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Personal Learning Environment Rubric

4. Distinguished 3. Proficient 2. Apprentice 1. Novice

Planning-PLe Fully developed PLE shows how project would answer the Strong PLE showed how project would Basic PLE did not PLE was incomplete. Did not use the training instruction during project
Visual map of essential question. Used PLE extensively during project answer the essential question. PLE demonstrate an building process.
the project development for goal setting, organization, and task-assignment. was used as a guideline for project answer to the
development. essential question.
Referred to the PLE
infrequently during
the project-building

Content- PLE was completely addressed. Statements were clearly PLEwas addressed. Most statements PLE was addressed. PLE was not addressed. Statements were not supported by facts or
Amount of supported by many facts and detailed examples. were supported by facts and Some statements examples.
Information: examples. were supported by
Topic and facts and examples.

Organization- Every assignment complete, accurate, and on time. A Work was Finished assignments on time. PLE Most assignments Rarely finished assignments on time. . Did not use time well. Little or n
Overview: turned in early or on time. Created aa PLE that worked contains components, but did not all finished on time. work On PLE
Ready for well.required elements were present work .Completed all required tasks on Some PLE work was
classwork schedule.Some required element were not done on time.
Digital Learning performances are varied in both subject and style. All Portfolio contains multiple artifacts, a Portfolio contains Portfolio contains only 2-3 artifacts. None of the artifacts demonstrate
Portfolio- portfolio artifacts clearly demonstrate growth over time. few of which show variety. Most multiple artifacts, but growth.
Content: artifacts demonstrate growth over most are similar in
Choice of time. level and style.