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D100/D200 Desktop Series Fingerprint Employee Time Clock Operation Guide V1.

Product Appearance Menu List Set Time:

1 1. LCD
Press [OK] key about 3 seconds to turn on the device, press [M] key IN MENU
▼ Setup System
Dev ID 10000
▼ Time
09 : 00
[M] [OK] [OK] [C]
to enter the system menu. Menu list: 26 [OK]
6 Setup Log Setup Time ↑ Save?
System Info Language ENG Set-C Next-OK No-C Yes-OK
2.State Key(Clock Out) 10-11-17 WED Hardware Test

Select [Setup] Select [System] Select [Time] Modify system time Press [OK] to save
2 7 Page Down Enroll
3.State Key(Clock In) Dev ID
Other Setup
Fingerprint Employee Time Clock

8 Page Up User Time
Verify Mode
M→[User]→[OK]→[Verify Mode]→[OK]→[OK]→Input employee ID→[OK]→ M→[Setup]→[OK]→[System]→[OK]→[Language]→[OK]→
4 9 4.0-9 Num. Key Admin Setup Use [IN/ ]/[OUT/ ] to select ‘ANY/PW+FP/ID+FP’→[OK]→[OK]. Use [IN/ ]/[OUT/ ] to select ENG/FRCH/GERM/...→[OK]→[C]→[OK].
Workcode Scope
10 5.LED Admin Clear Item Explanation
Precision Item Explanation
System Contains 11 languages:
Volume Any Fingerprint only, Card only or ID+Password only ENG(English), FRCH(French), GERM(German), SPAN(Spanish),
PTG(Portuguese), ITA(Italian), BULG(Bulgarian), SLVK(Slovak),
5 Auto Off It requires both Password and Fingerprint verification HUNG(Hungarian), SLVN(Slovenian), TURK(Turkish)
Auto Update together Factory default
6 Related Language
Setup Image Disp. setting
ID+FP Enter the user ID first, then verify the fingerprint
2 7
Log Alert Factory default
Fingerprint Employee Time Clock
Log Setup Any Precision, Volume, Auto off, Auto Update, Image Disp., Log Alert, Re-Verify
Re-Verify setting
3 8
Item Explanation
Hardware Test Keypad, LCD, Voice, Sensor, Flash
M→[Setup]→[OK]→[System]→[OK]→[Dev ID]→[OK]→
4 9
Dev ID: Input the device’s ID→[OK]→[C]→[OK]. Precision
Set terminal fingerprint matching precision.
0-[Normal],1-[Good], 2-[Exact].
10 System Info
Item Explanation Set the terminal voice volume.
0-[mute], 5-[Max].
Device ID of the unit which is required in software
1-99999999 Set the time duration for an idle clock to go into sleep
Illustration for placing finger Factory default
communication Auto off
mode.No-[Not Off], 250min-[Max Time].
setting 1 Auto update means the previous lower quality fingerprint
Correct method (Place you finger flat on the sensor to insure maximum sensor coverage ): Auto Update template will be automatically replaced by the new higher
M→ [Setup]→[OK]→[System]→[OK]→[WorkCode Scope]→[OK] quality one during fingerprint verification.
WorkCode: →Input Max→[OK]→Input Min→[OK] →[C]→[OK]. Choose to display the fingerprint on the screen during the
Image Disp. verification process. [Yes] - show fingerprint image,
Item Explanation [No] - not show fingerprint image
The terminal will alarm when the memory capacity
Place finger in the center of the sensor. Finger must remain flat and motionless 0-999999 Valid scope for the Workcode Log Alert is less than the [Log Alert] value.[No]-Not alarm,
during enrollment and verification.
Incorrect method: Factory default Max 999999 Max. value 5,000.
setting Min 0 The duration of time in which the terminal will ignore
Re-Verify repeated attempts for authentication.
Tips: WorkCode indicates the work type,easily distinguishes which
attendance record is related to which work type. [No]: Disable the function; Max. value is 250 min.

Moving finger before the

backlight of sensor is off.
Improper finger placement
on the sensor.
Finger placed on
sensor at an angle.
Removing finger from the sensor
during enrollment or verification process.
Using the fingertip only. Moving finger during the process
of enrollment or verification.
Wiring Diagram
Operation Guide
Enroll User: Each user can register two fingerprints and one password .

IN MENU User ▼ Enroll

09 : 00
User Enroll
[M] [OK] [OK]
26 Setup Delete ID 008101
10-11-17 WED System Info Verify Mode Esc-C Set-OK (ID number range:0-999999)
Select [User] Select [Enroll] Input user ID

Enroll Fingerprint: Place the same finger on the sensor twice to enroll fingerprints.
Enroll Enroll FP Enroll FP Enroll FP
FP 1/2
[OK] [OK]
Password Place Finger #1 Place Finger #2 008101-1
Esc-C Set-OK Sav-OK

Select [FP] Enroll fingerprint Press [OK] to save

Enroll Password: Password length: 0-999999.
Enroll Enroll PWD Enroll PWD Enroll PWD
FP 1/2
[OK] [OK] [OK] PWD ID ****** [OK]
Password PWD ID ****** 008101-P
Esc-C Set-OK Esc-C Set-OK Confm ****** Cancel-C Sav-OK

Select [Password] Input password Input password again Press [OK] to save

Admin Setup: Admin(Administrator) has full access permissions to the device. It is recommended to assign a minimum of two administrators to each unit.

IN MENU User ▼ Admin Setup Admin Setup Admin Setup Admin Setup
Admin Setup ID 008101
09 : 00
[M] [OK] [OK] [OK] [OK] [OK]
26 Setup Admin Clear ID 000000 008101
10-11-17 WED System Info Esc-C Add-OK No-C Yes-OK Esc-C Add-OK

Select [User] Selelct [Admin Setup] Input Admin ID Setup successful