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Welcome to Club Med Bintan Island – Indonesia


Youssef (Morocco)

Dear G.O.,
Village address
I would like to personally welcome you to the G.O. team of "Bintan" WINTER 2018!
Club Med Bintan Island,
The new face of Club Med is well represented in this village and you are part of it. Jl. Perigi Raya LOT A-11
Lagoi, North Bintan
Whether it is your first season, or you have previous experience in the Club, we are
Tanjung Uban, Indonesia
looking for your knowledge, your kindness, your generosity, your talents, your
Tel: (+62) 770 692801
individuality, and most importantly, your ability to be a team player.
Fax: (+62) 770 692826 or 834.
If someone needs to contact
I like a team that represents our Club Med Values "Multicultural, Pioneer,
you, they can call this number
Friendliness, Freedom and Responsibility".
and ask to the operator to
transfer the call into your
If you are experienced or non-experienced G.O. (From French Gentil= Friendly
Organizer) it will be a pleasure to integrate you to our G.O. team.
Village in brief:
Listed below are 3 key points that will play an active role in your new job: Bintan village was opened in
1) COMMUNICATION: Being a G.O. is being a professional Average temperature 25 to 35
communicator. This is accomplished by being professional, punctual, degree C.
positive, kind and honest at all times. By realizing these attributes you Atmosphere is quiet humid (up
will show our guests, and each other, that you are able to to 80%)
“communicate” the image we seek. Electricity: 220 Volts.
Nurse and doctor office
2) CONTACT: Having contact with our GM’s Security guard 24h/day
(From French Gentil = Friendly Members / guest) is a key part of our Guest (Gm) : 70 % Asians, 30
fantastic job. There is no such thing as “too much GM contact.” % Europeans and others
Be with the GM’s, eat with the GM’s, party with the GM’s, have fun with Village logo:
the GM’s and above all speak to the GM’s. Challenge yourself to see
many GM’s you can know on a first name basis by the end of
each week. It will be a very enriching and interesting experience

3) RESPECT: Always be respectful towards our GM’s, our G.E. `s

(From French Gentil=Friendly Employees), towards the local community
(very important) and towards one another! But also towards
The Club Med equipment, your room, your environment, your daily
program and your contract….

Together, be proud ambassadors of the village of Club Med Bintan Island in Indonesia and of the Club Med
strategy that is to be the world leader of the all-inclusive holidays, upscale, multicultural & FRIENDLY! As such, I
am very much looking forward to meeting and working alongside with you this upcoming season. Welcome to
what is going to be an incredible life experience! Remember that: “Happiness is our Business” Quote by Gilbert
Trigano (one of the founders of Club Med) Have a safe travel and see you soon!

Youssef, Your Chief of Village (Resort Manager)

General Information

G.O Room Benefits:

- Washing machines available to wash your clothes
- Room cleaning once a week (we provide bed sheets and towel)
- Telephone in your room

Don't forget to bring: International adaptor, alarm clock, sun protection, check your vaccines, your
personal medicines.

Dress codes:

Day time:
- You will be given: uniforms for the day: Polo or T-shirt with short, pants or Bermuda. Every day
will be a different uniform. We recommend you to bring a pair of sports/casual white shoes.
- Have in your luggage: upscale sneakers, walking shoes or nice closed toe shoes.

Night time: each night, there is a different dress code. We recommend you to have in your luggage all
these colors: All Black, All White, Red and Black, Club Med 88/45 t-shirt and Jeans, Elegant, Asian ,
Elegant, Flower and White, Blue and White

Do not wear in the resort:

- Tank top for men - piercing except ears
- No torn jeans or with holes - Sunglasses only when doing outside activity
- Flip Flop (Slippers) - Back packs
- Crock shoes / sandals - Portable phones

Traveling tips:
Make sure you have all your traveling documents (passport, ticket, etc) and eventually, make a photocopy
and save them into your mail box (if you have one). Luggage excess is not refund by club med: up to 20 kg
per person.

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