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Drug Name Dosage Action Indication Side effects Contraindicatio Nursing Proper Storage

ns responsibilities
Generic: 1 tab TID Provides a hypokalemia Diarrhea, Renal • Watch out Store drug at
Potassium direct nausea, stomach insufficiency, for levels of controlled room
Chloride replacement of pain, discomfort hyperkalemia, potassium temperature
potassium in the or gas vomiting. untreated electrolyte
body Addison’s level to
Brand: disease, prevent
Kalium Durule constriction of hyperkalemi
the esophagus a.
and or • Observe 10
obstructive rights of
changes in the giving
alimentary tract. medication.
• Watch out
for possible
reaction of
the patient.
Assessment Diagnosis Inference Planning Nursing interventions Rationale Evaluation
Subjective: Acute pain Unpleasant After 4 hours >perform a >to establish baseline After 4 hours of
“nung nakaraang related to acute sensory and of nursing comprehensive data that will be useful nursing
linggo pa masakit inflammation of emotional interventions, assessment of pin to in monitoring intervention the
yung tagiliran the renal tissues experience client will be include location, improvement in client's client was able to
ko” as verbalized as evidenced by arising from able to characteristics, onset, level of pain verbalize relief of
by the patient. verbal reports of actual or verbalize duration, frequency, pain from rate of 7
pain, guarding potential tissue relief of pain quality and severity to the rate of 4.
Objective: behavior and damage. It is from the rate as well as the
>very severe pain diaphoresis sudden onset of of 7 to at least precipitating factors
>facial mask of any intensity less than the
pain from mild to rate of 4
>diaphoresis severe with >encourage client to >reduction of anxiety or
duration of less verbalize concerns. fear that can promote
pain scale of 7 than 6 months Actively listen to the relaxation and comfort
out of 10 concerns and provide
support by
remaining with the
patient and giving

>promote quiet >comfort and quiet

environment environment promote
relaxed feeling and
permit the client to focus
on the relaxation
techniques rather than
external distraction

>encourage of >to help client shift her

practice of attention to other pain
diversional activities
>instruct comfort >to reduce muscle
measures such as tension and promote
back rubbing and relaxation
deep breathing

>encourage adequate >to prevent fatigue and

rest periods prevent further
stimulation of pain


>administer >for immediate pain

analgesics as relief

Subjective: Impaired urinary Disturbance in After 2 days >determine clients >to assess degree of After 2 days of
“nahihirapan elimination r/t urine elimination of nursing previous pattern of interference or disability nursing
akong umihi, inflammation of intervention, elimination and intervention, client
madalas siya pero bladder mucosa client will be compare with current was able to
pakonti- konti” as as evidenced by able to portray situation. Note verbalize improve
verbalized by the the objective and verbalize reports of frequency, urinary
patient. cues improved urgency, burning, elimination pattern
urinary incontinence,
Objective: elimination nocturia, enuresis
>distended pattern
abdomen >palpate bladder >to assess retention
>hesitancy >determine clients >to determine level of
usual daily fluid hydration

>encourage fluid >to help maintain renal

intake up to 3000- function, prevent
4000 ml per day infection and formation
including cranberry of urinary stones

>instruct the client to >this prevents over

void every 2-3 hours distention of the bladder
during the day and and compromised blood
completely empty the supply to the bladder
bladder wall.

>instruct the client to >to reduce the risk for

keep the perineal further skin infection
area clean and dry and skin breakdown

>teach the paient >to strengthen the

how to do kegel perineal muscle
exercise and its

>teach client to avoid >these are bladder

intake of caffeine, irritants that may
alcohol, colas, and increase incontinence
artificial sweeteners