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The Mozaic Seeks Budding Entrepreneurs to Jointly Develop New Business

Concepts in Southeast Asia

Founded in 2003, The Mozaic is a privately-held investment management firm headquartered in

Southeast Asia. The Mozaic looks for exceptional entrepreneurs to create new businesses together.

Singapore, Singapore, April 26, 2018 --( Founded in 2003, The Mozaic has a long history of
investing in Southeast Asia. The firm is now expanding by seeking out budding entrepreneurs to jointly
develop new business concepts in the region.

“We look for either experienced or budding entrepreneurs who have identified a clear market need, or an
exploitable gap in the market,” says Moe Ibrahim, Founder and Managing Director of The Mozaic. “We
then customize the investment structure, assemble the right partners and work side-by-side with the
entrepreneur to build the business together.”

Unlike traditional private equity or venture capital firms, The Mozaic does not invest in existing
businesses. Rather, it looks for compelling business ideas and then builds new businesses around
individuals who have the traits needed to be successful entrepreneurs. The firm does not manage outside
capital; rather, The Mozaic invests its own capital along-side like-minded partners who have the
capability to add value to each new venture.

“A great idea does not ensure you will have a successful business,” says Moe Ibrahim. “Great businesses
are built on proper foundations. The vision, the leadership, the employees and external partners must all
be aligned so the company has a fighting chance at success. Execution is everything.”

The firm has developed The Mozaic Business Management System (“MMS”), a proprietary framework
that it applies to each new venture.

“MMS is our operating system. While no two businesses are alike, successful businesses have a few key
ingredients in common. Most importantly, they have a clear understanding of why they exist. It's not to
make money. Making money is an outcome. It's about what the company believes in. It's a movement that
attracts like-minded employees, partners, and of course, customers who believe in the same vision.”

The Mozaic is currently focused on opportunities in Southeast Asia. Target industries include food and
beverage and real estate.

About The Mozaic

Founded in 2003, The Mozaic is a privately-held investment management firm headquartered in

Singapore. We look for budding entrepreneurs and build great businesses together.

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