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uk | September 11, 2017 | 11


Hospital issues public apology after operating on the wrong patient

A HOSPITAL has publicly event’ occurred in March relating to “We have apologised to
apologised after a blunder which an outpatient procedure.” the patient involved, and are
saw staff operate on the wrong “Although no harm was caused grateful for their co-operation
patient. to the patient involved, we and involvement throughout the
The ‘never event’ – so named immediately undertook a robust investigation process.”
because they should never happen and thorough investigation. This The same report which revealed
– occurred At the West Suffolk has now been completed and steps the ‘never event’ also detailed
Hospital in Bury St Edmaunds in have been taken to ensure as far as nine other serious incidents which
March when the patient had the possible that this doesn’t happen included two unavoidable or
wrong procedure performed. again.” unexpected deaths, one the result
The patient suffered no ill effects She added: “We take incidents of a trip, slip or fall and the other
but the hospital has not revealed like this very seriously, as we in maternity; six were classed as
what caused the mistake to happen support the philosophy that they threatening the ability/quality of
now the investigation into the are wholly preventable. Patient health care services, including five
incident has finished. safety remains our top priority and norovirus outbreaks which closed
Rowan Procter, chief nurse at we work with staff to continually wards at the hospital, and another
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, improve our processes and incident where serious harm was
said: “Very disappointingly, a ‘never procedures. caused to a patient.


Social services
‘split up family’
over child’s rash
RACHAEL ensure potentially vulnera-
ble children are safeguarded
MCMENEMY from harm. We apologise for
any unnecessary stress that
may have been caused.”
A MOTHER has spoken out The family were separated
after a hospital visit ended for more than a week.
with her partner being ac- Kevin told the News he had
cused of abuse and the fam- to take time off work while
ily torn apart. the issue was being resolved
Jasmine Yates, 20, and because he found himself
Kevin Gardiner, 31, from struggling emotionally.
Haverhill, took one-year-old TOGETHER: Jasmine said: “It was so
Amara to West Suffolk Hos- Kevin and upsetting. We just wanted
pital over concerns about a Amara our family together and to
rash on her leg. enjoy time with Amara and
But prior to any tests being they said we had to stay the our new baby. “
run, social services and the night. I could stay with Am- After a week the hospital
police arrived and accused ara but Kevin was told he rang to confirm the mark on
Kevin of abuse, separating had to go home and would Amara’s leg was a skin infec-
him from Jasmine, Amara, have to come back in the tion. The couple say they re-
and her half-sister Gene- morning with our 10-day- ceived no apology from the
vieve, who was 10-days-old old daughter so she could be hospital. Kevin was then al-
at the time. checked over.” lowed to return to his family.
Jasmine said: “It’s been The following day social Kevin said: “I was just over
hard and emotionally drain- services and police became the moon. I thought I might
ing for us all. I knew there involved as well as a skin spe- never see them again.”
was something wrong with cialist who Jasmine claimed However, for reasons the
my daughter and it just felt was adamant Amara’s mark family still do not know, so-
like no-one was listening. was not a rash or skin infec- cial services remained in-
She said: “It started so in- tion despite a swab being volved until last week.
nocently. I got Amara out of taken only seconds before A spokesman for Suffolk
bed to change her nappy and social services arrived. County Council said: “We
noticed a rash on her thigh. Jasmine said Kevin was have a statutory duty to
“I took her to the doctor immediately separated from follow its child protection
and he said we should go to his family and was not al- procedures when such con-
the hospital and sent me out lowed to say goodbye to her cerns are raised. This is par-
to the waiting room while he or the two children. ticularly important when we
made the phone call. “ Rowan Procter, executive receive any referral from a
According to Jasmine and chief nurse at West Suffolk specialist consultant within
Kevin, as soon as they ar- NHS Foundation Trust, said: a local health authority.
rived at the hospital on June “We are sorry to hear of the “We discussed the situa-
29, staff treated them with distress Ms Yates and her tion with the family at the
suspicion and suggested the family are feeling, and would time who understood that
mark on their daughter’s leg encourage Ms Yates to log we were following our statu-
was a burn. any concerns formally with tory duties and we conclud-
They said it took 24 hours our patient experience team. ed our involvement when we
to run tests which bred more “The protection of chil- received further information
worry and frustration. dren is of utmost importance from the health authority
Jasmine said: “After the to the trust, and we have rig- following their initial diag-
hospital said it was a burn orous processes in place to nosis.”