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Chintan Raval

Welding Engineer - Fabtech Engineering

Dubai, AE - Email me on Indeed:


Welding Engineer

Fabtech Engineering - Dubai, AE -

March 2016 to Present

Welding Engineer

Aswan International Engineering - Dubai, AE -

March 2014 to March 2016

Welding Engineer

EWAC Alloys Ltd -

March 2012 to March 2014

Welding Engineer

L&T Group Company - Mumbai, Maharashtra -

October 2007 to March 2012

Vikhroli, Mumbai

Roles & responsibility handles

1) Welding Procedure development & Qualification

• Review of customer specifications, construction code, welding metallurgy of metal alloys, and
principles to develop procedure qualification for welding.
• Develops welding ( Joining & Overlaying) techniques, procedures, and application of welding
for fabrication of metals as per construction drawing
• Provide welding procedure specification to initiate welding process without any delay

2) Monitor & minimize Weld Repair Rate

• Investigate root cause of weld discontinuities & minimize the same by providing corrective
• Prepares technical reports as result of investigation as lesson leant & implementation of
preventive actions to avoid re occurrence
• Conduct visual inspection before NDT & blasting to reduce rework cost at later stage.

3) Support to QA / QC

• Calibration of Welding Equipment ( Welding Machine, Oven, Quiver etc)

• Conducting Weld Audit to ensure specification adherence.
• Co ordinate with QC for NDT activities arrangement
• Testing of welds for conformance with code requirements; or testing welding personnel for
/ qualification.
• Co ordinates TPI / Client inspector in performing inspections to ensure compliance with
welding procedures, restrictions, and meeting code requirements.

4) Support to Fabrication & Production

• Establishes standard operation procedure to guide production and welding personnel relating
to specification restrictions, material processes, pre- and post-heating requirements, unusual
methods, welding of critical joints etc.
• Training & Qualification of Welders, Training of shop floor supervisors.
• Preparation of Technical Delivery Conditions for Welding Consumable,
• Estimate & Order of Welding Consumable, receiving Inspection of incoming welding

5) Development of welding department

• Evaluates new developments in welding field for possible application to current welding
problems or production processes
• Improve existing or develop / modify current welding methods, techniques, and procedure for
conversion of manual welding to automatic welding.
• Perform experimental welding trials to evaluate new equipment, techniques, base materials
& consumable.
• Monitoring of Welder Performance
• Development & recruitment of welders with variety of welding skills as per requirements of



Welding Institute

October 2021

Bachelor in Eng

Gujarat University
July 2001 to June 2005