody had trouble hearing everyone else. Is this normal in the other
boroughs? It seems much better to have a judge there and not have to talk to a video. My
lawyer and I tried to get some papers we just received from doctors to the judge but couldn't do
so because we were told it would "take too long" to get and review them. This is a waste of
time. My lawyer says that Staten Island is the only place, other than some small upstate towns,
where all the judges are on TV. Staten Island has half a million people and TV judges? This is
embarrassing. I think the Staten Island Advance should do a story on this like the Times did a
story a few years ago. Please fix this. Staten Islanders are not second class citizens.
New York metropolitan

I am a working, on the go person and if I could just get the care that I deserve I would be back
to work. I am not a leach looking to collect a check and sit on my behind! I just want to return
to my same old self!
Central New York

I am constantly denied prescriptions and gas mileage.

Central New York

I am more disabled now. I had surgery and am not able to work. My payments were
discontinued, which put a toll on me. We need better customer service and better training for
the case managers.
New York metropolitan

I am not an injured person, but I am a physical therapist that deals with workers’ compensation
on a daily basis. There are times that the new guidelines work well, as it requires that
physicians continue to provide care for patients rather than just continuing to send them to
physical therapy when it is not working. On the other hand, it is difficult when physical therapy
is working, and we have to stop care until we receive a variance approval, which can take up to
30 days, which means that the person that was benefiting from therapy has lost some of the
gains. I have also had some difficulty with adjusters who seem to deny everything without
giving an appropriate justification. When a patient is demonstrating improvement and it has
been documented, (for example, improved ROM) and an adjuster says they haven't improved
enough. My question is who makes that call, a medical provider (usually the physician and
therapist must agree) or the adjuster. I have also run into adjusters who have decided not to
follow the new guidelines and determine the care a patient gets. I currently have a patient who
went through a rotator cuff repair. According to the treatment guidelines, therapy can last up to
6-9 months before returning to normal activities. It is procedure to only perform passive ROM
on these patients as we do not want to risk damaging the repair for 6-8 weeks following the
surgery. At 8 weeks my patient was put on hold from therapy as the adjuster denied continued
care until an independent medical exam (IME) was completed. Three weeks later we called the
adjuster to ask about the results of the IME and were told that it can take up to 30 days after the
IME to receive results. That would mean almost five weeks of therapy this patient has lost, and
five weeks of improvements being lost. The patient’s attorney asked for a hearing and was told
that the hearing was pre-mature. Fortunately about four weeks after placing this patient on hold
he was approved for 4 weeks of therapy, which we have spent regaining the lost motion and
progressing him as appropriate. He may be 12 weeks out of the surgery, but physically his
shoulder is still at the eight week mark, which means that eventually he may require going
beyond the 6-9 months if we continue to have difficulties like this. This is only one of several
incidents that I have experienced. I would ask the Board to find a way to regulate adjusters, as I
know in the past even after they are turned in to their boss, nothing seems to change. There
needs to be a better way to protect the patients that do require continued care, or a better way to
determine those that are malingerers, and don't require continued care. I know there are no
amazing answers, but I do feel that there has to be a better way to protect the patients.
Central New York 105/117
I believe
4/18/2018 Board opinions have been fair. However, the insurance
Comments carrier
From the Injured has Survey
Worker not really complied
with all Board requirements.
Central New York

I believe we should receive a cost of living increase each year; also we should receive full pay,
not an average weekly wage. I also receive Social Security Disability (SSD). My workers’
compensation pay should not be an offset since I have paid into Social Security and I am
medically approved to receive Social Security Disability. I should be entitled to full SSD
payments. I think injured workers should be notified each time a file is transferred to another
adjuster, and not have to play guessing games as to when payments will be deposited. We
(injured workers) live on a very slim income and depend on getting paid on time so that bills
and other living expenses may be paid on time.
Western New York

I don't agree with their variance process to deny medical services. A worker is suffering,
undergoing a lot of stress and pain, and services are denied. Notification is not sent fast enough
to workers either.
New York metropolitan

I feel insurance companies get too much freedom. We should receive the treatment we need to
get better as quickly as possible. I can't afford to be out with what is financially given to me
and I'm sure others can't either. All I want is my treatment in an appropriate manner so I can
return to work and not worry about my bills like I do now.
New York metropolitan

I feel most of the time in my almost five years’ experience I have been treated unfairly in a
medical and human way. I had a very strange work accident concerning acid chemical exposure
which is not well known by most doctors, lawyers, and compensation employees and
employers. I am still having problems finding doctors etc. . . . to treat my injury, upper
respiratory disease and damages to unknown organs. Not happy at all.
Western New York

I feel the insurance companies are given too much time to make appointments for independent
medical exam visits and return to count days. Also too much time to get payments started.
Western New York

I felt as though my case worker was not interested in my claim and assumed that I was in some
way taking advantage of the system. She seemed to deliberately slow the process down. More
charity would've been appreciated.
New York metropolitan

I found it to be the most slow, laborious and frustrating experience a person could go through
as my case was fought from the beginning to over an eight year decision. The employer’s
lawyers are allowed to imply that you the injured worker are just despicable for being hurt on
the job. I found due process only works for the employer. I found one helpful person who
worked at Board but not for the Board. Instead of this whole process, which adds mental injury
to your physical one, I would recommend welfare until you can apply for SSDI. Their process
is way better in hundreds of ways. And the judge knows all about your injuries when you go to
court. They actually read the medical evidence.
Western New York

I had a great job and loved it. Now I am trying after five years and many surgeries to end this
case. I do not agree with the new rules of workers’ compensation laws. After over five years on
workers’ compensation I can't return to my job and will not be able to enter the workforce due
to my injury. The cap of settlement will not sustain me beyond four years. What then?
Western New York 106/117
I had knee
4/18/2018 surgery and was told by the doctor to Comments
have physical
From thetherapy. It was
Injured Worker never approved
by anyone. I go to pain management for my right upper extremity. The doctor requested
lidocaine injection twice to see if it would help. Both times it was denied.
New York metropolitan

I had to fight for my lost wages for 3 1/2 months. My lawyer was useless so we did it on our
own. The medical treatment was good. As for my benefits I fought.
Central New York

I have been satisfied with my claim so far.

Central New York

I have been waiting for a hearing since 2/26/13. My attorney has requested a hearing on the
following dates: 4/23/13, 6/11/13, 7/29/13, 9/17/13. What needs to be done?????
New York metropolitan

I have had a very difficult time. I wasn't paid from May until August. Then payments stopped
again Aug. 30, 2013.
Western New York

I have had no problems with the Workers' Compensation Board. Everyone treated me
Central New York

I have had to call the Syracuse office and was treated professionally and kindly.
Central New York

I injured myself 2.5 years before I lost my job due to my decline in job performance due to my
injury. Unfortunately for me I am unable to work and unable to collect compensation benefits
because I was let go by my employer before my doctor filed a claim for my inability to work
any longer. I tried to do the right thing by working to the best of my ability after my on-the-job
injury and was repaid by no money to support myself. When I became injured I should have
left work until I was completely well if that is ever possible again. I am also now eligible for
unemployment benefits because this injury makes me unable to work. Wow, talk about a
disappointing insurance plan. Anyone I know that gets injured I will recommend them to not
return to work until they are 100% well.
Central New York

I just want to say to give equal rights to everyone and not jump the gun on thinking everyone is
abusing the system. There are bad apples, but there are real injuries that should be treated and
compensated accordingly.
New York metropolitan

I really feel that the injured worker gets the raw end of the deal. We didn't ask for the hand we
were dealt, and then we get treated and harassed by these insurance companies. I loved my job
and would give anything to get it back right now. I truly believe I'm not even being paid
correctly due to verbiage. The workers’ compensation system is supposed to help, but it really
adds to our problems. I'm suffering with chronic pain. The last thing I want to worry about is if
my little check is coming on time or not. My job was public service . . . . The insurance
company is a whole different case scenario. I have had to deal with some of the nastiest
adjusters. I never knew people could be so mean just because. This lady stopped my direct
deposit that I had since 2007 for no reason at all. She sad I refused a home visit. My response
to her was that there was some miscommunication between you, me and the visiting person.
Her boss calls me and said if I agree to the visit they will restart my direct deposit. That was
three months ago, and they still have not restarted my direct deposit. These are the most low
down people you have working in the insurance companies. They need to monitored, not us.
Revamp the system. It's hurting.
Out-of-State 107/117
I thank
the judge for being able to explain clearly,
4/18/2018 being very
Comments professional.
From the Injured Worker Survey
Western New York

I think the 10 day waiting period is too long to wait. Also there should be penalties if you do
not receive payments every week from the carrier. People live off this money when they are
Western New York

I truly feel that if I had been provided with treatment quickly instead of having to wait more
than three years from date of injury, I would have been able to get back to work in a shorter
amount of time. I am in treatment now yet wonder what my future holds. For all the travel costs
of the lawyers I could have gotten treatment sooner and I believe money would be saved.
Central New York

I waited four months to get a hearing and did not receive any compensation during that time.
Four months is too long to wait for a hearing.
New York metropolitan

I was handled very professionally. Everyone involved did their jobs well.
Central New York

I was injured as a minor and it's been a nightmare, over 20 years’ worth of pain and confusion.
I have been denied medications for over 12 years and medical equipment. I even contacted the
Governor about it. I was using Medicare to pay for pain medications. That was a waste of time.
The carrier still refused! This issue was brought up in multiple hearings. The carrier didn't care
to pay for my medications. Even now the carrier will deny my medications for 5-8 weeks. My
doctor fills my medications in the office because I will go without medications if I wait for the
carrier to fill them. When the carrier refuses medical and I go then go without morphine. The
carrier refuses to update my address in a timely manner since I have moved out of state, which
causes payment to be late. The carrier even scheduled an independent medical exam over 200
miles away, which required a trip taking about eight hours total including traffic. The travel
was too much for me to deal with medically, so the punishment, even though I asked for a
closer independent medical examiner, was that my payments were delayed, no medical for
eight months! I had to use Medicare to pay for my pain medications! I must constantly call my
lawyer’s office for medical denial, and late payments! I can type more but it’s not enough space
of how this system has tortured me throughout my adult years. The injuries to my body are
permanent, all with medical proof. One independent medical examiner was so unethical and
stated I didn't have an injury just by looking at me even though I had a bone scan and nerve
conduction testing. Even my lawyer couldn't believe a doctor would state something unethical!!
. . . .This system has caused me depression, sadness, loss of respect for doctors that perform
independent medical exams, inability to meet bills on time to support my family and my need
of healthcare. It’s hard to get better health when your health care is like a yo-yo. When you
can’t use your regular insurance for comp-related issues and don't have money to pay out of
pocket, your health is in limbo!!!

I was seeing my original doctors for 1-1/2 yrs. with no definitive diagnosis. After going to
another doctor, I was correctly diagnosed and had surgery. Unfortunately, my left arm is
useless, cannot do anything without extreme pain and discomfort from my fingers to my neck.
Diagnosed now with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and due to the guidelines from the
Board, my doctor is unable to list me as 100% disabled, so I am forced to look for work, but
there is nothing that I can do. I now have to go to a trial. At my last hearing my attorney was
yelling at me at the Board, got me so upset I was crying and we decided he would recuse
himself from my case. Now I am finding it difficult to get another attorney. I don't know what
to do. After over 2-1/2 years, I am a mental mess. My life is forever changed and my nerve
damage is expanding, causing more and more pain. I can't deal with this anymore.
Western New York 108/117
I would
4/18/2018 like for the process to be a little more efficient
Commentsand quicker
From . . Worker
the Injured . the length
Survey of time it
takes leaves people broke. Having to borrow money to pay bills only goes so far. By the time
any real money is given, a person is so far in debt that a settlement of any kind is irrelevant.
Western New York

I would like to see the insurance company penalized for not following the judge’s orders. They
must enforce this to protect the injured worker!
Western New York

I would strongly disagree for this location to close. It is truly a hardship to travel to Menands or
Plattsburgh. The continued patronage at the Queensbury location has been exemplary. Thank
Central New York

I'm glad that it is here for people that need it.

Western New York

I'm thankful I have medical reimbursement for foot wear. I'm hoping the insurance carrier can
reimburse in a timely fashion and want to know how I can best get that done.
Central New York

Improvement is always needed but my experience was satisfied.

New York metropolitan

In 3/07 the law changed about the $400.00 per week for life. In May (5/07) more money was
given per week according to how much you made. I got hurt in 4/07. As such, I had to absorb
the disadvantage of the change of the law in 3/07 without getting the advantage of the new law
in 5/07. That is not right. Maybe you can make retroactive the 05/07 law to 03/07. Thank you.
New York metropolitan

In my personal case, due to complete lack of proper and responsible managerial care re: a safe
work environment, I (and many other employees) suffered physical injuries (some very
serious). I feel I am facing life as a crippled person when I was a healthy woman when I started
the job. My injuries changed my life for the negative! No job should have such an impact.
New York metropolitan

The workman’s comp insurance was horrible. They fought every medical procedure. The
doctor they sent me to (the independent medical examiner) was incompetent. I feel they caused
more of my condition due to the stress they put me under.
Capital Region

Information and advice would have been helpful immediately after being injured several times
on the job, etc. I had to do all of my own research, phone calling, trying to find doctors to help
me regarding X-rays, MRIs etc. and to have doctors finally see that I had three hernias, carpal
tunnel, back pain and issues, rotator cuff tears and bone spurs which led to four surgeries so far.
I have had loss of wages. I cannot physically walk very far, ride a bicycle, etc. It has been a
very difficult and frustrating experience.
Central New York

Insurance carriers are dragging approvals too long.

New York metropolitan

Insurance seems reluctant to provide monetary benefits.

Western New York

Is very stressful, painful and I am hoping for the best.

Western New York 109/117
It has been
4/18/2018 extremely stressful for me due to thisComments
being my first
From the time
Injureddealing with a workman’s
Worker Survey
comp claim.
Western New York

It is an absolute nightmare. These insurance companies and their bottomless wallets are
allowed to just run rampant when it comes to doing anything they possibly can to avoid paying
out or providing care. An injury I sustained worsened, and resulted in a life threatening surgery
because the insurance company took eight months until forced by a WCL judge to allow me to
have a basic medical exam. My own doctors have said if I was allowed to have the testing done
sooner my injury most likely would not have been so severe if it could have been treated
earlier. Thus saving all parties involved valuable time, money, pain and headaches. Also being
a single male in his 20s was a blessing in this case. As the process moves so slowly I had to go
on welfare and food stamps. I could only imagine the hardships someone who has a mortgage
or a family to feed must go through. The only reason why my case moved along quicker was
due to family political connections which I am sure most residents of this state do not have.
This whole process has been exhausting, painful and just down right disgusting. I would not
wish this experience on my worst enemy, and if the elected officials of this state truly did care
about its workers, they would overhaul this system entirely.
Long Island

It is good so far. No complaints at all.

New York metropolitan

It should be explained more in detail, for example, using a lot of words like section 8 or etc. or
law this and law that is sometimes confusing!
New York metropolitan

It takes too long to get insurance to do their job.

Central New York

It takes too long. It's been four years and I just want it to be resolved. Thank you.
Central New York

It was a very slow process.

New York metropolitan

It was dreadful.
Central New York

It was quick and overall a good experience.

New York metropolitan

It was the worst! All the "red tape", too much paperwork and non information from lawyers
and Comp Board.
Western New York

It was very bad and draining physically emotionally and psychologically.

Western New York

It's a tricky experience that you will never forget. Question and answers. But overall it’s a
tricky experience.
New York metropolitan

It's been a long two years but overall I'm happy the WCB took their time to evaluate all details
involving my injury.
New York metropolitan 110/117
It's not
4/18/2018good. I have (4) hernia Disc swollen backComments
and they want
From me toWorker
the Injured go look for work. It's
crazy. They should have a better system.
New York metropolitan

It's unfortunate that the insurance companies and employers have more rights than the people.
When a person gets hurt on the job, must fight to establish their claim to get treatment. Why the
insurance companies still show billions in profits at the year end. We have been "Sold out". The
insurance companies should pay a hefty fine for not cooperating with the system. $1 mil, per
offense. This will make them walk a straight line. Why is the Governor so in favor of the
insurance companies?
New York metropolitan

It's very had to continue medical treatment. No one wants to give therapy. Everything is
unclear. I have gone hungry and come close to losing my apartment because of my reductions
and it’s tough. It’s not fair when you are injured—you should be helped. Thank you.
New York metropolitan

I've been in the system since 1991. I've had three cervical fusion surgeries. Concerning my case
being timely or handled very well, the last surgery took two years to approve and I haven't even
received my co-pay or scripts in close to three years. Thank God that SS disability has helped
me since 2005. This injury happened at work and the government is going broke . . . Go figure.
Western New York

I've spent the first six months without a comp paycheck or medical. Four and a half years later
I'm still fighting for medical. I ask my attorney if stenographer’s notes were allowed for
attorneys to use against lying insurance attorneys or representatives. I could prove several times
that they lied to a Law Judge. If I lie I go to jail. When they lie I lose benefits. We need new
stiffer laws to protect the injured. It seems that no one has the authority to stop the insurance
companies. I bet not even the Governor.
Western New York

Just want to receive my medical care without any problems.

Central New York

Many times I have been made to feel that I did something wrong when I was only doing my
job, mainly from the insurance carrier. Also, it seems a lot of people assume an injured worker
already knows procedures, etc. when they need guidance, support and someone to listen to
them. A lingering injury = pain and when things are denied it becomes very upsetting to say the
Central New York

Medications are slow getting approved.

Central New York

Mine is a UEF case. My employer operated illegally so this is going to take a while.
Western New York

My employer had very bad safety standards and did everything they could to keep me from
filing and receiving benefits.
Central New York

My experience has been horrible. They do not want to do surgery and value the surgeon’s
decision. They need to work one on one with the doctors. They expect the client to do
everything. Every time I get medication they deny it. How do you expect an individual to
follow doctor’s orders when you’re always denied everything? My doctor was unable to care
for me properly. When it comes down to it I pay for comp when employed. I did not cause
injury; it was inflicted by another person. My dignity and life has been taken away. Comp made 111/117
my life
a living hell. It's sad you count on something
4/18/2018 andFrom
Comments theythemake
Injuredyour life
Worker hell. It’s bad
enough you’re injured.
Western New York

My experience so far is good but now they want to lower my pay. How can I pay my bills until
I go back to work?
New York metropolitan

My experience was fair and done in a timely matter. I would tell others not to give up and come
to the Workers’ Board. They are fair and work in a timely fashion. Thanks.
Western New York

My experience with the Board has been positive. However, dealing with the insurance carrier
quickly became impossible. I am particularly shocked at how shoddy and superficial all
independent medical examinations have been, and how these were used to try to deprive me of
my lost wages. One should not have to fight and hire an attorney (and risk having to go weeks
without any payments) just because of the insurance carrier's pressure tactics. The insurance
carrier should not be able to select the independent medical examiner.
New York metropolitan

My injury occurred in December 2011. Final resolution of this claim didn't begin until after my
phone call over the summer.
Capital Region

My injury was a head injury that caused neck and back problems. I have had serious side
effects with the medicine for my chronic migraines. Acupuncture was helping me and returning
me to a somewhat normal life since it helped with the intensity of the pain. My doctors and
physical therapist say that the migraines are from the blow to my head and not my neck. The
independent medical examiners say the migraines are due to my neck injury and that I was only
entitled to a limited amount of acupuncture visits and I have exceeded the number. Why do the
insurance company doctors get to determine my course of treatment instead of my doctors? I
have not received anything to relieve my headaches in close to three years. Why doesn't the
workers’ compensation system support the medical treatment recommended by the claimant's
doctors? Also, I have a permanent approximately 80% disability. My payments will stop a long
time before my retirement age. Since I have no opportunity to support myself anymore, why
doesn't the system support the claimant until retirement age? I don't know how I am going to
pay my bills when the payments stop. My injury date is 11/2007.
Central New York

My lawyer doesn't go into details about lost wages, payment or medical treatment. I needed
care for my depression due to my loss of employment and a request was sent in and there was
no response. Even though the judge said to my lawyer to help me get help. No one did anything
because it wasn't written in the decision letter. Also, when the Board decides to drop payments
or decrease payment it’s a real hardship for someone who has no income at all. It should be
considered to make an adjustment so people can be prepared to help themselves and go to the
proper agencies for help. But otherwise I am pleased.
New York metropolitan

My life has been completely changed because of my injury. I believe I have lost a job I
dreamed of. My financial future is up in the air. I am not sure workers’ compensation will be
there in the future. I do not trust the insurance company. Thanks for a good ear.
Western New York

My boss has called my case manager four times and she never got back to us! I myself called
four times and left messages and she never got back to me. I have no sick time left and no
money! And I have not received a single check yet! How do I pay my bills? I had a quintuple
heart bypass in Dec, 2012, which has left me with no sick time and has depleted my savings 112/117
just to
4/18/2018live! . . . . I hate this and just want to get back to work
Comments butInjured
From the it will be aSurvey
Worker few more weeks . .
. to heal but in the meantime I need to provide for my family! Thank you!
New York metropolitan

My workers’ compensation experience has been horrible. The doctors that I have encountered
are all about the money and pushing drugs.
New York metropolitan

Need better doctors who handle workers’ compensation cases.

Western New York

Need benefits!
Central New York

Not happy that my surgery has not been approved. I didn't ask to be hurt. I was and still am
doing my job.
Central New York

Overall good experience.

Central New York

Overall, it hasn't helped as well as I was hoping it would. I still have 0 answers to why I'm still
in so much pain.
Central New York

Overall, I am disappointed with the workers’ compensation experience because the insurance
carrier will not approve treatments my doctor recommends. They will respond that the form is
incorrectly filled out. The only person suffering as a result is me the injured worker. My case
has been ongoing since 2009. I just want to feel better. I cannot even get through on the phone
or via email to my adjuster. I leave messages and they do not respond.
New York metropolitan

Overall I'm pleased with how helpful and pleasant all who've assisted me with this very tedious
and stressful process. Thank you.
Western New York

People at the Workers’ Compensation Board office are terrific, but since I got a new case
manager I have had problems getting medications and getting my treatment paid for.
Western New York

How are we supposed to get treatment when there are no physicians approved for us to use?
Western New York

Providers’ billing offices do not copy the Board. They will bill the insurance company and not
send C4 to the Board. It took almost two years to get proper diagnose and treatment for one
issue alone. The delay of getting the health care providers to complete forms for authorization
has delayed treatment on numerous occasions and continues to do so.
Western New York

. . . .The carrier has repeatedly delayed approvals for my medical request by my attending
doctors. No one has been enforcing the Judge's orders for them to abide. It just seems like time
passes by until the carrier is close to their time limit established or it just doesn't happen. The
Law Judge is not protecting the best interests of the claimant. They are just letting the attorneys
resolve issues. The claimant doesn't know the law, therefore, they are just relying on their
attorneys to inform them, but that doesn't happen all the time. The claimant and they attorney
also need to receive all copies that are sent to the Board to keep updated on the issues of the
case. In the past, doctor's reports were sent to the Board and the carrier, but not the claimant or
their attorney. Please add Southern Tier Eastern New York as an option for geographic 113/117
4/18/2018 Monticello, Newburgh, Kingston (Hudson Valley)
Comments From and Poughkeepsie,
the Injured Worker SurveyNY are not
located in any of the locations list. I just confirmed that the Monticello District hearing location
is closing in November 2013. What is the disabled claimant supposed to do to attend hearings?
I cannot participate telephonically since I only have a limited plan with the cell phone.
Claimants do not want to be paying the additional expenses for travel, if they are able to do so,
nor pay their attorneys for the added expense for them to drive to another hearing location.
Chances are that lawyers in the Sullivan County area will not be taking on workers'
compensation cases for this reason. As a result, claimants are on their own or forced to proceed
pro-se. They are not acquainted with which attorneys in other areas practice Workers'
Compensation Law. This alone would violate their legal rights to counsel, etc., unless the
Board is going to allow the Law Judge to ensure that the claimant will receive legal advice
from them in representing themselves before the court.
Location not given

Red tape and a difference between doctors not from NY (I live in Pennsylvania) has been used
against my case as they didn't know how to file NY comp cases correctly.
Western New York

Requests for lost wage compensation were ignored by the insurance company until I retained a
lawyer. No assistance on retraining or counseling or new career selection was available. I had
to (and still am) taking out long term debt to pay for retraining. Requests for medical help for
issues associated with injury, e.g., weight control, depression counseling were summarily
New York metropolitan

Since I have been injured at my work site my wages has been withheld from me. I have been
discriminated against and harassed by the program director. . . . They made a difficult situation
into a nightmare.
New York metropolitan

Since the date of my accident, on 5/4/12 through 10/10/13, I have not received any payment in
relation to workers' compensation. I am only living on my Social Security disability benefits.
New York metropolitan

Sometimes I had to wait months for an OK for operations. The sub carriers for workers’ comp
are a real pain but you have been helpful.
Western New York

It takes too long to get medical treatment and compensation benefits.

New York metropolitan

It takes too long to get medications approved. Long distance driving to come to Board.
Central New York

Thank you for all you do!

Central New York

Thank you for everything. Good job.

New York metropolitan

Thank you to the Workers' Compensation Board for all your help.
New York metropolitan

Thanks to my last hearing, my test was authorized.

Central New York 114/117
That doctor
4/18/2018 should let you know what they can do for you,
Comments not
From thepush
Injuredyou aside
Worker and not follow
protocol as to what they can’t do for you. They should do paperwork with a speeding time limit
and send to right place.
New York metropolitan

The carrier has been unfair in delaying the closing of my file and the Workers' Compensation
Board is allowing them another opportunity to delay my claim even further which is not fair to
the claimant.
Long Island

The carrier was not helpful. The Board Customer Service in Hornell was pleasant and easy to
work with. I am not happy that the Hornell office is closing and I will no longer be able to get
answers when I need them. I've tried calling the toll-free number for help and have had no luck.
My doctors have had difficulty with getting approval. Their staff complains all the time about
the forms and how difficult it is for the doctors to get approval.
Western New York

The comp doctors need to spend more time with a person to better decide their disability and or
level of disability.
Western New York

The experience I have had has been very lengthy, stressful, confusing and I feel like a puppet in
a sideshow. It's bad enough that I have lifelong injuries much less having to go through all of
this for over eight years. I have been refused medicine and in the beginning was not allowed to
see my own orthopedic. I could only go to an independent medical examiner and my medical
doctor. I could go on and on but the bottom line is nobody wants to be injured and thrown into
medical disability for the remainder of their lives. I have a house that I can't take care of and
can't afford to hire anyone. I was not ready for retirement with no money. I have nobody to turn
to. I have lost my only son and am single and fall through the cracks because I have no
dependents. The only thing I can say is that this has been a living nightmare and wouldn't wish
it on my worst enemy. Now the medication policy is a nightmare. I have had to wait a day or
two to get the back and forth authorization and then by having your medication schedule
interrupted, your situation is out of control and no I am not on pain pills, thank God. The whole
system has failed the injured people. Sorry but honesty is all I know, so please fix your system.
Western New York

This has been the worst experience of my life. I never would have believed this possible. Many
doctors will not treat you. The insurance carrier is looking out for his company and is
disagreeable. Doctor’s reports are an accumulation of misstatements in order to protect
themselves and further their interests in their profession using the patient as a tool. The injured
person (me) comes last.
Western New York

The Hudson hearing office was a very nice and convenient place to have hearings.
New York metropolitan

The insurance and lawyers should not work together.

New York metropolitan

The location of the Workers’ Compensation Board is a very difficult place for handicapped or
people with injuries to go to the building. There is no close parking. I guess politicians are not
worried about people who are hurt. This is wrong.
Western New York

The process at this time seems to be taking a little longer than I expected.
Central New York 115/117
The process
4/18/2018 is very long and drawn out. The Workers’ Comp
Comments Board
From the Injuredseems
Worker to have a lot less
resources than the insurance companies that fight the claims.
Western New York

The system has many flaws! I am always waiting months for approval for medical issues which
make things worse by the time I see a doctor.
Central New York

The system stinks and I pray to God that I never to have to deal with it again. It is not about the
workers. It’s about insurance earnings, and, my God, the lawyers in these cases do nothing for
clients unless it completely adds up for their benefit.
New York metropolitan

The wait just for a hearing was too long.

Western New York

There are some good, some bad. It really needs change to make it better for everybody.
New York metropolitan

They treat you like you are faking. They don't really care about you and your injury. However
the people in this building are friendly.
Western New York

This could have been avoided if my problems / concerns were addressed in the beginning.
Capital Region

There are too many repetitious medical exams. Many exams—same results every time.
Central New York

Too much time for the case to get done.

Central New York

Up to this point it has been fair and helpful. As per outcome, not resolved yet.
New York metropolitan

Very efficient, friendly and overall good experience.

Capital Region

Very long process.

Capital Region

Very long process. I can't wait for it to end.

New York metropolitan

Very long process.

New York metropolitan

Very professional staff.

Capital Region

The Board needs to train the employer who processes the claims once the employee completes
their part.
New York metropolitan

When I was called to see workers’ compensation chiropractor, he didn't allow me to complete
my paperwork. He was rough. He was pushing on my back where I have so much pain. He was
late to open his office by an hour, 20 patients waiting outside.
New York metropolitan 116/117
When I
4/18/2018was first injured medical care was quick.Comments
However, when
From it was
the Injured discovered
Worker Survey that the
injury would require surgery I was out of work three months before approval was given. Even
though I answered "no" to question #9 on the survey, I believe there are things my employer
could do to decrease the chance of this type of injury from occurring as often as it does. I was
assaulted performing my job duties.
New York metropolitan

When I was hurt at my work, I had no idea how all the procedures went so I had to go with
however it went. I almost lost my home and had no medical treatment for many months after
the injury.
Central New York

When you call customer service on the phone you cannot get correct information. They always
tell you to call your lawyer.
New York metropolitan

Workers’ compensation should try to work their cases faster because injured workers suffer a
lot and have many losses.
New York metropolitan

I live in the Finger Lakes Region and it is easy for me to go to hearings because I can go to
Geneva. I hear that Geneva is closing—this is wrong!!! How am I as an injured worker
supposed to go—make a three hour round-trip to Syracuse??? Please keep Geneva open!!!
Western New York

The Board favors the insurance companies rather than injured workers, which is a shame and
criminal. Unfortunately, there are workers who do take advantage, but for the rest of us we
should not be treated unfairly.
Western New York

They don't pay for some of my medicine.

New York metropolitan

You need to get padded benches!

Western New York 117/117