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Client is hallucinating, Freud (1953)

felt that hallucinations are very
similar to dreams and that both
conditions represent a psychotic
state in which there is a complete
lack of time sense

According to Kolb and Brodie

(1982), hallucinations represent a
Therapeutic: using open-ended breakthrough of preconscious or Reorient the client to place, time
questions unconscious material into and person: Ma’am andito po kayo
NURSE: Bakit po kayo andito? Encouraging descriptions of consciousness in response to sa Hospital, ako po ang nurse niyo
Client: “Dahil sa Mission ko” perceptions: asking the client to certain psychological situations and at Lunes po ngayon Commented [g1]: CECILLE
describe feelings, perceptions, and needs, e.g., wish fulfilment, Exploring what “Mission” means to
views about the situation. enhancement of self-esteem, guilt her.
feelings. The contents of
hallucinations are thought to reflect
their psychodynamic significance.
Hallucinations often occurring with
delusions during psychotic states
may represent the concrete
symbolic expression of delusional
ideas that are seeking other routes
of expression.
Nurse: “Ano po ba “Mission niyo?”
Client: “Lahat tayo may Mission,
pero ako naririnig ko mission ko.” Commented [g2]: VHEENS

Nurse: “Ano ginagawa mo?(sa

Client: “Pag minumura nila ako,
minumura ko din sila” Commented [g3]: CANOBAS

Nurse: “Ano po ginawa niyo

Client: “Uminom ng gamut,
nagdasal unti at nahiga na.
Pinagdasal ko lahat ng problema
gaya ng bayaran ako ni Oscar,
andyan sa labas yung truck niya (ni
Nurse: “Magkano po ba?”
Client: “ 5 Million, pero depende
kung ilan yung iaabot” Commented [g4]: BLESSLY
 Patient considered herself
as useless because of her
 She limits the things she can
still do or achieve
 According to Abraham
Maslow’s Jona’s Complex,
the patient doubts about
her own abilities. There is a
fear that maximizing one’s
potential will lead to a
situation with which one
 Nurse used Abstraction, will be unable to cope.
which is for her to know (Maslow, 2005)
Nurse: “Ano po interprasyon niyo sa what is the perception or  According to Alfred Adler’s
kasabihang Aanhin pa ang damo idea of the patient about Individual Psychology,
kung patay na ang kabayo" the said proverbs. people with Inferiority Explore more the interpretation of
Client: “Kapag matanda na gaya ko,  She select the said complex have a poor the client to the proverbs given
wala nang silbi. Hindi na rin pwede proverbs, maybe because it opinion about their selves
magasawa” is relatable to the case and and feel helpless. As the Commented [g5]: THIS IS MINE HAHAHHA
age bracket of the patient patient verbalized, she
stated that she is useless
because of her age (Adler,
 One of the developmental
stage of Erik Erikson is the
Ego Integrity and Despair,
patient is currently manifest
despair because she felt
that she is useless and looks
like she did not accomplish
or achieve something in her
HQ , 2017)