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Serbian-English and English-Serbian

Pocket Dictionary


First Edition, June 1916;

Second Impression (Revised), October 1916

Third Impression, January 1918
Fourth Impression, October 1919
THE Slavonic languages form one of the groups of the great family of
Indo-European languages, to which most of the other European languages
also belong.
The Slavonic languages fall into three divisions the eastern, western,
and southern. To the eastern division belongs Russian (Great Russian
and Little Russian or Ruthenian) ; to the western division, Polish,
Bohemian, and Lusatian-Wendish (still spoken in parts of Saxony and
Prussia); and to the southern division, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, and
Slovene is spoken by about one and a half million people in the Austrian
provinces of Istria, Carniola, and Carinthia ; Serbo-Croatian is spoken
throughout the Austrian province of Dalmatia, the Hungarian provinces
of Croatia and Slavonia, the joint Austro-Hungarian territories of
Bosnia and Hercegovina, in the southern parts of the kingdom of Hungary
(known as the Banat and Badka), throughout the kingdoms of Serbia
and Montenegro and in parts of Macedonia altogether by about nine

million people. Bulgarian is spoken throughout Bulgaria and in parts

of Macedonia by about five millions.
Of these three languages which form the southern division of the
Slavonic languages, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian are very similar both in
vocabulary and structure on the other hand, Serbo-Croatian and Bul-

garian, though they contain a large number of words common to both

languages, are very dissimilar in grammar.
The Slav nations employ two different alphabets, the Latin and that
known as the Cyrillic, so-called because its author is assumed to have
been the Greek missionary St. Cyril, a native of Salonika, who, with his
brother St. Methodius, was sent by the Church at Constantinople, in the
ninth century, to convert the Slavs who inhabited the basin of the Danube.
After the division of the Churches the Slav nations fell into two
sections, those who had been converted from and owed allegiance to
Constantinople, and those who stood in a similar position to Rome. The
first section included the Russians and the Bulgarians, the second the
Poles, Bohemians, and the Slovenes.
The Serbo-Croatian people was divided between the two, that part of
it which lay more to the east and nearer Constantinople, i.e. roughly
speaking the kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro and the eastern parts
of Bosnia and Hercegovina, became incorporated in the Eastern Orthodox
Church at Constantinople, while that part of it which lay more to the
west and nearer Rome, that is, roughly speaking, the western parts of
Bosnia and Hercegovina, Dalmatia, Croatia, and Slavonia, fell under
the influence of the Western or Roman Church. It thus happened that
the Serbo-Croatian people, which was ethnically and linguistically one,
became, from the point of view ot religion and civilization, divided into

two halves, which came to be differentiated and known under their old
tribal names of Serbs or Serbians (Srbi) and Croats or Croatians (Hrvati).
It thus, further, has come about that their language, now generally
known as Serbo-Croatian, which is essentially one and the same, is written
in both alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic, while each of the other of the
Slavonic languages is only written either in Latin or Cyrillic characters.
The Serbo-Croatian language, written in Latin characters as taught
in the schools where Roman Catholics predominate, i.e. in the western
part cf the Serbo-Croatian territory, is called Croatian written in
Cyrillio characters as taught in the eastern Orthodox half of the Serbo-
Croatian territory it is called Serbian. That is to say, the same language
can be written in either alphabet.
The Cyrillic alphabet has this advantage over the Latin, that it
represents each sound in the language by one complete letter, while the
Latin alphabet has recourse to accents placed over certain consonants
to represent some sounds, and double consonants to represent others.
But as the Latin alphabet with these additions accurately and scientifi-
cally represents the sounds of the language, the language can be learnt
just as well from a book printed in Latin as in Cyrillic characters ; in
fact, for many who may not have time to learn the Cyrillic characters
at once, it is more practical to make a first acquaintance with the language
in the Latin alphabet.
But it must be remembered that not only are the characters of the two
alphabets dissimilar, but also their order is largely different that of the

Latin or Croatian alphabet is of course the same as our own, while that
of the Cyrillic or Serbian alphabet is, with certain modifications owing
to the introduction of new letters, the same as that of the Greek alphabet,
on which, indeed, it is modelled.
Grammars and dictionaries for use in Croatia use the order of the
Latin alphabet ; those for use in Serbia and Montenegro use the order
of the Cyrillic alphabet. The present volume, though for reasons of
immediate utility printed in the Latin or Croatian alphabet, is intended
for use primarily in the eastern parts of the Serbo-Croatian territory,
and therefore follows the order of the Serbian or Cyrillic alphabet, which
is here given in full with its Latin or Croatian equivalents.

N.B. In Serbian words of more than one syllable the accent never falls
on the last syllable, while in .words of two or three syllables it
almost invariably falls on the first.
A, A.
a conj., but, and
: akcija : f., action
abonos m., ebony : alat m., tool, implement

avaj int., oh : ! album m., album :

avgust m., August : ali :

conj., but
avet : f., -inja, f., ghost, phantom alkohol m., alcohol:

avlija f., court, court-yard

: alum inij urn : m., aluminium
asja m., aga
: amam : m.,hammam, Turkish bath
a^enat m., agent :
andjeo, andjel m., angel :

atrent m., commercial-traveller

andjelski :
adj., angelic
cgencija f., agency : antikvar : m., antiquary
ad m., hell
apelacija f., court of appeal :

ada f., : island, islet apetit m., appetite


advokat m., advocate, barrister :

apostol : m., apostle
adidjar : m., jewel apoteka : f., chemist's shop
administrator m., administrator, apotekar m., chemist : :

manager april : m., April

adminisfracija f., administration, aps m., gaol, prison, lock-up
: :

management apsandiija m., gaoler, warder :

admiral : m., admiral apsiti to arrest, seize, imprison :

adresa : f., address arhiva f., archives :

adresovati to address armija f., army

: :

adjutant : m., adjutant, aide -de- arsenal m., arsenal :

camp arsenik m., arsenic :

aiija : f., exchange, agio arterija f., artery :

azbuka : f., alphabet

f., artillery ; konjidka artilerija :

aj int.,
: oh ! ah
, horse artillery !

ajvar m., caviar : artilerist m., artilleryman :

akademija f., academy; vojena arhijepiskop m., archbishop

: :

military academy
, arhimandrit m., archimandrite :

ako conj., if, in case, on condition, arsin m., ell

: :

when i although, in spite of ; asfalt : m., asphalt

; ,

samo , provided that atlas m., atlas :

akt m., act, deed

: atmosfera f., atmosphere :

akcenat m., accent asov : in., spade, shovel


B, B.
baba grandmother, old woman baburaSa f., toad
: f., :

babica f., midwife baviti se

: to stop, stay, dwell :

babo m., papa, father:

bagav, -a, -o adj., crippled, maimed :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James i as s in measure j as y in you

; :

Ij as in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church

li ; u as oo
in room h BS rh in loch c as is in ca/. ;
; as sh in shout. ;

bag] [her

bagans : f.,lamb's skin bast a : f., garden

badava : adv., free of charge, gratis, bastovan :
in vain beba : f., baby
badnjak : m., Yule log beg m., beg

badnji dan m., badnje ve6e, n., :

begati to flee, to fly, run away

Christmas Eve m., fugitive, refugee

baza f., base
begunac, -nca m., fugitive, refucroe :

bazar m., bazaar

: beda f., distress, misery, mid-

bajalac m., magician : fortune

bajalica f., witch : bedan, -dna, -dno adj., miserable, :

bajonet m., bayonet : unfortunate, poor

bakalin : m., grocer bedno adv., miserably, poorly

bakalnica f., grocer's shop : bezati to flee, to escape


bakar : m., copper bez prep, (gen.), without


bakaran, -rna, -rno : adj., copper bezakon, -a, -o adj., illegal :

baklja : f., torch bezboinik m., atheist :

baksiS m., gratuity, tip, fee

bezbojan, -jna, -jno adj., colour- :

bala f., bale

: less
balega: f., filth, dirt bezbriian, -zna, -4no adj., care- :

balkon m., balcony : less, free of trouble, heedless

banka f., bank, 10 dinar note
bezbrojan, -jna, -jno ailj., innu- :

bankar m., banker :

merable, countless
banket : m., banquet bezvodan, -dna, -dno adj., water- :

bankrot m., bankrupt : less, arid

bankrotirati : to fail, become bank- bezgreSan, -na, no adj., innocent :

rupt bezduan, -na, -no :

adj., unfeel-
banja f., bath (thermal)
ing, heartless
bar adv., at least
: bezimen, -a, -o :
adj., nameless
bar an m., ram :
barjak m., standard, flag, ensign
: bezobrazan, -zna, -zno : adj., impu-
barjaktar : m., standard-bearer, dent, insolent, impertinent, rude
ensign bezobraznost : f., impudence, rude-
barka f., barque, sea boat
: ness
baroka f., wig :
bezuman, -mna, -mno adj., ab- :

barometar m., barometer surd, senseless


barut m., gunpowder

: bezdimni bezumlje n., nonsense, absurdity ; :

, smokeless powder bezuspean, -dna, -sno adj., un- :

basna f., fable, tale

: successful
bataljon : m., battalion belara : f., laundress
baterija : f., battery beleznica f., note-book :

batina : f., stick, a blow with a beliti : to whiten

stick, hit belo iito : n., corn, cereals
batinati : to beat with a stick bengalska vatra : f., Bengal lights
bacati to throw, throw down,
beo, bela, belo adj., white :

away bepka f., bep6e, n., doll, bu';y


bacva : tub, vat f., berba f., vintage, harvest


baeVar m., cooper

: berberin m., barber, hairdresser

bafi : adv., exactly, just, precisely ; berbernica f., barber's shop :

i da, i kad,
although stock exchange berza : f.,

Pronounce dj, dt, as in James ; i as a in measure j as y in you ;

_;' ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as <xi

; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; a as ah in shout. ;

bcs] 5 [blj

bes m., rage, fury hydrophobia

blagajnica : f., treasury, cash-office
besan, -sna, -sno adj.. furious : m., festival :
violent blago n., treasure, riches :

beskucnik m., tramp, vagabond blago: adv., bla;*o moni, what luck ! :

besmrtan, -tna, -tno adj., im- Blacjovest : f., Blagovestenje, 11., :

mortal The Annunciation, Lady l)ay

besmislen, -a, -o :
adj., senseless, blagodaran, -rna, -rno : adj.,
absurd, stupid thankful, grateful
besplatan, -tna, -tno adj., gratui- blagodarenje n., Te Deum : :

tous, free of charge blagodariti to thank :

be:--p!a.tno adv., gratia blagodarnost f., gratitude, thank-

: :

bespoflsn, -a, -o adj., idle, leisured fulness :

besraman, -mna, -mno : adj., blagodusan, -sna, -Sno : adj., kind,

shameless, unashamed kind-hearted
becar m., bachelor :
blagorodan, -dna, -dno adj., noble, :

becka f., small barrel, keg, cask

: illustrious
bescast f., dishonour, infamy :
blagoslov m., blessing :

besc'ostan, -tna, -tno dishonour- blagosloviti to bless : :

able, infamous blagost : f., kindness, clemency

biber m., pepper
bla-jcostinja f., charity, goodness :

biblija f., Biblo : blazeni, -a, -o adj., the late (of :

bibliotfka f., library dead people); blazeni kralj, the


bibliotckar m., librarian late king


bivo : m., buffalo blatan, -tna, -o : adj., muddy

bik m., bull
: blato n., mud :

bilijar m., billiard-table

igrati bled adj., pale, pallid ;

bilijara, to play billiards bledeti to become pale :

bilion m., billion : bledost f., bledo6a f., paleness, : :

bilo n., pulse

biljejra f., postage stamp : blize adv., nearer :

biraliste n., polling booth

: bliziti se : to approach, draw near
biranjo n., election
bliznj, -i, -a, -o :
adj., the next,
birati : to choose, elect neighbouring
birafi : m., elector blizak, bliska, -sko : adj., near,
biser : m., pearl close by, at hand
biskup m., bishop
bliz, -anak, -anac, -nak : m., twin
bistar, -tra, -tro adj., clear, :
pure brother
biti to be, exist ; kako ste ?
: How blizanci : f. pi., twins
i'TDi you 1 blizanica.bliznakinja f., twin sister :

biti (bi] em): to beat, to strike, hit' blizu adv. and prep, (gen.), near,

biti se (bijom se): to fight near by sa svim blizu, quite near ;

bitka : f., battle, combat, conflict blistav, -a, -o :

adj., brilliant,
bi6e boing, existence
: n., splendid
m., whip, riding whip, scourge blitva f., beetroot :

bicevati ( cujem) to whip, fla- bludnica f., prostitute :


gellate bludan, -dim, -dno adj., debauched, j


blag, -a, -o amiable, sweet, kind lewd :

blagajnik m., paymaster, cashier, Muza: f., tunic, blouse


treasurer bljuvati to be sick, vomit :

Pronounce dj, d2, as j in Jamc* i as s in measure j as y in you ;

: ; :

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

; ;

in room h as ch in l'>ch c as te in cats

; s as sh in khout. ; ;
blj] I

bljutav, -tva, -tvo :

adj., nasty, >olnica : f., hospital, infirmary
nauseous )olniSar m., bolniearka, f., hos-

bob m., bean, berry

pital nurse
bobica f., berry, grain: jolovati to get ill, to bo ill, sicken

bobuk m., bubble, blister

x>lje adv.,
: better ; ili boljo, or
Bog m., God ; Boze, vocative
: rather tim bolje, so much the
bogat, -a, -o : adj., rich, opulent better; bolje mu je, he is better
bogata m., a rich man :
jolj, -i, -a, -e :
adj. (comp. of do'oar).
bogatstvo : n., riches, fortune, better ; najbolji, the best
abundance m., pine-tree Dor :

boginja f., goddess : sora f., fold, pleat :

boginje f. pi., smallpox :

Doranija f., French beans :

Bogojavljenje n., Epiphany, borba : f., fight, combat, struggle.


Twelfth Night battle

Bogorodica : f., The Virgin Mary borik m., pine forest :

bogoslovlje n., theology aoritise : to fight


bogoslovija f., seminary sorov, -a, -o

adj., pine-wood :

bod : m., prick, spike >orovica f., juniper :

bodljikavo, svinj6e n. porcupine DOS, -a, -o : adj., bare-footed


bozanstvo : n., divinity josiljak : m., sweat basil

Bozi6 m., Christmas: Dostan m., melon bed :

boj :m., battle, combat botelja, boca f., bottle :

boj a f., colour, complexion

bocati, bockati to prick :

bojazan, -zna, -zno adj., timid; boditi se to quarrel : :

frightened brav m., sheep :

bojak m., war : brava f., lock :

boj an, -jna, -jno : adj., warlike, bravar m., locksmith :

bellicose brada f., beard, chin :

bojati Re, bojim ae : to fear, be bradat, -a, -o adj., bearded :

afraid bradavica : f., mole, wart, nipple

bojac rn., warrior, combatant
: bradva f., axe :

bojadzija f., dyer : brazda f., furrow, ray :

bojiti to dye, : colour brak : m., marriage

bojiSte n., battle-field
: brakolomstvo n., adultery :

bojnik : m., warrior, combatant brana f., harrow :

bojse : adv., perhaps branik m., rampart, defence :

bok m., side, flank

: works
bokal m., jar, goblet
: branilac : m., branitelj, m., de-
bokva, bokvica f., plane-tree fender, protector

bol :m., pain, grief, affliction braniti to defend, protect :

bolan, -Ina, -Ino adj., ill, suffering, braniti se od to defend oneself

: :

sick from
bolesnik m., bolesnica, f., ill per-
: brat: m., brada, pi., brother, col-
son, invalid patient league ; rodjeni brat, brother
bolest : f., illness, malady, con (same parents)
plaint brat od strica, ujaka, tetke : m..
bolestan, -tna, -tno adj., ill, sick cousin :

to hurt,
pain, ache; bratanac: m., nephew
boleti (bolim) :

glavame boli, my head aches bratanica: f., niece

Pronounce :
j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as
dj, di, as y in you :
Ij as H in million nj as ni in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church
; ; u as o
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; & as ah in shout.
bra] (bud

bratski :
adj., fraternal, brotherly broj : m., number, numeral
bratstvo fraterrMty, brotherhood :n., i

brojiti to count, reckon, enumerate


Brasan6evo : n., Corpus Christ! f., bronzs bronza :

brasnar : m., flour merchant, cornbrus : m., grind-stone

chandler brusar m., knife-grinder
brasiio n., flour :
briljan : m., ivy
brvno n., beam of wood
: buba : f., insect, vermin, gru'
brdo n., mountain uz
uphill; svilena buba, f., silkworm ; ,

niz , downhill bubanj : m., drum

brdski adj., mountainous :
bubnjar : m., drummer
brdjanin m., brdjanka, f., moun- bubreg (bubrezi, pi. ) m. kidney
: :

taineer bubuljica f., spot, pimple :

breg m., hill

: buva f. (buna), flea :

breza f., birch tree

: bud conj., when, although :

breme n., burden, load

: budak: m. (trnokop. ) m., pickaxe
breskva f., peach :budala : f., fool, idiot, madman
brest : m., elm tree budalast, -a, -o adj., foolish, stupid :

brzo adv., quicker ;

bolje, as budan, -dna, -dno : adj., awake,
quick as possible vigilant
brz,-a, -o :
adj. .quick, rapid, prompt buditi to wake, awaken

brzina f., rapidity, velocity, quick-

: buditi se : to wake up
ness budilnik m., alarm-clock, alarum :

brzo adv., quickly, quick soon

: 1 budu6, -i, -a,-e adj., future, coming : ;

brzovoz : m., express train u budude adv., in the future :

brzojav : m., telegram bududnost : f., future

briga f., trouble, worry, anxiety
budja f., mouldiness

brizan, -zna, -zno adj., anxious, :

budjav adj., mouldy :

worried bujad m., fern :

brizljiv, -a, -o :
adj., careful, atten- buka :
f., tumult, noise
tive, fussy bukva : f., beeoh tree
brizgalica f., syringe : bukvar m., alphabet :

brizgati to inject :
buktinja f., torch :

brijati se to shave oneself : bula f., Turkish woman


brija6 m., razor : bxilka f.

poppy :

brinuti se (brinem se) to trouble, buljina: f., owl, screech-owl :

take pains, worry about buna f ., insurrection, revolt, rising :

brisati (brisem) to efface, rub out, bunar m., well : :

wash out bunda f fur-coat |

: . ,

britva f., pocket-knife : buniti to revolt |


brica f., barber

: bura f., storm, tempest, hurricane :

brk m. (brci or brkovi, pi.), mous- bure n., barrel, tub, vat
: :

tache buriti to piss, make water :

brljav, -a, -o adj., dirty, stupid burza f., stock exchange

: :

brod m.,ford : bus : m., turf I

brodan, -dna, -dno adj., fordable busija f., ambush :


broditi to ford, to sail : but m., butina, f., leg (of mutton) :

brod m., vessel, ship, boat

: buha f. (buva, f.), flea :

brodar m., boatman, mariner : budia f., club (weapon) :

brodolom m., shipwreck budiet m., budget

: :

Pronounce as j in James ; i as 8 in measure

dj, d, j
as y in you ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion 6, <5, as eh in church m

u as oo ; ;

in room h as c/t in loch c as te in cats

; as sh in shout. ;

V, B.
vaga f., scales, balance, weighing- varoica f. f small town

machine varoki adj., of a town |


vagnuti to weigh : vas (sav) sva sve pron, j

: entire, all,
vagon ra., railway :
carnage, whole
wagon Vaskr.s m., Easter :

vaditi to pull out, take out, ex-

: vaskrsnuti (-nem) to raise from the :

tract dead
vadi6ep m., cork-screw : vata f., cotton wool, lint

vazan, -ina, -zno adj., important :

vaspitaliSte n., educational estab- :

vaznost f., importance, value : lishment

vazal m., vassal : vatra f., fire, feverish heat

vazda adv., always : vatren, -a, -o :

adj., ardent, fiery
vazdan adv., the whole day long
: vatriSte : n., hearth
vazdasnj, -i, -a, -e adj., per- :
vatrogasac m., fireman :

petual, permanent vatromet m., fireworks :

vazduli m., air zidati kule po

: ; va, -a, -e :
pron., your
vazduhu, build castles in the air vas, vaski (pi. ) : m., louse
vajar m., sculptor
vasljiv, -a, -o : adj.,lousy
vajarstvo n., sculpture : vasar m., fair :

vakup (vakuf ) : m., church pro- veverica : f., squirrel

perty vedrica : f., vedro, n., bucket, pail
val m., wave
vedja f., eyebrow

valovit, -a, -o adj., rough, stormy : veza : f., cord, string, communica-
valjan, -a, -o adj., worthy, solid : tion, ribbon, connection
valjati to roll : vezati (veiem) : to join, tie, con-
valjati to be worth, of value
: nect
valjda (valja da) adv., probably :
vejati : to winnow
vampir m., vampire : vek m., age, century
: od pamti- ;

van prep., out of, outside, except-

: veka, from time immemorial
ing, save veleizdaja f., high-treason :

vanbra6an, -6na, -6no :

adj., illegi- veleizdajnik m., traitor :

timate velik, -a, -o adj., great, large, big :

vanredan, -dna, -dno :

adj., extra- vast intense, excessive alovo, ;

ordinary capital letter

vanila f., vanilla : veliki post m., : Lent
vanjski adj., exterior, foreign :
velikoduSan, -na, -no :
adj., gen-
var f., heat, brasier, warmth
: erous
varalac m., varalica, f., impostor,
: velikodunost : f., generosity
cheat, deceiver velikolefn, -i, -a, -o :
adj., magni-
varati : to cheat, dupe, deceive ficent
varati se to be mistaken : veli6anstvo majesty : n., :
Njep ovo
varvarin : m. barbarian V., His Majest}*- Vase V.. Your ;

varvarski adj., barbarian :

Majesty uvreda velica'istva, ;

vardati to take care, beware :

varenika f., boiled milk : velifiina : f., size, calibre, extent
variti : to boil, cook veljafia : f., February
varos : f., town, city vena : f., vein
Pronounce :
dj, di, as.; in James
measure : j as y in y<i
; i as s in ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; <5, 6, as ch in church ; u as no

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in catt ; s as sh in shout.
ven] [vis

venae m., garland, wreath

: vece : n., vecer, m., evening
venuti vetiein to fade : vecer a f., supper :

vencanje n., nuptial blessing : vecer as adv., this evening :

veo (vela) m., veil, crepe : vecerati to dine, sup :

veoina adv., very, much, ex-

vecernja f., vespers :

tremely veSerom adv., in the evening :

vera f., faith, belief, religion;

: veSito adv., eternally :

naveru, on credit ve<5no : adv., always, eternally

vcran, -rna, -rno adj., faithful, : vednost f., eternity :

loyal, devoted v. do groba, ; vediba f., exercise, practice, habit:

faithful until death vedibati se to practise, exercise :

verenik m., verenica. f., betrothed,

: veala : n., pi., gallows, gibbet
fiance, ee veati : to hang, hang up
vcri^-a : f., chain of mountains vesafi : m., hangman, executioner
verige : {., pi., chain, irons, fetters veSt, -a, -o :
adj., clever, handy,
veridba : f., betrothal, engagement
veriti seto be engaged, betrothed: m., artist, expert, master vestak :

verno adv., faithfully, truly

: veStina : f., art, aptitude
vernost f., fidelity, loyalty
: vestac : m., magician, sorcerer
verovanje n., faith, belief : veStica f., witch, sorceress :

verovatan, vatna.-o adj., probable vid m., view, vision : :

verovati (verujem): to believe, to vidan, -dna, -dno : adj., bright,

trust in ; u Boga, in God clear
verolomstvo n., perjury vicleti (vidim) : to see, perceive

veseliti to rejoice, give pleasure, vidljiv, -a, -o

adj., visible :

amuse vidik : m., horizon

veselo adv.,
gaily, joyously, vidra f., otter :

merrily vidjenje n., seeing again ; do :

veselost f., gaiety, joy, fun:

vidjenja, au revoir
veseo vesela veselo : adj., gy, vika f., cry, shout, call :

jolly, cheerful vikati to shout, to call out :

veslar m., oarsman

: vila : f., fairy
veslati : to row vila f., villa, country house :

veslo n., oar

vildi m., ivory :

vesnik m., messenger:

ledge vilica f., jaw :

vest : m., news, information, know- viljuSka f., fork :

vetar m., wind, breeze

: duva vime n., udder, teat ; :

vetar, it is windy vinar m., wine merchant :

veteran m., veteran : vinarnica f., wine shop :

veterinar : m., veterinary surgeon vino n., wine belo, v.'hite crno : ; ;

vetrenic a, vetruska f., weather- vino, red wine :

vane vinograd m., vineyard :

vec adv., already; conj., but

vinogradar m., vine dresser :

vece f., conference

vinjaga f., wild vine :

vf>('-i, -a, -e adj. (comp. ), greater vis

m., height, summit :

vecina f., majority : visina f., height, altitude, eleva- :

vecinom adv., as a rule, generally

: tion
vefian, -Sna, -6no adj., eternal, visiti to hang, to hang up
: :

perpetual visok, -a, -o adj., high, eminent :

Pronounce j in James z as s in measure

dj, df, as
j as y in you ; ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion c, 6, as ch in church u a.s oo ; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as U in cats ; as sh in shout.

vis] 10 [vre

visoko adv., high :

vojni6ki: adj., military, soldierly
visofianstvo n., Highness vojska f., army, troops
: :

vitak, -tka, -tko adj., flexible, voleti (volim) to love, like vise
: : ;

pliable voleti, to prefer

vitica f., curl (of hair)
: volovski adj., of oxen :

vitriol : m., vitriol volja f., wish, desire e drags : ;

vise adv., more, rather ; sve vie,

volje, with pleasure
more and more vosak m., wax : ; pecatni vosak,
vise: prep., above, higher sealing-wax
visnj,-i, -a, -e: adj., supreme, all- vo6e n. fruit
: ,

powerful vocnjak m., orchard :

vlada f., government, reign

vostan, -a, -o, voten, a, -o :
vladalac m., sovereign, ruler : wax
vladati : to reign, rule over vostanica f., wax candle :

vladika m., 'bishop : vrabac m., sparrow :

vlaian, -zna, -zno adj., damp, vrag m. devil : :

moist vragolan m., roguish boy, a wag :

vlazina f., dampness, moisture :

vrazj, -i, -a, -e adj., diabolic, :

vlak m., train

: devilish
vlasi f., pi., hair
: vran m., vrana f., raven :

vlast f., authority,

power, tri- vran adj., raven black :

bunal vrat m., neck :

vla.stan, vlasna, -sno adj., power- vrata f., door otvoriti, zatvoriti,
: : ;

ful, in authority, authorized to open, to shut

vo (vola) m., ox, bull vratar m., door-keeper, concierge
: :

voda f., water; niz vodu, down vratiti to return, turn back, put
: :

stream uz vodu, up stream back, give back

; ;

velike su vode, the waters are vratiti se to return, home (kuci) :

out vru6a v., hot water vra6 m., magician

; :

mineralna v., mineral water vra6arica f., fortune-teller :

morska v., sea water pija6a v., vradati to tell fortunes, predict ; :

drinking water vradzbina f., magic :

vodena bolest f., dropsy vraski adj., devilish : :

vodenica f., water-mill vrba f., willow;

: zalosna :

voditi to lead, guide, conduct

weeping willow
vodovod m., aqueduct, water- vrbovati to recruit, enrol
: :

works vrg m. (krbanj m.) gourd :

vodonik m., hydrogen :

vredan, -dna, -dno adj., indus- :

vodopad m., water- fall :

trious, studious, worthy
vodj m., guide, leader
: vrediti to be worth, to cost :

vodjice if., pi., reins : vrednost f., value, merit, price, :

voz m., train, convoy, transport

voziti to transport, carry, remove vredjati to offend, insult, outrage
: :

vojvoda m., field-marshal, duke, vrelo n., source (of a river)

: :

leader vre me n. (vremena), time, season, :

vojvodina f., duchy weather imati vremena, to have


vojifite n., theatre of war : time dugo vreme, tediousness, ;

vojni, -a, -o adj., military boredom :

vojnik m., soldier :

vreo, vrela, vrelo adj., boiling hot :

Pronounce :
dj, dz, as j in James z as s in measure; j as y
in you ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as n in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts. in cats ; s as sh in shout.

vre] li

vr,;i (vrim) to boil : vrh : m., summit, top, end, crest

vrz m., knot
. vrh :
prep., above
vrzina f., fence : vrhovni, -a, -o adj., supreme, :

vrskati to shout out :

vritati to neigh : vriti : to accomplish, execute, fulfil
vrlina f., virtue : vuk m., wolf:

vrlo adv., very, extremely

: vulkan m., volcano :

vrskaput : m.. overcoat vuna : f., wool

vrsta : f., quality, sort, kind vunen, -a, -o :
adj., woollen
vrstati : to line up, arrange vuruna : f., oven
vrt m., garden
vurundzija m., baker :

vrtez m., screw : vuci (vucem) to draw, dray, tow :

vrci (vrgnem): to throw, put (a boat)

vruc, -a, -e adj., hot : vuSica f., she-wolf :

vrucina : f., heat

G, r.

gagrica miser : f., giavm, -a, -o adj., prir.cipal,

gadan, -dna, -dno :
adj., disgusting, essential, chief
repulsive glavo-bolja f., head-ache :

gadjati to aim at glagol

: m., verb :

gazda m., host, head of

family glad t f., hunger, famine
gazdarica f., hostess, mistress of gladan, -dna, -dno adj., hungry
: :

house gladak. -dka, -dko : adj., smooth,

gajde f., pi., bag-pipes :
galerija f., gallery glas :m., voice, vote, rumour, :

garda : f., guard (roval) renown

gas m., gas, paraffin
glasan, -sna, -sno : adj., famous,
gasiti to put out, extinguish
: celebrated
gace f., pi., drawers, pants
glasati to vote :

gvozdje n., iron kovano g., : ; glasnik : m., me.isenper

forged iron gledati to look at, examine

gvozden, -a, -o adj., iron :

glecer : m., glacier
gde (gdje) adv., where :
glina : f., clay
gde gde here and there gde god, : ;
glicerin m., glycerine :

somewhere globa : f., fine

general m., general :
globiti : to fine
genije m., genius :
glumac : m., actor
geografija : f., geography glumica : f., actress
geometrija f., geometry :
glup, -a, -o :
adj., stupid, idiotic
gedza m., dwarf :
glupak : m., stupid, fool
gimnazija f., gymnasium, college :
glupost : f., stupidity, ignorance
gimnastika f. gymnastics :
gluh, -a, -o adj., deaf

ginuti to perish, to fall, to be killed

gljiva : f., mushroom, fungus
gips m., plaster of Paris
gnezdo nest
: n.,
glava f., head :
gnoj : m., pus, matter, manure
glavar m., chieftain, chief : I
gnojiti : to suppurate

Pronounce :
j in James ; t as s in measure : j as
dj, di, as y in you ;
Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church
; ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout.

gnus: m., horror gost : m., guest

gnusan, -sna, -sno :
adj., horrible, gostionira f., hotel :

awful gostionic'ar m., hotel-keeper :

gnjurati se to dive, plunge :

gotov, -a, -o adj., ready, finished :

adj., naked
go, gola.golo :
gotoviti : to prepare tie, get ;

goveda : n., pi., cattle ready

govedjina f., beef :
gotovo adv., almost, about :

govor m., conversation, speech,

grablje, grabulje f., pi., rake :

sermon grabljiv adj., voracious, ferocious


govoriti : to speak grad : m., town, city, fortress

godina year :nova g., new
f., ; grad :
m., hail pada g., it is ;

year prostupna g., Leap-year

; ; hailing
pre godina dana, a year as;o; j
graditi to build, make, establish

proile godine, last year idu6e ; gradonafielnik m., mayor :

koliko vam

godine, next year ; gradski adj., of a town :

godina ? how old are you ? gradjanin : m., citizen, burgess

godisnje adv., annually :
gradjanka : f., citizen
golem, -, -o adj., vast, enormous, :
gradjanski :
adj., civil
large gramatika f., grammar :

gologlav, -a, -o : adj., bare-headed !

grana f., branch :

golub m., pigeon

granata f., shell, grenade :

golubica : f., dove

granica f., frontier, border :

gomila : f. f grah, graak : m., pea

heap, mass, pile, group,
crowd grb m., arms, coat of arms :

goniti to
: chase, drive, follow after grbav, -a, -o adj., hunch-back :

gora f., hill, mountain

greben : m., comb
gorak, -rka, -rko adj., bitter, sour grejati (grejem) to warm : :

goranin m., mountaineer, high- grejati se (grejem se): to warm


lander oneself
gord, -a, -o adj., haughty, proud :
greska f., mistake, error, fault :

gordost, f., pride grk, -a, -o adj., bitter :

gore : adv., above, upstairs, up grliti to embrace, hug :

above grlo n., throat, larynx :

gore adv., worse ; najgore, adv., grob m., ditch, grave, tomb
: :

worst grobar : m., grave-digger

goreti (gorim) to burn, to catch groblje n., cemetery
: :

firo grozdje : n., grapes

gor, -i, -a, -e : adj., worse najgor. groza f., shiver, tremble, horror ; :

-i, -a, -e, worst grozaii, -zna, -zno adj., awful, :

gornj, -i,-a, -e adj., upper, superior horrible


gorski adj., of the mountains, hills groziti se to tremble, shiver

: :

gorusica : f., mustard groznica ., fever :

Gospod (Bog) The Lord grom m., thunder, thunderbolt

: :

gospoda f., gentleman :

gromobran, gromovod m., light- :

gospodar m., master, sovereign :

ning conductor
gospodin m., Mister, gentleman :
gros m., piastre, i.e. 20 para :

gospodska bolest f., syphilis (Serbian) :

gospodja : f., lady, madamo, Mrs. grub, a, -o adj., coarse, vulgar :

gospodjica f.,, young lady :

grudi f., pi., chest, bosom :

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure j as y in yo->i

: ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as in orhiion ; m
c, z, as ch in church ; u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as fo in cats ; 8 as ah in shout.

i: [del

gr6 : m., cramp, spasm, convulsion gusenica : f., caterpillar

guba, gubica f., snout, muzzle :
guska :
goose f.,
(of an animal) gusle f., pi., Serbian violin

guz m., guzica, f., buttock, back-

gust, -a, -o adj., dense, thick :

side gustina : f., density, thickness

guma : f., elastic gusa f., throat

gunja : f., quince

da: conj., that, in order that, to, dvanaest num. twelve : ; -i, -a, -o,

yes, if the twelfth -ina, one ;

dabome of course, certainly
! :
dvaput : twice
davati (dajem, davam) : to give, dve.sta : num. two hundred
present, bestow dvoboj m., duel :

davni, -na, -no adj., ancient, old, :

dvogled m., binocular glasses:

antique dvojo num. two, a couple


davno adv., a long time ago

dvoji, -ja, -jo ; dvojin, -a, -o :
dakle conj., thus, then, conse-
: double
quently dvojica f., couple, two :

dalek, -a, -o
adj., far, distant : dvor m., palace, court, castle

daleko adv., far, distant

: dvoranin m., courtier :

dnlj, -i, -a, -e adj., further, farther : dvorski adj., of the court

daljina f., distance, interval, space

: debeo, debela, debelo adj., : fat,
dan : m., day ; rodjen dan, birth- stout, thick, corpulent
day debljati : to grow fat
danas adv., to-day: num. ninety ; od danas, devedeset :

from to-day devet num. nine -i, -a, -o, the : ;

damuuij, -i, -a, -et adj., of to-day, ninth -ina, f., a ninth : ;

modern, up-to-date dovetnaest num. nineteen -i, -a, : ;

dan no6 m., pansy

i : -o, the nineteenth
danica f., the morning star
: devica f., deva, f., a young girl, ;

Venus maiden
danjom, danju : adv., by day, devojaStvo : n., virginity, chastity
during the day devojka f., :
girl, maiden, maid
danju i no6u : adv., by day and by devojSe, n., devojc'ica, f., little girl,
night child
dar, darak m., present, gift ded, deda m., grandfather, an-
: :

daska f., plank, board

: cestor
dati (dam) to give, present, hand dedovina f.,
property inherited :

over, confer, concede from one's ancestors or grand.

datum m., date : father, fatherland
dah m., breath,
respiration dezurni adj. (oficir),
dahnuti (dahnem) to breathe
: officer (from French de jour)
dva dve dva two :
; sve dva i dva, dejstvo n., effect, action

two by two dekembar m., December :

dvadeset num. twenty -ina, one :

; deklaracija f., declaration :

twentieth deliti : to divide, distribute, separ*

dvadeseti, -a, -o the twentieth : ate

Pronounce dj, clz, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as

y in you ;

]j as li in million nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; ; u as -jtt

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. ;

del] 14 [dom
delo : n., action, deed, work dnevni, -na, -no : adj., daily
deo m. (dela), part,
portion, dnevnik : m., diary, day-book
volume (books) do prep. (gen. ), to, until, up to, till

depesa f., telegram : dob m., doba, f., time, season,


derati(derem) : to tear, tear out age, phase

deset num. ten : -i, -a, -o, the dobar, -bra, -bro adj., good, ex-
; :

tenth -ina, a tenth ; cellent bolji, najbolji, better, ;

desetak (-tka) in., tithe, tenth best :

part dobiti (dobijem): to receive, ob-

desn, -i, -a, -o : adj., right tain, gain, get
desno, na desno : adv., to the right doboS m., drum udariti u doboi,
: ;

desni f., pi., gums

: to beat the drum
dete n., child ; deca, children
doboSar : m., drummer
vanbradnod, bastard dobro adv., all right, well bolje,
: ;

detelina f., clover : better

detinjstvo n., childhood :
dobrovoljac m., volunteer :

dotinjski :
adj., childish dobrovaljno : adv., voluntarily,
decak, deSko : m., boy, lad freely
deCarski, detinski adj., boyish
: dobrodusan, -Sna, -no adj., kind, :

div m., giant

: kind-hearted
divan, -vna, -vno adj., beautiful, : dobrota f., kindness, favour :

charming, delightful dobrotvor m., philanthropist :

divan m., divan, sofa

: dove6e adv., this evening :

divljak m., savage, wild man, wild

dovoljan, -jna, -jno :
adj., sufficient
boar enough
divljad, divina f., game, venison :
dovoljno adv., enough :

divJji, -ja, -je adj., wild, savage, :

dogadjaj : m., event, affair
ferocious dogadjati : to take place, happen
divokoza : f., chamois dogled m., telescope :

dignuti (dignem), dizati (diiem) :

dogovor m., convention, accord, :

raise, lift up concert

dignuti se(dignemae) : to get up, to dozvola f., permission, permit,:

arise leave
dijamant : m., diamond dozvoliti : to permit, allow
dim : m., smoke dojka : f., breast
dimnicar m., chimney-sweep : dok adv., while, whilst

dimnjak m., chimney : dokaz m., proof, argument


dinar m., Serbian coin

: 1 franc dokazivati (-zujem), dokazati
-10d. (-kaiem) to explain, prove :

dinastija : f., dynasty dokle, doklen adv., up to what :

dinja : f., melon (sweet) point ? till when ? as long as

diplomat : dokolenice f., pi., gaiters, loggings
m., diplomatist :

dira : f., hole, tear (in clothes) doktor m., doctor :

dirati to touch, to move

: dolazak m., arrival, coming :

direktor : m., director, head, chief dolaziti to arrive, reach :

direkcija f., management : dole : adv., below, down below,

dirkati to tease, annoy: downstairs
tlihati (diSem) to breathe dolina, dola : f., valley

dihanje : n., breath, respiration dom m., house, public building :

Pronounce as a in measure
as y in you ;
dj, di, as j in James ; i, ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ;

u as oo ; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 8 as sh in shout.

dom] 15 [dud

domacin : m., master of the house, drvar : m., wood-cutter, timber

host merchant
doma6iea : f., mistress of the house, drven, -a, -o :
adj., wooden
hostess drvo (drveta) : n., tree
doraine f., :
pi., dominoes drvodelja : m., carpenter
domovina: f., fatherland, home, drvce n., bushwood :

country of one's birth dretva f., string


donji, -ja, -je, dolnji, -ja, -je :

adj., ;
driava : f., State, Power, Govern-
lower, inferior ment
dopadati se to like, suit, please; : ;
driavni adj., of the State, official

tomi se dopada, that pleases me drzavnik m., Statesman, politi-


dopis m., correspondence

: cian
dopisnica f., post card : drzak m., drfalica, f., handle

dopust m., leave, permission

: drzati (-5im) to hold, maintain, :

clopustiti to allow, permit: hold up, support red, to keep ;

dorastao, -sla,adj., adult, -slo : one's word ; govor, make a

grown up, pubescent, nubile speech
dorasti (-rastem) to grow, de- :
dronjav, -a, -o : adj., ragged
velop, grow up drug m., friend, colleague, com-

dorudak m., breakfast, lunch

panion, pal
dosada f., worry, upset, bore
clruga, drugarica f., friend (f.) :

dosadan, -dna, -dno adj., tedious, :

drugafiije adv., otherwise :

boring, worrying, troublesome drugda, drugde adv., elsewhere :

dosaditi to annoy, worry, bore

drug, -i, -a, -o the second, the :

doseljavati se to immigrate :
other, another
doseljenik m., immigrant :
druiba.druibina f., society, associ- :

dosledno adv., conseqently : ation

dosta adv., enough, sufficient
drukCije adv., otherwise, differ-

dostati (dostajem) to suffice, b :

sufficient drum m., high road, main road

dostojan. -jna, -jno :

adj., worthy, drustvo : n., society, company
dignified club
dostojanstvo :
n., dignity, worth!- j
dub m., oak tree

ness dubina, dubljina : f., depth, abyss,

dotle adv., until, till
: bottom
doei (dodjem) to come, arrive dubok, -a, -o adj., deep, profound
: :

dohvatiti : to seize, take, reach duvan, duhan m., tobacco :

dohod m., arrival

duvandiija : m., tobacconist
dockan, docne adv., late dug m., debt : :

docnije : adv., later dug, -a, -o dugadak, -dka, -cko t :

dodekati to receive, welcome (of

adj., long, high, tall
people ) duga f., rainbow :

drag, -a, -o adj., dear, amiable, dugme n., button

: :

precious dragi kamen, precious dugo adv., a long time

; :

stone drage volje, with pleasure dugo vrerne n., tediousness, bore-
; :

dragoman m., dragoman, inter- dom


pretcr dugovati (dugujem) to owe :

drama f., drama: dud m., mulberry tree :

drva f., firewood

dudinja, dudinka f., mulberry :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James i as in measure j as y in you

; ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; &, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout.
16 [zen

duzan, -2na, -no adj., owing, : in- duh m., spirit, soul, ghost Sveti

debted Duh, Holy Ghost

du2nik m., debtor : Duhovi m., pi., Pentecost, Whit-

duznost f., duty, obligation :

duzina f., length : duhovnik m., ecclesiastic :

dumen m., rudder :

duhovni, -na, -no :
adj., spiritual,
dunja f., quince : clerical
dupe n., anus, backside
: duSa : f., soul, spirit
dupli, -la, -lo adj., double : dusek : m., mattress
ducan : ra., shop, store

Vj, L.
djavo m., devil, satan
djaur m., infidel

djavolak m., little devil :

djadki adj., of students

djavolji, -ja, -je djavolov, -a, -o : ; djem m., bit (horse's)


adj., diabolic, devilish djeneral m., general :

djak : m., scholar, schoolboy, stu-i djeneral-Stab m., general-staff :

dent, pupil djon m., sole (of a boot)


djakon : m., deacon djubre n., manure, dung :

E, E.
e : conj., and; e da, in order that elektricitet : m., electricity
evandjelist m., evangelist :
eljda : f., buckwheat
evnuh m., eunuch :
episkop : m., bishop
evo : adv., here, see here, here is, eskadra : f., squadron
etc. eto, eno : adv., there, see there
ele : conj. thus

2aba :
frog ; krastava 2aba, toad
f., iezlo : n., sceptre
ialba f., grievance, complaint
: ieleti (2elim) : to wish, desire ;
ialiti to condole with, to be in
: ielim vam svaku srecu, I wish you
mourning for, to be sorry for all happiness
ialiti se to complain : zeludac m., stomach, belly :

ialost f., sorrow, grief, mourning ;

: ielja f., wish, desire

u ialosti za, in mourning for ; na zeljezan (zelezan), -zna, -zno : adj.,

ialost, unfortunately iron
iandarm : m., gendarme zeljeznica (Zeleznica) f., railway ; :

iao :adv., 2ao mi je : I am sorry zeleznicom, by rail ; vagon, kola,

iarki, -ka, -ko : adj., burning, very railway carriage ; kola (vagon)
hot, torrid za spavanje, sleeping car pruga, ;

8 vale f., pi., bit (horse's)

: f., railway line
zdrul m., crane
: zelezo : n., iron
idrebac : m., stallion zena : f., woman, wife
it-dan, -dna, -dno :
adj., thirsty feniti se : to marry (of a man)
iedja : f., thirst enska : f., low woman, prostitute
Pronounce dj, d2, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as
y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout.
; ;
fen] 17 [zaj

ienski adj., feminine :

ig : m., stamp, seal, die, brand
iestok, -a, -o adj., fiery, violent, :
zigica : f., match
passionate zila : f., vein, artery
zetva f., harvest :
zitelj : m., inhabitant
zetelac m., harvester : iito : n., corn, grain, cereala
ziv, -a, -o :
adj., alive, lively, quick zitar : m., corn chandler
ziva ograda f., hedge : zitnica f., barn :

4iva f., mercury, quicksilver

: iica : f., wire
ziveti (zivim) to live, to be alive : ziska f., spark :

ziveo zivela! ziveli long live ! ! : ! Smiriti to wink :

zivina f., poultry : zrtva : f., sacrifice, offering, victim

?ivo adv., quickly, promptly 2ulj : m., corn (on the foot)
iivopis m., painting, picture
: zuran, -rna, -rno :
adj., hurried,
iivopisac m., painter :
zivot m., life
: zuriti se to hurry, hasten

zivotinja: f., animal, beast 2urno : adv., in haste, quickly

zivotinjski :
adj., brutal, bestial, 4ut, -a, -o :
adj., yellow
beastly iutica : f., jaundice

Z, 3.
za :
prep. (ace. inst. gen.), for, by, zavoditi : to introduce, establish
in, during, to, behind, at corrupt
zabava : f., entertainment, amuse- zavoj m., bandage, dressing :

ment zavrsiti : to finish, end

zabaviti, zabavljati : to amuse, zagasit :
adj., dark, brown
entertain f., enclosure, hedge zagrada :

zabadava adv., gratis zagraditi

: to enclose with a hedge :

zabluda f., mistake, error : fence

zaboravan, -vna, -vno adj., for- zagradje n., suburb : :

getful zagrliti to embrace, hug :

zaboraviti to forget, omit zagusljiv, -a, -o

adj., suffocating, :

zabrana f., prohibition :

zabraniti to forbid, prohibit ; je zadatak
: m., zadaca, f., task, :

zabranjeno, it is forbidden lesson, work

zavera f., plot, conspiracy
zadnji, -nja, -nje : adj., behind,
zaverenik m., conspirator : rear, last
zavesa f., curtain :
zadnjica f., backside :

zavet m., vow., promise, testa-

zadovoljan, -jna, -jno : satisfied,
ment (bible) pleased
zavidan (zavidljiv), -dna, -dno :
zadovoljiti to satisfy, please :

adj., jealous, envious zadrZati (zadriim), to stop, keep

zavideti : to be jealous, envy zadrzati se (zadrzim) : to stop, stay
zavijati : to dress (a wound), bind zadruga : f., society, Serbian cus-
UR tom of family living together
zavijafi m., envelope : zaista, zaisto adv., in fact :

zavisan, -sna, -sno adj., dependent m., loan

zajam :

zavladati to conquer :
zajedno : adv., together
zavod : m., institute, establishment zajmiti to lend :

Pronounce as s in measure
as y in you
dj, dz, as j in James ; ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo ; ;

in room h. as ch in loch c as
ts in cats s as A in shout. ; ;
zak] 18

zakasniti : to be late zaraziti : to infect, to give (a

zaklopac (-pica) m., lid, cover :
zakljucak (-6ka) : m., conclusion, zarobiti : to make (or take)
ending prisoner
zakljucati to look :
zarobljenik : m., prisoner
zaklj u6iti : finish, terminate, con- zaseda f. ambush : ,

clude zastava f., flag, banner, standard:

zakoti m., law, rule

: zastavnik m., standard- bearer :

zakonski adj., legal, legitimate :

zastupnik m., substitute, repre- :

Eakopati to bury : sentati\'e

salazak m., sunset : zatvor m., :
prison, gaol, consti-
zalepiti to stick, to gum :
zaliv m., bay, gulf
: zatvoriti : to shut, imprison, block
zalivatito water :
zalud adv., in vain
: zatim : adv., then, after
zamak m., castle, citadel
: zato : adv., on account of, becaus*
zamama f bait : . , of
zamenica : f., pronoun zauzet, -a, -o adj., occupied, busy :

zainka f., knot, trap, snare

: zauzeti (-uzmem) to occupy, con- :

zamrznuti se (zamrznem) : to quer

freeze zahvalan, -Ina, -Ino :
adj., grateful,
zanat m., profession, occupation,
: thankful, obliged
business zahvaliti : to thank
zanimljiv, -a, -o adj., interesting : zahvalnost f., gratitude :

zao, zla, zlo adj., bad, nasty, : zahod m., sunset ; zahoditi, to

wicked set (sun)

zaova f., sister-in-law (husband's
: zafiin : za&niti, to spice
m., spice ;

sister) zaito : adv., why

zapad : m., west zbog :
prep., because of, for
zapadni, -na, -no adj., %vestern : zbor : m., meeting, assembly, choir
zapadno : adv., in the west zvaniSan, -fina, -<5no : adj., official
zapaziti : to notice, to like zvati (zovem) : to call, name,
zapaliti : to light, to set fire to invite
zapaljenje n., inflammation : zvezda f., star :

zapaljiv, -a, -o : adj., inflammable zvek m., sound


zapamtiti to remember (a lesson) : zveknuti (zveknem) to sound, :

zapeta f., comma : resound

zapeiatit i to seal : zvekir m., door-knocker

zapiska f., a note, short letter

: zver (m) f., wild beast, beast :

zapisnica f., note- book :

zverinjak m., zoological garden :

zapovest f., order, mandate, com- : zverski :

adj., brutal, bestial,
mandment savage
zapregnuti (zapregnem) : to put to, zverstvo brutality : n.,
harness (horses) zvizdati (zviidim) to whistle :

zapu5a<5 m., cork :

zvizdaljka f., whistle, fife :

zar adv., for

: zvono : n., bell
zaraza : f., epidemic zvoniti to ring

zarazan, -zna, -zno : adj., con- zvuk : m., sound, tone

tagious, infectious, catching zglob : m., joint
Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James z as ; in measure : j as y in you ;
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion 6, ; 6, as ch in church u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in lock ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout.

zgo] 19 [Izv

zgoda : f., opportunity, good mo- zimus : adv., last winter

ment zlatan, -tna, -tno adj., golden :

zgodan, -dna, -dno :

adj., oppor- zlatar goldsmith, jeweller

tune zlato n., gold:

zgrada building, edifice : f., zlo : n., evil, misfortune

zgrusati to curdle, coagulate : zloban, -bna, -bno adj., malicious, :

zdanje n., building, edifice :

zdrav, -a, -o : adj., healthy, well zloglasan, -sna, -sno : adj., ill-
zdraviti to drink a health, toast : famed
zdravica : f., toast, health zlo&n m., crime, misdeed :

zdravlje n., health u vase : ; zlodinacm., criminal, evildoer :

zdravlje to your health ! !

zmija snake, serpent : f.,

zejtin : m., oil znak m., sign, mark, symbol


zelen, -a, -o adj., green, vegetables :

znanje : n., knowledge
(greens) znati (znam to know na pamet, ) : ;

zemlja f., earth, globe, land, soil,

: to know by heart
country zna&ti to mean, signify :

zemljak m., zemljakinja, f., com- znoj m., sweat, perspiration

: :

patriot znojan, -jna, -jno adj., sweaty :

zemljopis m., geography znojiti se : to sweat, perspire :

zemljotres m., earthquake zob f oats : : . ,

zemljous m., isthmus zolja f., wasp

: :

zepsti (zebem) to be cold noge zora f., dawn : ; :

mi zebu my feet are cold zreo, zrela, zrelo

adj., ripe, mature :

zet m., son-in-law

: zrelost f., maturity :

zee m., hare

pitomi zee, rabbit zreti (zrem) to ripen, mature ; :

zid m., wall

spanski zid, screen zrikavac m., cricket (insect);

zidar m., mason : zrno n., grain, speck :

zidati (zidam, zidem) to build, zub m., tooth; vestadki zub, false : :

construct tooth fietkica za zube, tooth- ;

zima f., winter, cold: brush

zimi adv., in the winter
: zubni lekar m., dentist :

zimski adj., of winter :

zubobolja f., toothache :

I, H.
i:conj., and, also iza :
prep. behind, on the other
ivica : f., border, edge side
igda : adv., never izaslanik m., deputy, emissary :

igde :
adv., somewhere zbirati to choose, elect :

igla : f., needle z bliza adv., near by :

igo n., yoke

: zbor m., choice, election

igra f., game, dance

: zbrati to elect, choose :

igrati to dance, play : zvan prep, (gen.), outside, out of


igradka : f.,toy zvesnost f., certitude, certainty :

iguman : m., abbot zvestan, -tna, -tno adj., sure :

idol : m., idol certain

iduci, -ca, -6e : ad'., future, coming , izvesti to inform :

iz prep, (gen.), from, out of, of, izvestaj

: m., account, report, in- :

by, with formation

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James i as s in measure j as y in you
: -, ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, <5, as ch in church u as oo ; ; ;

jn room h as ch in loch c as te in cats & as ah in shout.

; : ;
Izv] 1

izviniti : to excuse, pardon, forgive ima : there is, are

izvoziti : to export imanje n., property, fortune :

izvol'te : if you please ! imati(imam): to have, possess

izvor spring, fountain
: ime name, reputa-
n., :

izgledati : to look out dobro, ; tion u ime ... in the name


rdjavo, to look well, ill of .

po imenu, by name
. . ; ;

izgovoriti to pronounce, excuse : kako vam je ime ? what is your

izgovor m., pronunciation, excuse
: name ? imemije my name is . . .

izgoniti to expel, chase out : imenica f., substantive :

izgubiti to lose : imenovati to name :

izdavati (izdajem) to edit, pub- inace, inako adv., besides, other-: :

lish, betray wise, if not

izdaja: f., izdajstvo, n., treason inzonjer m., engineer :

izdajica f., traitress; izdajnik, interes

: m., interest dati pod : ;

m., traitor interes,to put money out at interest

izdaleka adv., from afar : interesantan, -tna, -tno adj., in- :

izdanje : n., edition teresting

izdatak m., expense : indzinir m., engineer :

izi6i (idjem) to go out ipak conj., however, nevertheless

: :

izjava ., declaration, explanation

: iseliti se : to emigrate, ehango
izjaviti to declare, give out
: houses, remove
izlaz, -ak : m., exit, way out iskljuciv, -a, -o adj., exclusive :

izlozba f., exhibition :

iskljufiiti to exclude, banish :

izloziti to exhibit, expose, show

iskopati to exhume, dig up :

izmedju prep, (gen.), among,

: iskra f., spark :

between iskren, -a, -o adj., sincere, frank, :

izmeniti to exchange, change : cordial

izmeSati to mix : iskrenost f., sincerity, frankness :

izmisliti : to invent, imagine, dis- ispit rn., examination; poloziti :

cover to pass an pasti na ispitu, , ;

iznad prep, (gen.), above

: to fail in an , to be ploughed

iznenada adv., suddenly :

ispitati, ispitivati to examine, :

iznenaditi to surprise interrogate


iznenadjenje n., surprise isplata f., :

pay, payment, re- :

iznova adv., anew, again

: muneration
izobrazenje n., civilization, educa- ispljuvati : to spit (out)

tion iapod prep, (gen.), under, under- :

izobrazen, -a, -o adj., educated neath :

cultured ispred prep., before, in front of :

izuzev (-ii) adv., excepting isprljati : to dirty :

izuzetak (-tka) m., exception ispuniti: to fill, accomplish, fulfil


izuzetno adv., by exception : isti, ta-, -to pron., the same :

ikad adv., ever

: istina f., the truth :

ikona f., icon, image

: istinit, -a, -o adj., true, veritable :

ikonostas m., screen with holy isto tako adv., also, likewise, in
: :

images in orthodox churches the same way

ikra f., roe (of a fish)
: istok m., east, orient :

ili :
conj., or Hi ... ili, either istocan, -6ni, -<5na,
-Sno adj., :

eastern, oriental
Pronounce :
dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ;c as ta in cats ; 8 as sh in shout.
istj 21 [jel

istorija : f., history iscepati : to tear, wear out, to split

isusiti : to dry ici (idem) : to go, walk, leave
ishod : m., exit, way out ih :
pron., them, of them, any
J, J.
ja: pron., I jato : n., flight, covey (of birds)
jablan m., poplar tree :
jauk :
m., a cry of pain, lamenta-
jabuka f., apple, apple tree: tion
jabukovada f., cider :
jaukati (-u6em) : to lament, wail
javan, -vna, -vno adj., public, :
jahati, jasiti (jasem): to ride (a
clear, manifest, evident horse)
javiti, javljati to make public, :
jahaci konj saddle (riding) horse :

publish, announce, inform jevrein m., Jew :

javiti so to present (introduce) jevtin, -a, -o : adj., cheap; jevti-


oneself nije, cheaper

javnost f., publicity : jevtino adv., cheap :

jagnje n., lamb :

jed m., bile, anger :

jagnjetina f., lamb (meat) jedan, -dna, -dno num. one

: :

jagoda strawberry : f., jedanaest num. eleven :

jagorcevina f., primrose :

jedan-put-krat once ; od jedan- :

jad m.,
: misfortune, misery, sorrow put, adv., all of a sudden
jadan, -dna, -dno adj., miserable, :
jedared adv., once upon a time :

poor jedva adv., scarcely,

jadrilo : n., mast hardly
jadro : n., sail jedin-i, -a, -o : adj., only, unique,
jajast, -a, -o adj., oval isolated :

jaje, jajce: n., egg (jaja, eggs), jedinac : m., only son
testicle ; rovito , boiled egg jedinica : f., only daughter
jak, -a, adj., strong, solid, jedinstvo : n., unity
robust jedinc'e : n., only child
jalov, -a, adj., sterile, un- jednak, -a, -o : adj., equal, the
fruitful same, like
jaloviti to castrate : jednak: adv., immediately, at once
jambor, jarbol m., mast :
jednako: adv., equally, in the
januar m., January : same way
jaram m., yoke, or pair of oxen
: Jednakost f., equality :

jarac m., he-goat, billy-goat

jednovremen, -a, -o adj., simul- :

jare n., kid

: taneous
jarebica f., partridge :
jednoglasan, -sna, -sno adj., una- :

jarina : f., lamb's wool nimous

jarost f., anger, rage :
jednom adv., one day, once :

jarostan, -tna, -tno adj., angry :

jedrilo n., mast :

jaruga : f., ravine, abyss jedriti : to sail

jasan, -sna, -sno adj., clear, plain, :
jedro : n., sail
distinct, evident, pure je4 : m., hedgehog
jasnost f., jasnoca, f., clearness,
jezero n., lake :

distinctness jezik m., tongue, language :

jasen m., ash-tree :

jektika f., phthisis, consumption :

jastuk m., pillow, cushion :

jela f., pine, firtree :

Pronounce dj dz, as in James ; z as s in measure j as y in you

: , _;' ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo

; ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in cats

B as sh in shout. ; ;
jel] 22 fkal

jelovina f., deal (wood) :

jugovina : f., thaw
jelek waistcoat, vest
jugozapad m., south-west :

jelen m., stag; jelen6e, n., fawn

jugoistok m., south-east :

je li ? is it not so T
juzan, -na, -2no adj., southern :

jelo n., food, dish (of food)

juli m., July

jelovnik m., menu, bill of fare :

jun, juni m., June :

jer: conj., for, because, as junak m., hero junakinja, f.,

: ;

jerebica partridge : f., heroine

jeretik m., heretic :
junac m., young bull :

jesen f., autumn :

junaCki, -ka, -ko adj., heroic :

jesenas adv., this autumn :

junaStvo : n., heroism
jesenski, jesenji, -ja, -je :
adj., jur adv., already

autumnal juriti to race, run, chase


.jest : adv., yes juri m.., assault, attack


jesti (jedem) : to eat juris -ati(-sam)iti(-5im) :to assault

jetra : f., liver (a fortress)
jetrva : f., sister-in-law (husband's adj., morning
jutarnji, -ja,-je :

brother's wife) jutro morning dobro jutro

: n., ;

jecam m., barley :

good morning u jutru, za jutra, ;

jok adv. (Turkish), no

during the morning
j organ m., quilt :
jutros adv., this morning

joS adv., still, more, even

ju6e, ju<5er, adv., yesterday
jug: m., south, mid-day; na jug, ju6eranji, -ja, -je, juCerasnji, -ja,
in the south -je adj., of yesterday

K, K.
k, kaprep, (dat), to, towards
: kazan m., cauldron :

kabanica f., cloak, mantle :

kazandzija: m., coppersmith
kabasta hartija f., brown paper : kazati, kazivati (kuzem) to say, :

kablar m., cooper : tell

kava, kaf a f., coffee; tucana , : kazna : f., punishment, penalty,
ground bela (melani ), coffee ; sentence ; nov6ana , fine ;

and milk ; crna , black coffee smrtna , death sentence

kavana, kaf ana f., : cafe, coffee- kazneni, -na, -no :
adj., criminal,
house penal
kavaz m., kavass : kaznenik m., convict, prisoner :

kavez m., cage : kaznionica f., prison :

kavedzija, kafedzija : m., pro- kazniti to punish, sentence, fine


prietor of a caf6 kaik : m., boat, long-boat

kad, kada adv., when, how long : ; kai :
m., leather belt, strap
od kada, since when imati kad, ; kaja :
f., cement
to have time kad i kad, from ; kajgana : f., scrambled eggs
time to time kajmak : m., clotted cream
kadagod, kadgod : adv., when, kajsija : f., apricot
whenever kakav, kakva, kakvo pron., what :

kadiva, kadifa; f., velvet what kind

kadionica f., censer : kako adv., how, what

kaziput m., sign-post : kalaj m., tin :

kazaljka f., hand (of a clock) :

kalajdzija m., tin-smith, tinker :

Pronounce :
dj, di,, as _;'
in James ;
4 as s in measure ; j as y in you :

as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cuts i as sh in shout. ;
kalj 23 fkis

kaldrma f paved road kasa f., cash-box, pay-desk, safe)

: . , :

kalendar m., calendar, almanack kasapin m., butcher

: :

kalpak m., cap : kasniti to be late, delay, lose timei :

kaludjer m., monk kasno adv., late

: :

kaludj erica f., nun kastrola f., saucepan : :

kalup m., form, shape, mould

: katanac (-nca) m., padlock :

kalfiine f., pi., leggings (of felt)

: katarka f., mast :

kaljade: f., pi., goloshes katkad adv., sometimes, from] :

kamen, -a, -o adj., of stone, rocky time to time :

karnen m., stone dragi kamen, katihizis m., catechism

: ; :

precious stone katolik m., catholic :

kamenar m., stone-cutter : katran m., tar :

kamenica f., small stone : kaulin m., cauliflower:

kamila : f., camel kauduk : m., india-rubber, rubber

kamfor m., camphor : kafa m., coffee

kamdzija f., crop, whip :

kaciga, kacida f., helmet :

kanal : m., canal kasa f., gruel:

kanap : m., string kasalj m., cough ; :veliki ,

kanarinka : f., canary whooping-cough

kanije: f., pi., sheath, scabbard, kasika (lazica) : f., spoon
case kasljati (Ijem) : to cough
kancelar : m. chancellor m., damage , kvar :

kancelarija f., office, chancery to spoil, damage, corrupt,'

: kvariti :

kanje : f., pi.,pervert eyelids

kao conj., as
: kvasac m., yeast :

kap f., drop kap po kap, drop by kedar m., cedar

: ; :

drop kej : m., quay

kapa f., cap, bonnet
: kelner m., waiter (hotel) :

kapak (-pka) m., lid, top, cover kelj m., cabbage : :

kapati (kapljem) to drip kepec m., dwarf : :

kapela f., chapel, orchestra

: kesa f., purse, small bag :

kapelan m., chaplain :kesten m., chestnut :

kapetan m., captain :kec m., ace :

kapija f., gate, gate- way :

kecelja f., apron, pinafore :

kapital m., capital :

kijavica f., cold (in the head) :

kapidzija m., door-keeper, con- kijati to sneeze : :

cierge kika f., tress of hair, pigtail :

kaplar m., corporal : kikotati to roar with laughter :

kapija : f., drop kila f., hernia, rupture :

kaput: m., coat, jacket; vrskaput, kilogram m., kilogram :

overcoat kilometar: m., kilometer

karakter : m., character kimak(mka): in, bug
karantin : m., quarantine kinuti: to sneeze
karanfil : m. carnation kip m., statue , :

karta f., card (playing, visiting), kiporezac m. sculptor

: : ,

map kirija: f., rent, hire, uzeti, pod,

karfiol m., cauliflower :
kiriju, to hire, to rent
kas m., trot
: kasa 6, m., trotter kisela voda f., mineral water
; :

kasati to trot :
Pronounce: dj, dt, as ; in James z as in measure ; j as y in you; ;

}} as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo

-, ;

in room ;
h as ch in loch ; c as to in. cats a as sh in shout. ;
Ids] 24 [kon

i i rlina : ., acid ;
kobasica f., aau ago :

kiseljak : in., sorrel kobasicarnica f., pork-butcher's :

kiseo, -sela, -selo adj., acid, sour :

kiseonik m., oxygen : kobac (kopca) : m., hawk, falcon
kit m., whale
: kobila : f., mare
Uita f., bouquet, fringe
kovati(kujem) to forge (of metal), :

kiiati (kiem): to sneeze to shoe (of horses), to mint

kisa f., rain;
pada, it raining is ( money )

kiSobran in., umbrella : kova6 : m., blacksmith

klavir m., piano : kovacnica f., blacksmith's shop,

kladenac m., fountain, well smithy


klanica f., slaughter-house, :

kovdeg m., trunk, case, coffer; :

shambles Xojev kovCeg, Xoah's Ark

klanjati se to bow, drop a curtsy kogod pron., whoever
: :

klasican, -cna, -6no adj., classical kod prep, (gen.), at, among, near, : :

klati (koljem) to slaughter (ani- in kod kuce, at home : ;

mals) ko5a f., skin, leather :

klevetati to calumniate kozan, -zna, -zno adj., leathern

: :

kleveta: f., calumny, false accusa- koiar m., tanner, leather- worker :

tion koza f., goat i :

1:1 eka f., juniper:

koji, -ja, -je: pron., who, which i

klet, -a, -o adj., accursed, damned kokarda :f., cockade :

kletva f., curse, oath : kokoska f., hen, fowl :

kleti (kuiiem) to curse, execrate : kola: n., pi., cart, carriage, wagon
kieti se to swear, to take an oath : kolar m., driver, carter, wagoner

klizav, -a, -o :
adj.. slippery i kolac m., cake :

klizatise : to slip, slide, skate' kolevka f., cradle :

klima climate : f., koleno n., knee :

klin m., ankle

: kolera f., cholera :

klinac, -nca m.. nail : : koliba f., hut :

klisura, f., defile, gorge koliki, -ka, -ko pron., which, what :

klobuk m., hat : koliko adv., how much, how many


klopka f., trap, gin : kolo : n., wheel, circle (of friends)
klupa : f., seat, bench Serbian dance
kljun : m., beak kolovoz m., August, rut (in a road) :

kljud : m., key kolotur m., pulley :

kmet : m. village mayor, komat, komad m., piece, bit, :

kneginja f., princess :

fragment, part
knezevina : f., principality komarac, komar m., gnat, mos- :

knez m., prince

knjiga: f., book; voditi knjige. komedija : f., comedy
to do book-keeping komin, kamin : m., fireplace
knjigovezac: m., book-binder komora f., : train of transport
knjizar: m., book-seller wagons
knjizara, knjiiarnica f., bookshop :
komsija: m., komsijnica, f., neigh-
knjizevnik m., writer, author : bour
knjizevnost f., literature :
komsijluk m., neighbourhood :

ko pron., who ; ko ide ? who goes

: m., government building, konak :

there? night-quarters
Pronounce dj, d?:, as in Janir z as s in measure :
j as y in you _;' ; ; :

Ij as li in million nj as n in opin inn 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

; -.

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts i n c'./s ; & as eh in shout.

kon] 25 [kri

konac (-nca) m., cotton, thread :

krajni, -na, -no extreme, last, :

konop, konopac (-pea) m., cord, : furthest

rope, cable kralj m., king; Njegovo Velican-

kontrola f., control : stvo kralj, His Majesty the

konj : m., horse King ; u irne kraljevo, in the
konjica f., cavalry :
King's name
konjifiki adj., cavalry :
kralj evi6 : m., son of the King
konj ski adj., of horses:
kralj evina : f., kingdom
konjusar in., groom :
kralj evstvo m., royalty :

konjusnjica f., stables :

kralj evski: adj., royal
kopati to dig, excavate
kralj ica : f., queen
kopito n., kopita, f., horse-shoe
kralj ust f., tortoise-shell :

koplje n., lance, spear

: krasan, -sna, -sno adj., beautiful, :

kora f., bark (trees), trust

: fine, pretty
korablja f., ship, vessel : krasiti to d-ecorate :

koren m., root

: krasota f., beauty :

korist f., :
utility, use, benefit, krastavac m., cucumber :

profit krasti (kradem) to steal, rob :

koristan, -tna, -tno adj., useful, krat m., time : :

profitable kratak, -tka, -tko : adj., short,

koristiti to be useful, profitable
: brief
korman m., rudder, tiller
: kratkovid, adj., short-
kormanos m., pilot :
kornjada f., tortoise : kra6ati, kraSati to shorten, abridge :

korpa : basket f., krv f., blood


koa : m., blackbird krvav adj., bleeding :

kosa f., hair

: biti plave kose, to ; krvni, -na, -no adj., bloody, san- :

be fair guinary
kosa f., scythe
: krvnik m., murderer, assassin

kosac kosa<5 m., reaper

, : krevet m., bedstead :

kost f., bone (kosti, f., pi.)

: kreda f., chalk :

kostobolja f., gout : kremen m., flint :

kostur m., skeleton

: krenuti (-nem), to move, displace
kotao, (-tla) m., cauldron : kret m., movement

kotar m. district
: , kretati (krecem) to move, dis- :

kotva : f., anchor place

kocka : f., cube, dice kre6 m., lime
negaien kreS, ;

kofiijas : m., coachman quicklime gasen kre6, slaked ;

kosnica : f., beehive lime

kostan, -a, -o :
adj., of bone krodana f., lime-kiln :

kostanj : m., chestnut kre6iti to whitewash :

kosulja :
f., shirt, chemise kreitalica f., jay :

krava : f., cow kriv, -a, -o adj., curved, crooked, :

kradikesa m., pickpocket : tortuous, guilty nisam ja kriv, ;

kradljvac, -vca m., thief, robber : it's not fault ; uSiniti krivo, my
kradja: f., theft, larceny to do a wrong to any one
kraj., prep., next to, along .
krivaja f., curve :

kraj., m., end, extremity, country, krivac (-vca) m., criminal :

border, edge krivda : f., injustice, wrong

Pronounce j in James i, as a in measure
j as y in you
dj, d4, as ; ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church

u as oo ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in
cats as sh in shout. ; ;
kri] 26 [ku

kriviti to bend, to accuse

: krscanin :
m., krscanka, f., Chris-
krivica f., crime, fault : tian
kriz, kris m., semolina : kci f., daughter (kderi, pi.)

krijumc'ar m., smuggler : kuvar m., cook :

krijumdariti to smuggle : kuvati to boil, cook :

krilo : n., wing kugla f., ball, bullet,

krin :
m., lily marble
kristal m., crystal :
kuglanje n., skittles :

kridati (-<5im) to cry out, : shout kud, kuda adv., where, whither :

krletka : f., cage kuditi to blame, reproach


krma : f., rudder, tiller, helm kujna f., kitchen :

krmniti : to steer kukavica f., cuckoo, coward :

krman, krmano, krmar : m., pilot, kukati to lament, bewail :

helmsman kuku oh dear ! : !

krmilo rudder, tiller, helm

: n., kukuruz m., maize, Indian corn :

krov : m., roof kula f., tower

svetlilja kula, ;

kroz :
prep, (ace.), through, by, in lighthouse
(some days) kuluk m., enforced labour, corvee

kroj m., cut, mode, fashion

: kum, kumasin m., god-father :

kroja6 m., tailor : kuma, kumica f., god- mother :

krojadica f., dressmaker : kumfie n., godchild :

krompir, krumpir m., potato : kuna m., rabbit :

krpiti to mend :
kupaliSte n., bathing-place, batha :

krst m., cross

kupaonica f., bathroom :

krstarica f., cruiser :

kupati se to bathe, take a bath :

krstaski rat m., crusade :

kupatilo : n., bath, bathing-place,
krstionica f., font : baths
krstitelj : m., baptist kupac (-pea) m., buyer, purchaser

krstiti to baptize :
kupiti : to buy
krstiti to cross oneself:
kupus : m., cabbage kiseo kupus, ;

krtola f potato : . , sauer-kraut

krug m., circle, round
: kurac m., penis :

krugla : f., sphere, ball kurva f., prostitute :

kruzan, -zna, -zno adj., circular :

kurjak m., wolf :

kruna : f., crown kurjuk m., tress of hair, pigtail :

krunisati (-niem) : to crown kutija : f., box

krunisanje coronation : n., kuca :
f., house; kod ku6e, at
krupan, -pna, -pno adj., large, big : home
kruh m., bread ; krusac, loaf
: kudni, -na, -ne adj., domestic :

kruSka f., pear : kudnik m., ku6nica, f., house


kr6ma f., inn, public-house, pub

(vul.) kuhar, kuhad m., cook (man) :

krdmar m., innkeeper : kuharica, kuharka f., cook :

kr : m., rock krsan, -sna, -sno, ; (woman)

adj., rocky kuhati to cook, boil :

krSten, -a, -o :
adj., baptized, chris- kuhinja f., kitchen :

tened kucka : f., bitch

Pronounce dj dz, as : , in James ; z as a in measure j as y in you ; ;

m in opinion

Ij asin million
li nj as ; ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i as ah in shout.
lab] 27 [Hs

L, JI.

labud m., swan :

lenger m., anchor :

lav m., lion

: lavica, f., lioness ; lep, -a, -o :
adj., pretty, beautiful.
lavor m., laurel :
charming, nice ; to nije lepo oil
lagan, -a, -o adj., slow : vas, that is not nice of you
lagano adv., slowly, softly, gently
lepost, lepota f., beauty :

ladan, -dna, -dno adj., cold :

lepak (-pka) gum, glue :

ladja f., ship, vessel

lepiti to stick, to glue

Ia2 : f., lie, story lepljiv, -a, -o :

adj., sticky, gumrm
laza f., lazljivac, m., liar
lepeza fan : f.,
lazan, zna, -zno adj., false, lying :
leptir, lepir m., butterfly :

lazica f., spoon : leska : f., lesnjik, m., hazel-nut

lak, -a, -o adj., light, easy : lestve, lestvice : f., pi., ladder, pair
Inkfit (-kta) : m., elbow of steps
lakom, -a, -o :
adj., greedy let : m. , flight ; leteti, to fly
lampa : f., lamp letva : f., lath
Ian m., flax
: leti : adv., in summer
lanac, -nca m., chain :
letnji, -ja, -je :
adj., summer
lane adv., last year
: leto : n., summer
lanski adj., of last year : letovati (letujem) : to pass the
laskav, -a, -o adj., flattering : summer
laskavac (-vca): m., flatterer letos : adv., this summer
laskavati to flatter, cajole :
liturgija : f., liturgy
lastavica f., swallow (bird) : leca f., Ie6e, n., lentils

latin: m., catholic; latinski adj., leci (legnem) : to go to bed

Latin leci (lezem) : to hatch, brood, sit
leb, hleb m., bread :
upon (jaja, eggs)
lebac, hlebac m., a loaf of bread :
leSenje : n., cure, treatment, heal-
levak m., funnel :
ing, remedy
levati to pour : Ie6iti to cure, treat, heal

levi, -va, -vo : adj., left leCiti se : to recover, get better

levo adv., to the left
: lecnik m., doctor, physician :

legati (lezem) to go to bed : les m., lesina, f., corpse, carrion,


led : m., ice carcass

leden, -a, -o, ledan, -dna, -dno :
adj., li :
conj., Serbian interrogative
icy form ; znate li ? do you know 7
ledenica : f., ice-house etc.
ledenik m., glacier : livada : f., meadow
ledeti : to freeze livati, liti (lijern) : to cast, melt,
ledja : f., back found
lezati (lezim) to lie down, go to : livnica f., foundry :

bed, repose, to rest; ovde l;zi, lizati (lizem) to lick :

here lies m., lily liljan :

lek m., lekarstvo, n., medicine,

: m., tin, sheet- iron lim :

remedy, drug limun m., lemon :

lekar m., doctor :

lipa f., lime tree :

len, -a, -o, lenj adj., lazy, indolent lipanj m., June : :

lenjivac m., a lazy fellow :lisac m., lisica, f., fox :

lenjost f., laziness : liskun : m., mica

Pronounce :
dj, dz, as j in James z as s in measure j as y in you ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as eh in shout.
Ms] 28

list m., leaf, sheet (of paper)

opovluk : m., lopovStina, f., theft.
listopad m., the fall (of leaves), :
October opta : f.,ball (tennis, football, etc.)
litar : m., litre, liter (nearly 1J ocika : f., lettuce
pints) o, -a, -o :
adj., bad, unfavourable,
liti (lijem) : to pour, spread, fill, coarse
mould .ubanja : f., skull
lice : n. , face, countenance, air, iubenica : f., water-melon
person lud, -a, -o :
adj., mad, foolish,
liCan, -cna, -6no adj., personal :
stupid, insane
lifiiti na
to resemble, to look like : ludak m., madman, lunatic

Ii6no adv., personally

: ludeti, luditi to become mad, : in-
lifinost f., person, personality : sane
lov m., hunt, chase, shooting
: ludilo : n., insanity, madness
lovnc : m., huntsman, sportsman ludnica : f., mad-house, asylum
lovadki adj., of the hunt, sporting : ludovati (ludujem) : to play the
loviti to hunt, chase, shoot, fish
: fool
logor m., camp logoriti, to camp
: ; ludost f., insanity, madness

loa f., box (in a theatre)

: luk m., beli luk, garlic
: ; crni
loiiti (vatru) to make a fire, to : luk, onion
light a stove lukav, -a, -o :
adj., crafty, artful,
loiica f., spoon :
sly, cunning
loza f., vine : lukac m., crafty, cunning person :

loj m., tallow

: lukavost f., lukavstvo, n., deceit, :

lorn m., breakage, rupture

: craftiness, dodge, trick
loman, -mna, -mno adj., brsak lula f., pipe pusitilulu, to smoke : : ;

able, fragile a pipe

lomiti to break, smash :
lumpovati to go out on the spree, :

lonac (-nca) m., pot, jar, stock- to rag :

pot, saucepan lutka f., doll, marionette :

loncar m. potter lutrija

: f., lottery
, :

lopar m., lopata, f., shovel

: lustura f., tortoiseshell :

lopov m., thief, robber, sneak


Lj, JL.

Ijiljak : m., lilac ljubitelj : m., amateur

m., ljubiti : to kiss, caress, love
Ijiljan :
violet (flower)
ljubav f., love, affection, charity IjubiCica f.,
: ;

iz ljubavi prema . out of . .

ljubomoran, -rna, -rno : adj., jea-
love for u6initi kome ljubav, to ;
doa favour za ljubav, for love of ; ljubomornost : f., jealoxisy
ljubavan, -vna, -vno adj., loving : ljubopitan, -tna, -tno : adj., curious,
ljubavnik : m., lover inquisitive
n., ljubopitljvost, f.,
ljubazan, -zna, -zno adj., amiable, ljubopitstvo :

agreeable, charming, delightful curiosity, inquisitiveness

ljubaznica: f., paramour, mistress ljudi m., pi., men, people

ljubac m., kiss Ijudozder rn., cannibal


ljubica f., favourite, violet Ijudski

: adj., human, ordinary :

v , ljuljka: f., cradle
Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James z as a in measure j as y in you: ; ; ;

in million nj as ni in opinion c, 6, as c/i in church u as oo

Ij as li
; ;

in room h as ch in loch ; c as f* in cats s as sh in shout.

29 [mar
ljuljkati : to rock, lull
ljuska *, :
f., oii^ii, i/vy* ^wiocojicn
ljutnja : f., anger, rage,
ljut, -a, -o angry, irritated, ljutit adj., angry, furious
adj., :

furious (of food), sharp, peppery, ljutiti se to be angry, to get angry :


ljustura : f., tortoiseshell

M, M.
ma :
conj., but, even if malina : f., raspberry
rnagaza : f., magazin, m., store, malko adv., a little:

store-room, depot malo (manjecomp.,najmanjesup.):

magarac, -rca m., donkey, ass :
a little (less, least) ; za malo,
magla f., mist, fog : soon, in a little time malo kada, ;

maglen, -a, -o, maglovit : adj., rarely ; malo po malo, little by

little ; malo pre, a short time
misty, foggy
magnet : m., magnet ago u malo sto nisam pao, I all

magnetisati to magnetize :
but fell
magnuti (-gnem) to wink : malovaian, -2na, -2no :
adj., un-
madjije f., pi., magic : important
madjionik : rn., magician maloletnik m., minor :

madjionica :
f., sorceress, witch maloletnost: f., malolestvo, n.,
maz : m., grease, fat minority (in years)
mazati (maiem) to grease, oil : mama : f., mamma
mazga f., mazgov, m., mule
: mamac (-mca) :
m., bait
mazgar m., muleteer : mamiti : to bait
maziti : to caress, stroke, spoil (a mamuza spur : f. ,

child) mamuzati to spur on :

maj m., May

: manastir: m., monastery
maj a f., mamma :
mangal : m., brazier
maj dan m., mine (coal-mine, etc.)
mangup m., rascal, :
majka f., mother : waif, lazy fellow
majmun: m., majmunica, f., mandal m., bolt :

monkey manisati (-isem): to find fault,

major : m., major criticize
majstor m., master :
(builder, manjak : m., deficit
plumber, etc.) manji, -ja, -je adj., lesser, smaller :

majur : m., farm manjina : f., minority

majc'in: -a, -o :
adj., maternal, of marama, maramica: f., kerchief,
the mother scarf, handkerchief
mak :
m., poppy marva f., cattle :

makaze : f., pi., scissors mar m., care, trouble


makazar :
in., knife-grinder mariti: to take interest in ; marim
makaja : f., rake ja, it does not matter to me ne ;

makljati : to rake mari nita, it does not matter

malil, -la, -lo :
adj., small, little, marljiv, -a, -o :
adj., attentive,
young; mali bozic, the new year studious, careful ;

iz malena, from childhood marljivost: f., attention, applica-

malina f., minority, small number
: tion
of people mnrjaS m., 6 para, a halfpenny :

Pronounce dj, d, as j in James 4 as s in measure j as y in you

; ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion c, 6, as ch in church u as oo ; m ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ta in cats

3 as sh in shout. ; ;
mar] 30 [mi!

marks f., mark, stamp; postan-

: merdevine : f., pi., ladder, steps
ska markn, postage-stamp (pair of)
mart m., March : rneriti to measure, weigh :

marSa f., myrtle : mermer : m., marble

masak m., mule : mesar m., butcher :

niaska : f., mask mesarnica f., butcher's shop :

maslina : f., olive-tree mesec m., month, moon :

maslo : n., puter, m., butter mese6ina f., moonlight, mensura- :

mast : m., lard, fat, grease tion

mastan, -sna -sno :
adj., fat, greasy meseSni, -na, -no : adj., monthly ;

mastiti : to grease meseSno, adv.

mastilo : n., ink meseSnik m., calendar :

mastionica : f., ink-pot meso : n., meat

matematika : f., mathematics mesoz'der m., carnivorous animal :

materija : f., matter, material, mestan, -sna, -sno adj., local :

stuff mesto n., place, position : na , ;

materinski adj., maternal : xi instead of ,

materinstvo n., maternity : mesto prep, (gen.), instead of, for


maceha f., step-mother : meta f., target :

mahovina f., moss : metak m., cartridge, shot (with


mad :m., sword a rifle)

maSevati to fence metal m., metal
: :

ina<5ak m., tom-cat : metar m., metre (meter) :

mafika f., cat : metvica f., mint, peppermint :

mnSala f., torch : metla f., broom, besom :

masina f., matches, machine : metnuti (metnem), metati (me6om):

maslija f., cravat, tie : to put, to place na rafiun, to ;

me, mene pron., me put on the bill


megdan m., battle-field, single

: mehana f., inn, public -house :

combat mehadija m., inn-keeper :

med m., brass

: mehur m., bubble, blister :

med m., honey

: mesavina f., mixture :

meden, -a, -o of brass adj., brazen mesati to mix, shuffle : ; :

medeni mesec m., honeymoon mesovit, -a, -o adj., mixed

: :

medovina f., mead meste prep., instead of, for

: :

medal j a f., medal : mi pron., we mi Srbi, we Serbs : ;

medved m., bear :

mig m., wink, sign :

medju prep, (ace., inst.), between, migati, mignuti to wink

: :

among mider m., corset, stays :

medjunarodan, -dna, -dno adj., in- milijun m., num. million : :

ternational milo mi je I am pleased, glad :

medjutirn adv., however milovati

(milujem): to caress,
mek, -a, -o adj., soft, tender stroke, make a fuss of

mekinje f., pi., bran : milosrdan, -dna, -dno adj., charit- :

melj : m., hop (plant) able

menjati to change, exchange : milosrdnik m., brother of charity :

menjac m., money-changer : milosrdnica f., sister of charity :

mera f., measure, measurement milosrdje n., charity, pity

: iz ;
: ;

po meri, to measure, by measure milosrdja, out of charity

Pronounce dj, d, as in James z as s in measure j as y in you
_;' ; ; ;

as li in million nj as ni in opinion 6, 3, as ch in church u as oo
; ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as t* in cats S as ah in shout.

; ; ;
mil] 31 [mok
milost : f., grace, indulgence, misao (misli), thought, idea
: f.
favour ; udinite mi tu milost, do misliti to think, reason, reflect

me this favour mitropolit : m., metropolitan, arch-

milostan, -tna, -tno :
adj., charm- bishop
ing, delightful, fascinating, ami- mis :
m., mouse slepi mid, bat ;

able misi6 m., muscle


milostiv, -a, -o :
adj., gracious, in- miska : f., armpit
dulgent, charitable misljenje : n., reflexion, thought,
milostinja f., alms : advice
milja f., mile
mlad, -a, -o :
adj., young, new,
inimo prep, (ace.), next to, before,
: fresh
near, against, in front of mlad mesec, mladina : the new
minder m., mattress : moon
mineral : m., mineral mladenac, mlad id m., :
ministar: m., minister young man, adolescent
ministar-predsednik m., premier, : mladost : ., youth, adolescence
prime- minister mladunac : m., mladunce, n., the
ministarski adj., ministerial :
young of an animal
ministarstvo n., ministry, ad- : rnlekar m., milkman, dairyman

ministration spolj nih poslova, ; mlekarnica : f., dairy, milk-shop

Foreign Affairs (Foreign Office) ; mleko : n., milk
unutraSnjih poslova, of the In- mleti (meljem): to grind (flour, etc.)
terior (Home Office) ; finansija, mlecan, -6na, -6no adj., milky :

of Finance (Treasury) ; vojno, of mlin : m., mill parni mlin, steam ;

War (War Office); pravde, of mill

Justice prosvete crkvenih
; mlinar : m., miller
poslova, of Education and Public mlinac : m., coffee-mill
Worship (Board of Education) ; mnogo adv., much, many, lot;

gradj evina, of Public Works ne mnogo, not much vrlo ;

(Board Works); privrede, of mnogo, very much

of Agriculture and Commerce mnogobrojan, -jna, -jno :
(Board of Agriculture) (Board of numerable, many
Trade) mnozina, mnozina : f., quantity,
minut m., minute
: crowd
mio, mila, milo adj., dear, charm- : mnoziti to multiply :

ing mogucan, -6na, -cno : adj., possible.

mir : m., peace, repose, calm, capable
silence moguce : adv., possibly
rniran, -rna, -rno
: f., mogucstvo, n., pos-
adj., quiet, mogucnost
silent, peaceful sibility, means
miraz m., dowry
: moda f mode, fashion : . ,

miris : m., perfume, smell, odour moderan, -rna, -rno : adj., modern
mirisav, -a, -o, mirisljiv, -a, -o : mozda adv., perhaps :

adj., perfumed, aromatic, sweet- mozdina f., marrow (in bone) :

smelling mozak m. (mozga), brain :

mirisati (mirisem) to smell sweet moj, -ja, -je : pron., my, mine

miriti to quieten, appease, calm

: rnokar, -kra, -kro adj., wet, :

mirno : adv., peacefully, quietly soaked ; doknie, to the skin

mirta f., myrtle
: mokriti : to wet, soak, to pass water
Pronounce : dj, di., as j in James I as s in measure j as y in you ; ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sA in shout.
mok] 32 [mus
mokrada f., urine : mrvica : f., crumb
molba f., request, prayer,:
petition mreia : f., network, net ; za ribu,
moler m., artist, painter
molitva f., prayer (to God) : mreti (mrem) to die :

moliti to pray, beg. ask, request

mrinja f., mrzost, f., hatred, dis-

molim vas if you please : like

moliti se (Bogu) to pray (to God) : mrzak, mrska, mrsko adj., hate- :

momak m. (mom6e, vocative), : ful, odious, abominable

youth, big boy, bachelor, waiter mrziti : to hate, detest
momfie, momc'ic in., : little boy mrznuti se (mrznem se) to freeze :

monah m., monk : mrk adj., black, dark brown


mora : f., nightmare mrkva : f., carrot

morati : to be necessary, must, mrlja : f., mark, spot
need, to be obliged moram idi, ; mrljati to dirty :

I must go mrsan, -sna, -sno adj., fat, greasy, :

more: n..Sea: Sredozemno Crveno, rich (of food)

Belo ili Jegejsko, Crno, Mrtvo, mrtav, -tva, -tvo adj., dead, in- :

Kaspijsko, Jadransko, Mediter- animate

ranean, Red, White or .'Egean, mrtvac m., corpse, dead body :

Black, Dead, Caspian, Adriatic mrtvadki sanduk m. coflin : f

moriti se to get tired mrcina f., mrsa, f., carrion

: :

mornar m., sailor, seaman mriav, -a, -o adj., thin (of people)
: :

morski adj., sea, marine : muva (muha) f., fly :

most m., bridge

: mudrac m., philosopher :

motka f., pole, stick : mudrost f., wisdom, philosophy :

mo6 f., power, force, strength

: mui m., husband :

mocan, -cna, -cno :

adj., strong, muka : f., suffering, pain, trouble
powerful, mighty i mi k a : f., flour
mo6nost f., power, strength : mula f., mule:

modi (mogu, mozes, moze), to be munara f., minaret :

able, may, to know mundir m., uniform, coat :

mosnje, moSnjice: f., pl. f scrotum munja f., lightning :

mrav m., ant : musliman, muslo:nan m., Mus- :

mravinjak m., ant-hill : sulman, Moslem

mraz m., frost, intense cold
: musti (muzem) to milk :

inrazan, -zna, -zno adj., frosty, : mustra f., sample :

icy, very cold mutan, -tna, -tno adj., troubled :

mrak : m., darkness, obscurity, (water), cloudy

gloaming u mrak, in the
; twi- muha : f., fly
light ; po mraku, groping muhamedanac : m., Mahometan
mramor : m., marble mu6an, -6na, -5no :
adj., painful,
mrasa : f., measles difficult
mracan, -Sna, -5no :
adj., dark, ob- muCati (muSim) to be quiet, silent :

scure mucenik m., martyr :

mradna komora : f., dark-room muciti to torment, torture


mrac'iti se (mra6i -e) : to get dark mu6no adv., with great difficulty,

narva: f., crumb (not crust) of trouble

bread muski :
adj., male, masculine

Pronounce : James 4 as s in measure j as

dj, dz, as j in ; ; y in you ;

Ij as U in million nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church

; ; u as otr

In room ; h as cA in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shcvt.

na] 33 [nap

N, H.
na prep., to, on, in, on to, by;
nadigrati : to win (at games)
dete je palona zemlju, the child nado : n., steel
fell down ; Siveti na ostrvu, to naduriti se to solk :

live on an island ; na kolima, by nadjubriti to manure :

carriage na istoku, in the east ; ; nazad, nazada adv., back, back- :

na primer, for example wards

nabavljati : to procure, furnish, nazadan, -dna, -dno adj., reaction- :

supply ary
na blizu adv., near by : nazdravica f., toast, health :

nabor m., fold, wrinkle

: nazdraviti to drink a health, toasl :

na brzo adv., soon, quickly

: na zdravlje Your health ! !

navada f., habit, custom : naziv : m., name, term

navek adv., always, for ever
: na izust adv., by heart

navika f., habit, custom, practice

naj most (superlative affix) :

navikavati, naviknuti (naviknem) najam m., letting, hiring ; dati : :

to be used to, accustomed to pod najam, to let

naviknuti se to get accustomed, najbrze adv., as quick as possible
: :

used najve6i, -ca, -de adj., the greatest, :

navlaka f., pillow case, covering

navrh prep., on the top of
najedno sudden : adv., of a
naglasak m., accent :
najezda f., invasion :

nagluh, -a, -o, nagluv, -a, -o :

adj., najzad adv., at last, finally

deaf najmanje: adv., the least

nagnuti se (nagneni se) to lean, to :
najposle: adv., at last, finally
lean out najpre adv., first of all

nagovoriti to persuade : nakit m., jewel


nagon m., instinct, impulse

: naknada : f., compensation, in-
iiagrada f., reward, recompense,
remuneration, prize, wages, salary naknaditi : to compensate
uagraditi, nagradjivati (-djujem) : na kraj prep, (gen.), at the end of

to reward, remunerate, recom- nalog m., order


pense naloziti : to order

nad, nada prep, (ace., inst.) : : on, f., intention, object, pur-
above, over pose
nad m., nada, f., hope
: nameran, - -rno :
adj., inten-
nada f., steel
: tioned
na daleko adv., far : off nameriti, nameravati : to intend,
nadanje n., hope : to mean, to propose to
nadati se to hope, to expect :
nameStaj m., furniture, household :

nadgroban, -bna, -bno adj., :

funereal namesten, -a, -o adj., furnished :

nadgrobno slovo n., funeral speech : naniz m., necklace


nadgrobni kamen : m., tombstone nanovo : adv., anew

nadgrobni, natpis : m., epitaph naocari m., pi., spectacles

nadezda : f., hope napad m., attack, charge


na desno adv., to the right

napadati, napasti, napadem to at- :

nadzornik m., inspector : tack, charge

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as a in measure ; j as y in you ;

Ij as Zi in million nj as ; m
in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo
in room h as ch in loch ; o as t* in cats ; 6 as ah in shout.
nap] 34 [nez

na pamet : adv., by heart nau6an, -5na, -Cno :

adj.. Je-arned,
naplata : f., payment, pay scientific
na poljeadv., iei, to go out: nauciti to learn, teach

na poljuadv., outside : naucnik m., scientist :

napomena f., note, observation, : nadelnik : m., director, chief ;

remark , okrufcni , prefect sreski ;

na posletku adv., at last, finally :

napred prep., forward, in front
: nafielstvo n., prefecture :

nanredovati to advance nadin in., manner, method, way ;

: :

naprotiv adv., on the contrary : na svaki nadin, in any case

naravno adv., naturally, of course nas, -a, -e pron., our
: :

na ravno adv., equally :nasto ? why T

naramnici m., pi., braces ne adv., no, not
: :

narandza f., orange nebesa n., pi., the heavens, skies

: , :

naredba ., order, rule, prescrip- noblagodaran, -rna, -rno

adj., uu- :

tion grateful
narediti : to order, command, pre- neblagodarno3t f., ingratitude

scribe nebo : n., sky, heaven

narednik m., sergeant-major :
nebrojen, -a, -o adj., innumerable :

narod m., people, nation, crcwd

: nebula f., niece (sister's daughter) :

narodan, -dna, -dno adj., national, nevaljalac m., scapegrace, good- : :

popular for-nothing fellow, waster

narodiiost f., nationality neven m., marigold
: :

uarocit, -a, -o adj., special, parti- neverovatan, -tna, -tno adj., in-
: :

cular credible
narocito adv., especially, on pur- neverovatnost : f., unlikelihood,
pose improbability
narurneniti to blush : nevesta f., fiancee, bride :

na sarno adv., alone :

nevidljiv, -a, -o :
adj., invisible
naseliti : to colonize, to people nevin, -a, -o :
adj., innocent, can-
naskoro adv., soon : did, chaste
nasledak : m., inheritance, succes- nevinost f., innocence :

sion negda adv., formerly


naslediti to inherit, succeed :

negde : somewhere adv.,
naslednji, -ja, -jo adj., hereditary :
nego coiij., than, but

naslednik m. f heir, successor : nedavno adv., not long ago :

naslednica f., heiress :

nedolja f., Sunday, week: : na
nasledstvo, nasledje : n., inherit- nedelju, by the week velika or ;

ance strasna nedelja, Holy Weelx ;

naslov m., title, inscription, ad-
: svetla nedelja, Easter week
dress nedeljno adv., weekly :

naslonjafia f., armchair :

nedovoljan, -jna, -jno adj., in- :

nasred prep., in the middle of

: sufficient
ti, nastavljati to continue, : nedra : n., pi., breast, bosom
go on with nezavisan, -sna, -sno :
adj., inde-
naipis m., inscription, address
natrag prap., back, backwards
: nezavisnost f., independence :

naci (nadjem) to find, discover :

nezadovoljan, -jna, -jno adj., dis- :

nauka f., science

: satisfied
Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James ; z as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ;

Ij as li in million nj as
; m
in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ;
u as on
in room ; h aa ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as eh in shout.
nez] 35 [ties

nezadovoljnost f., nezadovoljstvo, :

neodgovoran, -rna, -rno :
adj., irre-
n., dissatisfaction, displeasure sponsible
nezakonit, -a, -o adj., illegal :
rieodgovornost f., irresponsibility :

nezakonitost f., illegality :

neodlufian, -cna, -dno adj., un- :

nezahvalan, -Ina, -Ino :

adj., un- decided
grateful neodluc'nost : f., indecision
nezahvalnost : f., ingratitude nepazljiv, -a, -o adj., inattentive :

nezgoda f., inconvenience, dis-

iiepazljivost, uepnznja f., inatten- :

comfort tion
nezgodan, -dna, -dno adj., in- :
nepismen, adj., illiterate -a, -o :

convenient, uncomfortable neplodan, -dna, -dno adj., sterile :

nezdrav, -a, -o adj., unhealthy :

nepogoda f., storm, tempest :

neznaboiac m., heathen :

nepoznat, -a, -o adj., unknown :

neizvestan, -tna, -tno :

adj., un- nepokretan, -tna, -tno adj., im- :

certain movable
neizleiv :
adj., incurable neposlusan, -sna, -sno, nepokoran,
neiskren, a, adj., insincere, -rna, -rno adj., disobedient :

fals neposluSnost, nepokornost p., dis- :

nek, neka :
conj., that obedience
nekakav, -kva, -kvo :
pron., some, nepotreban, -bna, -bno adj., use- :

certain less, unnecessary

nekati (neSem) to deny :
neprav, -a, -o adj., unjust, wrong :

neki, -ka, -ko^ pron., some one or nepravda f., injustice I :

other neprestano : adv., constantly

neko, nekoji pron.. some one, one neprijatan, -tna, -tno adj.,
: :

nekolika m., n., pi., iiokolike, f.,

pi., pron., some neprijatnost f., unpleasantness :

nekoliko pron., some :

neprijatelj m., neprijateljica, :
nekretan, -tna, -tno adj., im- enemy :

movable, fixed neprijatelj ski : adj., hostile

nem adj., mute
neprijateljstvo n., hostility :

nemak m., nemkinja, f., mute

nepristojan, -jna, -jno adj., rude, :

nemar :
m.,nemarljivost, f., nemar- impertinent, insolent
nost, f., negligence, indolence, :

nepristojanost f., impertinence, :

laziness rudeness
nemaran, -rna, -rno, nemarljiv, -a, nepromenljiv, -a, -o adj., irivari. :

-o adj., indifferent, negligent

able, unchangeable
nemati (nemam) not to have : ; .

nepce (nepceta) : n., nepca (ne-

neraa nista, there is nothing baca) : n., pi., the palate (of the
nemilost m., unkindness:
nemilostiv, -a, -o : unkind nerandia f., orange

nemoj, nemojmo, nemojte but no! neraspoloien, -a, -o

adj., ill- :

don't !
tempered, grumpy
nemotSan, -6na, -6no :
adj., weak, nered m., confusion, disorder, un- :

feeble tidiness
nenadan, -dna, -dno adj., un- I neredovan, -vna, -vno adj., : irre-
expected gular, untidy
neobifian, -6no adj., extra-
-6na, :. . . ne samo nego not only
. . . :

ordinary, strange, curious I but also

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James i as s in measure j as y in you ;
; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo ;

in room h as ch in loch
; c as is in cats as ah in shout. ; ;
nes] 36 [noc

nesvestica, nevestnost f., faint, : niko :

pron., nobody
syncope, loss of consciousness nikoji :
pron., nobody
nesiguran, -ma, -rno : adj., un- nikoliko adj., not at all

certain nikud adv., nowhere:

nesigurnost f., uncertainty : nimalo adv., not at all :

nespokojan, -jna, -jno adj., anxi- nisam, nisi, nije, nismo.niste, nisu t

ous I am not, thou art not, etc. ...

nesposoban, -bna, -bno adj., in- nitko pron., nobody : :

capable niSan m., target :

nesposobnost f., incapacity nisaniti : to take aim, to point :

nesreda f., misfortune, disaster, nista pron., nothing

: :

accident niStiti to annihilate, destroy :

nesrecan, -6na, -6no adj., un- no conj., but : :

happy, unfortunate, unlucky, nov, -a, -o adj., new, fresh, re- :

fatal cent s nova, again, over again ;

netadan, -6na, -5no adj., inexact, Nova Godina f., New Year: :

incorrect novae m., money sitan novae, : ;

necak m., nephew (son of sister)

: small change imate li novactx ;

necakinja f., niece (daughter of :kod sebe ? have you any money
sister) on you T
neudata adj unmarried ( of a girl )
: . , novembar m., November :

neumeren, -a, -o adj., intemperate, :

novine f., pi., newspaper, news :

immoderate I
novinar m., journalist :

neumerenost f., intemperance : novinarstvo n., journalism :

neumoran, -rna, -rno adj., inde- :

novorodjen, -a, -o adj., nev.-ly- :

fatigable, untiring born

neuredaii, -dna, -duo :
adj., dis- novost f., news :

orderly, untidy novfinnik m., novSanica, f., purse :

neuspeh m., failure : novdid m., kreutzer :

nedist, -a, -o : adj., dirty, impure noga foot, leg

: f.,
nec'ovec'an, -6na, -6no : adj., in- noi (noievi) m., knife :

human noii6 : m., pocket-knife

nesto pron., something, a little
: notice f., pi., scissors :

ni conj., nor; ni .
: . ni, neither nozdrva f., nostril . :

. nor
. .
noj., m., ostrich
nigda adv., never : nokat (nokti) m., finger-nail :

nigde adv., nowhere

: norac (-rca) m., diver :

nize prep., below, lower

: nos m. nose ide mi krv na nos, : , ;

nizi adj., lower, inferior

my nose is bleeding
niz prep, (ace.), going down
: niz nosafi m., porter ; :

vodu, down stream nosila n., pi., stretcher :

nizak, niska, nisko adj., low nositi to carry: :

nijedan, -dna, -dno adj., not one, nosnica f., nostril : :


none, nobody nosorog m., rhinoceros :

nikad, -a adv., never : no6 f., night :

nikakav, -kva, -kvo pron., none, no6u, no6om adv., during tht : :

not any night, at night laka (dob raj ;

nikako adv., not at all, by no

: noc good-night ! !

nodas adv., to-night :

Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in yon ;
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, f as ch in church ; u as oo ,

in room ;
h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout.
nodj 37 [obi

nociti to spend the night

nuzdan, -dna, -dno adj., necessary :

no6ni, -na, -no adj., nocturnal, of : nuznik m., water-closet ici u :

the night nuiiiik, i6i na polje, to go to the
nocnik m., chamber : w.c. za gospodje, for ladies za ; ;

noSiija : f., nosivo, n., costume, gospodu, for men

dress nula f., nought, zero :

nu conj., but
nurija : f., parish
uuzda f., necessity, need
nurijaS : m., parishioner

njakanje : n., bray njiskati, njiStati (-stim) to neigh :

njakati (njafiem) to bray :

njihati (njiiem): to rock, swing
njegov, -a, -o pron., his :
njihov, -a, -o, njin, -a, -o pron., :

njezin, -a, -o, njen, -a, -o pron. their

her njuska : f., muzzle, snout
njisak m., neigh :

0, 0.
o :
prep., about, towards, on obilnost : f., obilje, n., abundance
o interj., oh
: ! obim : m., circumference
oba, obe, oboje adj., both : obi6i se (obiknem se) to get accus- :

obavezan, -zna, -zno, or obvezan : tomed, to get used

adj., compulsory, binding, obliga- obidaj m., custom, fashion, usage,

tory habit po obi<5aju, as a rule


obavezati or obvezati (obavezem) : obifian, -6na, -dno: adj., usual,

to compel, force, oblige ordinary, common, custom iry
obavezati se, obvezati se to under- : obicno adv., usually, as a rule

take, promise kao obidno, as usual

obaveznica, obveza f., obligation objava f., announcement, order, : :

obavestiti to inform advertisement, notice, publica-


obaveltenje n., information tion :

obadva, -dve, -dva adj., both objaviti, objavljivati (-ljujem) to : :

obadvojica f., the two, both publish, announce, declare


obala f., bank (river), coast, shore objasniti to explain, interpret

: :

obao, obla, oblo adj., round objasnjenje, objasnjavanje n., ex- : :

obaska adv., separately : planation

obe f., pi., both
: oblak m., cloud :

obe6avanje n., obe6anje, n., oblast f

province, territory, : . ,

promise country, authority

obecavati, obedati to promise oblastan, -tna, -tno adj., terri- : :

obesenjak m., gallows-bird, scoun- torial


drel oblacan, -6na, -6no adj., cloudy :

obzir m., consideration, regard; obladiti se to dress

: :

u obziru, in consideration of obligacija f., obligation '


obzirati se to consider, think over obliznji, -nja,

-nje : adj., near,
obzirom adv., in consideration of
obilan, -Ina, -Ino adj., abundant, oblica f., pole, stick : :

plenty obloga f., poultice I


Pronounce dj, di,, as j in James ; i as s in measure

j as ; y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni, in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as in cats 5 as sh in shout. i.-. ;
obumna : f., illusion, fraud, decep- ovo, -godisnji, -godnji :
adj., of this
tion year
obmanuti to deceive, take in :
ovoj m., poultice

obnavljati to renew, remake : ovratnica f., cravat, tie :

obnoviti to renew, repair, remake : ovca f., sheep (ovce, f., pi.)

obodci : m., pi., ear-rings ovfiar m., shepherd:

oboje n., obojica, f., both

: ovSarica, ovSarka f., shepherdess :

oboleti, obolestiti : to fall ill ovSevina f., mutton :

obor m., enclosure (land)

: ovfiina : f., sheep-skin
obradovati to please, give pleasure, : ovdica : f., lamb
rejoice ovcji, -ja, -je adj., of sheep :

obradovati so : to be pleased, to ogledalo n., mirror, looking-glass :

rejoice ogledati se to look at oneself, to ba :

obraz m., cheek, face: reflected

obrazina f., mask ognojiti se
: to suppurate :

obrazov, -a, -o, obrazovan, -vna, ognjiSte n., hearth, fire-place :

-vno adj., educated, civilized, ograda f., enclosure, hedge, pal-

: :

cultured ing, fence

obrazovanje n., development, cul- :
ograditi, ogradjivati to enclose, :

ture, education hedge, fence

obrazovati (-zujem): to educate, ogrepsti (ogrebem) to scratch :

develop ogrlica f., necklace :

obrva f., eyebrow :

ogrozd, ogroz m., gooseberry :

obrijati (obrijem) to shave :

ogroman, -mna, -rnno :
adj., enorm-
obrisafi duster, dish-cloth : in., ous, gigantic
obrok m., ration, portion: od, oda : prep, (gen.), of, from,
obru6 m., hoop, circle : since, than ; od kad, since
obuzeti (-uzmem) to seize, take : when
obutise (obujemse), obuvatise to oda f., ode : :

put on (socks, shoes, etc.) odavde, oda vie : adv., from here, of
obu6a f., covering for the feet
: here
(boots, shoes, etc.) odavno : adv., since a long time,
obudar m., boot-maker, cobbler:
obu6i se (obudem se) to dress (one- : odakle adv., whence, from where

self) odande :adv., from there

ovaj, ova, ovo :
pron., this, these odatle : adv., from there, here
ovakav, ovaki :
pron., this, these, odbor : m., committee, council,
like, such commission
ovako : adv., thus, in this man |
odborni, odborski adj., of a com- :

ner mittee
ovamo: adv., here, over here ; odi odbornik m., member of com- :

ovamo come here ! ! mitteo, counsellor

ovamo onamo here and there : odviSe adv., too much :

ovas m. (zob, m. ), oats

: odvratan, -tna, -tno adj., disgust- :

ovdaSnji, -ja, -je adj., of here, of :

ing, repulsive
this place odvratnost f., disgust, dislike, :

ovde adv., hero : aversion

ovde onde here and there : odvrta6 m., screw-driver :

ovo pron., this

odgovor m., answer reply :

Pronounce dj, : di, as j in James 4 as in measure

; j as y in you ; ;

j as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion 6, C, as ch in church
; u as oe ;

in room ;
h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout.
odg] 39

odgovoran, -rna, -rno adj., n., retreat, retirement : re- odstupanje :

sponsible, liable odstup, -ati, -iti to retreat, retire :

odgovoriti to answer, reply odsutan, -tna, -tno adj., absent

: :

odgovornost f., responsibility odsustvovati to be absent

: :

odelo n., clothes, garments

: odsustvo : n., absence
odeliti to separate, divide
odug, -a, -o : adj., oblong
odeljak m., odeljenje, n., section, oduzati : to lengthen

department, quarter oduzeti (oduzmem), oduzimati to :

odeada adv., from behind

subtract, deduct
odjek m., echo:
oduzimanje n., subtraction :

odjekivati, odjeknuti (-nem) : to oieg m., poker :

echo, resound ozeniti se: to marry (of a man)

odlaganje n., postponement :
ozenjen, -8, -o adj., married :

odlazak (odlaska) m., departure, : ozeci (ofezem) : to burn

exit, way out ozujak : m., March
odlaziti : to depart, leave ozad adv., from behind

odliv m., ebb-tide, low- tide

ozbilja, ozbiljnost : f., seriousneb*,

odlikovanje n., distinction, decor- :

severity, gravity
ation ozbiljan, -jna, -jno adj., serious, :

odlikovati (-kujem) to decorate :

(with an order, etc.) ozbiljno, ozbiljski : adv., seriously,
odlikovati se (-kujem) to dis- :
tinguish oneself ozdraviti : to cure, heal, get better
odlidan, -cna, -6no adj., excell?nt, : ozebao, -bla, -bio : adj., frozen, icy
eminent, illustrious, distinguished ozepsti (ozebem) : to take (catch)
odloiiti, odlagati (-laiem) to post- : cold
pone, put off oznojti se (oznojim se) : to sweat,
odmah : adv., immediately perspire
odmor, odmorak m., rest, repose, :
oj :
interj., oh !
half oje : n., carriage-pole
odmoran, -rna, -rno : adj., rested okean m., ocean :

odmoriti se : to rest, repose okle adv., whence:

odobraviti : to approve oklevetati to calumniate :

odrastao, -sla, -slo :

adj., adult, oklopnica f., ironclad :

grown up oko prep. (gen. ), about, towards


odred m., detachment

: oko : n., eye ; o6i (ociju), f., pi. ;

odredba f., definition :

slepo oko, n., temple (of head; ;

odrediti : to define, fix, determine imati dobro oko, to have good

odredjen, -a, -o :' adj., decided, sight ; u detiri oka, tete-a-tete ;

determined, fixed to pada u ofii, it is obvious

odreci (odrec'eni), odricati (odri- okolina : f., okolica, f., surround-
c'em ) deny, renounce, to break
ings, neighbourhood
one's word okolni, -na, -no :
adj., neighbour-
odrecan, -6na, -6no adj., negative :
ing, round about
odseliti so to emigrate : okolo : prep, (gen.), about, sur-
od?eci (odsccem) to carve, slice :
rounding, round about
odsecak m., slice, segment: okonSati, okondavati to finish :

od skora adv., recently :

okopati : to dig
od* eka ebb-tide, low-tide: okratiti to shorten :

Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in t/cm ;

Ij as it in million ; nj as nt in opinion : 6. C, as c.h in chttrcli : u as 00

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; & as sh in shout..
okr] 40

okrenutise (okrenem, etc.): to turn opek m., opeka, f., brick


okretati (okredem) to turn, turn :

operacija f., operation :

round opet adv., again


okre&iti : to white-wash opetak m., heel (of a shoe) :

okriviti : to accuse opiljci (Ijaka) m., pi., filings :

okrug : m., district opis m., description


okrugao, -gla, -glo :

adj., round, opisati, opisivati to describe :

circular, rotund opisati podrobno to give details :

okruglina, okruglost : f., roundness, oplakati (oplafiem), oplakivati, to

rotundity mourn, lament
okruzni nac'elnik m., Prefect :
opna f., membrane

oktobar : m., October opomenuti se, opominjati se : to

olaj m., linseed-oil
: remember, to recall oneself
olovan, -vna, -vno, olovski adj., :
oprostiti to forgive, pardon :

lead oprostiti se to say good-bye :

olovka f., pencil :

opsada f., siege :

olovo n., lead :

opsaditi, opsadjivati (-djujem) : to
oltar : m., altar besiege, invest
oluja f., storm, tempest
opsadnik m., besieger :

oluk m., gutter, eaves

opsec m., heel (of a shoe)

omak m., omakinja f., foal

: :
optuzenik m., accused :

omraza : f., hatred optufcivanje n., accusation :

on, ona, ono pron., he, she, it optuiivati (-2ujem), optuziti to

: ; :

oni, one ; ona, they accuse

onaj, ona, ono pron., that one, opustiti : to devastate, sack

that opustoaenje : n., devastation

onajz m., aniseed :
opsiran, -rna, -rno adj. .extensive, :

.onakav, -kva, -kvo pron., of this vast :

kind, sort op&irno adv., fully, in detail :

onako adv., thus, in this way

opti, -ta, -to adj., general, com- :

onanio adv., there, over there

mon, public
onda adv., then, and then, aiter opstina : f., municipality, parish,

that town-hall
onde adv., there, by there
opstinar : m., counsellor
onolik, -i, -a, -o pron., of this size opstinski : adj., municipal, paro

onoliko adv., as much as : chial

onomad adv., the day before optinski sud : m., town-hall

yesterday orao (orla) m., eagle :

op : interj., hop
! orah m., walnut ! :

opadanje n., fall, descent, slope : orahovina f., walnut wood :

opaclati to fall (of leaves) :

orguljar m., organist :

opax.iti to notice, observe

orgulje n., organ :

opaklija: f., sheepskin orden m., order, decoration :

onanak m., opanka, m., opanke, oriz m., rice

: :

p!., ncrbian sandals orijai m. )4giant :

npancar in., sandal maker : orman m., cupboard :

opasan, -sna, -sno adj., dangerous orudje n., tool, instrument

: :

opasnost : f., danger, peril, risk oruzati to arm :

opasti (opadnem) to grow thin oruzje n., weapon, arms

: :

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James ; as a in measure

j as y in you ;

}} as li in million nj as in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church

; u as oo m ; ;

iii room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout.

OS] 41 [otk

os m., osa, f., wasp

: osoban, -bna, -bno adj., personal, :

osam num. eight

: individual
osama f., solitude, isolation
: osobeni adj., particular, special

osamdeset num. eighty : osobina : f., speciality, quality

osamiti : to isolate osobit, -a, -o : adj., particular,
osamnaest num. eighteen :
special, distinct, characteristic,
osvedofiiti to bear witness :
osveta f., vengeance, revenge
: osobito adv., separately, particu-

osvetan, -tna, -tno, osvetljiv : re- apart

vengeful osobnost f., personality, individu-

osvetiti to revenge, avenge

osvetnik : m., osvetnica, f., avenger osovina f., axle, axle-tree

osvetiti, osvecivati : bless, ordain osoliti to salt


osvetliti to illuminate, light

ospa f., rash, eruption

osvetljenje n., light, illumination :

ospice f., pi., spots

osvitak m., day-break, dawn

: ostaviti to leave :

osvojiti to conquer : ostavka : f., resignation, abdication

oseban, -bna, -bno isolated : ostali, -la, -lo :
adj., remaining
osedlati to saddle : m., pi., the rest, remains ; ostali :

osem, osim: prep. (gen. ), excepting, u ostalom, besides

besides ostareti (-rim) to age, get old :

osetan, -tna, -tno adj., sensitive, ostatak m., rest, remains, residue : :

susceptible ostati (ostanem) to remain, per- :

osetiti, osecati to feel sist :

osetljiv, -a, -o adj., sensitive, ostrvo, ostrovo : n., island, isle


ticklish ostrvce : n., islet

osetljivost ., susceptibility, sensi- ostriga, ostrica f., oyster
: :

tiveness ostrica : f., the edge (of a knife)

osecaj m., feeling, sensitiveness
ostroga : f., blackberry
csigurati to insure, assure
: osuda f., sentence :

osiguranje n., insurance, assurance

: osuditi : to sentence, condemn
osinjak m., wasp's nest :
(na smrt, to death)
osica : f., wasp osudjenik m., condemned, pris- :

oslar m., donkey-boy, muleteer

: oner, convict
osloboditi to deliver, set free : osusiti : to dry
oslobodjenje n., deliverance otac (oca) : m., father

osmevati se to smile otadzbina f., otaCastvo, n., father-

: :

osmejak, osmeh m., smile land :

osmi, -a, -o adj., the eighth otvor : m., opening


osmina : f., an eighth otvoren, -a, -o : adj., open, frank,

osnova : f., base, plan, foundation, sincere
bottom otvoreno adv., openly :

osnovan, -vna, -vno : elemen- otvoriti to open

adj., :

tary oti6i (otidem) to go away :

osnovna Skola f., :

elementary otkada adv., since when

school otkar m., refusal, renunciation


osnovati, osnivati : to ground, otkazati (otkazem) to refuse :

found, create otkrivati, otkriti (-ijem) to dis- :

osoba f., person, individual

: cover, expose, invent
Pronounce dj, di, as j in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you
: ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo; m

in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout.
otk] 42 [pak

otkuda : whence
o6ekivanje : n., expectation, wait-
otmica f rape : .

otmicar m., ravisher : oSekivati (-kujem) to expect, :

otocanin m., islander : wait for

otpraviti, otpravljati : to send, o<$ena m., Pater noster, tiia :

despatch Lord's prayer

otpravnik m., sender oSi : f., pi. (oeiju), eyes :

otpravnik, poslova charge d'- oCin, oSev ndj., of the father : :

affaires oSinci m., pi., small shot :

otpust m., leave, furlough

: oCistiti to clean, purify, to wash :

otpustiti to send away (of people)

otputovati: to leave (by carriage, oit, -a, -o adj., evident, clear :

horse, etc.) ofini kapak m., eyelid :

otrov m., poison, venom

: ocuh m., stepfather :

otrovan, -vna, -vno adj., poison- odzak m. (dimnjak), chimney; : :

ous, venomous Cistiti , to sweep a chimney,

otrovati to poison : odzafiar m. (dimnja<5ar), chimney, :

otrok m., male servant

sweeper, sweep
ocelaveti, odelaviti to get bald osisati to shear, clip, cut (hair)
: :

oficir m., officer

ostar, -tra, -tro adj., sharp, severe, :

ohol, -a, -o : adj., proud, superb pointed

oholost f., pride, vanity : ostro ugao acute angle :

ocat m. (octa), vinegar

: ostetiti to damage, spoil :

ocena f., valuation, estimate

: ostrina f., edge, sharpness, sour- :

oceniti to value, estimate

ness, severity, strictness
o6ajavati to despair ostriti
: to sharpen :

ofiajan, -jna, -jno adj., desperate ostric m., ostrica, f., blade, edge,
: :

ofiajanje n., ocajiiost, f., despair

ofiali, ocari m., pi., spectacles ostrljat, ostar
adj., pointed :

o6evidan, -dna, -dno adj. obvious, ostrouman, -mna, -mno adj., in- : , :

evident genious, subtle

oSevina f., oSinstvo, n., patrimony ostroumnost f., ingeniousnesa
: :

odevski, ofiinski adj., paternal :

p, n.
pa :
conj., and, then pazariti, pazarivati (-rujem) to :

pavit m., -ina., f., clematis

: bargain, haggle, to shop, market
pad m., fall, slope, bankruptcy
: pazarni, pazarski, pazaran, -rna :

padavica f., epilepsy : adj., market

padavifiav, -a, -o adj., epileptic pazi : iriterj., look out
: ! !

padati to fall, fail, perish

: paziti to take care, be careful, to :

padati, kisa, sneg to rain, snow care for, look after :

padnuti (padnem) to fall pazuh m., pazuha, f., arm-pit : :

paznja f., attention,:

regard, pajac m., palliasse, clown :

esteem pak conj., and, then, but :

pazljiv, -a, -o adj., attentive pakao (pakla) m., hell

: :

pazar m., bazaar, market, market- paklen, -a, -o, paklenski adj., in-

place fernal, hellish

Pronounce dj, df as j in James i as e in measure j as y in you ;
: , : ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion c, 6, as rh in church ;

u as oo ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in cats S as sh in shout.

; ; ;
pak] [pas

paklina :
papren, -a, -o adj., peppery, hot
f.. tar :

pakovati paprika f., paprika, red pepper

: to pack :

palanka f., :
borough, town
paprikas m., national dish of :

palanadki adj., provincial meat and red pepper, etc.


palata, pala<5a f., palace papriti to pepper, season : :

palac (-lea) m. thumb, toe, inch papula f., puree of beans

: ( :

(about 3 cm.) papuca f., slipper :

palacinka f., pancake, jam pan- papucar, papudzija m., slipper.

: :

cake maker
palidrvce : n., match par m., instant, moment :

palikuca : f., incendiary par : m., pair, couple

palilula : f., suburbs, outskirts of a para: f., para, centime (10 para
town 1 penny)
palisad m., palisade:
para f., steam

paliti : to light, to burn, catch fire parada f., parade, review :

palica f., stick, baton, cane

paradna odeca Sunday :

paliciica f., small stick, cane

: clothes
palma f., palm-tree
paralelan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., parallel
palc :
m., long sword paran, -rna, -rno : adj., pair
palub m., deck (of a ship)
parastos : m., reqiuem
palja f., paperje, n., down (on a
parni, -na, -no adj., steam pnrni : ;

boy's face) mlin, steam-mill parno kupatilo, ;

pa:net m., memory, reason, mind

: .
vapour bath
na pamet, by heart pade mu na ; parnica, parba f., action, case

pamet, the idea came to him (legal) :

podi6i parnicu, to bring
pametan, -tna, -tno adj., reason- : an action
able, sensible parnicar : m., plaintiff
pametnik : m., monument parobrod m., steamer, steamboat :

pamtiti to remember, recollect

parok m., pastor, priest

pamcenje n., memory parokija f., parish

: :

pamuk m., cotton, cotton-wocl

parokijanin : m., parishioner
pamuean, -cna, -6no adj., cotton paroka f., wig : :

panadjur m., fair :

partija f., part, game (of billiards, :

pandur m., watchman, gxiard,

etc.) !

usher parcov, pacov m., rat :

panica f., porringer, bowl

parce: n. (pardeta, f.), piece, bit,
pantalone f., pi., trousers fragment, scrap ; raditi na parce,

pantljika f., ribbon : to do piece-work

pantljkara, pantljidara: f., tape- pas: m., belt, sash
worm pas m., dog :

pancer, pancir m., armour pasic m., little dog, puppy

: :

papa m., Pope, papa

paska, pasha f., Passover :

papagaj m., parrot :

pasoS m., passport :

papak m., cloven foot

pasti (padnem) to fall, perish :

paperje n., down (on face)

pasti (pasem) graze :

pupin, papski adj., papal, ponti- pastir m., shepherd : :

fical pastirka f., shepherdess :

papir m., paper

pastirski adj., pastoral ,

paprat m., fern :

pastirSe n., shepherd-boy I :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James i as in measure j as y in you ;

: ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo

; m ; ;

in room h as ch in loch c as te in cats

; 6 as eh in shout. ; ;
pas] 44

pastorak: m., pastorka, f., step-son, pekmez : m., plum-jam

step-daughter pelivan m., acrobat :

pastorde n., step-child :

pelcovati to vaccinate, inoculate :

pastrm, -a, -va, -ka ., trout :

pensija f., pension, boarding-

pastuv m., stallion : house

pastusast, -a, -o adj., entire (of pensijonar m., boarder, lodger : :

horses) pepelnica, pepeonica f., ash-tray :

pasulj m., haricot beans

pepeo n. (pepela), ash, ashes :

pata f., duck

pergamenat m., parchment :

patak m., drake :

perda f., veil :

put lidznn : m. (crveni), tomato peril] a f., laundress :

(beli, modri, crni), aubergine, perina f., feather-bed :

egg-plant perionica f., laundry :

patos m., floor, parquet

perjan, perat : adj., feather, with
patosati (-tosem) : to floor, to lay a feathers
floor perjanica f., plume, crest : of
patrijarh m., patriarch : feathers
patrijarski : adj., patriarchal perje n., plumage

patrola f., patrol :

perla f., pearl

patron m., cartridge :

pero n., feather, pen, spring

patuljak m., dwarf, pygmy :

persona : f., person
pauk m., spider
perSin m., tress (of hair), pig-tail

paun m., paunica, f., peacock,

persun m., parsley :

peahen pesak(-ska): m.,sand; iivi pesak,

paudina f., spider's web :
pacov m., rat :
pesma :
f.,, song, poem, air
pa6e n. (paSeta, f.), duckling
pesmarica f., song- book :

paa f., pasha

pesnik m., poet :

pasenog, pasanac m., sister-in- :

pesnica f., fist :

law's husband pesnidki adj., poetical :

pasteta pasty, pie : f., pet num. five


pevanje singing : n., peta f., heel


pevati to sing :
petak (-tka) m., Friday :
; veliki
pevnc, pevafi m., singer, choir- :
petak, Good Friday
boy, chorister petao (petla) in., cock :

pevaeica : f., cantatrice (female peteljka : f., tail

singer) peti, -ta, -to : the fifth
pega mark, spot, stain
: f., petina f., a fifth :

pegav, adj., marked, spotty, petnaest

-a, -o num. fifteen
: :

stained petrolej m., petroleum :

pegavi tifus m., typhus fever, pec f., stove, oven : :

(typhus exanthematicus) pedati to bake :

pegaz m., piebald horse

pe6i (pedem) bake, fry, roast, :
pegla f., iron (for laundry)
pe6ina f., cave, grotto, cavern :

pedagog m., pedagogue pednjak m., oven door

: :

pedeset : num. fifty pecat : m., seal, stamp

pekar m., baker :
pefiati to print :

pekarina f., baking pedatiti :to seal :

pekar nica f., bakery peden adj., roast : :

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James i as in measure

; ;:
j as y in you ;

Ij as in million; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room h as ch in loch; c as Is in cats; f, as th in shout.
pec] 45 [pla

pecenica : f., peSenka, f., pefienje, pisac : m., author, writer

n., roast beef, roast meat pisme (pismena) n., letter, char- :

pecurka :
f., mushroom acter veliko p., capital letter ;

pe&idija infantry : f., malop., small letter

pesak, pesac m., foot-soldier, in- :
pismen, -a, -o adj., in writing, able .-

fantry-man, pedestrian to write

peaiti to walk, go on foot :
pismo n., letter; sveto pismo,

pea6k, -i, -a, -o adj., walking, on : the Holy Scriptures ; krSteno

foot pismo, certificate of baptism
peske adv., on foot
pismonosa m., postman :

peskir : m., towel pitak, -tka, -tko adj., drinkable :

piva : f., pivo, n., beer pitanje question, problem

: n.,
pivar : m., brewer pitati to ask, question, interrogate

pivara f., brewery, beer-house

piti (pijem) to drink :

pivnica f., cellar :

pitljiv, -a, -o adj., curious :

pijavica f., leech :

curiosity pitljivost : f.,
pijan, -a, -o adj., drunk, tipsy; pitom, -a, -o
adj., tame, cultivated :

pijan kao zemlja, dead drunk pitomac, -mca m., scholar (founda- :

pijanac m., pijanica, f.,: drunkard tion)

pijanstvo n., drunkenness pitomiti : to tame

pijac : m., pijaca, f., market-place pica f., food, forage :

pijuk : m., pick, pickaxe pi6e n., drink :

pila : f., file pisaca : f., pisanjak, m., urine

pilav : m., pilaf (Turkish dish of pisati, piskati to pass water :

rice and mutton) pistalica, pistaljka f., fife, whistle- :

pilad, pilei m., poultry / pipe


pile :
n., fowl (chicken) pitolj : m., pistol
pilence n., chick :
pjenije : n., chant
piliti : to file, to saw plav, -a, -o adj., blue, blonde, fair :

pilidi : m., pi., chicken, fowl plaviti, plimati to flood, inundate :

pilica f., hen

plavka, plavojka : f., a fair woman
pilotina, piljevina f., sawdust plavljenje n., flood, inundation
: :

pionir : m., pioneer, sapper plajvaz m., pencil :

pipati : to feel, to grope plakati (plaCem) : to weep, cry

pipajuci (u mraku) groping pi am : m., flame :

pipun m;, sweet melon

plamtetirto flame, flare
piramida f., pyramid :
plamen : m., flame
pirac m.,: bat plamen, plamenast, -a, -o, plamenit.
pirinaC m., rice .-
-a, -o adj., flaming :

piriti : to blow planina : f., mountain range

pisalac : m., author, writer planinac m., mountaineer :

pisaljka, pisaljica : f., pencil, slate- planinka : f., mountaineer, girl-

pencil guide
pisanje n., writing, composition
planinski j., mountainous:

pisar m., secretary, clerk

plast m., hay-stack, heap

pisarnica f., bureau, counter :

plastid : m., hay-cock
pisr.ti (piiem) to write, compose; :
plata f., pay, wages, stipend

dobro, rdjavo, ditko, well, badly, platiti : to pay

legibly I
platno n., linen, cloth

Pronounce as j in James i as in measure

: j as y in you ;
dj, d, ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ;

u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ta in cats ; 6 as ih in shout. ;

pla] 46

pladanje n., payment :

plivati: to swim
placenik m., mercenary :
pliva8 m., swimmer:

pla6 m., weeping, tears

plik m., blister

jiliu'un -ciia, -6no, placevan, -vna, plima flood-tide, high-tide

: f.,
-vno adj., weeping, lamentable
plitak, -tko : adj., shallow,
plaSkav, -a, -o, pladljiv, -a, -o adj., : low, superficial
inclined to weep plitica f., shallow:
plasiv, -a, -o adj., afraid, timid, :
plitko adv., shallow, superficially

frightened pliSina : f., shallow (water), shal-

plasivac m., coward, booby
: lows
plaaivost : f., timidity, cowardice, pli m., plush

fear plovan, -vna, -vno adj., navigable :

jilasit to frighten, terrify

i :
plovac (plovca) in., swimmer, :

plasiti se to be afraid, frightened

plaSljiv, -a, -o : adj., afraid, timid, plovidba f., navigation, voyage, :

frightened sail
plasljivost : f., fear, cowardice, ploviti : to float, navigate
timidity plovka : f., duck; divlja plovka,
plain j a f., fear, terror
: wild duck
plaSt m., cloak, mantle
plovljenje: n., navigation, swim-
platanica f., winding sheet of :
Our Saviour plovnost f., navigability :

pleme : n. plovu6ac m., pumice-stone

(plemena) : tribe, race :

plemenit, -a, -o plovCe n., duckling :

adj., noble, gentle, :

generous plod m., fruit, produce, result :

plemeiiitas m., noble, gentleman plodan, -dna, -dno adj. (plodljiv),

: :

plemenito adv., nobly : fruitful, productive, fertile,

plemenitost f., nobility, generosity abundant

plemi6 m., noble, aristocrat

ploditi to produce :

plemkinja : f., aristocrat ploditi se : to increase, multiply

plemstvo : n., nobility, aristocracy plodnost f., fertility, abundance :

plen m., plunder, booty, prey

ploc'a : f., flag-stone, slab
pleniti : to plunder, pillage, sack ploCnik : m., pavement
plenjenje n., pillage, brigandage
plug m., plough :

plesti (pletem) : to knit, plait plut : m., pluta, f., plutak, m., cork
pletad m., pletacica, f., knitter
plutan, -tna, -tno adj., cork :

pletenica f., plait, pig- tail (of hair) pluda f., lung, lungs
zapaljenje :

pletenje : n., knitting p., inflammation of the lungs

pletka f., pletke,
: f., pi., intrigue, pljadka f., booty, prey :

plot pljaCkat: to rob, plunder, sack,

pletkar, pletkai : m., intriguer, pillage
plotter pljesak (-ska) : m. clapping, ap-
pletkariti to intrigue, plot
ple6e : n., pleda, n., pi., shoulders pljeskati to clap, applaud :

pledi : f., pi., shoulders pljuvanak : m., spittle

pleh : tin in., pljuvaonik : m., pljuvaonica, .,
plesiv, -a, -o adj., bald :
plivali&te : n., swimming-school pljuvati to spit, expectorate :

plivanje : n., swimming pljuvadka : f., saliva

Pronounce j in James ; i as s in measure :
j as y
in you ;
dj, di, as ;

Ij aa li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in rom ; h as ch in iuch ; c as ts in cats \ 6 as sh in shout.
plj] 47

pljusak m., shower, rain-storm

poveriti se : to trust anybody
pljuskati to splash, pour
poverljiv, -a, -o : adj., confident,
po prep., on, to, in, by, of, after,
according to, at the price of ; poverovati to believe :

po kisi, in the rain ; po imenu, by poveslo n., bundle, truss:

name po tome, in consequence

; ; poveci adj., larger

poslati po doktora, to send for the poveSerje n., vespers :

doctor po meni, as to me po
; ; povika f., noiso, cry:

sest dinara, at 6 dinars ; po Sto ? poviSe adv., enough, a

: little more
how much ? po engleski, in the povlaka : f., cream
English fashion (way) povlastiti, povlaSdivati : to author-
po adv., half
po metra, half ; ize, privilege
metre po casa, half hour
; po ; povlastica f., privilege :

godine, half a year povlascen, -a, -o adj., privileged :

pobacaj m., pobacivanje, n., mis-

povod m., subject, motive, reason,

carriage chance
pobaciti to have a miscarriage, to
povodljiv, -a, -o : adj., flexible,
miscarry pliant
pobeda :
victory, triumph
f., povodljivost f., flexibility :

pobedan, -dna, -dno adj., victori- povodnik m., povodac. m., halter
: :

ous, triumphant povoj m., povojnica, f., jersey :

pobedilac, pobeditelj, pobednik povrat : m., turn :

m., victor povratak , return : m

pobediti to vanquish, to win, be povratan, -tna, -tno : adj., return,

victorious returning
pobedonosan, -sna, -sno adj., vic- povratiti, povracati : to return, :

torious turn, to vomit

pobeci (-begnem): to run away, povratiti se to return, turn round, :

escape to repeat
pobiti (pobijem) : to massacre povrce : n., vegetables
poboleti se to get ill povrh adv., above, on the top

poboSnik : m., adjutant, aide-de- povrsan, -Sna, -Sno adj., super- :

camp ficial
pobratim m., brother by friend-
povrSno : adv., superficially
ship (an old Serbian custom) povrsina : f., surface, area

pobrisati to rub out, take out,

povrSnost : f., superficiality
wash out pogan f., : dirt, filth
pobuda f., motive, instigation
pogan, -a, -o adj., :
impure, filthy,
pobudaliti to become mad, in- dirty

sane pogaca : f., biscuit, cake

pobuna : f., rebellion, rising, revolt pogibao (pogibeli), pogibija : f.,

pobuniti se to rebel, revolt, rise up : ruin, loss

po vas dan adv., throughout the poginuti (-nem)
: to perish (in :

day battle), to be killed

povez : m., binding, bandage pogle! :
interj., look!
povezati, povezivati to bandage, pogled in., look, glance, view : :

to do up, bind (of books) pogledati to look at, glance at :

povezaSa f., head-scarf, kerchief pogledom adv., with regard to, in

: :

povelik adj., large enough

: consideration
Pronounce dj, dz, as ; in James i as a in measure j as y in you ;
: ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion ;
6, 5, as ch in church ; u as tto ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in cats 6 as sh in shout.

; ; ;

pogodan, -dna, -dno :

adj., favour- podjednak, -a, -o :
adj., the same,
able, propitious equivalent, like
pogoda : f., weather (fine) podjednako : adv., the same,
pogclem adj., fairly large :
equally j

pogoreti to burn :
podnarednik m., sergeant :

pogotovo adv., in any case, about :

podne : n., mid-day, po.sle podne,
pogreb m., funeral, burial
: afternoon
pogrebni adj., funereal :
podnevak : m., meridian
pogi'eteati to bury, inter podozrevanje, podozrenje : n., sus-
pogrepsti (pogrebem) to bury, :
inter podozrevati to suspect :

pogrean -Sna, -sno adj., faulty, :

podozriv, -a, -o adj., suspicious :

imperfect podocne adv., too late :

pogresiti to make mistakes, to fail,

podoficir : m., non-commissioned
to lose one's way officer
pogreska : f., fault, mistake, error podrazavati to imitate, copy :

pogtibiti to execute (a criminal)

podrepnjak m., crop :

pogubljenje: n., execution, capital podrobni adj., detailed


punishment podrobnost f., detail :

pogusiti to stifle :
podrobno adv., in detail :

pod: prep, (ace., inst. ), under, under- podrum m., cellar :

neath, below, beneath -Sna, -5no

podrueJan, adj., sub- :

pod m., floor

: ordinate
podaleko adv. rather far : , podstava, postava : f., lining (of
j^odanik : m., subject (people) clothes)
podariti : to present, to give a podstavljati, podstaviti : to lin
present podug :
adj., long enough
podatak (podaci) m., detail, fact :
poduzi :
adj., longer
podbuniti to rebel, insurrect, rise :
poduziti : to lengthen
podvaliti to cheat, deceive :
poduzece : m., undertaking, enter-
podveza, podvezica: f., garter prise
podvezati (veiem) to attach, fix :
poduzeti (poduzmem) : to under*
podvodan, -dna, -dno adj., sub- : take
marine, under-water poialiti se to complain :

podvodnik m., procurer :

pozar m., fire (house on fire)

podvodnica f., procuress :

poiedi (poieiem) : to burn, set fire
podvorenje n., audience : to
podvorje n., courtyard :
pozuda f., desire, eagerness, greed

podgradje n., suburb :

po Sudan, -dna, -dno adj., desir- :

podela f., division: ous, greedy

podeliti : to divide poiudnost f., desire, greed, cu- :

poderati : to tear, wear out pidity

podzemaljski, podzemni adj., sub- :
pozuriti se : to hurry, hasten
terranean, underground pozadi adv., behind :

podignuti, podici (podignem) : to pozadugo : adv., too long a time

lift, lift up, hold up, raise pozaimanje n., loan :

podignuti se to rise up (from a :

pozaimati, pozajmiti to lend :

chair, etc.) (is also used of dust pozajmenik : m., lender

and the sea) pozajmica f., loan :

Pronounce :
dj, dz, as j in James as ; in measure ; j as y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as in opinionm 6, ; 6, as ch in church ;

u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ;
s as sh in shout.
poz] 49 [pol

pozan, -zna, -zno adj., late, slow pokaldrmiti to pave : :

pozvati (-zovem) : to call, invite pokasati to trot :

pozdrav m., salute, greeting, com pokvaren, -a, -o adj., spoilt, cor-
: :

pliment rupted, deteriorated, damaged

pozdraviti to salute, greet pokvaren covek m., a bad lot
: :

pozdravljanje : n., greeting, saluta- pokvaren stomak : m., stomach

tion out of order
poziv m., invitation, call, duty, pokvarenost : f. f corruption, de-

summons pravity
pozivati : to invite, convoke, call, pokvariti to spoil, corrupt, de- :

to call up (soldiers), send for teriorate, damage, pervert, de-

pozivnica : f., written invitation moralize
pozlatiti, pozlacivati : to gild pokvariti se to go to the bad (to :

pozladen, -a, -o : adj., gilded, gilt the dogs)

poznavati (-znajem) to know (of poklon m., present, gift : :

people) iz vidjenja, by sight po poklonik m., pilgrim

; ; :

imenu, by name lino, per- pokloniti to present, to give a ; :

sonally ne poznavati, to ignore

; present
poznavati se to make the ac- pokloniti se : to bow, make a:

quaintance reverence
poznanik m., poznanica, f., a :
poklopac : m., lid
quaintance pokoj : m., calm, eternal rest
poznanstvo m., acquaintance pokojan, -jna, -jno
adj., the :

poznat adj., famous, celebrated

: late . . .

poznati : to recognize, to know pokop m., funeral :

pozno adv., late :

pokraj : prep, (gen.), next to
pozor m., attention:
pokrajina f., province, country :

pozoran, -rna, -rno adj., attentive pokratiti to shorten : :

pozoriste n., theatre :

pokret m., movement, gesture :

pozorisni, -na, -no adj., theatri- pokretan, -tna, -tno : adj., move- :

cal able, mobile

pozornik m., policeman :
pokretati (pokrecem) to move, to :

pozornica f., stage (theatre) :

poj m., pojanje, n., chant
pokrivati, pokriti (pokrijem) : to
pojava f., apparition : cover, to hide
pojam : m., idea, notion pokrivafi : m., blanket, rug, covering
pojas m., girdle, sash, belt
pokrov : m., winding sheet
pojac, poja6 : m., chorister, choir- pokrovitelj : m., protector, guar-
boy dian
pojedni, -na, -no adj., alone, sole, pokrovitelj ka : f., protectress

only pokrovitelj stvo n., protectorate :

pojedinac m., a man alone, in- pokudan, -dna, -dno : adj., blam-

dividual able
pojedinost f., detail sokuditi
: to blame, reproach :

pojedince : adv., separately, indi- sol m., sex :

vidually sol : adv., half

pokazati (pokazem ), pokazivati sola f., half :

(pokazujem) to show, prove, >olagano adv., :

slowly, gently, :

indicate little by little

Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James ; as a in measure
j as y in you ; :

Ij asin million ; nj as
li m in opinion d, ;, as ch in church ; u as ot
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats 5 as ah in shout.
pol] 60 fpor.

polagati (polazem) : to put down, pomagac' m., assistant :

place, to render (accounts), to pomada f., pomade j


send in (a resignation) pomazimik m., ointment :

polazak m., departure, leaving, pomazanje n., anointment


parting pomazati to anoint :

polaziti to leave, depart, go away pomalo adv., little by little


polako adv., slowly, gently, softly pomama f., fury, rage


poledica f., glazed frost :

pomaman, -mna, -mno adj., furi- :

polet m., flight

ous, angry
poleteti to fly away :
pomamiti to enrage, make angry :

politika f., politics :

pomenak m., forget-me-not :

politiSar : m., politician pomeSan, -na, -sno : adj., mixed

politifian, -dna, -6no politidki, pomeSati : to mix :

politic'ni adj., political pomilovan, -a, -o adj., acquitted,

: :

policija : f., police pardoned

polka :
f., polka pomilovanje pardon : n., acquittal,
polovina, polovica : f., half pomilovati to acquit, pardon :

poloviti to halve :
pomilovati to caress, fondle :

polozaj in., situation,:

position, pomirenje n., reconcilement :

site pomiriti to reconcile


poloziti : to place, put j

pomiriti se to make the peace, :

polubrat : m., step-brother make it up

poluga : f., lever, bar of iron pornirJjiv :
adj., reconcilable
polugodiSnji adj., half-yearly :
poinozi Bog ! :
may God help you !

poludeti (-dim) to go mad :

pomorski :
adj., marine, maritime
polukrug m., semicircle :
pomo6 : f., help, aid, assistance
polumesec m., half- moon, crescent :
pomo6an, -<5na, -6no :
adj., auxi-
polumrtav adj., half -dead :
liary, secondary
pornoci (pomognem, or pomozem)

poluno6 : f., midnight :

polunoc'nica : f., midnight mass to help, assist, aid

polu, -otok : m., -ostrovo, -ostrvo, pomo6nik m., assistant, cleric :

11., peninsula pomo6u adv., by the help of


polusestra f., step-sister :

pomracenje n., eclipse :

polutabak m., half -sheet :

(of pomrcan, -cna, -6no adj., dark, :

paper) obscure
polutar : m., equator pomrCina f., darkness, obscurity:

polutina f., half :

pomusti (pomuzem) to milk (a :

poljak m., rural constable

: cow, etc.)
polje :
plain, n., polje, field ; na pomuc'no adv., with trouble :

out-of-doors, outside ponegda, ponekad adv., some- :

poljodelstvo n., agriculture : times

poljski adj., field
poned, -eljak, -eljnik, -eonik m., :

poljska artiljerija f., field artillery :

poljubac : m., kiss ponizavati : to humiliate
poljubiti u usta, on the : to kiss :
ponizen, -a, -o adj., humiliated, :

mouth Celo, on the forehead ; u ; humbled

u obraz, on the cheek ponizenje to., humiliate :

pomagaj pomagajte inter j., help ! !

ponizan, -zna, -zno adj., humble
! :

pomagati to help, aid, succour :

ponoviti to renew :

Pronounce d , dz, as j in James : z as a in measure

; j as y in you ; ;

Ij as in million ;
li nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church
u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ;
c as ts in cuts : as sh in shout.
ponj 61 [pos

ponovo adv., again, over again

porocan, -fina, -2no adj., vicioua :

pono<$, pono6a f., ponoce, n., mid- Porta f., Sublime Porte : :

night u pono6, at midnight ; poruka f., order, commission :

ponuda, ponuka f., offer, propo- poruclti to order : :

sition poruc'nik : m., lieutenant

ponuditi : to offer, propose poruSiti to destroy, ruin, demolish

pooSim : m., step-father porcija f., portion :

pop, popa : m., pope, Serbian porculan m., porcelain, china :

priest porculanski adj., porcelain, china :

popadija pope's wife : f., posada f garrison : . ,

popak (-pka), popic m., cricket : posao (posla) m., work, business, :

popis m., census, inventory

: labour u poslu, busy, occupied;

poplava flood : f., posve adv., entirely


poplaviti : to flood, inundate posveta f., posvecenje, n., con-


poplaSen, -a, -o : adj., frightened secration

poplaiti se to be afraid :
posvetiti : to consecrate, dedicate,
popov, -a, -o adj., of the priest : bless
popovski adj., priestly, sacerdotal :
poseban, -bna, -bno :
adj., separate,
popola, popolak adv., in half, a : isolated
half each posebno : adv., separately, apart
poprava popravak, m., repair, poselica f., a hamlet
: f., :

correction posestrima f., sister by friend- :

popraviti, popravljati to correct, ship (an old Serbian custom) :

to repair poset m., peseta, f., visit :

popraviti ae to recover, get better posetiti to visit, pay a visit

: :

poprskati to splash posetnica f., visiting card

: :

pora f., pore

posilnik m. orderly : ,

porad adv.,: because of posinak (-nka) : m., adopted son

poraz m., defeat, rout
posiniti to adopt :

poraziti to defeat, rout

poslanik m. (skup5tinski), deputy, :

poramenice f., pi.,

: braces member of parliament, minister
porano adv., too early:
(of a foreign power), ambassador,
porast m., growth :
porasti (porastem) to grow (up) poslanica f., epistle, bull (papal)
: :

pored prep, (gen.), by

: the side of, poslanstvo n., legation, embassy :

next to, along poslastica f., dessert :

poredak (poretka) m., order poslasticar m., confectioner,

: :

poredom adv., in turn :

poredjenje n., comparison poslasticarnica
: f., confectioner's :

porez : m., poreza, f., tax, con- shop

tribution poslatak : m., envoy
porod m., children, posterity, poslati
(posljem, saljem) : to
birth send
poroditi to be confined, delivered poslati natrag to send back, re-
: :

porodica f., family : turn

porozan, -zna, -zno adj., porous posle prep, (gen.), after, behind : :

porok m., vice, fault

posle : adv., afterwards, then, later
porota f., jury :
posledak (-etka) m., result, elfect, :

porotnik m., juror

Pronounce dj : , dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ;

as U in million ; nj as m
in opinion ; c, 3, as cA in church ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch c as is in cats
; 6 as ft in shout.
pos] 52 [pot

posledica consequence, conclu- postojan, -a, -o adj., constant,

: f., :

sion, end continual

poslednji, -nja, -nje adj., last, ex- postupanje n., treatment : :

treme, final postupati, postupiti to act, to use, :

poslednji put: for the last time treat

poslovica f., proverb, saying :
postupan, -na, -no adj., gradual :

poslonosa m., charge d'affaires postupice adv., gradually, by de-

: :

posluga f., service, employment

posluiivati to serve, wait (at posudje n., utensils, dishes, plates
: :

table, pri stolu) etc.

posluiitelj : m., servant potajni, -jna, -jno :
adj., secret
posluiiti : to serve, present, offer potaSa : f., potash
posluh : m., poslusnost, f., obedi- potega : f., weight
ence potiljak m., nape (of neck)

poslusan, -na, -Sno adj., obedient :

potkivati : to shoe (a horse)
posluiati to obey :
potkivad m., farrier, blacksmith

pospavati to nap, rest :

potkovica f., horse-shoe :

posredan, -dna, -dno adj., in- :

potok m., stream, rivulet

direct potomak m., descendant :

posredno adv., indirectly :

potomstvo : n., posterity
posrednik m., mediator :
potonuti (-nem) to sink, founder :

posredniStvo : n., mediation, inter- potop m., the flood, deluge


cession, intervention (biblical)

posredovati to mediate, intervene :
potoSnica f., forget-me-not :

posredstvom by means of : adv., potpis m., signature


post : ;
veliki post, Lent
m., fast ; potpisatelj m., subscriber :

bofcicni post, Advent fast ; gos- potpisati (-pisem) : to sign, sub-

podjin post, Assumption fast scribe
postava f., lining :
potplata f., lining, sole (of shoe)

postaviti, postljati : to place, put ; potporuSnik m., second-lieutenant :

the table
sto, lay potpukovnik m., lieutenant-colonel :

postajati (postajem), postati : to potpun, -a, -o :

adj., complete,
become, to be, to be born entire, whole
postajati (postojim) to stop, : re- potpuniti to complete :

main, stay potpunice, potpuno adv., entirely, :

postan, -tna, -tno adj. (jelo, food), completely :

low diet (no meat, "maigre"), potreba, potrebnost : f., need,

fasting necessity
postanak, -iika : m., origin, com- potreban, -bna, -bno adj., neces- :

mencement, beginning sary

postar adj., rather old
potrebovati to need, ask for :

postariti to get (or grow): old potresati to shake, move :

postelja f., bed :

potroSak (-5ka) m., expense :

postepen, -a, -o adj., progressive potroSarina : f., tax on consumable


postepeno adv., gradually, by : articles

degrees potro&iti to spend :

postepenost f., progression potruditi

: to give trouble :

postiti to fast
potruditi se to try, to do one's :

postnik : m., postnica, f., faster best

Pronounce :
dj , di, as j in James 4 as 8 in measure ; j as
; y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opini on c, 6, as ch in church

; ; u as GQ
injroom ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a as sh in shout.
pot] 53 [pra

potuiiti se to complain posteno adv., honourably, faith-


podi (podjem) to go, go away, fully :

leave postenje n., honesty, loyalty :

pouka f., education, instruction

posto conj., as, and then, for :

poucavati to teach, instruct, edu- posto what is the price of ? how

: :

cate much T
poucan,-cna, -6no adj., instructive posto valac m., admirer : :

pouditi to teach, give lessons

postovanje : m., posta, f., respect,
pohapsiti : to imprison admiration, homage
pohvala f., compliment, praise:
postovati : to honour, respect,
pohvaliti to praise : esteem
pohoditi to visit, frequent :
prababa f., great-grandmother

pocepati to tear up :
prav, -a, -o adj., right, true, inno- :

pocrveneti to blush cent :

pocast f., honour, respect

prav ugao : m., right angle
pocastvovati to honour pravac (-vca) m., direction, sense,
: :

podastiti : to treat, to stand treat just man

pofielo : n., beginning pravda f., :
justice, truth
poeesto : adv., the most often, pravdanje : n., defence, excuse,
sometimes justification
pocetak (-tka) pravdati to excuse, justify : m., beginning, j

origin, start, commencement, pravedan, -dna, -dno, pravican, .

opening ; s pocetka, from the -6na, -&no adj., just :

beginning ; u pocetku, at the pravi, -a, -o : adj., true, veritable.

beginning authentic
poCeti (po6nem) : to begin, start pravila f., rule, statute :

commence pravilan, -Ina, -Ino :

adj., regular,
pocetni, -na, -no :
adj., initial correct, ruled, normal, methodical
po6etnik : m., pocetnica, f., be- pravilnost : f., regularity, order
ginner pravilo : n., rule r, maxim
pofiesde : adv., more often, some- praviteljstvo :
times praviti to do, : make, prepare, con-
poSivak (-vka) : m., repose, rest struct
pofiivati : to rest ; ovde podiva pravicnost : f., equality, justice,
. . . here lies . . .
posaliti se : to joke pravni pravnifiki adj., legal:

posalica f., joke :

pravnik : m., law-student, jurist
poset m., walk:
pravnistvo n., jurisprudence, law

posetati to walk :
pravo adv., direct, straight on, in

posiljati (posiljem) to send : a straight line

posiljaka f., parcel, packet :
pravo n.,
: law, right imati ;

posta f., post, mail-coach, respect,

pravo, to be right nemati ;

mail pravo, to be wrong

postanski, postarski :
adj., postal pravo-veran, -rna, -rno, slavan,
poitar m. postman : -vna, -vno adj., orthodox, of the

postarina f., postage, cost of orthodox

: church
postage pravoslavlje n., orthodoxy :

posien, -a, -o adj., honourable pravougolan, -Ina, -Ino adj., rect- : :

loyal angular
Pronounce dj, di, as j in James z as s in measure j as y in you
: ; :

as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion c, c, as ch in church u as <x ; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as sh in shout.

pra] 54 [pre

pravougaonik m., rectangle :

prvom : adv., firstly, in the first
prag m., threshold
praded m., great-grandfather
prvosves'tenik : m., high-priest
prazan, -zna, -zno adj., empty, :
prvosedilac m., aborigines :

vacant, hollow prvotan, -tna, -tno adj., primary :

prazne reel empty words :

prdez m., break-wind

praziluk m., leek :

prdeti, prdnuti (-nem) : to break
praznik m., holiday,
: festival, wind
fete-day pre: prep, (gen.) and adv., before,
praznina f., void, interval, empti-
ago, in front of, better, rather,
ness very malo pre, net long ago
; ;

prazniti : to empty fito pre to bolje, the earlier, the

praznovanje n., celebration : better; pre bin umro, nego ., . .

praznovati to celebrate : I would sooner die than ...

praznoveran, -rna, -rno :
adj., prebroditi : to ferry
superstitious prevara f., fraud, deceit, trick

praktidan, -6na, -Sno :

adj., practi- prevaran, prevarljiv adj., deceiv- :

cal ing, fraudulent

pralja, pralica : f., laundress, prevariti to deceive, cheat, dupe

washerwoman prevesti to carry,

(prevedem) :

pram, prama prep., towards, : to transport over, translate

pramajka: f.,great-grandmother proved adv., extremely, exces-

pranje n., :
sively the wash, washing
praotac m., great-grandfather
prevlaka f., isthmus :

pras : m., leek prevod m., translation :

prasad : m. prase, n. sucking pig prevodilac , m., prevoditelj, m., , :

prasence n., prasetina, f., sucking

: translator
pig prevoditi to translate :

prasicn : f., sow prevodjenje: n., translation

praskva f., peach :
prevoz m., transport :

prati (perem) to wash (clothes) prevoziti to transport : :

pratilac in., pratilica, f., com- prevoziti se to ferry over

: :

panion, escort (person) pregled m., review, inspection :

pratiti to accompany, escort

pregledati to inspect, review :

pratnja f., escort, suite, funeral- pregrada f., partition, bulkhead

: :

procession, accompaniment (mar.)

praSati to send, send off
pregraditi to partition :

prah m., powder, dust

pregristi (grizem) to bite through :

prasak m., medicinal powder

pred, preda prep, (ace., inst. ), be- :

praSan, -na, -no adj., dusty fore, in front of :

praSina f., dust:

predavati, predati (predajern) de- :

prastanje n., pardon : liver, give, give up, cede, capitu-

pra&tati ee to say good-bye, fare- late :

well predaviti se, predati se : to give

prvenac (-nca) : m., first-born, oneself up
first-fruits \ predaja f., capitulation, delivery

prvenstvo : n., superiority, priority :

predaleko adv., too far :

prvi, -va, -vo :

adj., first j
predanje n., tradition :

prvo adv., first, at first

predvideti, predvidjati to foresee I

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James z as a in measure

j as y in you ; ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion c, 6, as ch in church u as GO

; ; ;

in room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats s at sh in shout.

; ;

predvidjenje foresight, fore- prekomeran, -rna, -rno :

adj., ex-
thought treme, excessive
predgradje : n., suburb prekomorski adj., over-seas :

predikaonica pulpit : f., prekono6 adv., during the night,


predlagati (-Ia2em), predlo2iti to nightly

propose prekoredan, -dna, -dno :
adj., ex-
predlog m., proposition, offer
predmet : m., article, thing, object prekosutra : adv., day after to-
prednji, -nja, -njo :
adj., anterior, morrow
foremost !
prekrasan, -sna, -sno :
adj., beau-
predsedavati to preside : tiful, charming
predsedavanje n., presidency :
prekratiti : to shorten

predsednik m., president :

preksinoc : adv., the night before
predsedniCki adj., presidential : last
predsoblje n., ante-room :
prekupac : m., retailer
predstava f., representation,
prekupiti to retail :

image, likeness, description prelazak (-laska) m., passage :

predstaviti, predstavljati : to intro- prelazan, -zna, -zno : adj., pro-

duce (a person), represent, visional
describe prelep adj., most lovely

predstaviti sebi to imagine, to :

prelo : n., vigil, an evening gather-
picture to oneself ing, attended by Serbian peasant
predstati se to appear before . : . women
preduzeti (-uzmem): to undertake prelja f., spinner :

preduzece, preduzimanje n., un- preljuba f., preljub, m., adultery : :

dertaking preljubnik : m., adulterer

predje: adv., formerly preljubnica f., adulteress :

prezina f., apron

prema prep, (loc.), towards, in :

prezime : n., surname front of, facing

prezimiti to hibernate, pass the premeriti to measure
: :

winter premod m., superiority :

preziranje m., contempt, disdain prenociti to pass (spend) the night

: :

prezirati to despise, disdain

Preobraienje : n., Transfiguration
prezreo -rela, -relo adj., over- preosvestenstvo : n., Monsignor,

ripe Eminence
preki sud court-martial :
prepad m., surprise attack :

prekasno adv., too late :

prepadati, prepadnuti to attack :

prekid : m., interruption ; bez pre- by surprise, to fall upon

kida, without stopping, ceaseless prepelica f., quail , :

prekidati, prekinuti to interrupt, prepelifiar m., spaniel :


to break prepis : m., copy '

prekjufie adv., the day before prepisati (prepisem) : to copy


yesterday prepiska f., correspondence ;


preko prep. (c p n.) and adv., preplaviti to flood

: I :

across, over, by, beyond, above preporuka : f., recommendation

preko mere adv., extremely

proporuciti (-cujem) to register, :

preko puta opposite, vis-a-vis : insure a letter, recommend

prekobrojan, -jna, -jno adj., super- prepotopski adj., antediluvian :


numerary prepreka : f., obstacle, difficulty

Pronounce :
dj, df as j in James
, i as s in measure ; j as
y in you :
li asin million ; nj as
it m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u a oc
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as Is in cats ; s as ah in shout.
pre) 66 [pri

prepreciti to oppose, block, hinder pribliiiti se to approach

: :

prerano adv., too early

privatan, -tna, -tno adj., privatei :

presan, -sna, -sno adj., raw. crude particular :

presan hleb m., unleavened bread priveiac' : m., head-kerchief :

presek rn.,: section, division prividjenje n., apparition, phan- :

preseliti to move (house)

: tom, vision
presian, -a, -o adj., too salted, priviti (privijem) to bandage,
: :

salted bind up
presnica :
f., unleavened bread
economy, agriculture, : f.,

prestaviti to represent :
industry ministarstvo privrede, ;

prestanak m., pause bez pres- :Board of Agriculture and Trade ;

tanka, without ceasing, inces- privrediti to acquire, gain :

santly privredni, -na, -no adj., economic, :

presti (predem) to spin economical :

presto (prestola m., Throne privremen, -a, -o adj., provisional

) : :

prestolnica, prestonica ., capital priganica f., omelet : :

prestup m., crime :

prigovor m., reproach, objection :

prestupnik m., criminal prigoda f., occasion

: :

presuda f., judgment, sentence

prigodan, -dna, -dno adj., occa- :

presuditi, presudjivati : to judge, sional

sentence prigodno adv., occasionally :

preteran, -a, -o adj., exaggerated pridev m., adjective : :

preteranost f., exaggeration pridevaCka f., pin

: :

preterati : to exaggerate prizemlje n., ground-floor :

pretnja f., threat, menace

prizemni sprat: m., ground-floor
pretpis m., prescription
priznavanje, priznanje :
n., ac-
pretplata f., subscription (to
knowledgment, recognition
theatres, papers, etc.) priznavati (-najem), priznati : to
pretplatiti to subscribe :
acknowledge, to be grateful
pretplatnik : m., subscriber priznanica f., receipt :

pretposlednji, -ja, -je prijava f., notice, advertisement

adj., penul- : :

timate prijaviti: to warn, announce

pretpostaviti : to suppose, presume prijam : m., reception
pretpostavka f., supposition, hy- prijatan, -tna, -tno : adj., pleasant,

pothesis nice, agreeable

pretres : m., pretresanje, n., dis- prijateli m., friend :

cussion, debate prijateljiti se : to make friends

pretresati to discuss, debate :
prijateljica : f., friend
prethodnik m., predecessor :
prijateljski : adj., friendly
preci (predjem) to surmount, get :
prijateljstvo : n., friendship
over prijatnost : f., pleasure, charm
preuzvisenost : f., Excellence prijem : m., reception
prefarbati to re-paint :
priliv :
m., flood-tide
prefiastan, -sna, -sno adj., vener- :
prilika : f., occasion, thing, resem
able, reverend blance na priliku, for example
; ;

precnik m., diameter :

pr.likom, by chance, incidently ;

prestampati to reprint :
zgodnom prilikom, on the occa-
prziti to fry (in butter,
: fat, etc.) sion prvom prilikom, on the

pri :
prep. (loc. ), near, by etc. next occasion od prilike, about ;

Pronounce as j in James ; as in measure ; j as y in you

dj, d, ;

Ij as li in million nj as in (.pinion ; 6, &, as ch i church ; u as GO; m

m room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; 8 as eh in shout.
pri] 67 [pro

prilican, -6na, -6no :

adj., not bad, pristup : m., approach, entrance,
fairly good access
priliciti : to resemble, to look like pristupan, -pna, -pno adj., acces- :

prilicno : adv., excellent approachable

prilog : m., supplement, adverb pristupati (iti) to approach, ad- :

priloziti to add, join, supplement

: vance
priljezan, -zna, -zno : adj., indus- prisustvo: n., prisutnost, f., pres-
trious, attentive ence
priljeznost f., application, atten- :
prisustvovati to be present :

tion prisutan, -tna, -tno adj., present :

primalac, primac m., receiver :

pritvoran, -rna, -rno : adj., hypo-
primamiti to attract, bait : critical
primanje n., reception :
pritvornost f., hypocrisy :

primati, primiti to receive, accept :

prihod m., income, revenue

primer m., example, model ; na

prihoditi to arrive :

primer, for example priSa f., tale, story


primeran, -rna, -rno adj., exem- :

pridati : to relate, tell (a story),
plary, perfect recite
primernost f., perfection :
priSekati : to go to meet, await
primirje n., armistice
pridest f., : communion
primorje n., coast, shore :
priSestiti : to give the Sacrament
primorski: adj., littoral, of the prices t it i se : to take the Sacrament,
shore prices6e : n., communion, Eucharist
pripev m., refrain
priCiniti to talk :

pripovetka f., pripovest, f., story, :

prisapnuti : to whisper
tale prkno : n., rectum
priprava preparation: f. , prlja : f., spot, mark
pripravan, -vna, -vno adj., prepar- :
prljav, -a, -o : adj., dirty, unclean
atory prljavost f., prljavStina, f., dirt,:

pripraviti (-Ijati) to prepare : filth

pripravnik m., candidate :
prljati to dirty

priroda f., nature

prnja : f., rags
prirodan, -dna, -dno adj.. natural :
pro prep., by, by
: means of
priroditi to naturalize :
proba : f., trial, proof
prirodno adv., naturally :
probaviti to remain a little time :

prirodnjak m., naturalist :

probati to try, test :

prirodjen, -a, -o adj., naturalized :

probuditi : to call, awaken
prislon m., parapet, balustrade
probuditi se to wake up :

pristajanje n., pristanak, m., con- :

probuSiti to pierce, to bore, to :

sent, permission make a hole

pristajati to consent to :
provala, provalija : f., abyss, gulf
pristanite n., port, harbour :
provaliti to break open, force, :

pristojan, -jna, -jno : adj., polite, pierce

decent provesti (-vedem) : to pass (the
pristojnost f., politeness, decency :
pristrastan, -tna, -tno, pristran: providan, -dna, -dno adj., trans- :

adj., partial parent

pristrastnost, pristranost : f., par- providnost f., transparency :

tiality jroviriti, provirivati : to see through

Pronounce in James ; z as : in measure ; j as
dj, di, as _;' y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6 ,6, as ch in church ;

u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a as sA in shout.
pro] 68 [pro

provoditi to lead, conduct, to pass

proliv m., diarrhoea

(the time) prolom m., breach:

proglas : m., proclamation, mani- '.

prolomiti to make a breaoh :

festo j
promaja, promaha : f., draught (of
proglaaiti : to proclaim, give out, i
publish change, alteration promena :

prognanik m., exile :

promeniti to change, alter >

prognanstvo n., exile, banishment promenljiv,

: -a, -o adj., changeable, 1

prognati (prognam ) to exile, banish variable : I

progoniti : to exile, banish promukao, -kla, -klo adj., hoarse, :

progonstvo n., exile, banishment : raucous

prodavanje n., sale :
promuklost f., hoarseness :

prodavati to sell :
promu6i (-muknem) to get hoarse :

prodavac, prodavalac, prodavaC pronnlazak (-laska) m., inven- : :

m., seller, vendor, salesman tion

prodaja : f., sale; na prodaju, for pronnlazac in., inventor :

sale pronadi (-nadjeni), pronalaziti to :

prodati to betray, sell

: invent
proder : m., hernia, rupture propast f., ruin, fall, abyss, :

produziti to prolong, lengthen

prodja f., eale
propast i (propadnem) to perish, :

proza : f., prose be destroyed, fall to pieces, decay,

prozba f., request, prayer
: fall, to fail
prozor m.,
: window propisati (-piiem) prescribe :

prozradan, -ciia, 6no adj., trans- proraS6e n., plants : :

parent prorok m., prophet :

prozracnost: f. transparency prorokovati to prophesy

, :

proizvod : m., produce proroSanski, prorocki adj., pro- ! :

proizvoditi to produce :
proizvodnik, proizvodjafi m., pro- prorofianstvo n., prophecy, pre- : :

ducer diction
proizvodnja f., production prosveta f., education, culture,
: :

proja f., maize- bread

: civilization
prokaza f., dropsy :
prosvetiti to educate, civilize :

proklet, -a, -o adj., accursed, prosvetliti to illuminate, to light

: :

damned prosinac m., December :

prokleti (prokunem) to curse, prositi to beg : :

damn prosjak m., beggar :

prokletstvo : n., curse, imprecation, prosjakinja f., beggar-woman :

damnation, execration prosjaCiti, prosjakovati to beg :

prolaz m., passage, pass

prosja6ki adj., beggarly, poor :

prolaziti to cross over, pass, go by proskura, prosfora

: : f., sacrifice,
proletati (prole6em), -eti (letim) host :

to fly over proslava f., anniversary, festival, :

proletnji, -ja, -je :

adj., spring, I celebration
vernal proslaviti, proslavljati to cele- :

proletos adv., during this spring

: brate, to glorify j

prolece n., spring; nap , in the prost, -a, -o adj., simple, plain,
: :

spring common
Pronounce dj, di, as in James i as s in measure ; j as y in you ;
: ;


Ij as li in million nj as in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church

; u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout.

proj 59 [psa

prostak : m. .common fellow, boun- protizakonit, -a, -o adj., illegal :

der, rustic protinica f., wife of archpriest :

prostadki :
adj., common, vulgar, protokol ., protocol

low protoe m., diarrhoaa :

prostirati to spread out :

prodi (prodjem) to pass, cross :

prostirka f., prostiraC, m., carper

procu prep., opposite, in front of

prostiti to forgive, pardon; da

profesor m., professor :

prostite, by your leave (per- i

profesor ka f., wife of professor :

mission) ;
proha f., prosa, f., millet

prosto adv., simply

: i
prohod m., water-closet :

prostodusan, -sna, -sno : adj., I

procediti to filter :

simple, naive, ingenuous procena f., evaluation j


prostoduSje: m., dunost,f., nn'i- proceniti to evaluate, estimate '_


vety, simplicity, ingenuousness procepiti to split j


prostor, -a, -o m., apace proces m., lawsuit, action


prostoran,prostorit,prostran adj., profiitati ~to read through : :

spacious, extensive prosao, -sla, -slo : adj., last (year, j


prostota : f., simplicity, ingenuous- etc.), preceding, previous

ness proSlost f., proslo vreme, n., the :

prostranost : f., space, stretch past, past times

prostreti, prostrti (-strem) to prosmja f., mendicity, begging : :

spread prostac m., paling, fence :

prosuti (-spem) to pour, spread prsa (prsiju): n., pi., chest, breast

prosfora f., host, sacrament f., pi., chest, breast


prsi (prsiju) :

prota : m., archpriest vojeni prsluk m., waistcoat ; ;


prota, military chaplain prst m., finger, toe :

proterati to expel, turn out

prsten m., ring :

protest m., protest

prstid m., little finger j

protestovati to protest :
prt m., prtiiia, f., track through :

proteci (-teCem), proticati (-ticem) the snow :


to pass through, flow through, prtljag m., luggage, baggage !


water j
pr6ija : f., dowry
protiv prep, (gen.), against, after
: ; ;

pruga : f., line, railway-line, streak

na protiv, on the contrary pro- ;
prugav, -a, -o, prugast, -a, -o :
tiv volje, in spite of myself, lined, grooved
against my will prud : m., sand-bank, dune
protivan, -vna, -vno : adj., con- prui, -ati, -iti : to lengthen, stretch
trary, adverse prusluk m., waistcoat :

protiviti ee to oppose, resist :

prut, prutak in., switch, .- cane
protivljenje : n., protivnost, f., stick
resistance, opposition prutak, -tka, -tko adj., flexible, :

protivnik : m., adversary, oppo- pliant

nent, rival preati se to be in season (of goats) :

protivnic'ki adj., adverse :

F iv.
prc ***., w- AV
m., he-goat, ~mj-e,w
billy-goat , :
. .,,

protivorefian, -6na, -6no adj., con- prSnjak m., chest, breast : i :

tradictory prsun m., parsley :

protivorec'niti to contradict prsut m., -af., ham, sirloin, (of beef)

: i

protivore6, -je n., -nost, f., con-ps interj., sh silence

! : ! !

tradiction psalam m., psalm ; :

Pronounce dj, di, as in Jamas z as s in measure ; j as y in you

_;' ; ;

as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as on

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats as ah in shout. ;

psa] 60 [put

psalmopevac m., psalmist :

pura :
f., turkey (hen)
psaltir : m., psalter pura : f., prow, bows
psovanje psovka, : n., f., insult, m., turkey
puran :

scolding, outrage pust, pustina f., felt :

psovati (psujem): to scold, re- pust, -a, -o : adj., desert, solitary,

primand deserted
psovad m., scolder, grumbler
pustara f., heath :

ptica bird : f., pustinik, -njak : m., hermit

ptidar m., bird-catcher:
pustinja f., desert :

ptidica f., little bird :

pustinjski adj., desert :

pticji adj., of birds

pustiti to let, allow, permit, drop

puvati to blow :
pustos m., plain, heath, waste-

puva6 m., dormouse :

pudljiv adj., timid, afraid, shy :
pustoenje : n., devastation
pui m., snail
pustoSiti : to devastate, ravage, lay
puzati, puziti to crawl : waste
pujka f., turkey (hen)
pustositelj m., devastator, ravager

puk m., regiment

put : m., road, way, journey biti ;

puki, -ka, -ko adj., real, true : ; na puttt, to be on a journey ;

puki otac, the image of his sredan put pleasant j ourney ! !

father ; puka istina, the honest put m., time jedan put, once ; : ;

truth ; puki siromah, as poor as prvi put, the first time drugi ;

Job, or anaemia (malokrvnost, f. ) put, another time poslednji put, ;

pukovnik m., colonel : the last time ; na jedan put, to-

pulak m., young donkey, ass
gether po drugi put, for the ;

puls m., pulse

: second time
pun, -a, -o adj., full, filled, covered put: prep., for, to;
: Bee u, for
with, stout, fat, plenty Vienna
puniti to fill, load
puter : m., butter
punica f. f step-mother :
putilo, puto n., shackles, fetters :

puno adv., much, plenty, lot

putir m., chalice :

punokrvan, -krvna, -krvno adj., putni, -na, -no adj., travelling; : :

full-blooded list, m., passport trosak, m., ;

punoletan, -tna, -tno adj., of age travelling expenses :

punoletnik m., -letnicu, f., a out nik m., traveller, passenger,

: :

person of age commercial-traveller

punoletnostvo n., majority putnina f., journey- money
: :

punomod f., authority, power of putnidki : adj., travelling


attorney putno : adv., well, right

punomodan, -dna, -6no adj., pleni- putovanje : n., journey, voyage, :

potentiary tour
punost, punoda f., plenty, abund- putovati : to travel, journey ;

ance peke, on foot postom, by mail- ;

pupak (pupka) m., navel : coach zeleznicom, by train; ;

pupak (pupka), pupoljak : m., suvim, by land morem, by sea ; ;

bud trgovinom, for business

pupiti to bud : putokaz m., sign-post :

pupcan, -a, -o :
adj., umbilical pu topis m., an account of travel-

pupcano vrvce : n., umbilical eor:l ling

Pronounce in James z as in measure ; j as
dj, dz, as/ ; y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opini>on ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in .-it : as ah in shout.
puc] 61 [rad

pudi (puknem) : burst, crack ; pu<5i I

pusiti to smoke
: na lulu, to ;

od jeda, to suffocate with anger ; i smoke a pipe pufii se, it is ;

puci od smeha, to die of laughing ;

smoking lampa se pusi, the ;

pude glas, they say, the report | lamp is flaring

goes puska f., rifle, gun

pueiti se to pout, sulk :

puskar : m., armourer, gun-smith
pucpura f., quail :
puskomet : m., range
puh m., dormouse
pusnica t f., oven for drying fruit
puhati (pusem) to blow, to send away: break pustati :

wind puStenica f., divorced woman :

pucaljka f., loop-hole :

pflaater m., plaster :

pucanj m., detonation, bang, shot pcela f., bee

: :

pucati to shoot zora puca, day is pdelanik, pdelinjak m., apiary


breaking pdelar m., bee-keeper :

puce (puceta) n., button pdelarstvo n., apiculture

: :

pudina f., high seas

pdelac : m., swarm (of bees)
pusionica f., smoking-room pSenica f., wheat
: :

R, P.
rabadiija m., cab-man, driver : rad : m., work, business, occupa-
rabin m., rabbi
: tion
rabota f., work, labour, business
: rad, -a, -o adj., glad, pleased rad : ;

rabotan, -tna, -tno adj., laborious, sam da ., 1 should like . . .

: . .

industrious, hard-working rada f., mar., road, roadstead :

rabotaS m., workman : raden adj., laborious, industrious :

rabotati to work, labour : radenik m., workman :

rabotnik m., workman, labourer, radi, rad: prep, (gen.), because of,

worker for ; radi Boga for the love of !

rabotnica f workwoman, worker : God toga radi, for that reason

. , !

ravan m., camomile

: radii ic a pcela f., working bee :

ravan, ravnina, ravnica : f., plain, radin, -a, -o adj., industrious :

plan, plane, plateau radinost : f. t industry, activity

ravan, -vna, -vno : adj., level, flat, radioniea : f., workshop, work-
smooth, equal, equivalent, same room
ravlje n., castor-oil
: raditi : to work (na nadnicu, by
ravnatelj m., director, manager
: the day ; na parce, piece-work,
ravnati to direct, manage, equal-
make, do, operate, manufacture,
ize, rule to keep (a shop), carry on (a
ravniti to smooth, equalize
ravnica : f., ravno, n., plain, radljiv adj., active, industrious :

plateau radljivost : f., activity, industry

ravnovremen, -a, -o adj., simul- radni, -na, -no : adj., workable, :

taneous working
ravnodnevica f., equinox radnik m., workman, labourer
: :

ravnodusan, -sna, -5no adj., calm, radnica f., work-woman :


indifferent, phlegmatic radnidki adj., of workmen :


ravnomeran, -rna, -rno adj., pro- radnja f., shop, trade, commerce : :

portional rado : adv., with pleasure j

ravnoteia f., equilibrium : radovati to enjoy, to be pleased I


Pronounce : dj, di, as in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; .;'

Ij as /i in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6. f, as ch in church ; u as oo


in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats & as th in shout.

rad] 62 [raz

radovati se to be delighted, to
m., development razvitak :

look forward to to develop razviti (-vijem) :

radost f., joy, pleasure, gaiety,

m., divorce razvod :

joyfulness razvrat m., debauch, immorality :

radost an, -tna, -tno adj., cheerful, razvratiti to corrupt, debauch,

: :

jolly, jovial pervert

radostno adv., cheerfully, joyfully razvratnik : m., profligate, de-

radnja;f., work bauchee

rai f., rye
: razvratnost f., immorality, do- :

raianica f., rye-bread

: bauch
razal, -iti, -ostiti to be sorry, sad razglasiti to announce, publish
: :

rafanj : m., spit, skewer razgovaranje n., conversation :

razbarusiti (kosu) to ruffle (the razgovarati to console, encourage,

: :

hair) inspirit
razbaruSen, -a, -o adj., ruffled :
razgovarati se talk, converse :

(kosa - hair) razgovetan, -tna, -tno: adj., clear,

razbirati : to hear, understand, distinct, intelligible
distinguish razgovor m., conversation, talk

razbiti (-bijem) to break, smash, :

razgovoriti nee razgovariti :

shatter (vojsku, army), rout razgoditi to divide :

(novae, money), to change razgoreti se to catch fire :

(glavu, head), to break a head razdavati, -dati to distribute :

razbiti se to be ship-wrecked
: razdavafi m., distributor :

razbluda : f., voluptuousness, de- razdvajati, -dvojiti to separate :

bauch razdeliti, -deljivati to distribute :

razbludan, -dna, -dno :

adj., volup- razdeljak m., parting (of hair) :

tuous, debauched razdeljiv adj., divisible :

razbluditi : to debauch, spoil razdeo (-dela) m., section, division :

razbludnik : m., debauchee, pro- razderati (-dirati) to tear up :

fligate razdraien, -a, -o adj., irritated, :

razbludnica : f., prostitute excited, annoyed

razboj m., loom, battle-field
: razdraziti to irritate, excite, an-

razbojiSte n., battle-field

razboj nik m., brigand, bandit
: razdrai Ijiv, -iv : adj., irritable
razboj nitvo : n., brigandage razdrmati to shake :

razboleti se to fall ill : razdrufciti to separate :

razbor m., sense, intelligence, dis-

: razi zemlje : on the ground floor
cernment razjaren, -a, -o :
adj., furious, en-
razboran, -rna, -rno :
adj., sensible, raged
judicious, intelligent razjariti to make angry, enrage

razbuditi : to awaken razlika f., difference


razvalina : f., ruin, remains, debris razlikovati to distinguish, differ- :

razvaliti : to demolish, destroy, entiate, differ, vary

break razliSan, -6na, -cno : adj., different
razvez m., emancipation
razlidito, -lidno adv., different :

razvencati se to divorce :
razlog m., reasop., cause, motive :

razvijanje n., razvoj, m., develop-

razlozan, -ina, adj., sensible :

ment reasonable
razvijati (-vijem) to develop razloziti
: to explain :

Pronounce dj, di,, as j in James 4 as s in mea-yure ; j as y in you;


as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo ; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats 5 as .th in shout.

; ;
raz] 63 [ras

razloino : adv., sensibly, reason- razum, -evati, -eti (razumem) : to

ably understand, hear
razlomak m., fraction desetni razumljiv adj., intelligible, clear,
: ; :

razlomak, decimal fraction comprehensible

razlomiti to break : razumnost f., intelligence :

razma prep., excepting

raj m., paradise :

razmaziti to spoil (of children) raja f., raja, Christian subjects In

: :

razmazenko m., spoilt child Turkey


razmak m., interval :

rajski adj., of pnradise :

razmahnuti to brandish rak m., cray-fish

: morski rak, : ;

razmena f., exchange : lobster (, illness), cancer

razmeniti, -menjivati to exchange raka f., tomb, grave : :

razmer m., dimension, proportion, raketla f., rocket

: :

scale (on maps) rakija f., brandy :

razmera f., proportion, dimension rakijas m., tippler, boozer

: :

razmeran, -rna, -rno : adj., pro- rakisapun m., scented soap :

portional rakita f., osier, willow :

razmisliti, razmisljati to reflect, rakidzija m., distiller : :

meditate rakidzij nica f., distillery :

razmnoziti : to multiply ral : m., acre

raznezen adj., effeminate, soft : ralica f., ralo, n., plough :

razni, -na, -no : adj., different, ramazan m., Ramadan :

various rame (ramena) n., shoulder :

raznobojan, -bojna, -bojno adj., ramenice f., pi., braces : :

many-coloured rana : f., wound

raznovrstan, -tna, -tno adj., of ranar m., surgeon, operator : :

many kinds, heterogeneous ranarstvo : n., surgery

raznosac' m., postman : ranac m., haversack :

raznositi to distribute letters: rani, -na, -no : adj., early, pre-

razor m., furrow
: mature
razor m., destruction, ruin
: ranilac m., ranilica, f., early-riser :

razorati to labour (in the fields) raniti : to wound, to rise early


razoritelj m., destroyer : ranica f., small wound :

razoriti to destroy, ruin

: rano adv., early, soon :

razoruzati to disarm ranoranilac m., early-riser

: :

razred m., class, division, section ranjaviti to wound

: :

razrediti to arrange, classify :

ranjenik : m., wounded man
razrezati to cut : raonik : n ploughshare
razresavati, -reSiti to solve, to rapa f., pock-mark : :

guess rapav, -a, -o : adj., uneven, rough,

razreiiv, -a, -o : adj., solvable pock-marked
razrok, -a, -o : adj., cross-eyed, rasa f., monk's habit

squint rasad m., -a., f., seed-bed, nursery


razruiti to destroy, demolish :

razuzdan, -a, -o adj., disorderly : rasaditi to transplant, plant out :

razum m., intellect, reason, in-

: rasadnik m., nursery (garden) :

telligence rasvitak, rasvit m., dawn, day- :

razuman, -mna, -mno :

adj., sen- break
sible, intelligent, reasonable rasvitati se : to dawn
Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure
: j as y in you ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout, ;

ras] 64 [rea

rasejan, -a, -o adj., preoccupied

: rasrditi se to get angry :

rasejanost :
f., preoccupation rast : m., size, growth, stature
raseliti se : to emigrate
rastaviti, -vljati : to separate
raselje n., : rastanak : m., departure, separa-
rasipati to disperse, scatter, lavish
tion, farewell
rasipniije n., lavishness : rastati se to say good-bye, leave :

raskalasan, -sna, -sno :

adj., im- one another
moderate rasti (rastem) : to grow, develop
raskalasnost f., extravagance : rastovina : f., oak-wood
raskol m., raskolniStvo, n., heresy
rastopiti : to melt
raskolnik m., heretic :
rastrkan, :
adj., scattered-a, -o
rasko m.,debauch,voluptuousness
rastrojiti to disorganize :

raskosan, -sna, -sno adj., de- : rastrostvo n., disorganization :

bauched, voluptuous rastumaciti to explain, interpret :

raskralj m., ex-king :

rasudan, -dna, -dno adj., reason- :

raskrsnica f., raskrs6e, n., cross- : able

roads rashod : m., expense
raspeti (raspnem) to crucify : rat :m., war
raspede n., crucifixion: ratar m., labourer, farm-hand

raspeiatit i to unseal : ratiste : n., battle-field

raspis : m., circular, order ratni, -na, -no : adj., war, military
raspisati to order (by circular)
: ratnik m., soldier, warrior

raspitati to find out : ratnidki : adj., soldier

rasploditi to reproduce, multiply :
ratoboran, -rna, -rno adj., warlike :

raspolaganje n., disposition : ratobornost f., military ardour :

raspoloviti to halve :
ratovanje n., war, campaign :

raspolofen, -a, -o adj., good- : ratovati to make war :

humoured, amiable raf : m., shelf

raspolo4enje n., mood, :
disposi- ra6un m., bill, account, calcula-

tion, humour tion

raspoloviti : to
to distribute
reckon, calculate, radunati :

raspon m., arch (of bridge)

: count ; na pamet, in one's head
raspop : m., unfrocked priest rafiunica f., arithmetic :

raspopiti to unfrock : rafiunovodstvo n., book-keeping, :

raspored m., order, arrangement,

: accounts
programme raSunovodja : m., accountant
rasporediti : to arrange, dispose rafiundzija m., calculator :

raspra f., quarrel, row, difference raslriti to increase, widen

: :

raspremati, miti to tidy, clear up rasiti to unsew : :

rasprodaja f., rasprodavanje, sale, rasta : adv. why, because of


liquidation rbanjci m., pi., rbina, f., potsherd, :

rasprodavati, rasprodati ; to sell bits, chips

out, liquidate rdakva f radish : . ,

rasprostirati to spread rdja : f., rust


raspust : m., holidays, vacation, rdjav, -a, -o adj., bad, wicked, :

leave naughty
raspustiti to dismiss, discharge :
rdjati se to rust :

raspusten, -a, -o adj., discharged, realac m., a boy at a modern or

: :

let out real school

dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ;
Ij asin million ; nj as
li in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo m
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout.
rca] 65 [rit

realka : f., modern (real) school redem :

adj., mentioned
rebro : n., rib redenica : f., phrase, expression
revan, -vna, -vno adj., enthusi- : redit : adj., eloquent
astic, zealous, keen reditost f., eloquence :

revmatizam : m., rheumatism redica f., small river, stream


revnost f., zeal, enthusiasm : rednik m., dictionary, vocabulary


revnostan, -tna, -tno adj., enthu- :

resenje n., resolution, decision:

siastic, keen reSetati to sieve, screen, winnow:

regrut : m., recruit, conscript reSeto n., sieve, screen


rsgrster m., slate-pencil : reSetka f., grating, grate :

red m., order, rank, row,

file, resiti to decide, solve, determine

line ; na mene je red, it is my resiti se to be decided, make up :

turn jed&red, dvared, once, twice

; one's mind
redak, retka, retko adj., rare, : r :
m., rye; rzanica, f., rye-bread
seldom, uncommon j
rzanje n., neigh :

redni, -na, -no: adj., denoting rzati (riem) to neigh :

order riba f., fish


redni broj m., ordinal number : riban, -bna, -bno adj., with fish, :

rednja f., epidemic :

redov m., private soldier
: ribanac, -nca m., cut up cabbage :

redovan, -vna, -vno adj., regular, ribanje n., fishing : :

orderly, methodical, ruled ribar : m., fisherman

redom, redomice adv., in order, in ribarica f., fisherman's wife
: :

turn ribarka f., fisherwoman :

redusa f., house-keeper : ribarski adj., of fishing :

redjati to arrange, line up : ribarde : n., fisherboy

rezanj., m., slice ribati : to fish
rez., m., cut, incision, blade, edge ribati : to rub, hash
rezanac m., rezanci, m., pi., flat,: ribizle : f., pi. (red), currantt
vermicelli, macaroni ribica : f., small fish
rezati (rezem): to cut ribid : m., muscle
reka f., river:
riblja pijaca f., fish-market :

rekla : f., woman's coat ribnjak m., pond, fish-pond, pool :

rektor m., rector : ribolov m., ribolovstvo, n., fish-


remek m., masterpiece :

remen m., strap : ribolovac m., fisherman :

ren m., horse-radish

ridanje n., lamentation :

renga f., herring :

ridj, -a, -o adj., reddish, russet :

rep m., tail

ridjokos, -a, -o adj., red-haired :

repa f., root ; bela repa, turnip

: rig m., rice ;

iuta repa, f., carrot riza f., coat :

repatica f., comet : rizik m., risk na svoj rizik, at : ;

retko adv., seldom, rarely

: one's own risk
retkost f., rarity, curiosity : rizik, -ati, -ovati to risk, hazard :

reci (redem) to say, tell, speak ris : m., ream (of paper)

recept m., prescription, recipe

: ris m., lynx :

red :m., word dovek od redi, a risati, risovati to draw, sketch


man of his word odriati svoju riti (rijem) to dig up, root up ; :

red, to keep one's word ritinar m., tramp (in rags) I :

Pronounce :
dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure j as y in you ; ;

Ij as / in million nj as ; m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church u as 00 ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a? ah in shout.

rif] 66 [rud

rif :
m., ell rodjen, -a, -o adj., born, by birth :

rkati (nfiem), rknuti (rknem) : to rodjen dan m., birthday :

snore rodjeni, -na, -no adj., by birth, :

rob in., slave

roba f., goods, luggage, baggage
rodjeni brat rodjena sestra,
: ;

robija f., enforced labour: brother, sister (same parents)

robijaS m., convict :
rodjenici in., pi., descendants :

robinja, robinjica : f., slave-girl rodjenje n., birth, nativity :

robiti to enslave : roian, -2na, -no adj., horn :

robljo n., slaves : roidenstvo : n., the Nativity

robotnik m., workman :
roj: m., swarm of beea
robovanje: n., slavery rojiti se : to swarm
rovit, -a, -o :
adj., tender;
soft, rok : m., term, fixed time
rovito jaje, soft-boiled egg rolja : f., roller
rog m. (rogovi), horn
roljati to roll :

rogat, -a, -o adj., horned : ; rogata roman m., novel :

marva, f., homed cattle romantic'an, -Sna, -Sno :

adj., ro-
rogoz m., rush : mantic
rogulje n., pitch-fork : ronac (-nca) : m., diver
rod m., birth, origin, race, gender,
: rona<Sko zvono : n., diving-bell
sex, sort, kind, related ; mi smo ropkinja f., slave-girl :

rod, we are related mi smo ; ropac m., death-agony :

daleki rod, we are distantly ropski adj., slave :

related ropstvo n., slavery :

roda f., stock:

ropfie n., slave-boy :

rodan, -diia, -dno : adj., fertile, rosa f., dew, rose


productive rosan, -sna, -sno :

adj., dewy, dew-
rodbina f., relationship ; moja : covered
rodbina, my relatives rositi (rosi) :the dew is falling
rodina f., abundance, fertility
rosulja : f., scotch mist
roditelj in., parent, father : rota : f., oath
roditeljka f., parent, mother : to swear, to take an oath
rotati :

roditelji m., pi., parents : rotkvica f., radish :

roditi to give birth to, bear

: rtenica f., spinal cord :

roditi se to be born :
rub, rubez m., hem :

rodoljub, rodoljubac m., patriot : rubac m., handkerchief :

rodoljuban, -bna, -bno, -ljubiv : rubin : m., ruby

adj., patriotic rublja : f., rouble
rodoljublje: n., -Ijivost, f., patriot- rublje : n., rubina, f., linen (to wear)
ism ruga f., ruganje, n., mocKery,

rodom iz. :adv., native of, from jeer, scoff

rodopis :
rugati se to mock, laugh at, sco3
m., rodoslovlje, n., gene- :

alogy rugad : m., scoffer, mocker

rodoskvrnost f., incest rugoba, rugota f., ugliness
: :

rodja f., rodjo, m., relation

: ruda f., mine, mineral :

rodjak rn., rodjakinja, f., relation, ruda f., pole (of a carriage)
: :

cousin mi smo rodjaci, we are rudar m., miner

; :

distantly connected (related) rudarstvo : n., mining

rodjacki adj., adv., as a relation rudina f., meadow
: :

Pronounce as j in James i as 8 in measure :

j as y in you ;
dj, d, ; ;

Ij as ii in million nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church u as oo

; ;

in room ; in loch ; c as ts in cats as sh in shout. ;

rud] 67 [sav

ruclilo : rukovati se to shake hands

n., curling tonga :

rudiste : n., mine

rukovet m., handful, bundle :

rudnik m., mine :

rukovodja m., manager :

rudnjak: m., helmsman, steersman rukopis m., handwriting, manu- :

rudokos adj., curly-haired :

rua f rose divlj a
: wild rose rukotvor m., manual labour
. ,
; , :

ruzan, -4na, adj., ugly, nasty rulja f., crowd : :

ruziti : to abuse, insult rum :

m., rum
ruino adv., bad, badly
m., blush obuze ga rumen : ;

ruzmarin m., rosemary rumen, he coloured up, blushed


ruj: m.,rujevina,f., sumach rumen, -a, -o adj., red, vermilion, :

ruj an, -jna, -jno reddish, yellowish ruddy :

ruj an m., September

: rumenit adj., vermilion :

rujba: f., chilblain rumenilo n., red, rouge :

rujevika f., myrtle : rumeniti se to blush :

ruka f., hand, arm, handwriting rumetin m., maize

: ; :

za rukom podi, to succeed runo n., fleece ; :

ciniti kome na ruku, to lend a rupa f., hole :

helping hand ispod ruke, under- rus adj., fair, blonde ; :

hand ruku pod ruku, arm-in- ruho n., clothes

; :

arm rasirenih ruku, with open ruCavati, ruCati to dine

; :

arms od svake ruke, of all sorts rucak (-6ka) m., dinner ; mali
; :

rudav m., sleeve : rufiak early lunch ;

rukavica f., glove navuci, to ru6ica f., little hand, handle

: ; :

put on skinuti rukavice, to take rudnik

; m., compendium, manual :

off one's gloves rusevina : f., ruins

rukatka f., handle :
rusilac, rufiitelj : m., destroyer
rukovanje: n., manipulation ruSiti : to destroy, ruin, demolish
rukovati, rukovoditi to manipulate :

s, c.

saprep. (gen. and inst.), with,
: sabor : m., assembly, congress
of, from, by, against, at ; sa council, synod
vecera, at dusk, evening ; sa sabrat : m., colleague, fellow-
jeseni, at the beginning of autumn member
sabajle adv., from daybreak
: sabrati (-berem) : to assemble,
sabiranje n., addition : collect
sabiratelj m., collector :
aloe sabur : in.,
sabirati to assemble, collect, add
: sav, sva, sve svi, sve, sva pron., : :

up all, total
sablaznjiv, -a, o adj., indecent, savat m., enamel : :

scandalous, shocking savatiti : to enamel

sablaznj ivost f., indecency savez m., alliance, federation,
: :

sablazan f., sablazna, f., scandal, league, coalition, association


indecency savezati to unite, attach, join :

sablazniti to scandalize saveznik : m., ally, confeder- :

sablast f., phantom, vision : ate

sablja f., sword : savezniclu adj., of allies :

sabljicica f., iria savest f., conscience


Pronounce : dj, dt, as j in James ; 4 as a in measure j as ; y in you ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as m
in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout.
sav] 68 [sam
savestan, -tna, -tno :
adj., consci- do sada, up to now od sada, from ;

entious, scrupulous now onwards ; za sada, for tha

savestnost : f., honesty, conscien- present
tiousness sadanji, -nja, -nje, sadasnji, -nja,
savet m., council, advice, con-
-nje adj., present, modern

sultation dr avni savet, cabinet ; j os t f., present time :

council ; pitati za savet, to ask saditi to sow, plant


advice sadrzaj : m., sadrzina, f., contents,

savetnik m., counsellor
: index
savetovanje n., consultation : sadrzavati (-zajem), -zati (-im):
counsel, advice to contain, hold
savetovati to advise, counsel :
sadrug m., companion

savetovati se to deliberate, : sadruziti se to mix with, associate :

confer with
savetodavac m., consultant : sazaliti se : to pity, condole with,
savetski : adj., of a council be sorry for
savijati, saviti : to bend, curve, sazaljevati to regret, pity :

lean, to fold sazaljevanje, sazaijenje: n. pity,

savijutak (-tka) m., curve, bend :
compassion, regret
savladati, savladjivati to master, : sazeti (saimem) to shrug (rame- :

vanquish, conquer, to get over (a nima, one's shoulders)

difficulty) sazecl (sai.oi.em) to burn :

savremen, -a, -o adj., contem- : sazvati (sazovem) : to convoke

porary sazdatelj : m., creator
savremenik m., contemporary : sazdati to create :

savrh prep., from the top of

: sazreti (-rim) to ripen :

savrSen, -a, -o adj., finished, ac- :

sajam m., fair

complished, perfect sajdzija m., watch-maker, clock-


savrSenost f., savrSenstvo, n., per-: maker

fection sakloniti : to take care of ; Bo2e
savrSiti to finish, terminate
May God help me me sakloni ! !

sag m., carpet

: sakriti (sakrijem) to hide :

sagibati to bend, curve

: sakriti se to hide oneself :

saglasan, -sna, -sno adj., agreed, sakruSenje n., contrition : :

harmonious, consenting saksija f., flower-pot :

saglasiti se : to agree, consent saktijan : m., Morocco leather

saglasno adv., in accordance, suit- sakupiti,
sakupljati to collect, :

ably assemble
saglasnost : f., agreement, accord- salamura f., brine, pickle :

ance salata f., salad


sagledati to look, notice

: salas m., farm

sagnuti to bend, curve

: salevati.saliti, -lijem : to cast metal
sagnuti se to stoop, lean :
salep : m., a hot drink with honey
sagoreti to be burnt
: salitra : f., saltpetre
sagraditi to build
: salo : n., f., at
sagreSiti to sin
: salfeta : f., napkin, serviette
sad m., plantation
: sam, -a, -o : pron., alone
sad, sada adv., now, actually, at
: samar m., pack-saddle

present ; ba sad, exactly now ; samarusa f., packing-needle :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James : i as g in measure ; j as

y in IJOM j

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, <5, as ch in church ; u a-> oo

io room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; s as sh in shout.
6am] 69 [sas

samard2ija: m., pack-saddle maker san, sanan, -a, -o adj., sleepy :

Bamati, -ta, -to adj., the same sandala f., sandal : i :

samac (-mca) m., bachelor, single sanduk m., case, packing-case,

: :

man chest, trunk mrtvacki sanduk, ;

samiti to isolate
: m., coftiri
samleti (sameljem) to grind : sanducic in., box :

sanio adv., only, alone

sanice, sanke (-naka) : f., pi., sleigh,
eamo da conj., if only, provided sanljiv, sanjiv adj., sleepy
: :

that ... santa f., icicle, block of ice :


same, na samo tete-a-tete san6im adv., almost, quasi : ! :

samovar m., samovar (Russian sanjalac, sanjalo m., dreamer


water boiler) sanja f., sanje, n., dream i :

to dream

Barnovla.stan, -tna, -tno adj., sanjati : :

arbitrary \
sanjarija : f.,reverie

Bamovlastnost f., arbitrariness :

sanjavac : m., night-cap
samovolja f., obstinacy : i
sanjivost : f., somnolence
eamovoljan, -ljua, -Ijno : adj., sanjkanje :
n., sleigh-drive
obstinate sanje'ice: f.. tobogan
samoglasnik m.. vowel saone, saoiiice, :saoni : ., pi.,
samodrzac m., autocrat sleigh

samozivac, samoljubac m., egoist saonik m., sleigh road : :

tsamozivnost : f., s>amoljublje, n., saopstiti : to communicate, to tell,

egoism inform
samoljuban, -bna, -bno, samolju- sape, sapi f., pi., crupper :

biv adj., egotistic

sapirati: to clean, wr.ah
eamostalan, -Ina, -Ino adj., inde- sapun m., soap rnirisljavi , : : ;

pendent, autonomoxis scented soap

sarnostalnost f., independence, sapunati, -iti to
soap :

autonomy eapundSija : m., soap-boiler

eamotan, -tna, -tno adj., lonely, sapuiidzij nica f., soap-works : :

solitary sapunjav, -a, -o adj., soapy :

samotinja, samotnost : f., solitude, saputnik m., saputnica, f., tra- :

loneliness veiling-companion
samoca f., solitude:
saraga f., herring :

samodovati to live alone saradnik m., collabor8,tor

: :

samoubistvo h., suicide saradniStvo : n., collaboration


samoubica m. and f., suicide earazmeran, -rna, -rno adj., pro-

: :

samouprava f., autonomy portional :

samrt : f., death; biti na samrti, sarazmernost : f., proportion

to be on one's death-bed saraj m., seraglio, harem :

f-amrtnost f., mortality : sarad : in., saddler

samsov : m., mastiff sardina f sardine : . ,

samur m., sable: aaruk m., turban :

eamurovina f., sable-fur sasa f., anemone

: :

samcat, samcit adj., quite alone sa svim adv., entirely, all : :

san (sna), sanak (sanka) m.. sleep, sasma adv., absolutely :


dream u snu, in my sleep ; sasred adv., from the middle

; , :

trgnuti se iz sna, to wake up sud- sastav m., composition, con- :

deiily struction
Pronounce :
asj in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ;
dj, di,
Ij as li in million nj as nt in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout.

sas] {sve

sastaviti, -Ijati : to unite, join to- svaki, -a, -o pron., every, every :

gether, to compose one, everybody

sastanak (-nka) : m., meeting, re- svakovrstan, -tna, -tno : adj., of
union all sorts
sastojati se : to be composed of, svakoji, -ja, -je pron., each :

consist of svakuda adv., everywhere :

sastrag adv., from behind

: svanutak m., svanuce, n., dawn:

sasud: m., vase svanuti (-nem), svanjivati to :

sat : m., hour (dzepni), watch ; dawn

(zidni), clock ; (ufienja), lesson ; svast, svastika : f., sister-in-law
(puta), 3 miles ; naviti sat, to wife's sister)
wind up stao mi sat, my watch ; svat m., wedding- guest

has stopped moj sat ide ; svatovi : m., pi., wedding

napred, my watch is fast, gains ; svatovati to be at a wedding

moj sat zaostaja, my watch is svaca f., sister-in-law

(sister ol
slow, loses ; koliko je sati ? brother's wife)
what is the time ? sva&ji, -ja, -je pron., of each :

sat (meda) m., honey-comb

: svaSta adv., of all sorts

sati (sem) : to suck svedok m., witness


satrti (-trem) : to pulverize svedoSanstvo n., svedodzba, f., :

sa6ura f., bread-basket

testimony, attestation, certificate,
saucestnik m., accomplice : witness
sau6e6e n., participation :
svedo6enje :
n., testimony
sahan v., san : svedofiiti : to testify, bear witness,
sahat v., sat
give evidence
sahraniti to bury, inter : svez, -a, -e adj., fresh, cool, recent

sahranj ivan j e n., burial, funeral : svezina, sveinost f., freshness :

sa6ma :
f., shot
sveza f., conjunction :

safiuvati ; Boze svezak (sveska) m., copy-book,

: to keep, preserve :

saSuvaj God forbid note-book

! !

sadzak m., tripod :

svejedno adv., it does not matter, :

sadzija m., watch-maker, clock-

: it's all the same
maker svekar m., father-in-law (hus- :

sva v., sav

: band's father)
svagda adv., always : svekoliko adv., all together :

svagde adv., everywhere : svekrva f., mother-in-law (hus- :

svadba f., wedding : srebrna band's mother) ;

zlatna, svadba, silver, golden svemogu6i, -6a, -ce adj., all- :

wedding powerful
svadbeni, -a, -o adj., nuptial svemo6an, -6na, 6110 all -powerful
: :

avadja, svadnja f., quarrel sveopSti, -ta, -to adj., universal.

: :

svaja f., sister-in-law

(sister general
wife) sverep, -a, -o, svirep adj., cruol, :

svak m., brother-inJaw (wife's

: inhuman
brother) sverepost f., cruelty, barbarity :

svak, -a, -o pron., every, every sveska f., copy-book

: :

one, everybody svesrdno adv., cordially :

svakacl adv., always : svest f., conscience mr6i rni : ;

vakako adv., in any case svest, my head is going round


Pronounce :
dj, dZ, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ;
Ij as li in million ; nj as m
in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u an oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; 5 as ah in shout.
sve] 71 [svii

svestan, -stna, -stno, -sna, -sno : sveStenski adj., sacerdotal :

adj., conscientious, prudent ;

sveStenstvo n., priesthood :

svesti (svedem) to lead down :

; svibanj m., May :

svesti o6i, to shut one's eyes svijati to fold:

Bvestran, -a, -o adj., universal : svila : f., silk

svet m., council
: svilana : f., spinning silk
svet m., world, universe, people,
: svilar : m., silk-spinner, silk-mer-
crowd, public, daylight chant
vet, -a, -o adj., saintly, holy, : svilara f., silk-mill

saint svilen, -a, -o : adj., silken silk

Bvetao,-tla,-tlo adj.,brilliant,bright svinja f., pig, sow divlja svinja,
: : ;

svetac (sveca) m., saint wild boar :

sveti m., festival of patron-saint svinjar m., pig-herd

: :

of a family svinjarija f., beastliness, filthiness :

svetilnik m., lighthouse :

svinjarstvo n., pig, breeding :

svetilo n., light

svinjac m., pig-sty :

svetina f., crowd, people

svinjetina f., pork :

svetinja f., holy thing :

svinjeci, svinjski adj., of pigs :

Bvetinjak m., saint, holy-man :

svinjc'e n., hog, swine :

Bvetinjica f., reliquary :

svioni, -na, -no :
adj., silken
svetiti : to bless svirajka, sviraljka f., flute, whistla :

svetiti se to take vengeance : svirati to play (the piano, violin, :

svetkovanje: n., celebration etc.)

svetkovati to celebrate 8vira6 m., musician
: :

svetkovina f., festival svirka : f., music, whistle


svetliti to shine : svod m., vault, arch :

svetlost f., light, Highness

: svodan, -dna, -dno adj., vaulted :

svetnjak m., candlestick, chande- svoj, -a, -e, svoji, -e, -a pron., my,
: :

lier thine, his, hers, ours, yours,

svetovan, -vna, -vno adj., lay their ; ja imam svoj, ti imas svoj, :

svetovati to advise : on ima svoj SeSir itd . ., I .

svetovnjak m., layman have my hat, you have your hat,


svetost f holiness : . , he has his hat, etc. . . .

svetski adj., worldly, universal

svojina f., property :

sve6a f., candle

: svota f., total amount :

svecenik m., priest : svrab m., itching :

svecenje n., benediction, blessing svraka f., magpie

: :

svednjak m., candlestick : svratiti to stay (at an inn, etc.), :

sveuciliste n., university :

put up
svecani, -na, -no: adj., solemn, svrafiak m., ortolan :

imposing svrbeti (-bim) to itch :

eveCanik, sveCani dan festival, svrdao (svrdla) n., drill, gimlet : :

saints' day svraen, -a, -o :

adj., finished, accom-
svecanost solemnity, festival : f., plished
sveSten, -a, -o adj., holy, blessed : svrSetak m., achievement :

sveStenik m., priest, pope : svriti : to finish, achieve, accom-

BveStenic'ki :
adj., ecclesiastical plish
svestenodejstvovati : to celebrate svud, svuda, svukud : adv., every-
mass where
Pronounce dj, dt, as j in James 2 as in measure ; j as
: ; y in you ;

Ijas li in million nj as in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; m ; u as oo

in ro'im ; h as cA in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout.
svu} [sil

svu6i se (svudem.) : to undress, take j seljanka, seljakusa : f., peasant

off woman
se pron., self
seljadki : adj., peasant, village,
sebe pron., self,:
myself, himself, rustic, rural
etc. sem : prep. , besides, save, excepting
sebi pron. (dative), to myself, etc.
: seme (semena) n., seed, grain :

sever m., north :

semenje : n., seeds, grain
severni, -na, -no adj., northern : sen m., scna, f., shadow, shade

severno adv., in the north : senat m., senate :

severnjae'a the pole-star : senator in., senator :

sed, -a, -o :
adj., grey senica f., arbour, summer-house

sedalo : n., perch senka f., v. sen :

sedam : num. seven seno n., hay :

sedamdeset num. seventy :

senpkos : m., -ko5a f., mowing :

sedamnaest num. seventeen :

senjak : m., hay-loft (or barn)
sedati to sit, to take a chair, seat,
: seoba : f., emigration, removal
to perch (o suncu, of the sun), to seoski :
adj., rustic, rural, village
set septembar m., September :

sedeti (sedim) to live, lodge, to be : sesti (sednem) to sit down :

seated sestra f., sister:

sediti (sedim) to turn grey : sestrin adj., of a sister:

sedef m., mothor-of -pearl

: sestrinski adj., sisterly :

sedefast: adj., mother-of-pearl sestrid : m., nephew (son of sister)

sedilac m., inhabitant : sestriSina : f., niece (daughter of
sedite : seat
n., sister)
sedlar : m., saddler seta : f., melancholy, sadness
sedlati : to saddle set an. -tna, -tno :
adj., melancholic,
sedlo n., saddle : sad
sedrni, -ma, -mo the seventh : setiti se, sedati se to remember :

sedmina f., seventh : setovati : to become melancholic

sedmica f., seven, week :
se6anje : n., remembrance, sou-
sedmic'ni :
adj., weekly venir
sednica f session, sitting : .
, se6ati to recall :

sednuti to sit down : to cut

se6i (sefiem), secati :

sedobrad, -a, -o adj., grey-bearded : secavac m., cut-up cabbage :

seiz m., groom, orderly

: seckati to chop up :

seja, seka f., sister :

sedanj m., January :

sejalica f., a drill (for sowing corn)

: se6ivo n., blade, cutting instru-

sejati (sejem) to sow, to sieve : ment

sejaS m., a sower
: siv, -a, -o: adj., grey
sekira f., axe, hatchet:
siguran, -rna, -rno :
adj., sure,
sekirati se to worry oneself : certain
sekretar m., secretary :
sigurnost f., :
safety, security, sure-
selidba :
f., removal ness
seliti : to populate sidrati to anchor :

seliti se to remove (change resi-

: sidro : n., anchor
dence) sila : f., strength, power, vio-
selo : n., village lence
aeljak, seljakanin : m., peasant silaianje : n., silazak, m., desc?nt,
Pronounce dj, d2, as j in James ; 8 as s in measure ; j as :
y in you
Ij as li in million ; nj as in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church m ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c aa ts in cats ; as sh in shout.

73 [ske

going down ; a prestola, abdi- sirotan, -tna, -tno :

adj., orphaned,
cation poor
silaziti : to come, go, walk, climb sirotinja : f., poverty, poor people
down, descend sirotica : f., orphan girl
eilan, -Ina, -Ino, sileni :
adj., power- sirocad : f ., orphans
fid, strong sirde : n. (ocat, octa, m.) vinegar
eilimice adv., by force : sisa : f., breast, nipple
eiliti to force : sisak m., mouth-piece

silovanje: n., violation, rape sisaljka: f., sucking-bottle (for

eilovati to violate, rape :
silom, silomice adv., by force :
sisanje : n., sucking
simbol : m., symbol sisati (sisam, sisem ) to suck :

simit m., white bread: sit, -a, -o adj., satiated, satisfied,


sims m., cornice :

eimsija : f., pipe (to smoke) sita : f., reed
Bin m., son
: sitan, -tna, -tno :
adj., small, tiny,
sinak, sincic : m., little son, little pretty
boy sitan novae : m., small change,
fiiniti to adopt :
Binovac (-vca) : m., nephew (bro- sititi : to satiate, have enough
ther's son) sitnica : f., trifle, bagatelle
einovica f., niece (brother's : sitnicar m., dealer in old curiosi-

daughter) ties
sinski :
adj., filial sito : n., sieve
einor : m., limit sitost : f., satiety, repletion
sinoriti to limit
: sidan, -6na, -6no : adj., v., sit
eino6 adv., last night
: sidi (sidjem) to get down, alight :

sindzir m., chain : sican : m., arsenic

einjav, sinjast, sinji adj., greyish sjajan, -jna, -jno : adj., brilliant, :

sipa f., cuttle-fish

sipljiv, -a, -o : adj., asthmatic sjajati se (sjajim se) : to shine
eipnja f., asthma :
sjanost : f., brilliance, splendour,
sir : m., cheese pomp
sirak (-rka) m., orphan :
sjahati (sjaem) to dismount :

siriti to make cheese

sjediniti to unite, join together

siriti se to curdle :
sjedinjenje: n., union, reunion
sirnica f., cheese-dairy : f., hand (of a watch, etc.) ekazaljka :

eirov, -a, -o : adj., raw, crude skakavac m., grasshopper :

sirovina : f., raw produce skakavica f., stock-lock :

siromah : m., siromasak, m., poor skakati (skacem): to jump, bound

man skakutati to hop, jump :

siromasan, -na, -sno adj., poor, skameniti se : to petrify :

indignant skaska f., tale, story :

siromasica f., poor woman skela f., ferry, ferry-boat

: :

eiromaski adj., poor skelarina f., freight, freighting

: :

siromasnost : f., siromastina, f., skele f., pi., scaffold, scaffolding :

siromaStvo, poverty, indigence skelet m., skeleton :

irotan m., sirotfe, n., orphan boy, skeledzija : m., ferry-man


orphan skcrletan, -tna, -tno: adj., scarlet

Pronounce dj dz, as :
, inJames ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ;

Ij asin millionli nj as ; in opinion ; d, 6, as ch in church ; u as 00

in room h as ch in loch ; ; c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout.
ski] 74 tsla

skidati, skinuti (-iicm) to take off, : skrov m. f skroviste, n., shelter,


undress, to take down skiuuli ; refuge

kapu, to take off one's cap skroman, -mna, -mno adj. t :

skiptar m., sceptre : modest, discreet

skitalac, skitalica, skitalo , : m skromnost f., modesty, discretion :

skitnica, f., tramp, vagabond, skruSen, -a, -o :

adj., penitent, con-
vagrant trite
skitanje : n., skitnja, f., vagrancy, skruenost :f., contrition, penitence
tramping skuba f., house-keeper :

skitati se : to tramp, ramble, rove skup m., meeting, assembly


skica : sketch f., skup, -a, -o

adj., dear, expensive :

skicirati to sketch, draw :

skupo adv., dear, expensive

sklad m., agreement, harmony

skupa adv., together:

skladiste n., warehouse, store :

skupiti, skupljati to meet together, :

sklata f., fool, dupe

: assemble
sklenica f., tumbler, glass :
skupost, skupoca f., dearness, :

Bklenifar m., glazier :

sklib m., grimace
skupocen, -a, -o adj., precious, :

sklibiti to make grimaces (faces)

: valuable
sklizak, skliska, -sko adj., slippery, :
skupstina f., parliament, assembly :

smooth skupstinar m., deputy, member :

sldizaljka f., slide, ice-run : of parliament

sklizati, -znuti to slip, slide :
skupstinski adj., parliamentary :

skloniti to take care of

: skut m., skirt (of a coat)

sklopiti to compose, join

: ; slab, -a, -o, slabafiak, -Ska, -6ko :
ruke, to fold one's hands ne ; adj., weak, delicate, infirm, fragile
sklopiti oCi cele noci, not to close slabiti : to weaken, reduce
one's eyes the whole night slabo adv., weakly, little, rarely

skob : m., shock slabodusan, -sna, -siio adj., faint- :

skobiti : to meet hearted

skovati : to forge, rivet slabodusnost f., pusillanimity :

skok m., jump

: slabo krvan, -vna, -vno adj., anae- :

nkoncati to end, finish : mic

skorasnji, -ja, -je: adj., recent slabomocan, -cna, -6no :
adj., weak,
ekorim adv., shortly : feeble
skoriti to hurry, hasten
: elabost f., weakness :

skoro : adv., soon, shortly slabouraan, -mna, -mno :

adj., im-
skorpija : f., scorpion becile, idiotic, weak-minded
skorup m., cream : slaboumlje : n., slaboumnost, f.,
skot m., cattle
imbecility, idiocy
skotski: adj., brutal slava f., glory, renown, fame,

skoclti to jump, leap:

patron saint's day of Serbian
skratiti, skracivati : to shorten families
skrinja : f., cupboard slavan, -vna, -vno adj., famous, :

skriti, skrivati : to hide glorious, illustrious, renowned

skrnaviti : to profane slavina : f., tap
skrob m., starch : slaviti : to celebrate, glorify, praise
skrobiti to starch : slavi6 m., slavja,
: f., slavuj, m.,
skrobut m., clematis :
Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James i. as s in measure
j as y in you ; ; ;

Ij asin million
li nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church
u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats as ah in shout. ; ;

sla] 75 [slo

slavoluk m., triumphal arch :

slepaCki :
adj. and adv., blindly.
slavoljuban, -bna, -bno, slavolju- blind
biv adj., ambitious
slepeti (-pirn) : to become blind
slavoljubivost f., slavoljublje, n., :
slepilo : n., slepota, f., slepost, f.,
ambition slepo6a, f., blindness
slagati (slaiem) to compose, put :
slepiti to blind :

together slepiea f., blind woman :

elagati (slaZem) to lie, deceive : sliv

: m., basin (of a river)
slagac m., compositor (print-
: sliva : f., plum, prune
ing) slivati se : to flow into
slad m., malt
: slika f., portrait, picture, photo-

sladak, -dka, -dko adj., sweet :

sladiti to sweeten :
slikanje : n., painting, photography
sladoled m., ice (cream) : slikati : to paint, draw, photograph
sladost f., sweetness : slina : f., snot, phlegm, saliva
slama f., straw : slinav, -a, -o : adj., snotty
slamen, slaman, -mna, -mno adj., : aliniti to dribble, weep

straw slican, -5na, -cno : adj., alike,

alamka, slacica f., tube, pipe : similar
slamnica, slamnjaSa : f., straw- slifinost : f., similarity, resem-
mattress, palliasse blance
slan, -a, -o adj., salted : sloboda f., freedom, liberty :

slana f., white-frost, hoar-frost

: Slobodan, -dna, -dno adj., free, :

slanik m., slanica, f., salt-cellar,

exempt, permitted, allowed,
salting-tub liberal
slanina f., bacon : sloboditi to encourage :

slankamen m., rock-salt : slobodica f., freedom, liberty :

slap in., water-fall

: slobodno adv., freely, come in : !

slast f., sweetness, delight

: slobodournnost f., slobodoumlje, :

slati (saljem) to send, send off :

n., liberalism
slati po to send for : slovar, slovnik m., dictionary :

slatina f., salt-spring : slovo : n., letter, character ; veliko

slatkis : m., dessert, tit-bits slovo, capital letter ; malo slovo,
slatko n., jam, preserves
: small letter
slacica : f., mustard slog m., syllable

slegati (sleiem) ramenima, to slmig sloga f., unity, accord


one's shoulders slozan, -zna, -zno adj., united :

sled m., track

slozen, -a, -o adj., complicated, :

slediti to follow, imitate, to result

filediti se to freeze : sloziti : to unite, put together,
sledovati to follow, to result :
sledstven adj., consequent, result- sloziti se to agree with, to unite
: :

ing with
ledstveno adv., consequently adv., unitedly
: :

eledstvenost f., consequence, re- sloinost : f., v., sloga :

suit slom m., break, breakage :

slepi mi, slomiti : to break, smash


lep, -a, -o adj., blind : ;


m., bat slepo oko, n., temple slon m., elephant

; :

slepac (-pea) m., blind man slonova kost f., ivory : :

Pronounce dj, d2, as j in James ; 4 as in measure j as y in you ;

: ;

Ij as li in million nj as in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u a-s oc ; m ;

in room h as ch in loch c as ts in cate

as sh in shout. ; :
Bio] 76

slota : f., sleet smernost f., humility, modesty :

sluga : m., servant, lackey smesta adv., immediately, on th


sluzavka f., servant-girl, maid :

eluzavnik m., tray, waiter : smesti (smetem) to hinder, em- :

sluzba f., service, employment

: barrass
sluzben, -a, -o adj., official : smetati (smetam) to hinder, stop, :

eluzben, -ik m., -ica, f., servant :

sluzbenost f., obligingness :
smeten, -a, -o adj., confused, lost. :

sluzitelj m., servant :

strayed, muddled
eluZiti to serve, to v.-ork for, to be
: ameti (smem): to dare, to be
useful for sluzbu, to cele- ; allowed, to have permission
brate mass (right) ne smeti, not to bo ;

sluziti se to help oneself : allowed, not to dare

sluz : f., mucus, white of egg smetnja : f., obstacle, hindrance,
sluzokoiica :
f., mucous membrane difficulty, trouble
lutiti : to foresee, have a presenti- smeh : m., laugh, laughter ; urn-
ment od smeha, to die of laughter
elutnja :
f., presentiment smean, -na, -sno adj. .mixed :

eluh m., hearing

: smeSan, -sna, -sno adj., laughable, :

sluSaj m., chance, event

: ridiculous, amusing
sluSajni, -na, -no adj., accidental, smesati to mix : :

casual, occasional emesenje : n., smile

Bludajno adv., accidentally, by smesiti se to smile
: :

chance, by accident smeSljiv adj., laughing, jolly :

elufiajnost f., event, chance smilovati (-lujem): to be sorry for


slu6iti se to happen smiren, -a, -o adj., modest, humble

: :

slusatelj m., hearer, listener : smirnost f., modesty :

sluiati to listen, hear, obey

: smiriti to calm, soothe, pacify :

sluice (-Seta) n., boy-servant, smirna : f., myrrh :

page-boy smisao (sinisla) signification, sense, :

emak (m.) sveta end of the world :

ematrati to estimate, notice, ob-
smisliti.smisljati to imagine, invent :

serve smisljaj m., invention, discovery


emac : m., appetite smok m., anything eaten with


smej v., smeh, m., laugh

: bread, butter, cheese, etc.
smejanje n., laughter, laugh smokva f., fig
: :

Bmejati se (-Jem se) to laugh; smola f., pitch, resin : :

glasno. to roar with laughter smolav, -a, -o, smolast ; :

adj., pitch,
u brk kome, to laugh in any resinous
one's face u sebi, to oneself, ; smotka : f., cigarette
in one's sleeve smotra f., review :

emelost f., boldness, audacity : smotrenost f., prudence, caution :

smena f., change (the guard)

: smrad : m., bad smell, stink
emenjivati to change (relieve) the : smradan, -dna, -dno adj., stinking :

guard smrdeti (-dim) to stink, smell :

emeo, smela, smelo :

adj., bold, nasty
audacious smrde6, smrdljiv adj., stinking :

erneran. -rna, rno :

adj., modest, smrdljivac m., smrdljivica, f., a :

humble stinking person

Pronounce :
dj, di, as in James i as s in measure
; j as y in you ; ;


Ij as U in million ; nj as in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church

; u as oo ;

in room ;
h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; & as sh in shout.
smr] 77 [spo

smreka : f., juniper spavanje : n., sleep, repose

smrz, -avati se, -nuti se (-nem se) :
spavati to sleep :

to freeze spava, -6i, -ca, -ce adj., sleeping :

smrt : f., death spavada kola f., sleeping-car :

smrtan, -tna, -tno :

adj., mortal spavad m., spavaciea, f., sleeper

smuk m., serpent :

spaljivanje n., combustion; :

smuta : f., snow weather, snow- (mrtvaca), cremation

storm spanac m., spinach :

smntnja trouble : f., sparivanje n., match, pair, couple :

snaga strength, vigour, waist

: f., sparivati, spariti: to match, ooii^e,
Bnazan, ina, -zno adj., strong, :
vigorous spas m., salvation, eternal happi-

snaziti to strengthen, fortify

: ness
snaha : f., daughter-in-law, sister- i

spasavanje, spasenje n., salvation, :

in-law (brother's wife) rescue

sneg m., snow : i
spasavati : to save, rescue, deliver
enegovit, -a, -o adj., snow-clad :
spasavati se to escape :

sneian, -ina, -ino adj., snowy :

spasitelj : m., the Saviour
sneienje n., snow-fall :
Spasovdan m.,Spasovo, n., Ascen- :

snez iti to snow : sion Day

sneinik, sneznjak : m., snow- spasonosan, -ana, -sno :
adj., salu-
mountain tary
snizak, -zka, -zko adj., low :
spasti (spadnem) to fall, decline :

snova adv., afresh, again i

spasti (spasem) save, deliver :

snova f., snutak, m., chain

spati (spim) to sleep :

snop m., sheaf, bundle

speno : adv., quickly
BO (soli) f., salt morska, kamena. :
; spisak m., list, catalogue, table,

kuhinska sea, rock, kitchen ; register, inventory

soba : f., room spisatelj : m., author
sobar m., valet :
spisati (spiSem) : to compose, write
sobarica f., chamber-maid :
spica : f., spoke
sova : ., owl splav : m., raft
sovra : f., dinner-table spletka f., intrigue :

soda : f., soda spletkar, spletkas m., spletkaMea, :

sojka : f., jay f.,intriguer, schemer

sok m., juice, syrup
spletkariti : to intrigue, scheme
sokak m., street :
spol : m., sex
soko (sokola) m., falcon :
spolni : adj., sexual
solar : m., salt merchant spol a : adv., outside

soldat m., soldier :

spoljas, -nji, -nja, -nje external :

soliti : to salt spoljaSnjost f., exterior :

soljana :
f., salt making spomen remembrance, memory

somun : m., loaf spomenik m., monument :

sorta f., sort, kind

spomenica f., memoir, album :

* >tona f., Satan, devil :

spomenuti (-nem) to mention :

sofa f., sofa

spor : m., law-suit
sofra : f., dinner-table spor, -a, -o :
adj., slow
Bocan, -Sna, -6no adj., juicy :
sporazum m., : understanding,
soiivo n., lentil :
Pronounce :
j in James ; i as
dj, di. as in measure ; j as y in you ;
Ij as li in million nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church
u as o* ;

in room , h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 5 as sh in shout.

spo] 78 [srn

sporazumeti se to agree with srditi (-dim): to : make angry,

spored prep., by the side of, next
annoy, irritate
to srditi se : to get angry
sporedan, -dna, -dno :
adj., acces- srditost : f., anger
sory, secondary srdobolja : f., dysentery
sporo adv., slowly
srdjela : f., sardine
sposoban, -bna, -bno: adj., capable, srebriti : to silver
clever srebrn :
adj., silver
sposobnost : f., aptitude, capability, srebro, -a : n., silver
talent srebroljubac (-ljupca): m., miser
spraviti, spravljati : to prepare sred prep., in the middle of ; po
: ,

sprat m., floor (first floor, etc.)

through u sred, in the centre of ;

spraSiti :to dust sreda f., Wednesday, middle ;


sprva :
adv., firstly cista sreda, Ash-Wednesday
sprema : f., preparation sredina f., middle, centre, crumb

spreman, -inna, -mno :

adj., ready, (of bread), medium
prepared srediSte n., centre :

spremati, spremiti to prepare :

srediStnji, -ja, -je adj., central :

sprovod m., escort, convoy,

srednjak m., sredja, f., middle :

funeral procession finger

sprovoditi to accompany, escort :
srednji, -ja, -je :
adj., average,
sprud m., sand-bank
: mean, middle
spufcva f., sponge
: sredozemni adj., Mediterranean :

erazmera, srazmernost f., propor- : sredstvo n., means, resource :

tion sredstvom adv., by means of :

grazmeran, rna, -rno adj., pro- : srez m., district


portional sreski adj., district


gram : m. shame, disgrace, sreski nadelnik m., sub-prefect :

modesty ; biti sram, to be sresti (sretnem) to meet :

ashamed, to blush izgubiti sretan adj., v., sredan ; :

svaki srain, to lose all sense of sretanje n., meeting :

shame sretati : v., sresti

sraman, -mna, -mno shame- Sretenije n., Visitation :
adj., :

ful, disgraceful, shy, infamous sreda f., happiness, luck, good :

sraniez m., v.,:sram luck, good fortune

sramezljiv adj., shy, bashful : sre6an, -dna, -dno adj., happy, :

Bramezljivost f., chastity, modesty, successful, contented


purity sre6i (sreknem, sredem) to spell :

srarniti se : to be ashamed, blush sre6ka : f.,lottery ticket

not a
f., shame, infamy, dis- sredno : adv., luckily, happily, all
grace right
eramotan, -tna, -tno adj., shame- : srz : f., src, m., marrow
ful, disgraceful, infamous sricati (sriem) : to spell
srati (serem) to rear (to have a : srk m., sip

motion) srkati (srdem) : to sip

erdadan, -6na, -cno adj., hearty, : srna : f., roe, doe, roebuck
cordial, sincere, affectionate sriidak, srndad : m., roebuck
srdadnost f., cordiality, affection
: srnde : n., fawn
ardit, -a, -o :
adj., angry srnetina f., venison :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y oin you ;


Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as eh in loch c as ts in cuts ; 6 aa ah in shout. ;
sro] 79 [sto

srodan, -dna, -dno adj., related : starac (-rca) : m., old man, father-
srodnik m., srodnica, f., relation
: in-law (wife's father)
srodstvo n., srodnost, f., relation- : staresina m., chief, head, director

ship stariji adj., comp., older


srp m., sickle, reaping-hook

: starina f., antiquity, age

srpanj m., July : starinar m., antiquary :

sruSiti to destroy, demolish

: starinski adj., ancient, antique

srce n., heart; preko srca, un-

: starica f., old woman

willingly tvrda area, hard- ; starosedilac m., aborigine, native :

hearted starost f., age, old age


src :
in., oak stas m., stature, build, height

srfian, -6na, -6no :

adj., brave, stati (stanem) : to put, step on,
courageous stand
srSanost f., courage, bravery : stvar f., thing, object, business

stablo n., trunk, stalk

: stvaran, -rna, -rno : adj., real, true,
stabljika f., stalk : actual
staviti, stavljati to put, place :
stvarati, stvoriti to make, create :

stado n., flock (of sheep)

: stvarnost f., reality :

staza, stazica f., path : stvor m., stvorenje, n., being,


staja f., room, shed

: creature
stajati (-Jem) to stand, step on :
stvoritelj m., creator :

stajati (stojim) to stand :

steg m., banner, standard

staklar m., glazier :

stegnuti(stegnem) : squeeze, pinch,
staklara f., glasa-works : lace up
staklen, -a, -o adj., glass, glazed : steznik m., corset :

staklenica f., glass bottle, de- : stena f., stenjak, m., rock

canter stenica f., bug :

staklo n., glass :

stenj, stenjak : m., wick
Btaklo-rezac m., glass-cutter :
stepen m., step, degree

atalan, -Ina, -Ino adj., constant, :

stepenica f., staircase, stairs :

permanent, steady, continual stignuti to reach, arrive :

stalez m., class, order

: stid m., bashfulness, modesty,

etalnost f., permanency, con-

: shame
stancy stidan, -dna, -dno adj., bashful, :

Stan m., house, lodging, dwelling

: shameful
Btanica f., station : stideti se to be ashamed, blush :

Btanovati (stanujem) to live, stay, stidljiv adj., shy, bashful, :


dwell, remain ashamed

stanoviste n., standpoint :
stidljivost : f., shyness, shame
stanovnik m., inhabitant : 8ti6i (stignem) :to reach
stanovnistvo n., population : 8tih : m., verse
stanje n., state, condition, posi-
: sto : num. hundred ; oko sto, about
tion a hundred
Btap m., stick
: sto (stola) : table
star, -a, -o adj., old, aged, antique : stovariSte : n., warehouse, store
staratelj m., guardian :
stog m., haystack

starateljstvo n., guardianship, care : stozer m., pole :

starati se, stareti to grow old, to :

stojati (stojim) : to stand up, to
take care of, look after stand
dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ;
Ij asin million ; nj as
li in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo m
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout.
sto] 80 [sud

stoka : f., herd strmen : m., strmenica, f., steep

stolar : m., carpenter slope
stolac : m., seat strog, -a, -o :
adj., strict, severe
stolede : n., century strogost f., severity :

stolica : f., chair, stool strop m., ceiling :

stomak m., stomach :

strpeti se (-pirn se) : to be patient
stopa foot: f., strpljiv, -a, -o : adj., patient
stopalo : n., sole of foot strpljivost f., patience :

stotinas m., captain :

strugar m., sawyer, turner :

sto<5ar m., cattle-breeder

strugati (struzem) to saw, plans :

Btocarstvo n., cattle breeding :

strugafi m., scraper :

stradalac (stradaoca) m., sufferer :

strugafia : f., plane
Btrada'ii to suffer : strugotina :
Btraza f., guard : st.ruznica : saw-mill
Btrazar m., sentry, guard :
struja : f., current (electric, sea)
strnzara f., sentry-box : struna : f., cord, horse-hair
smizariti: to patrol, guard strcalica, strcaljka f., syringe, :

stran, -a, -o adj., foreign :

strana : f., side, page, face stub m., column, pillar

atranac (-nca) : m., foreigner stuba f., stube, f., pi., steps

etranka f., party (parliamentary)

: stud, studen f., cold :

strast f., passion, anger, rage

: studau, -dna, -dno, studen, -a, -o t
strastan: tna, -tno adj., passionate :
adj., cold
strah m., fear, terror
: studenac (-nca) m., well :

strahovati to fear, be afraid : studeni m., November :

strahovit adj., awful, horrible : studenica f., well-water, cold :

strahota f., terror : studeti (-di) to be cold (weather) :

strahotan, -tna, -tno adj., awful, :

stupa f., mortar :

horrible stupanj m., step :

stra^an, -3na, -5no :

adj., frightful, stupati to walk, step :

awful su prep., with, by


StraSan sud : m., the Last Judg- subota f., Saturday :

ment suv, -a, -o adj., dry :

straSljiv: adj., afraid, timid suvad m., shavings :

strasljivost : f ., fear, cowardice suvisak (-ska) : m., surplus

straSilo : n., scarecrow suvisan, -na, -Sno :
adj., super-
strasiti : to frighten, terrify fluous
sirela : f., arrow suvie adv., too much :

strelac : m., sharp-shooter, hunter suvisnost : f., superfluity

streliste : n., butts, shooting-gallery suvremen, -a, -o adj., contem- :

streljati: to shoot porary

stremen, strmen m., stirrup : sud m., court of justice, tribunal,

strike m., uncle

: vase, utensil, vessel
strina : f., aunt (wife of father's sudac, sudija : m., judge
brother) sudba, sudbina : f., destiny, fat*
etric m., uncle (father's brother)
sudijski, sudski : adj., judicial
stri6ak m., thistle : sudionica f., court :

Btrm, strmen, -it : adj., steep, suditi to judge :

abrupt sudnica f., court of law, tribunal :

Pronounce :
dj, di, as^' in James ; z as a in measure j as y in you ; ;

Ij asin million
li nj as ni in opin\ on ; : 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch c as fc in cats ; ; 6 as sh in shout.

sud] 81 [taj

sudjen, -a, -o :
adj., fatal suuc'ev, -a, -o :
adj., solar
suza f., tear
: shed ; suze roniti, to suparnik m., adversary :

tears okupan u suzama, bathed

; supotpis m., subscription :

in tears sa suznim o6ima, with ; suprotnost f., opposition :

tears in the eyes suprug m., husband :

suziti to shed tears

supruga wife : f.,
sujeverje n., superstition surudzija m., postillion
: :

sujeveran, -rna, -rno adj., super- sused m., suseda, f., neighbour : :

stitious susedan, -dna, -dno : adj., neigh-

sujeta, sujetnost f., vanity bouring :

sujetan, -tna, -tno adj., vain susedstvo n., neighbourhood : :

suknar m., draper : susetka f., neighbour :

suknen, -a, -o adj., material, cloth susnezica f., sleet : :

sukno n., stuff, cloth, material

: suteska f., defile, narrow pass :

suknja f., skirt, petticoat:

Isutlija: f., sutlija*, m., rice and
sukrivac (-vca) m., accomplice milk :

sultan : m., sultan sutra adv., to-morrow ; rano :

sultana, sultanija f., sultana to-morrow morning ; u vete,


sulundar m., stove-pipe : to-morrow evening

suma f., sum, total
: sutradan adv., the next day !

sumnja f., doubt, suspicion :

sutrasnji, -a, -e adj., of to-morrow :

sumnjati to suspect, doubt : sutuk in., antidote :

Bumnjiv, -a, -o adj., suspicious, suh, -a, -o adj., dry, thin :suho : ;

doubtful zlato, pure gold ; suha bolest,

sumnjivost f., doubt, indecision phthisis, :
consumption ; suho
umoran, -rna, -rno adj., sombre, vode, dried fruit :

dark suhonjav, -a, -o adj., dry, thin :

sumpor in., sulphur :

suhota, suhoda f., dryness, drought :

sumrak m., gloaming, twilight : sudzuk m., jelly :

sunet : m., circumcision susa f., dryness, drought :

sunetiti to circumcise : susan, -dna, -sno adj., dry :

sundjer m., sponge : susiti to dry, smoke (meat, etc.) :

sunce n., sun : susiea : f., phthisis, consumption

sunco, -gled, -kret m., sun-flower suSti, -a, -o adj., true, real, the : :

sundanik : m., sundial same

sunSanica f., sunstroke suStina f., existence, reality
: :

T, T
ta :
couj., then tad, -a, -ar : adv., then
ta :
pi., te, pron., this, these tazbina : f., step-parents, step-
tabak : m., sheet of paper father's house
tabakera f., snuff-box : taze : adv., fresh
taban m., sole of the foot
: tain : m., ration of bread
tabla f., blackboard
taj, ta, to: pi., ti, te, ta, pron.,
tablica : f., tablet, slate this, these
tabor m., camp
tajan, -jna, -jno :
adj., secret
tavan m., ceiling, loft, attic
: clandestine
tavan, -vna, -vno adj., dark :
tajanstvo n., secret, mystery :

tavnik m., mine :

tajanstven : adj., mysterious
Pronounce dj, d4, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as
y in you ;

Ij asin million
li nj as in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; m ; u as oo
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as ah in shout.
82 ftck

tajanstvenost : f., mystery tantuz m., counter (playing) :

tajko rn., papa : tancati to dance I


tajna, tajnost f., secret, mystery tanj ir : m., plate

: !

tajni :
adj., v., taj an taonda :
adv., day after to-morrow
tajnik : m., secretary taostvo : n., hostage
taj no adv., secretly
tapetar : m., upholsterer
tak : m., billiard-cue tara f., tare :

tak, -av, -va, -vo pron., such, like taraba f., plank

takmac m., rival : tas : m., cup

takmica f.,takmi6enje,n., rivalry, tast
m., father-in-law (wife's

competition father)
takmiti se to rival tata
: m., tatica, f., papa :

tako : adv., so, if, then, thus tatarin m., messenger, courier :

takodje, takodjer conj., also taclija f., cuff

: :

taksa f., tax : taSan, -Sna, -6no adj., exact, :

talambas m., timbal, kettle-

punctual, precise, correct
drum tafino adv., exactly, punctually, :

tu las m., wave

: just so
talasati se to roll (of waves), be tafinost
: f., exactitude, precision, :

stormy punctuality
talac m., hostage
: ta6ka m., scarlet runner :

talir m., thaler, crown

: tasta f., mother-in-law (wife's :

talog m., :sediment mother)

talpa f., plank
tvoj, -ja, -je -ji, -je, -ja pron., thy ; :

taljige f., pi., cart

: tvor, tvorac (-rca) pole-cat :

tama f., obscurity, darkness

: tvorac (-rca) m., creature :

taman, -mna, -miio adj., dark, tvoriti to make, :create :

obscure tvornica f., manufactory :

taman adv., exactly, just

: tvornidar m., manufacturer :

tamaniti to lay waste, devastate tvrd, -a, -o adj., hard, mean

: :

tambura f., tambourine : tvrdina f., hardness :

tamburas : m., tambourine player tvrdinja f., fortress :

tamjan m., incense : tvrditi to affirm, maintain, fortify :

tamneti (-nim) to get dark tvrdica f., mean person

: :

tamnik m., tunnel :

tvrdoglav, -a, -o adj., obstinate :

tamnina f., tamnilo, n., darkness tvrdoglavost f., tvrdoglavstvo, n.,

: :

tamnica f., prison :

tamnic'ar m., gaoler : tvrdost, tvrdoda : f., hardness
tamno adv., obscurely, darkly
: tvrd Java f., fortress :

tamnovati to be in prison te:

conj., and :

tamo adv., there ; tamo amo, tebe, te, tebi pron., thee, to thee
: :

here and there teg m., weight :

tamosnji, -ja, -je : adj., of the tegoba f., burden, load :

country, local teia : f., gravitation, weight

tanak, -nka, -nko, tanan, -a, -o : teZak, teska, tesko adj., heavy, :

adj., thin, fine, slight, slender difficult

tanac m., dance : teiina f., weight :

tandrk : m., noise tezga f., desk :

tane (taneta) n., bullet tek m., stream

: :

Pronounce :
dj , di,, as in James ; 4 as s in measure
.;' j as ; y in you;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout.
tek] 83 [top

tek, tekar :
adv., hardly tim : adv., thus, so much, so ; tim
tekuda voda : f., flowing (running) bolje, somuch the better ; tim
water vise, so much the more ; tim
telad : ., teoci, m., pi., calves gore, so much the worse ; tim
telac : m., tele, n. (teleta), calf manje, so much the less
teletina : f., veal tipsa :
f., alum
telo : n., body t Irani j a f., tyranny :

tepav, -a, -o: adj., stammering tiranin : m., tyrant

tepati to stammer, stutter
: tiranski : adj., tyrannical
ter conj., and
: tisa : m., yew-tree
terazije: ., pi., scales, weighing- tisak (-ska) : m., print, impression
machine tisar m., printer

terati : to lead, drive (an animal) tisarnica f., printing-press :

teret : m., load tiskati to print :

teretan, -tna, -tno : adj., laden, t isuca : f., thousand

heavy ; teretni voz, luggage- titrica : f., camomile

train titula : f., title
teretiti : to load, accuse tiftik : m., lint
termometar m., thermometer
: tih : adj., calm, peaceful, slow
tesan, -sna, -sno : adj., tight, tihost, tisina : f., calm, silence
narrow tica : f., bird
tesar : m., carpenter ticati (tidem) : to touch
tesla : f., hatchet ticati se (tidem se) : to concern,
tesnac : m., narrow passage, gorge, interest
defile tide : n., tidica, f., little bird
testamenat : m., will, testament tkalac, tkad m., : weaver
testera : f., saw tkati (tkdem) to : weave
testerati, -risati (-risem) : to saw to pron., that

testera : m., sawyer toboznji, -nja, -nje :

adj., sham,
testija : f., water- jug pretended, self-styled, fictitious,
testo : n., pudding, sweet humbug
tetak : m., uncle (aunt's husband) tobdiija m., gunner, :
tetka f., aunt: man
tetreb m., tetrebica, f., grouse
: tovar : m., burden, load, pack
tedi (fedem) to flow : tovariti : to load, burden
tef ter : m., account-book tovar konj m., pack-horse :

tedaj m., course, stream

: tovarni adj., of a burden :

tedan, -dna, -dno adj., liquid, fluent : tok m., course, current

tedid m., cousin (aunt's son)

: toliki, -ka, -ko pron., such :

tedno adv., fluently

: toliko adv., as much, as many

tednost f., liquid, fluency : tolkovati : v., tumaditi, to interpret

teko adv., hardly, with difficulty
: tolmad v., tumad, m., interpreter

teskoda f., difficulty : torn, po- adv., and then, after-

tiganj m., frying-pan
: wards
tiganjica f., omelet : tombola : f., loto (a game)
tigar m., tiger
: tonuti (-nem) to sink :

tikati se to say thee : and thou top m., cannon, gun


tikva : f., vegetable - marrow, j

topal, -pla, -plo : adj., warm, hot
pumpkin topiti se : to melt, gutter

Pronounce dj, di, as : in James i as a in measure ; j as y in you

Ij asin million
li nj as ; m

in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 09

in room h as cA in loch ; ; c as to in cats s as ah in shout.

top] 84 [tro

toplik : m., toplica, f., hot baths trgoviSte : n., market, market-
toplina f., heat, warmth : town
topliti : to heat, warm trebati : to have need, need, must,
toplo adv., hot
: want ; trebam novaca, need
toplokrvan, -vna, -vno adj., hot- :
money ; treba da idem, I must
blooded go
toplota f., heat, warmth :
trebovanje n., requisition :

topola : f., poplar trebovati (-bujem) to want, nee/l :

tor : m., park, enclosure trezven, -a, -o adj., sober :

toranj, toronj in., tower : trezvenost f., sobriety :

torba f., bag, valise, haversack

: trenutak (-tka), trenut m., mo- :

torbiSar, tor bar : m., pedlar ment, second, instant

torbica f., small bag, saddle-bag
: trenutan, -tna, -tno adj., instan- :

tocilo n. t tocilj, m., grindstone

: taneous
tofiak : m., wheel, bicycle trepavica f., eyelash :

toSir : m., todilo, n., funnel tresak (-ska) m., thunder-clap :

toditi to pour : tresti (tresem) to shake :

trava : ., grass tre<5e adv., thirdly


travan, -vna, -vno adj. .grassy : tre6i, -6a, -de: adj., third
travanj m., April : tre6ina f., third :

travica, travka f., blade of grass :

tresnja f., cherry, shudder :

trag m., track, footstep, vestige

treSnjovina f., cherry- brandy :

tragati to seek, look for, track

: tresten pijan, -a, -o adj., dead- :

traiiti to seek, ask for, look for,

: drunk
want tre6e n., shavings :

trajan, -jna, -jno : adj., durable, trzavica : f., convulsion

lasting tri : num. three
trajanje n., duration : trideset num. thirty :

trajati (-Jem) to last : trinaest num. thirteen :

trajaSnost, trajnost : f., durability, trinaesti, -a, -e :

adj., the thir.
stability, solidarity teenth
trampiti to exchange, barter :
triput adv., thrice, three times

trata f., fisherman's net

: trista : num. three hundred
trbobolja f., stomach-ache : trk m., trka, f., race, gallop

trbuh m., abdomen, stomach,

: trkaliSte n., race-course :

belly trkati (trSem) to race :

trbuSat adj., big-bellied : trkafi m., race-horse


trg m., market-place

: trmka : f., beehive

trgovanje n., commerce, traffic : trn : m., thorn

trgovati (trgujem) to bargain, :
trnokop m., pickaxe

keep a shop, do business trnjina f., sloe :

trgovac (-vca) m., merchant, :

trobojan, -jna, -jno :
adj., tri-
dealer, shop-keeper coloured
trgovafiki adj., commercial, mer- trobojka f., the Serbian flag, red,
: :

cantile blue and white

trgovina f., business, commerce, trovanje n., poisoning
: :

business-house, shop trovati (trujem): to poison

trgovka, trgovkinja f., shop- trogodiSnji adj., triennial : :

keeper (woman) trogub, -a, -o adj., triple :

Pronounce dj, di, as j in James z as s in measure j as y in you

: ; ; ;

Ij as /' in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, as ch in church ;

u as GO , ;

in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout.

tro] 85 [tuc'

trojak, -a, -o adj., of three sorts : truo, trula, trulo : adj., rotten,
trojan, -jna, -jno adj.. triple :
putrefied, bad, decayed
trojno pravilo n., rule of three :
trup m., trunk (of tree!

troje three
truskanje : n., jolt, bump
trojiti to triple :
trcanje : n., running, race
trojica f., three :
people, etc. ; trcati (-elm) : to run
Sveta Trojica, f.,Holy Trinity tu : adv., there, here
Trojice : f., pi., Pentecost, Whit- tuga :
f., grief, sorrow
sunday tugovati se : to be sad, lament
trojci(trojaka) m., pi., triplets : tuda : adv., by there
trokut. trougao m., triangle :
tudj., -a, -o :
adj., foreign, strange,
tromesefian, -na, -6no adj., : alien
quarterly tudj in, tudjinac m., foreigner, :

tronoiac m., tripod :

stranger, alien
trostran, -a, -o :
adj., trilateral tudjinka f., foreign woman :

troha f. crumb
: tudjiti se to avoid :

trosak (trnska) m., expense : tuzan, -2na, -zno adj., sad, miser* :

trosan, -s:a, -6no adj., fragile : able

trosarina f., town-dues tuzba : f., complaint, accusation
trosadiija : m., spend-thrift, |
tuzenik : m., accursed
squanderer : tuiiti (za kim) : to mourn
trositi to spend, disburse
: ! tuzlti (koga) : accuse
trpez> m., trpeljivost, f., patience tuziti se (-zim) : to complain of
trpeznjak m., table-cloth :
tuzemac : m., native, inhabitant
trpeza f., table : !
tuka.: f., tukac, m., turkey
trpezarija : f., dining-room j
tuluz*: m., tuluzina, f., maize straw
trpeljiv, trpljiv :
adj., patient, re- tumac m., interpreter

signed tumaditi : to interpret

trpeti (trpim) to suffer, tolerate : tumbak m., brass :

trpimost tolerance : f., tumbas m., pontoon :

trpni adj passive

: . ,
tuna adv., here, there

trs :m., trska, f., reed tunja : f., quince

trskavac (-vca) : m., bamboo tup, -a, -o :
adj., blunt, dull, stupid
truba : f., trumpet tupara : f., blunt axe (knife)
truba6 : m., trumpeter tupiti: to blunt, dull
trubiti : to play the trumpet tupoglav, -a, -o adj., stupid, dull :

trud m., trouble,

fatigue, diffi- turoban, -bna, -bno adj., melan- :

culty choly, sad

trud m., tinder
turpija : f., file
trudan, -dna, -dno :
adj., difficult, turpijati to file :

tiring tutkalo n., glue :

trudna : f., adj., pregnant tutkaliti : to glue

truditi : to trouble, pain tutor: m., tutorka, f., guardian
truditi se : to take trouble, try, tutorstvo n., guardianship :

endeavour tutun m., tobacco


trudnoca f., pregnancy : tu6i (tudem): to beat, hit

truliti : to rot, putrefy, go bad, (svinje, pigs), to stick (cattle),
spoil slaughter
trulost :
f., decay, rottenness tuci se to fight a duel:

Pronounce dj, dz, as j in James ; i as in measure

j as ; y in you :

Ij as li in million nj as nt in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; ; u as oo

in room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout.
tuc] I [ubo

tucati : to pound, crush up, pulver- tufia : f., hail

ize tufiak (-6ka) : m., pestle, mallet
tuce n., dozen: tus : m., douche
tu6 m., brass

caba : f., moslom holy town, Mecca dilim : m., carpet
6alov : m., v., oaha cirilica : f., Cyrillic alphabet
caja : f., substitute ditap : m., koran
capiti : to snap difta :
m., shop-keeper
car : m., profit, gain dopav, -a, -o :
adj., lame
6ariti to profit by
: dorav, -a, -o adj., one-eyed :

6arlijati to blow softly, waft : dorbudiak, dorsokak: m., blind-

data, (Sato m., scribe, public writer alley :

debap m., meat cooked of skewer dosav, -a, -o adj., beardless

: :

debe n., blanket, horse-rug

: duba f., tuft, crest :

dezap m., nitric-acid : dud f., def, m., wish, whim, fancy :

dela f., bald head

: dumur m., charcoal :

delav, -a, -o : adj., bald dumurdiija f., charcoal-burner :

delaviti : to grow bald dup m., jar, pot


delav ost : f., baldness duprija : f., bridge

deli j a : f., cell durak, curan : m., dure, n.,
demane : f., pi., violin turkey
demer : m., money-belt dur6e n., short fur coat

der, dera : f., v., kdi, daughter durdija m., furrier :

deramida : f., tile dustek m., fetters, shackles :

deretati : to murmur, chatter dutanje n., silence :

derka : f., daughter dutati to be silent, quiet :

dercivo n., window-frame : dutke adv., in silence, silently


desa f., purse:

dutljiv, -a, -o :
adj., silent, quiet,
cesar m., emperor : taciturn
cesarica f., empress :
dut-jivost : f., taciturnity
6eten m., flax : dusati, dusiti : to slap, cuff
diler m., larder: cuska :
f., box on the ears, cuff,
dilibar m., amber :

u, y.
u prep., in (loc. ), to (ace. ), on (gen.
: ubitacan, -Sna, -6no pernicious, ) :

uapsit i : to imprison, arrest injurious

ubav, -a, -o
adj., pretty ubiti (ubijem): to kill,
: massacre,
ubaciti to throw in :
ubediti : to convince, persuade ubiti se to commit suicide :

ubedjenje n., persuasion, convic- ubica m., murderer, assassin

: :

tion ublizu adv., near :

ubijati to kill :
ubogi, -a, -o : adj., poor, needy,
ubilac (-lea): m., murderer, assassin destitute
ubistvo n., murder, assassination ubojac in., battle
: :

Pronounce :
dj, dz, as j in James i, as s in measure
; j as y in you ; ;

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion d, d, as ch in church

; u as oo ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sk in shout.

ubo] 87 [udr

ubojit, -a, -o :
adj., warlike j ugovariti : to concert, devise, con-
ubostvo : n., poverty fer with
ubrzati to hurry :
ugovor m., convention, contract,

ubrisati (ubrisem) to wipe, blow : I

treaty, pact
one's nose ugovoriti to arrange, to agree, to :

ubrus, ubrusac m., towel : confer with

uvazavati to respect, esteem :
ugovorni adj., conditional :

uvaienje n., respect, esteem, con- :

ugodan, -dna, -dno adj., suit- :

sideration able, comfortable, convenient

uvek adv., always, constantly
ugodnost f., comfort, convenience

uvelicati to enlarge, increase :

ugor m., eel

uveravati to assure, declare :

ugostiti : to treat, regale
uverenje n., certificate, convic-
ugristi (ugrizem) to bite :

tion ugusiti to stifle, suffocate, strangle


uvesti (uvedem) to introduce : udavati se (udajem) : to marry (of

uvet m., condition, terms
: a girl)
uvece adv., in the evening
: udaviti to strangle, drown

uvideti uvidjati to recognize :

udavljenik m., udavljenica, : f.,
uvlaka : f., penholder drowned person
uvod : m., introduction, preface udaljenje 11., distance :

uvoditi to introduce, establish,

udalji, -vati, -ti : to remove, send
instal away
uvoz m., import
: udar, udarac (-rca) : m., blow, hit,
uvoziti to import : stroke
uvoznik m., importer : udarati to hit, blow, attack

uvostiti : to wax udariti to hit, kick, push, attack


uvreda f., insult, offence, outrage

: udati to give in marriage

uvrediti : to offend, wound, insult udvojiti to double :

uvredljiv, -a, -o adj., insulting, : udvorica f., flatterer, courtier:

offensive udelati to make, do :

uvrh prep., at the top of

: udeo, udelak m., part :

ugadjati: to please udeonidar m., shareholder :

ugalj :m., coal udeonifitvo : n., participation

ugao (ugla) m., corner, angle : udesiti : to adapt
ugasit, -a, -o adj., dark, brown, : udica : f., fish-hook
obscure udo :
n., member
ugasiti to quench, put out, ex-
udoban, -bna, -bno : adj., com-
tinguish, stanch ; vatrogasac, m., fortable, convenient, easy
fireman udobnost : f., comfort, convenience

uglast, -a, -o : adj., angular ease

ugladiti, uglacati : to polish udov : m., widower
ugled : m., bearing, air, distinction udov, -a, -o :
adj., widowed
ugledan, -dna, -dno : ad., distin- udovac (-vca) : m., udovica, f..

guished, imposing, esteemed widower, widow kraljica udo ;

ugledati to notice, remark, dis-

: vica, dowager, queen
tinguish udruzenje n., society, union, com :

uglomer : m., set-square pany

ugljar m., charcoal-burner
: to join with, go into udruiiti se :

ugljenik m., carbon :

partnership, associate
Pronounce dj, dz. as j in James 4 as :in measure j as y in yov ; .

Ij as li in million nj as nt in opinion 6, c, as ch in church

; u as oo ; ;

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as h in cats s sh in shout. ; M

uza] 88 [ule

nzar m., rope-maker

: uzetost : f., paralysis
uas m., horror
: uzidati : to wall in
uznsan. -sna, -sno adj., horrible, : uzimalac : m., taker, lessee
awful, ghastly uzica :
f., string, cord
uiasnuti se to fear, be terrified :
uznemiren, -a, -o : adj., anxious*
uie (uzeta) n., cord, rope, cable : alarmed
uiezen, -a, -o adj., rancid, rank : uznemirenost : f., anxiety, alarm
uzeci (uze2em) to light, go rancid : uznemiriti : to alarm, disturb,
uzivanje: n., pleasure, delight trouble
uiivati to enjoy : uzrast m., growth, figure, stature

uz, uza prep, (ace.), at the side of,

uzrok m., cause, subject, reason

up ; uz bnicj up-hill ; uz vodu, |

uzrujan, -a, -o adj., noisy, excited :

up-stream ujak, uja : -m., uncle (mother's

uz m., strait
uzajaman, -mna, -mno adj., ujaloviti to castrate :

mutual, reciprocal ujed m., bite, sting


uzajamnost f., reciprocity, mutu- :

ujedati, ujesti (ujedem) to bite, :

ality sting
uzajmiti to borrow, lend :
ujediniti : to unite
uzak, uska, usko adj., narrow, :
ujedno adv., together :

tight ujko m., v., ujak


uzalud adv., in vain :

ujna f., aunt (wife of mother's

uzaludan, -dna, -dno adj., useless brother) :

uzan, -a, -o adj., narrow, tight ujutru adv., in the morning

: :

uzbrdice adv., going up, ascending

: ukaz m., decree, order :

uzbudjenost: f., emotion ukidati, ukinuti to abolish :

uzbuna f., alarm, revolt : ukleti to curse :

uzburkan, -a, -o adj., stormy ukop m., funeral,

: burial :

uzvik m., interjection, shout

ukopati to bury :

uzviknuti (-nem) to shout out ukosak m., ukosnica, f., hairpin

: :

uzvisen, -a, -o adj., high, elevated ukraj prep. next to : : ,

uzvisenost f., excellency, eleva- ukras : m., decoration, adornment


tion ukrsiti to decorate :

uzglavak m., uzglavlje, n., uzgla- ukrasti (ukradem) to steal, rob

: :

vnica, f., cushion, pillow ukratiti : to shorten, diminish

uzda : f., bridle ukrepiti : to fortify
uzdati to bridle : ukrotiti : to tame
uzdah, uzdisaj : m., sigh ukrstiti : to cross
uzdahnuti (-nem), uzdisati to sigh ukrcati to embark : :

uzdica f., bridle, reins

: ukus : m., taste, flavour
uzdriljiv, -a, -o : adj., sober, tem- ukusan, -sna, -sno : adj testy, . ,

perate delicious
uzdui, -a, -o adj., longwise ukusnost : : f., nice flavour, taste
uzduzan. -zna, -ino adj., longi- ul : m., beehive :

tudinal ulazak (ulaska) : m., entrance, way

uzendjija: f., stirrup in
uzet, -a, -o adj., paralyzed ul.i/.iti
: to enter :

uzeti (uzmem) to take, seize, take ulaznica f., entrance ticket

: :

away, remove, hire ulepsati to embellish :

Pronounce :
j in James ; I as a in measure ; j as y in you
dj, dz, as ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo


in rooms ;
h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cits ; s as sh in shout.
ule] 89 [upo

uledi (ulegnem) to enter : umoran, -ma, -rno adj., tired,

ulivati se to flow into :
fatigued, weary
ulica f., street; na ulici, in
: the umofiiti to dip :

street |
umrtviti : to kill
ulifiica lane :
f., unazad adv., backwards

ulog m., stake (in games), deposit

unapred adv., forwards :

uloga f., part, character, role

unaprediti to promote, advance :

ulogoriti to camp, bivouac :

unapredjenje : n., promotion, ad-
ulufiiti (priliku) to seize the oppor- : vancement
tunity unatoc : adv., contrarily '

ulje : n., oil unistiti : to abolish, annihilate,

uljika : f., olive-tree destroy
uljiti : to oil unkas m., pommel

urn : m., mind, reason, intellect, unuk m., grandson


intelligence ; pasti na , to unuka : f., granddaughter

think of unutarnji, -nja, -nje adj., interior, :

umazati (umazem) : to grease, tar internal

urnaka f., sauce : unutra adv., inside

umaliti : to lessen, diminish unutrasnji, -nja, -nje: adj., in-

uman, umna, umno :
adj., clever, terior, internal
reasonable, sensible unutrasnjost f., interior, inside :

umah adv., suddenly

: unutSad n., grandchildren

umeren, -a, -o :
adj., moderate, unu6e (unufieta) n., grandchild :

sober., uobidajiti to accustom :

umerenost f., temperance, moder : uobrazen, -a, -o adj., imaginary :

ation uodl adv., on the eve


umeriti : to regulate, restrain, upad m., irruption, invasion


moderate i
upadati v., upasti :

u-mesto adv., instead of :

I upaljaca f., wick :

umestiti to place :
upaljen, -a, -o adj., alight :

umetak (-tka) m., parenthesis :

upaljiv, -a, -o adj., inflammable :

umeti to know, be able (can)

upamtiti to remember :

umetnik m., artist :

uparaditi to arrange :

umetnost f., art :

upasti (upadnem): to invade, in-
umesati to mix :
terrupt, fall upon
umivaonik m., -nica, f., wash- :
upis m., registration

hand basin upisati (upiem) to register :

umivati to wash :
upisnik : m., subscriber
umilnost f., sweetness, charm :
upliv : m., influence
umirati (-rem), umreti (-rem) : to upoznati to make the acquaint:

die ance of
umiriti to calm, pacify : u pola adv., half

umiti (-Jem) to wash :

uporan, -rna, -rno adj., obstinate :

umiti (umim) to reflect, think over :

uporediti to compare :

umni, -na, -no adj., intellectual, :

upornost f.,uporstvo, n., obstinacy

clever upotreba f., use :

umnozsrvati : to multiply, increase upotreban, -bna, -bno adj., upo- :

umokac m., sauce :

trebiv, upotrebljiv, adj., useful,
umor m., fatigue, weariness
: serviceable
Pronounce :
j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as
dj, di, as y in you ;

Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church

; ; u as oo
in rocx\ ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; $ as ah in shout.
upr] 90 [utv

uprav adv., exactly, precisely

uslovan, -vna, -vno adj., condi- :

uprava f., administration, man-

: tional
agement usluga f., obligation, service :

upravan, -vna, -vno: adj., ad- usluzan, -2na, -2no adj., obliging :

ministrative usluznost: f., obligingness, kind-

upravitelj m., manager, adminis- : ness
tration usna : f., lip
upravitelj ka : f., manageress usniti : to dream
upravitelj stvo n., administration :
uspavati to fall asleep :

upraviti, upravljati to adminis- :

uspevati, uspeti (usperh) : to suc-
trate, manage, to conduct ceed
upravnik, upravlja6 : m., v., uspeh m., success :

upravitelj uspesan, -sna, -sno adj., successful :

upravo adv., exactly :

uspo koj iti to calm :

uprepascenost f., consternation :

uspomena f., souvenir, remem- :

upropastiti to ruin : brance

uprostiti to simplify :
usprerniti to arrange, prepare :

uproscenje n., simplification :

usput adv., in passing

uputnica: f., post-office order, usrdan, -dna, -diio adj., agreeable :

money-order usred prep, (gen.), in the middle


ura f., hour

: of ;usred lota, zime, in mid-
uravnati, uravniti to level summer, in mid-winter :

uredan, -dna, -dno adj., orderly, usta f., mouth : :

regular ustav m., constitution :

uredba f., rule, regulation :

ustavan, -vna, -vno adj., consti- :

urediti, uredjivati to arrange, put tutional :

in order ustajati (ustajem): to get up

urednik m., editor, manager :
ustanak(-nka) m., rebellion, rising, :

urednistvo n., editing revolt :

uredjenje n., organization ustanova f., institution

: :

ures m., ornament

: ustanoviti to establish, institute :

urma f., date : ustati se (ustanem) to rise, revolt :

usaditi to plant : ustaS m., rebel, insurgent :

usamiti to isolate : us men adj., oral :

usamljenost f., solitude, isolation ustrojiti to organize, establish

: :

usev m., seed for sowing

ustrojstvo n., organization :

usidriti to anchor : ustuk : m., antidote

usiniti to adopt :
ustup, ustupak m., cession, resig- :

Uskrs m., Uskrsenje, n., Easter

: nation
uskrsnuti (-nem) to resuscitate ustup, -ati, -iti to resign, retire, : :

uskrsnuce n., resurrection abandon:

uskrsavati to resuscitate usud : m., destiny, fate


uskrsnji, -nja, -nje adj., Easter, utaboriti to camp : :

paschal utakmica f., competition, rivalry

usladiti to sweeten : utakmice adv., one against the
usled adv., in consequence, con-
: other
sequently utvara : f., phantom
uslisati, uslisiti : to grant utvrditi : to fix, fortify
uslov : m., condition utvrdjenje : n., fortification, fort

Pronounce dj d. as j in James 2 as s in measure j as y in you ;

: , ; ;

Ij as in million
li nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo ;

in room h as ch in loch c as to in
; cats ; s as s/i in shout. ;
ute] [ust

uteha : consolation, hope

f., ucenost : f., erudition, knowledge
utecaj : m., influence ufienje : n., study, teaching, learn-
utesitelj : m., consoler ing, practice
utesiti : to console u6estvovati : to participate, take
utija : f., iron (for linen) part in
utina : f., owl udestvovanje n., participation, :

utirati to wipe, to clean

: condolence
utirac m., duster : uSesnik m., participant

utisak : m., impression, imprint u6es6e n., participation,

: condo-
uticaj m., v., utecaj, influence
: lence, regrets
uticati : to flow into, influence udetvoriti : to quadruple
utok m., mouth (of rivers, etc.),
: ucilite n., school, college

mouthpiece u6in m., fact


utoka f., tributary (stream)

: ucinak (-nka) m., result, effect :

utonuti (-nem) to sink, founder : uciniti to make, do, render, con-


utopiti se to drown : clude

utopljenik m., drowned man : ufiionica : f., school-room, class-
utorak, utornik m., Tuesday : room
utocica : f., v., utoka ucitelj m., school-master, teacher

utociste n., asylum, refuge, : re- uciteljica : f., school -mistress

treat, shelter licit el jka f., wife of school -master,

utrvenik m., main-road : school-mistress

utrkivanje n., utrka, f., race, : uciti to teach, learn, instruct,

horse race study ; u6iti na pamet, to learn

utrkivati to race, run :
by heart ; uditiiz knjiga, to learn
utroba f., entrails,:intestine, with books uciti rado, to like ;

womb one's work

utrobica : f., liver uSmati se to fade, wither :

utrojiti : to triple uc'tiv, -a, -o adj., polite, amiable,


utrti (utrem) : to rub, wipe civil

utuk : m., antidote uCtivost : f., politeness, courtesy,
udi (udjem) to enter, go in :
ufati se to hope : us m., louse

uh ! :
interj., oh ! usanditi to intrench, fortify

uhvatiti to take, seize : uai (usiju) f., pi., ears :

uho n., ear

usiljiti to sharpen

uhobolja : f., earache uskopiti to castrate :

uhod m., entrance :

uskopljenik m., eunuch :

uhoda f., spy, police-spy :

usljiv, -a, -o adj., lousy :

uhoditi to spy, enter :

usnjak : m., little finger
uhraniti to fatten :
usobolja : f., earache
ucena : f., ransom uStaviti : to tan
uceniti, ucenjivati: to ransom u.stap : m., full moon
u6a m., village schoolmaster
: usteda: f., saving, economy, sav-
u6evan, -vna, -vno u<5en, -a, -o : ; ings
adj., learned ustedeti, ustedjivati to save, :

u6enik m., pupil, scholar, school-

: economize
boy, student, disciple ustinuti (-nem) to pinch :

nfenica f., school -girl : ustirkati to starch :

Pronounce in James ; i as s in measure ; j as

dj, d, as.;' y In you
Ij as II in million : nj as tii in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo
in room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout.
u$t] 92 [hal

uStrojiti : to castrate ulunjati se to insinuate oneself, :

uede : n., mouth ingratiate oneself

F, O.
fabrika f., manufactory : filareta : f., rail, baluster, banister
fabrikanat m., mamifacturer fildis
m., ivory :

fabrikovati to manufacture, make filosofija f., philosophy

: :

fazan m., pheasant : fildan m., coffee-cup, cup :

faklja f., torch : fin, -a, -o : adj., fine, delicious,

faktor m., overseer :
fakultet m., faculty
finansije f.. pi., finances :

fala v., hvala, thanks

: finoca f., fineness :

faliti to fail, miss, to be wanting, firma f., firm, sign-board (of a

: :

to be deficient shop)
falican, -cna, -6no : adj., defective, fiskati : to crack a whip
missing fitilj m., wick :

falsifikovati to falsify, forge, fisek m., cartridge

: :

adulterate fiseklija f., cartridge-case, box :

falsifikator m., forger, adulterator fistati

: to neigh :

familija f., family : flaner m., flannel :

familijaz in., beadle flaster

: m., plaster :

fara : f., stern, behind-part flauta f., flute :

farba f., paint, colour

: flota f., fleet, navy :

farbar m., painter, dyer : fond m., fund, capital :

farbati : to paint, dye forela f., trout :

fasina f., bundle, faggot

: Iforinta f., florin :

februar m., February : 'formula f., formula :

feder m., spring (watch, carriage, fosfor m., phosphorus

: :

etc.) fotografija f., photograph :

fela f., kind, sort, species

: frisak, -ska, -sko adj., fresh, re- :

fenjer : m., lantern cent, quick

f eredia : f., yashmak, Turkish friskp adv., quick :

woman's veil frtalj : m., quarter

fes : m., fez frula : f., flute
fizika : f., physic, medicine furuna (sobna, room), stove : f.

fijaker : m., cab, carriage furuna (pekarska, baker's) oven

: f.

fijoka : f., drawer furundzija m., baker :

fijukat i : to whistle futrola f., case, sheath :

H, X.
habati : wear out (clothes)
to hnjducki adj., of brigands :

haber : m., news hajdustvo n., brigandage :

hazna counting-house, treasury hajka f., round up

: f., :

hajde interj., get on

go on gee hak m., salary, pay, wages
: ! ! :

up run off ! hala f., filth, dragon ! :

hajduk m., brigand, highwayman halav, -a, -o adj., dirty, filthy

: :

hajdukovati se to become alhalaliti: to bless :

brigand, to rob, plunder halka f., iron ring, door-knocker i :

Pronounce j in James i as s in measure ; j as y in you ;