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Independence Square
Place of interest Guo’s Trip Adviser
Independence Square is located
1. Grand Friday Mosque on the northern shore of Malé.
The small square with the Mal-
The Grand Friday Mosque has dives flag fluttering is the center
become the landmark of the of the city. It is also the focus of
city. This is the largest every political activity, so you can
mosque in the Maldives, lo- see a lot of security police. In front
cated in Independence of the square is the former presi-
Square, opposite the National dent's wharf, with the Grand
Security Agency headquarters. Mosque and Islamic Center on Sea
Historical Background: The Friday.
Grand Mosque was devel- Beach
oped in 1984 on Friday, with 3. Muliaage
the assistance of the Gulf Maldives
Located in the heart of Male, the
countries, Pakistan, Brunei Presidential Palace is a masonry
and Malaysia. Its architectural
building. The front is covered
style is plain, the exterior is
with reflective glass, looks bright
white marble, almost una-
and sunny on a sunny day. Be-
dorned. When sailing into the
fore the square, the red-and-
Gulf of Male, you can see its
green Maldivian flag echoed on
golden dome shining in the
the glass wall as the wind swung
freely creating an impressive
it’s time for enjoy your life
Phone: 412.321.4823
1617 Route 228
Phone: 412.321.4823
Grand Friday Mosque
Fax: 724.776.2287
Why we choose Flight Hotel
It will takes about whole day to get The living place is very important

Maldives? there. so a comfortable flight is im- when you’re on a holiday, you have to
portant, Business class will make your have a good place to live and also a
flight much more comfortable than the convenient transportation is very im-
Although the Maldives is a
The hotel sits on the white sand on
small coun-
the beach and has a great view of the
try, tourism ocean also you have a selection of
in the Mal- seven dining choices as well as activi-
Enjoy your life
dives is par- ties such as yoga classes and outdoor
swimming pool the hotel.
ticularly de-
In the hotel there are several bars in it
veloped. This country is a
which you can enjoy delicious drinks
religious country (it’s a Is- economy class. and
lamic country) the people China Southern airline is a famous air- snacks.
there are very respect line in China the wonderful service and The spa in
their religion and the local the pilot’s skill the hotel
culture is . However, be- The ticket we chooses of you is 5058¥
(762$) per person the best full body massage will make
cause of the worsening you much more relax.
and it is business
global warming, some sci- class. With the mixing traditional Maldivian
entists expect the Mal- China Southern
decor and modern furnishings.
dives will be inundated by Airlines continues to build "China's best Water Activities are always full of fun
sea water within 50 years and first-class Asia" airlines based on and relax. Snorkeling, diving are won-
the concept of "Customer First, Respect derful for this place.
This is why we chose to go for Talents, Pursuit of Excellence, Con-
to the Maldives tinuous Innovation and Return of Love".


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