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Families are invited to

The Danbury Humanities
Rogers Park Department is committed to
Middle School supporting both student
Date: innovation and enhanced
opportunities for showcasing
Thursday, May 19, 2016 student learning. A Night at the
Time: Museum provides Danbury
5:00 PM to 7 PM Middle School students with an
opportunity to present rigorous
Broadview Middle School and relevant projects to a larger
Date: public audience in a formal
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 venue. Similarly, the exhibition
provides community members,
Time: parents, and educators with the
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM opportunity to view a broad
variety of exemplary student
Join us for a fun way to work.
tour history.
Patricia Hall
Brought to you by the
Middle School
Danbury Middle School Department Sponsored by the
Social Studies students. Head of Humanities DPS Humanities Department
Danbury Public Schools

When you enter a museum, have you ever considered that you are walking into a
story? History is, after all, a story and museum exhibits help us become a part of the
story by immersing us in the research and primary sources of the past. For this multi-
grade, multi-school project, students have the opportunity to become both an
historian and museum exhibit curator. As a historian, students research a topic
and analyze primary sources, which are displayed in their exhibit. As a curator,
students will plan and assemble an exhibit that will be displayed for everyone to see.

Historians and Curators

at Work: topic of interest to answer the driving
What Our Students are Learning question provided.
This event is an opportunity for
7th Grade Civil War:
students to showcase their 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations:
exemplary Project Based Learning The Civil War and the period of
The first civilizations formed on the
experiences by providing a forum Reconstruction brought great social,
banks of rivers. The most notable
for students to present their work to political, and economical changes to
examples are the Ancient Egyptians, who
an appreciative public audience! American society. The effects of these
were based on the Nile, the
changes continued into the 20th century.
Teachers and students are Mesopotamians in the Fertile Crescent on
Driving Question: What is the impact
encouraged to submit high quality the Tigris & Euphrates rivers, and the
of the Civil War on today’s society?
projects from grade 6, 7 and 8 Ancient Chinese on the Yellow River.
Social Studies classes. Presentation Students will review and examine how
8th Grade World War II:
modes may include displays, digital early civilizations began, functioned, and
World War II played a very large part in
media, and any other creative and flourished to create their own unique
shaping the world we live in today. It
unique way to demonstrate 21st civilization while determining aspects
resulted in Great Britain losing its
Century learning and communicate that will make their created civilization
empire, the United States gaining in
an answer to a driving question. flourish or flounder.
power, the creation of the state of Israel,
Driving Question: How would you
Museum participants will the development of the atomic bomb, and
develop a civilization that would
experience how DPS Core the division between "East" and "West"
withstand the test of time?
Standards implementation is that runs through the middle of Europe.
transforming learning and teaching Driving Question: How can we ensure
Both 7th and 8th grade students will
in a rigorous and relevant way. that the events of WWII are never
conduct an historical investigation on a
repeated in today’s world?

When you enter a museum, have you

ever considered that you are walking