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West Africa 775-1591

Did you know the West African kingdom

Ghana is the world’s leader of cocoa bean?

By- Oliver lively

CE, 775
The Sonike people (farmers and ironsmith) started the
enormous kingdom of Ghana.

It covered an area the size of Texas. Also most traders had to

walk the Sahara Desert to trade with Ghana.
CE, 1064
A man authored a book called “Roads and Kingdoms.” This
book recalled dogs wearing gold and silver collars.

Another book by a different author said there was a king with

1000 horses taken care of by 3 men.
CE, 1235

Ghana was overtaken to a Mandinka leader

named Sundiata.

Sundiata stole the name Mansa which means

CE, 1475
The rulers who followed Mansa Musa were far
weaker and Mali fell.

A new empire rose.The Songhai empire has

The 21 stringed Kora

Did you know the Kora fits in many classes of instruments

and is described as a doublebridge-harp-lute
The Kora is made out of cow skin a cut in half
calabash (a fruit) and some type of string

The instrument is native to Africa and is played in few parts of

the world besides Africa.
The Songhai

This was the last big Empire to die out in West Africa.

Its span was 700-1591. Also at that time it was the greatest
empire in West Africa.
Songhai was so great because it controlled main trade

Songhais religion is
Islamic. This was an “idea”
brought by trade.
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