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Lesson plan

Teacher: Gâtlan Florin

Date: November 17th, 2017
Grade: 8th
Level: Intermediate
Number of pupils: 15
School: ,,Barbu Catargiu”, Maia
Textbook: Snapshot
LESSON: Meet a Teen Diva
TIME: 50 minutes
SKILLS: Listening, Reading, Speaking
AIMS: to read for specific information (scanning)
to guess the meaning of the words form the text
to ask WH- questions
to listens to specific information (gist listening)
to have fun
AIDS: textbook, laptop, video projector, bell, YouTube video clip

The stages of the lesson

Activity 1
T. asks the roll, the date. T asks Ss to choose 8 words or expressions from a list of 20 and
copy them in their copybooks. T. monitors.
T. plays the music and the Ss stand up and sit down every time they hear the words they have
Note: if there are technical problems, change the warmer with the lottery ticket game.
Aids: Handout 1 – words and expressions
Song – We were young
Interaction: T – Ss
Timing: 5’

Activity 2

1. T. writes on the BB the first part of the title MEET A…. and elicits the next part from the
Ss. The Ss may come up with any ideas until they get the correct title.
2. T. tells the Ss the next sentences: She is 13 and she’s already won 15 million pounds. T.
asks Qs:
- who do you think she is?
- where is she from?
- what did she do to win a lot of money?
Aids: Textbook
Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 5’

Activity 3

T. asks the Ss to scan the text and find, as quickly as they can, the information from ex. 6b /
T. monitors and asks for the results.
Read the text again and try to guess the meaning of the words at ex. 6a / 29.
T. explains the new vocabulary.
Aids: Textbook
Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 20’

Activity 4

T. asks the Ss to make WH- questions using the words in

ex. 6 a / 29 as answers. T. monitors and asks for the results.
Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 10’

Activity 5

T. ask the Ss to close their notebooks and try to explain the words at ex. 6a / 28
Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 5’

Activity 6

Ss have to imagine they are reporters and they ask Charlotte questions using the questions
they have made at step 4.
Extra homework. Try to find out, using different sources, what happened to Charlotte’s
Note: if there is time left Ss may watch Charlotte singing the song on the video projector
Aids: YouTube video clip
Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 5’
We were young, we had plans, that we wrote on the back of
our hands, so the ink could wash off if we found that the
plans had to stop.
In the Spring, in the night, I would hide and give you
such a fright, when I jumped from behind our couch we
spent months trying to buy,
and you held me so tightly that I couldn't breathe and
you whispered assurance that you'd never leave, and we
talked through the night of what we could achieve.
We were young.
There were times, when I felt, that there just couldn't
be anyone else in the world but ourselves and then times
when we put each other through hell.
And I lay all the blame I could find on to you cos'
nearly nothing of what you had said was the truth, and
our only excuse was the on we had used...we were young.
I don't want to leave but I'll go now, no matter how hard
I want, you won't come round, my blues hit your browns by
the door, and I could hit the floot, but the plan on my
palm says I'm leaving.
We had planned, all the songs that we thought could make
us millions, and the time that was left meant we only had
seconds to live.
And I cried to my family and cried to my friends and I
promised my people that this was the end but the thing
that hurts most is I won't kiss you again.
We were young, heeeyyyy, heeey

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