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Representing Patterns Assignment Name:

1) A) Complete the table of values:

Height (cm) Area (cm3) Pattern Related to Height

1 15

2 12

3 9


B) Describe the pattern in the changing values for height and area. What is the starting value?

C) What is the rate of change?

D) Write a formula relating the area to the height.

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2) A bathtub contains water up to a depth of 60 cm. It is being drained at a rate of 8 cm/min.

A) Make a table of values to show a pattern between the depth of water remaining and time.

B) Describe the pattern using words.

C) Develop an equation to determine the depth in relation to time.

D) What would be the depth of remaining water after 4.5 min?

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3) A tomato plant was 6 cm tall when planted in a garden. Over the next month, it grew by 3 cm per day.

A) Create a table of values to summarize the growth of the tomato plant over the first 5 days

B) Describe the relationship between the height of the tomato plant and the number of days after it
was planted.

C) Write a formula that defines the relationship between height and days.

D) How tall will the tomato plant be after 30 days?

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4) It costs $1000 plus $15.28 per book to produce a school yearbook.

A) Make a table of values showing the cost of yearbooks.

Yearbooks Cost ($) Pattern

Starting point (0)


B) Write a formula relating the number of yearbooks to the cost.

C) What is the constant? What is the numerical coefficient?

D) How much will it cost to produce 900 yearbooks?

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