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Program Sarjana Semester II






Basic Speaking Skill

Introducing yourself

You can introduce yourself by saying hello and giving your name. You can be
polite by saying Nice to meet you, Nice to see you, Hi everyone, Hi class, and
giving compliments (saying something nice about the person).

Hi, nice to meet you all. I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is
Justin Bieber. I am 20 years old now. I live on Jalan Basuki Rahmat No. 54,
Samarinda with my parents. I am native to Samarinda. I have two brothers and
a sister.

I study at Agriculture Faculty and my major is Food Technology. I choose this

major because I believe everyone likes to eat including me. I hope, I could be a
Food Engineer in the future and I would like to create cheap, nutritious and
delicious food.

My hobbies are play football, watch movie, hang out with my friends, play a
guitar and what the most is I like to chat and browse in social network such as

I have to have English ability, because challenge in the future is tighter than
present. I would like to speak English fluently and write properly.

1. Please describe and write down about yourself on the paper below!




















2. Randomly, teacher will choose a student to describe themselves to the

3. Randomly, teacher will choose two classmates and they will change
their id to each other and describe it to the class.


Lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini. Gunakan is – isn’t - am – are – aren’t untuk


1. Your shoes very dirty  Your shoes are very dirty

2. I working right now 

3. My brother a teacher 

4. This house not very big 

5. The shops not open today 

6. My keys in my bag 

7. Jenny 18 years old 

8. You not very tall 

9. I a student 

10.They not my cousins 

Soal-soal pretest ini digunakan untuk mendeteksi sejauh mana mahasiswa

memahami penggunaan to be: is – isn’t - am – are – aren’t sebelum memasuki
chapter 2 tentang present tense. Diberikan sebelum memasuki materi




A) Ani takes a shower Simple present

The Simple Present everyday menjelaskan kebiasaan
B) I usually eat lunch at
atau kegiatan harian yang
the cafeteria biasa dilakukan, seperti
C) Babies cry pada contoh A dan B.
D) The earth revolves Simple present juga
around the world menjelaskan pernyataan
E) A plant has many umum secara fakta,
chlorophyll in the contoh C dan D.
leaves Intinya, Simple Present
Past now F) The sky is blue digunakan untuk kejadian
future atau situasi yang ada
selalu, biasanya, atau
kebiasaan yang dilakukan
pada masa lalu, sekarang
dan nanti.
G) Ani can’t come to Present progressive
The Present the phone right now menjelaskan kegiatan yang
Progressive because she is sedang berlangsung
taking a shower (terjadi saat ini) sekarang.
H) It’s noon. I am Kegiatan ini berlangsung
? eating lunch at the pada saat si pembicara
cafeteria right now mengatakan kalimat ini.
I) Jimmy and Susie are Kejadian ini dimulai sejak
babies. They are dari masa lalu, sedang
crying. I can hear berlangsung sekarang dan
them right now. mungkin akan berlangsung
past now Maybe they are dimasa depan.
future hungry. + am, is, are + -ing.


Simple present Present progressive

{ I} am working
Statement {I-You-We-They} work {You-We-They} are
{He-She-It} works working
{He-She-It} is working

{ I} am not working
Negative {I-You-We-They} do not work {You-We-They} are
{He-She-It} does not not working
works {He-She-It} is not

Am { I} working?
Question Do {I-You-We-They} work? are {You-We-They}
Does {He-She-It} work? working ?
is {He-She-It}

Latihan 1: lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini dengan menggunakan kata-

kata di dalam kurung. Gunakan Simple Present atau Present Progressive.

1. Sssssttt. The baby (sleep) is sleeping. The baby (sleep) sleeps for

ten hours every night.

2. Right now I’m in the class. I (sit) __________________ at my desk. I

usually (sit) ____________ at the same desk in the class every day.

3. Yusuf Ali Al-Kadri (speak) __________ Arabic. Arabic is his native

language, but right now he (speak) _____________________ English.

4. Our teacher (stand, not) ___________________ up right now. She (sit)
__is sitting________________ on the corner of the desk.

5. It’s 6:00 P.M. Ibrahim is at home. He (eat) ____________ dinner. He

always (eat) ___________ dinner with his family around six o’clock.

6. It (rain, not) ________________________ right now. The sun (shine)

______________________ and the sky (be) _________________blue.

7. It’s 7:30 A.M. and the Nasutions are in the kitchen. Mrs. Nasution (sit)
_________________ _ at the breakfast table. She (read)
________________ the morning paper. She (read) ________________
the newspaper every morning. Mr. Nasution (pour)
___________________ a cup of coffee. He (drink) ___________________
two cups of coffee every morning before he (go) __________ to work.
There is a cartoon on TV, but the children (watch, not)
_____________________ it. They (play) _____________________ with
their toys instead. They usually (watch) ___________________ cartoon in
the morning, but this morning they (play, not) ____________________
_____any attention to TV. Mr. and Mrs. Nasution (watch, not)
_________________________ TV either. They (like, not)
_____________________________ to watch cartoons.

8. Aminah (take, not) ___________________ ____the bus to school every

day. She usually (walk) ___________ instead. (Take, you)
_________________________ the bus to get to school every day, or
(walk, you) __________________________?


A) I hear a bird. It is singing. Some verbs are not used in

B) I’m hungry. I want a progressive tenses.
sandwich. Correct : I hear a bird (right
C) This book belongs to now)
Ahmad Incorrect : I am hearing a bird
(right now)

Hear Believe Be Own Need Like Forget
See Think* Exist Have* Want Love Remember
Understand Posses Prefer Hate
Know Belong

 Kadang-kadang think dan have digunakan dalam progressive tenses.

 Bandingkan:
- I think that grammar is easy  bila think berarti believe/percaya,
maka itu Nonprogressive.

- I am thinking about grammar right now bila think menjelaskan

pikiran yang terjadi dalam fikiran seseorang, maka termasuk

- I have a car  bila have menjelaskan kepemilikan, maka tidak

termasuk Nonprogressive.

- I’am having a good time  pada idiom/istilah tertentu (misalnya:

have a good time), have bisa digunakan dalam progressive.

Latihan 2: lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini dengan menggunakan kata-kata
di dalam kurung. Gunakan Simple Present atau Present Progressive.

1. Right now Joko (read) is reading a journal in the library, but he

(understand, not) doesn’t understand it. The scientific vocabulary (be) is
too difficult for him.

2. Right now I (look) ____________________ at the board. I (see)

__________________ some words on the board.

3. I (need) ________________ to call my parents today and tell them about

my new dormitory. They can’t call me because they (know, not)
________________________ my new mobile phone number.

4. This tea is good. I (like) ______________ it. What kind is it? But I (prefer)
________________ green tea to black tea.

5. Right now the children (be) ___________ at the beach. They (have)
_________________ a good time. They (have) _____________________
a beach ball, and they (play) ________________ catch with it. Their
parents (sunbath) _________________________. They (try)
_____________ to get tan. They also (hear) ______________________
the sound of the waves.

6. Right now I (think) ___________________ about the price of pesticide

and fertilizer for the agriculture in Indonesia.

7. I (think) __________________ the price of pesticide and fertilizer (be)
__________ too expensive for farmer to buy.

8. Who is that man? I (think) ___________________ that I (know)

__________________ him, but I (forget) _____________________ his
name right now. Oh, I (remember) ____________ him now, he (be)
________ a new lecturer in our campus.

9. Henry is at the library. He (sit) _________________ at the table. He

(write) ________________ a laboratory report in English. He (use)
____________________ a dictionary, but the dictionary (belong, not)
____________________ to him. It (belong) _____________________ to
his friend.

10.A: (Believe, you) _______________________ in UFO?

B: What (talk, you) __________________ __________ about?
A: You know, spaceship from outer space.
B: In my opinion, UFO (exist) ________________________ only in
people’s imagination.


Question Short Answer Long Answer

SIMPLE Does Jamal like Yes, he does Yes, he likes tea

PRESENT tea? No, he doesn’t No, he doesn’t like
Do you like Yes, I do Yes, I like Cola
Cola? No, I don’t No, I don’t like Cola

PRESENT Are you Yes, I am Yes, I am studying

PROGRESSIVE studying? No, I’m not No, I’m not studying

Is Yana singing? Yes, she is Yes, she is singing

No, she’s not, No, she’s not singing
No, she is not.
Are they Yes, they are Yes, they’re working
working? No, they’re not. No, they’re not
OR: working
No, they aren’t

Latihan 3: lengkapilah dialog dibawah ini dengan menggunakan kata-kata

di dalam kurung. Berikan juga jawaban singkat untuk pertanyaan jika perlu.
Gunakan Simple Present atau Present Progressive.

1. A: (Martha, have) does Martha have a bicycle?

B: Yes, she does . She (have) has a new bicycle.

2. A: (It, rain) _________________________ right now?

B: No, ____________________. At least, I (think,
not)________________________ so.

3. A: (You, like) ____________________________ sour orange?
B: No, ____________________. I (like) ____________________ the
sweet one.

4. A: (The students, take) _______________________ a test in class right

B: No, ____________________. They (do) ________________an English

5. A: (You, know) _____________________ Mr. Andrew Ramadhan?

B: No, __________________. I’ve never met him.

6. A: (Sarah, study) _________________________ at the library this


B: No, ____________________. She (be) ___________ at the swimming

pool with her friend.

A: (Sarah, swim) __________________ every evening?

B: No, ____________________. She usually (study)

____________________ at the library.

A: (she, be) ____________________ a good swimmer?

B: Yes, ____________________. She (swim)__________________ three
times a week.

A: Wow, what about you. (You, know) ____________________ how to


B: Yes, ____________________. But I (be, not) ________________ very

good swimmer.

A: Let’s swim sometime.

Past Tense Verbs

Quiz for the student: What is the past tense of these verbs?

1 2 3 1. think
4. cut
5. stand
8. sit
4 5 6 9. begin
8 2. hit
3. get
9 4. come
6. drive
7. run
8. see

1 2 Across
3 1. begin
4. fly
4 5 6. take
7. get
6 9. think

7 1. break
8 2. give
3. meet
9 4. forget
5. win
8. cut
*Pretest quiz for the student before they reach Chapter 3




The Simple Past A) Ivan walked Simple past digunakan

downtown untuk menjelaskan
yesterday. kegiatan yang dimulai
B) I slept for eight dan diselesaikan pada
hours last night. waktu tertentu dimasa
lalu (yesterday,
last night, two days
ago, in 2000), seperti
pada contoh A dan B.
Past now
C) I sat down at the Past progressive
The Past Progressive dinner table at 6:00 menjelaskan kegiatan
P.M. yesterday. yang sedang
Budi came to my berlangsung pada
house at 6:15 P.M. waktu itu dimasa
I was eating dinner lampau.
when Budi came. Kegiatan itu sudah
D) I went to bed at terjadi pada saat si
10:00. The phone pembicara mengatakan
rang at 11:00. I was kalimat ini. Contoh C,
past now sleeping when the Eating sedang
future phone rang. berlangsung pada saat
Budi datang.

+ am, is, are, + -ing.


STATEMENT { I – You – We – They - She – He – It} worked

ate breakfast

NEGATIVE { I – You – We – They - She – He – It} did not (didn’t)

worked yesterday
did not (didn’t)
ate breakfast

QUESTION Did {I – You – We – They - She – He – It} work


SHORT Yes OR No, { I – You – We – They - She – He – It} did

ANSWER or didn’t

Latihan 1: VERBA TAK BERATURAN: lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini

dengan menggunakan VERBA yang diberikan. Gunakan tiap VERBA HANYA

Begin Go Read
Cut Hold Shake
Drink Keep Shut
Eat Lose Speak
Find Meet Spend

1. Azis drank a glass of orange juice before class this morning.

2. We ______________ a delicious dinner at a Mahakam riverside

restaurant last night.

3. When it ______________ to rain yesterday afternoon, I

______________ all of the windows in the apartment.

4. Rani hurt his finger when he was cutting vegetables last night. She
accidentally _____________ it with a sharp knife.

5. I don’t have any money in my pocket. I ______________ my last dime

yesterday. I’m flat broke.

6. Jenny didn’t throw her old shoes away. She _____kept_________ them
because they were comfortable.

7. I ___read__________ an interesting article in the newspaper about crop

circle in Sleman yesterday.

8. Joko ___lost____________ his Biology book yesterday. This morning he

_____went_______ back to the campus to look for it. Finally he
____found___________ it in the corridor.

9. Fani was nervous when she _____held____________ his diploma

certificate for the first time.

10.I ____met___________ Silvya’s parents when they visit her. She

introduced me to them.

11.Yesterday I called John on the phone. He wasn’t at home, so I

__spoke_________ to his sister.

12.When I introduced Iwan to the Dean, they ___shook____________

hands and smiled each other.


STATEMENT { I – She – He – It} was working

{ You – We – They } were working

NEGATIVE { I – She – He – It} was not (wasn’t) working

{ You – We – They } were not (weren’t) working

QUESTION Was {I – She – He – It} working?

Were {You – We – They} working?

SHORT Yes, {I – She – He – It} was. No, {I – She – He

ANSWER – It} wasn’t
Yes, {You – We – They} were. No {You – We –
They} weren’t

Latihan 2: Lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini dengan menggunakan kata-

kata didalam kurung. Gunakan Simple Past atau Past Progressive.

1. At 6:00 P.M., Bimo sat down at the table and began to eat. At 6:15, Bimo
(eat) ___________________ dinner.

2. While Bimo (eat) __________________ dinner, Ana (come)

________________ through the door.

3. In the other words, when Ana (come) ______________ through the door,
Bimo (eat) _________________ dinner.

4. Tommy went to bed at 10:30. At 11:00 Tommy (sleep)


5. While Tommy (sleep)___________________, the phone (ring)

6. In the other words, when the phone (ring) _______________________,

Tommy (sleep) _________________________.

7. I began to study at seven last night. Freddy (come) ________________ at

7:30 P.M. I (study) ________________ when Freddy (come)

8. While I (study) ______________________ last night, Freddy (drop by)

___________________ to visit me.

9. My roommate’s parents (call) ___________________ him last night while

we (watch) _______________________ TV.

10. My mother called me around five. My sister came home a little after that.
When she (come) ____________ home, I (talk) __________________ to
my mother on the phone.

Latihan 3: Lengkapilah kalimat cerita dibawah ini dengan
menggunakan kata-kata didalam kurung. Gunakan Simple
Past atau Past Progressive.

During the afternoon, we (do) ___________ many things. First we (take)

______________ a long walk. When we (get) ________________ back to our
picnic table, I (read) ________________ a book, and Harry, who (be)
__________________ an artist, (draw) __________________ pictures. Later
we (play) _______________ a game of chess. Harry (win) ____________ the
first game, but I (win) _______________ the second one.

In the evening, we (join) _____________ a huge crowd to watch the

fireworks display. The fireworks (be) ____________ beautiful. Some of the
explosions (be) _____________ very loud, however. They (hurt)
________________ my ears. When the display (be) _____________ over, we
(leave) ________________. All in all, it (be) __________________ a very
enjoyable day.