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Intergraph CAESAR II 2018 v10.00.00.



You will need Adobe PDF reader on machine before start installation
- Works only with SPLM 2012

Install and configure SPLM


(1) Go to the SPLM 2012 directory and run setup.exe to install SPLM. Select the
SmartPlant License Manager Installation option. When prompted choose "License
Machine" option.

(2) After SPLM is install go to the installation directory

"C:\Win32App\INGR\SPLM\Bin" and Run 'Generate Machine ID' (GenMachineGUI.exe), and
enter output file name to generate ID to the text file (example splmkey.txt"). File
is written the same directory as GenMachineGui.exe.

(3) Go to the Keygen folder and Run SPLM2012.exe. When window appears paste
MachineID in top window generated from previous step.

(4) Enter Service = 735 and find CAESAR II product on list and add seats (example

(5) Select Generate Key and copy to Notepad and save

(6)Start SPLM (license.exe), select 'Install and Remove' option, choose 'Install
License Key' option and paste copied license (Step 7) in the field 'License key',
press OK. Message will return 'License key was successfully installed'. If you get
error that license is not within expiray period - license will be valid in next

(7) Run License.exe again and in the root menu of the SPLM select option 'Configure
and test -> Select License Machine for Client', enter your PC Name (get this by
opening a commnad prompt and typeing 'hostname') in the field 'License machine',
press OK.

(8) In the license.exe root menu select option 'Display ->Show key status' should
show key type, number of seats, and expiration date.keys.

Install and configure CAESAR II 2018

(1) Install CAESAR II running Setup.exe

(2) On Customer Informations windows enter serial key = 00398284401765

(3) Select License type 'SPLM License'

Run and enjoy!

Thanks to cEnginEEr and Lavteam

the joy of Downloading!