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Academic Program Director,


It gives me immense pleasure to write in support of Dr. Sweena's application for fellowship
in hand surgery at your esteemed institute. I am convinced that Dr Sweena will make an
immediate positive contribution to your institute. As her teacher I urge you to accept her

Dr.Sweena has been a joy to have in class. She is smart and confident, yet humble. She is
well-liked by her peers. During her junior year, she worked collaboratively with her senior
residents and fellows and was always cited as an able and obedient colleague by them and
was well accepted by the nursing staff. As a responsible student, towards the final term of her
residency she conducted academic lectures and clinical skill transfer sets for her junior
residents. Her energetic nature and positive attitude gives delight to all the people working
around her. She is a conscientious student and shows an excellent fund of knowledge and a
willingness to go beyond the usual role of students, demonstrating a commitment to
continuity in caring for her patients.

Dr.Sweena is modest, but her talents are well known among faculty and students. Her peers
routinely go to her for help with their projects, and she is always happy to help. She has been
envied by her co-residents on several occasions for having met deadlines and volunteering for
presentations and ward rounds. She has wisdom beyond her years, and I expect her to go far,
in the arena of her choosing. As you can see from her CV, Dr.Sweena is involved in several
extracurricular activities, all while maintaining her grades at the institute. She is also actively
involved in maintaining the hospital web site. She has excellent written and verbal
communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable, and computer literate.

She has worked as a resident at ABC Institute from 2004-2006 after which she had to proceed
to Basle University to pursue her higher studies. She was advised to stay back at the institute
and excel in her surgical skills but she was very clear on her interests in hand surgery. Hence
she choose to go ahead and finish her training. Now when she is back at the institute I find
her a more knowledgeable and simplified person but with her same old dream in mind of
become a accomplished hand surgeon. This makes me think that she is indeed very
committed to her goals in life. .

Her diligence, intellect and commitment to her studies are unmatched. Her greatest pleasure
is to challenge herself that refines her day by day. Dr.Sweena is just the type of natural leader
and well-rounded student who would be a welcome addition to any institute. But during the
five years I have known her, she has continually expressed her heartfelt desire to matriculate
at your institution. I truly hope that her dream is realized. If not for this field she feels nothing
worth of her medicine degrees. I have rarely found such determined students in my teaching

In summary, I would strongly recommend her for your fellowship program. Please let me
know if you can benefit from any further insights into Dr.Sweena's experience and character.
I know she will excel at the training program. Please do not hesitate to contact me on
CONTACT NO. My best wishes are always with her.


Dr.Puja Goyal
Chennai, India

# +00-0000000000 (CONTACT NO)

Department of --------------,

Subject: Application for Clinical Fellowship in (SUBJECT OF INTREST) at (INSITUTE

NAME) commencing from (DATE).

Respected Sir/ Madam (be sure of who it is!),

In response to your posting for fellowships in plastic surgery sub specialties, I am applying
for the fellowship in hand reconstructive surgery. I have enclosed my CV for your review. I
have learnt about the availability of these clinical fellowships through the institute website.
Given my proven record of professional training and experience in medicine, I would like to
be considered for this position.

I pride myself on being a results oriented, hands-on individual with a zeal to progress and
master the fine arts of surgery. My working style strongly emphasizes teamwork and quick
adaptation to changing work environments. An evaluation of my resume will further acquaint
you with my background and qualifications for this position.

In review of my resume, what it cannot illustrate, however, is the degree of dedication,

resourcefulness, and professionalism that I can offer. A personal conversation will enable us
to discuss how I can be an able and competent trainee at the institute and contribute to the
success and pride of your program. I look forward to training under you in the near future.


2.Letter from Department Chairperson
3.Reference letter No. 1
4. Reference letter No. 2

Dr.Puja Goyal
Chennai, India

Stephanie Oslo

117 Newton Street

Camden ACT 2600

P: (02) 9111 1111

M: 0411 111 111



Dr Christina Cresswell

Clinical Superintendent
Royal Hospital

P: (02) 9333 3333

Dear Dr Cresswell

RE: PGY3 Resident Medical Officer Positions

I wish to apply for the position of PGY3 Resident Medical Officer as advertised on Please find my resume attached.

I am an MBBS graduate coming up to the end of my PGY2 year at Camden Hospital. During
my residency I worked in orthopedic surgery, geriatrics, endocrinology and respiratory.
During my intern year I worked in cardiology, emergency, colorectal surgery, renal medicine
and relief. I have had experience being on call, doing shift work, have also had placements at
rural hospitals which have shown me a different medical environment.

Throughout my PGY1 and PGY2 years and during previous placements I have attended
rounds, journal club, multi-disciplinary meetings, all teaching sessions and have taken the
opportunities to do extra research. My strong interpersonal and communication skills have
been used while treating patents and helping medical students with practical skills such as
cannulation and venepuncture.

I am registered with the RACP and RACS and find it rewarding being part of a successful
team that can make a real difference to people's lives.

If you require any more information please contact me on the phone numbers above. I look
forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Stephanie Oslo

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Physician Cover Letter Sample 1:
I am writing this letter to present myself as a candidate for the Physician position within your
organization. I am very excited about the opportunity to work in this capacity for your
company, and believe this position would be a perfect fit for someone with my unique skills,
interests, and professional expertise. My extensive experiences in primary and continuing
medical care management, coupled with strong academic background and relevant
certifications, have equipped me with the critical abilities enabling me to contribute
immediately in the fast-paced environment within your firm.

The positions that I have held, as listed in my attached resume, have given me the experience
that would make me a strong candidate for this position with your company. Throughout my
experience as a Medical Doctor and a Staff Physician professional, I have successfully
provided strong and effective leadership, guidance and direction to team members while
demonstrating efficient and innovative solutions to the complex issues facing the research
projects and laboratory facility. In addition, I helped ensure that each function and operational
aspect was conducted in a highly professional manner and adhered to corporate standards,
industry regulations, and professional ethics. While conducting various hospital and clinical
functions, I faced and overcame numerous challenges. My organization and analytical skills,
combined with my professional attitude, have allowed me to successfully complete any work-
related tasks to which I have been assigned.

During my tenure at each organization, I gained valuable insight into health program
coordination, individualized patient care, health and physical examinations, clinical
processes, hospital operations, patient needs assessment and education, and healthcare
management. All of these experiences, among many others afforded me invaluable
opportunities to develop and enhance my leadership and collaboration skills.

Crucial to my success in these positions has been my ability to succeed in an environment

where decision-making, self-motivation, a commitment to integrity and excellent
communication skills are held at a premium. I truly believe that my skills, experience and
character will enable me to offer as much to this position and your company as I’m sure it can
offer to me. I sincerely thank you for your consideration of me for this exciting opportunity.

Physician Cover Letter Sample 2:

This letter is to express my interest in the Orthopedic Physician job opportunity with your
esteemed Wellbeing Hospital in Dallas, TX.

I understand from your listed job requirements that you are looking for a physician who has
prior experience in combat/non-combat casualty care in inpatient, outpatient, surgical, and
ICU environments. I am pleased to inform you that I not only meet this requirement, but am
also someone who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment with challenging cases.

At present I am employed with Sunshine Hospital in Dallas. My key responsibilities include,

among others, the following:

 Leading a team of six technicians and four physician assistants

 Providing outstanding inpatient and outpatient care
 Evaluating and admitting patients
 Streamlining the desk operations
 Managing scheduling, brace shop, and cast room services and personnel
 Serving as first call for severe injuries

As noted on my resume, my key areas of expertise are: orthopedics, surgical first assist,
process improvements, trauma care, medical evaluation/admission, labs
interpretation/radiographic studies, and sports medicine.

I have a friendly and compassionate nature, and enjoy a good working relationship with
colleagues and staff. These two inherent qualities and a strong spirit of cooperation allows me
to provide the highest quality care to patients and support and contribute to the organization’s
growth and prosperity.

In addition to my extensive experience, I offer you strong time-management and people-

management skills. Given my intensive experience, strong qualifications, and a proven record
as an Orthopedic Physician, I am sure I will be able to form a mutually-beneficial and long-
lasting working relationship with your establishment.

Attached with this application is my resume. I am highly interested in joining a large and
esteemed establishment such as yours and hope that you give me application due

Physician Cover Letter Sample 3:

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Staff Physician that appeared in the
Herald Daily Newspaper. The details of your requirements as listed in the ad have given me
enough reasons to believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position. I am a Diplomate in
Internal Medicine and have over seven years of experience in both hospital and clinic

My education, training, and experience have given me an opportunity to develop a strong

background in the field of Internal Medicine. Currently I am working as a Physician with
Helping Hands Medical Centre’s Department of Medicine. In my present role of Physician-
in-Charge for 2 clinics, I have had solid exposure to a range of disease states and health
disorders, including a high volume of hepatitis, substance abuse, and HIV cases, as well as an
above-average percentage of oncology, pulmonary, diabetes, and cardiac patients.

My key job responsibilities include the following:

 Providing direct medical services to patients

 Contributing in interdepartmental consultations
 Supervising resident physicians, medical students, and mid-level staff
 Participating in the development of medical services, including standard procedures,
management of activities related to patient care, and standard procedures
 Contributing towards the improvement of the efficiency of my department

In addition to the relevant skills so important for a Staff Physician job, I offer you a proven
and unparalleled commitment to high-quality health care, first-class training and treatment
skills, and an indubitable desire to continually improve the quality of life of the patients and
my skills as a physician.

I have attached my resume with this application for your consideration. I am very much
interested in becoming a part of your reputed establishment and hope that you would provide
me with an opportunity to discuss my candidacy for the listed position further in a personal