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Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Mrs. Tiffany Crisp Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Title of Lesson: Time Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Courtney Wright- 2nd


Core Components
Subject, Content Area, or Topic
Whole-Group Mathematics- Time

Student Population
Mrs. Wright’s 2nd Grade Class-
19 Students
• 9 Females
• 10 Males
o 10 Caucasians
o 3 African Americans
o 3 Hispanic
o 3 Two or More
§ 6 Gifted

Learning Objectives
MA.2.3.6- The student will show, tell, and write time from analog and digital clocks to the
nearest five minutes.

Virginia Essential Knowledge and Skills (SOL)

SOL 2.12- The student will tell and write time to the nearest five minutes, using analog and
digital clocks.

Plastic clocks, anecdotal note sheet, pencil, “Tell the Time” exit ticket

High Yield Instructional Strategies Used (Marzano, 2001)

Check if Used Strategy Return

Identifying Similarities & Differences 45%
Summarizing & Note Taking 34%
Reinforcing Efforts & Providing Recognition 29%
ü Homework & Practice 28%
Nonlinguistic Representations 27%
Cooperative Learning 23%
Setting Goals & Providing Feedback 23%
Generating & Testing Hypothesis 23%
Questions, Cues, & Advanced Organizers 22%

Check if Used Strategy Return
Teach Others/Immediate Use of Learning 95%
McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
ü Practice by Doing 75%
ü Discussion 50%
Demonstration 30%
Audio Visual 20%
Reading 10%
Lecture 05%

(min.) Process Components
3 *Anticipatory Set
minutes TTW review the “I Can” statements.
TTW ask, “Why is it important to be able to tell time?”
Ask about the difference between a.m. and p.m. as well as the difference
between the clock hands and what each hand does.
TSW respond.

__ *State the Objectives (grade-level terms)

I can tell the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand on an analog
I can look at an analog clock and read the time it says to the nearest 5 minutes.
I can tell the difference between a.m. and p.m. time.

10 *Instructional Input or Procedure

minutes TTW model with a large clock model (5:40) and (10:55) and ask students how
they knew it.
TSW respond and give reasons why they said the time they did.
TTW ask for students to model a variety of times and ask the students to tell the
time to the class. In addition, the teacher will show a time to the class on the big
clock and the students will read the time and tell it.

7 Assessment
minutes Exit Ticket:
TTW pass out the “Tell the Time” exit ticket to have students complete.
TTW check responses to see readiness of students to test out tomorrow.
TSW compete the exit ticket and turn it into the teacher.

1 *Closure
minute TTW review the learning target of time.

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015