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Prepared by: Chelea Blanco

Subject Area:English
Date: April 10, 2018

I. Learning Objectives

At the end of 45 minutes, the students will be able to...

a. understand that past tense verbs tell about actions that happened in the past;

b. understand that -d or -ed can be added to many regular verbs to make them tell
about the past;

c. identify the simple past tense verbs in the sentence or in the text, and

d. apply the simple past tense rules in regular verbs.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Simple Past Tense (regular verbs)

References: (English Book)

Materials: pictures, visual aids, work sheets

III. Learning Procedure

1. Prayer

2. Checking of Attendance

3. Reminders

4. Review


The teacher will be posting pictures of different events or celebrations on the board. The
teacher will be asking the students to remember the things that they have done in the
past events that is on the board. The teacher will be writing on the board the answers of
the students and it should still be in base form of verbs. After the students have recalled
their memories, start to discuss about the simple past tense of verbs. Provide the
learners the grammar rules for simple past tense verbs. Give some examples so that
they can understand it more. Crash out the verbs that are irregular so that the students
can focus on regular verbs first and avoid confusion.

After discussion, allow the students to try to convert the regular verbs that was written on the board into
simple past tense verbs. Then check the answers immediately and correct it if there are some mistakes.

Verb+ed Verb, ending in – e+d

For example: For example:
want+ed → wanted dance+d → danced
work+ed → worked live+d→ lived

Verbs, ending in –y: y → i + ed
(* There are exceptions (for example double the consonant
played) For example:
For example: stop → stopped
cry → cried blog → blogged
try → tried
flip → flipped
B. Analysis
Students here are going to read a short story. The teacher will read first the story and let
the learners follow after the first reading. The learners will now try to find words that are
in simple past tense form and encircle it.

After the analysis activities, give the students the chance to ask any questions or if they
do not understand a portion of your discussion so that you can reteach it again

IV. Generalization

Tell the students that Simple Past Tense verbs are actions that has happened in the
past. Time reference also helps them to know if the verb to be used should be in past
tense form. (Ex. Yesterday, last day, last night, last year, etc.)

C. Application

The teacher will be posting words on the board. Some are in base form verb and some
are in past tense form verb. There will be sentences below the words. Those sentences
are incomplete. The learner’s task is to paste the verb matching the sentence.

played helped wait

wash drink danced

pray carried laugh

I drink a cup of coffee when I feel sleepy.

My father __carried the bag of my mother because it was too heavy.

My classmate helped me erase the writings on the board.

I played scooter the whole day.

My mother wash the dishes everyday.

I pray to God every night.

Can you please wait for me outside the house?

My friend danced last Christmas party.

My teacher laugh when he heard my joke.

VI. Evaluation

Instructions. Fill in the blanks in the table.

Based Form Verbs Past Tense Verbs

VI. Assignment
Underline the word that best fit the sentence .

1. She (answered, brings, run) the phone.

2. Last night, I (draw, play, helped) my mother clean the house.

3. My brother (kicked, drive, see) the soccer ball.

4. Our friend Sonya (sing, clean, cooked) us a fish for dinner.

5. I (cleaned, wash, think) my room yesterday.