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Group 11B

Research Project Report

Module 11: Research Project Report

“Is There a Correlation between High School GPA and College GPA?”

Group 11B

Angelique Green

Taryn Yazzie

Mary Mason

Ashleigh Wyman

EDT 180B Spring 2018

Gary Lewallen

Group 11B
Research Project Report

Introduction and Discussion

The question that our group researched through our survey was “Is there a correlation

between your high school GPA and your college

GPA?” We received a total of 77 responses. 56 of the

respondents are female, 18 of the respondents are male,

and 3 of the respondents prefer not to say their gender.

48 of the

respondents are

either 18 or 19 years old. The other 29 respondents range

from 20 to 47 years old.

43 of the respondents are freshmen, 16 are sophomores,

13 are juniors, 3 are seniors, and 2 are graduates. About

50% of the respondents are currently enrolled in the

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Almost 30% of

the respondents are currently enrolled in the College

of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The other 20% are

enrolled in various other colleges.

Our data showed us that on average, GPA stays

about the same between high school and college.

However, the maximum GPA showed a slight decrease

and the minimum showed a small increase from high

school to college. There was a big difference between

high school and college students in hours spent on

Group 11B
Research Project Report

extracurricular activities, with high school students being much more active. This suggest from

the data that high school students on average were able to maintain a high to average GPA more

successfully than those that didn’t partake in

extracurricular activities. The most surprising

of this data is that most college students do

about 0 hours of extracurricular activities. In

conclusion we have found that there is a

strong correlation between high school and

college GPA. Where if the student did well in

high school then they will stay the

same or increase their GPA. What we

would have done differently in this

project is start on this project earlier

and have better communication

between group members.