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Festivals of India

27 October 2017


Festival State Importance

Bihu Assam It is referred to set of three festivals called Rongali

(April) Bihu, Kati Bihu and Bhogali Bihu. Out of above three
Rongali Bihu is famous festival.

Brahmotsavam Andhra Pradesh It is a nine day annual celebration at the Lord

(Sept-October) Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati

Bumchu Sikkim Bumchu means that Opening of vessel containing the

(December) holy water is one of the holiest festival in Sikkim

Bastar Dussehra Chhattisgarh Bastar Dussehra is longest celebrated Dussehra in

(August to October) world which span around 75 days starting from
August to October

Baisakhi Haryana It is the Harvest festival of Rabi crops in Punjab and

(April 13 or 14) Haryana

Chhath Puja Bihar Chhath Puja is dedicated to Sun and his wife Usha in
(Oct - November) order to thank them for bestowing life on the Earth
and requesting them to grant certain wishes

Carnival Goa The most tourist attractive & three day fun filled
(February) festival in Goa

Hemis Festival Jammu Kashmir The Two day Hemis festival is dedicated to the Lord
(June) (Ladakh) Padmasambava

Hornbill Nagaland To encourage inter-tribal interaction and to promote

(December) cultural heritage of state, Nagaland Govt organizes
this festival in the last week of December every year

Kut Festival Manipur Kut is a leading festival which does not restrict to any
(November) religion, It is celebrated by Kuki-chin tribes of Manipur

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Festival State Importance

Kite Gujarat International Kite festival aslo refered as Uttarayan is

Festival(Uttarayan) celebrated on 14 January every year in Gujarat

Losar Festival Arunachal It is a Tibetian New year which usually held in the
(January-February) Pradesh month January-February for span of 3 days

Nuakhai Festival Orissa Nuakhai is also called as Nabanna ,the harvesting

(August-September) festival held in the month of August-September

Makar Sankranti Andhra Pradesh It marks first day of sun transit to the Makara
(January) and some parts (Capricorn). Makar Sankranti is also a harvesting
of South India festival in the month of January

Onam Kerala Onam is major festival for Malayali people which

(September) usually fall in the month of September annually. It is
also a harvest festival

Phng Lhabsol Sikkim This festival is Unique to Sikkim which referred The
(Aug - September) Mount Khangchendzonga as Guardian deity of Sikkim

Pongal Tamil Nadu Pongal corresponds the last date of Tamil Calendar
Pushkar Fair Rajasthan Pushkar Fair also Known as Pushkar Camel fair which
(November) usually held from starting of karthikam to Last day of
Karthikam (Pournami),which showcases all kind of
Livestock in city called Pushkar in Desert State ,

Lohri Punjab This festival is celebrated by the Punjabis and Sikhs in

(January) the month of January. It is dedicated to God Sun.

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Festival State Importance

Lasoong Sikkim This festival observed as the New Year as per Tibetan
(December) Lunar calendar

Raja Praba Odisha A Festival of harvest span over 3 days. First day called
(June) Pahili Raja, second day called Raja Sankanthi, third
day called Basi Raja

Saga Dawa Sikkim It is the magnificent carnival of Sikkim which exhibits

(May-June) rare and elegant richness of culture of the Sikkim. It is
also called as Buddha Purnima in Some places

Tusu festival Jharkand It is a harvest festival which occurs in January

Telangana Telangana It is a nine day floral festival of Telangana State which
Batukamma usually starts from the first day of Navaratri and
(September- continues till the last day Durgasthami
Telangana Bonalu Telangana Bonalu is an annual festival of Telangana celebrated in
(July-August) the twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The
hindu goddess Mahakali is worshiped during this

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